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on October 30, 2013
This fourth Sly Cooper game was seemingly dumped on the market with little attention or fanfare, which is a shame since it's a truly brilliant little game. All the stealth/platforming/shooting and whatever else you might want in traditional console fashion with great graphics, large worlds and tons of gameplay time. If you miss the old days of Sony platformers and singleplayer fun you owe it to yourself to grab this great disc.

Sly's bouncing through time, after a worse thief, etc. etc. The story is cute and livens up the gameplay a bit, but in the end it's justification to go from one cool time period to the next. You'll leave your hideout and emerge in a large open area rife with collectibles, missions and some of the best cartoon style graphics I have ever seen in video gaming. We're nearing that "Pixar quality" threshold more and more and if you like the style Sly Cooper 4 will impress.

Gameplay is classic Sly. Jump, slink, slash, spin and sneak through open environments or linear quests to reach the goal. You play as Sly most of the time but his companions and ancestors also feature, and offer nice, short reprieves from the standard gameplay. There's so much variance and things to see... mini-games, secrets, side-missions, etc... Running out of things to do in the game will take you dozens of hours, and nothing's stopping you from finishing because the challenges are all well balanced and the trophies all offline singleplayer.

I'd take the risk and click the buy button if this style of game appeals to you. It's rare in today's shooter and online focused game world, and it's fun from start to finish. Even the music is jazzy fun! You just can't go wrong here.
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on October 26, 2016
Can you believe this is the only (thus far) Sly Cooper entry on PS3? I sure heck do. Theives in Time was the latest in the Sly Cooper series. I played a demo for it back in 2013 before it actually and officially came out. I didn't get the full game until 2 years later in 2015 last year. The game picks up right where Honor Among Thieves left off from its mundane cliffhanger where Sly previously faked his amnesia after that fatal final battle with Dr. M in the previous entry and actually "assumedly" dates Camellita Fox..... In France. The plot follows when the Theivious Racoonus' pages are erased and all of the history of the Cooper Family legacy has been altered and wiped out and it's up to Sly, Murray and Bentley - with the major help of each of Sly's ancestors from varying time periods, and a very unlikely of alliance of Camelita at some point (Yeah, I know. Still hates Mr. Ringtail) - to restore time and the info from the book's pages.

I adore the updated visuals and animation from the previous games as this game is developed by Sanzaru Games instead of Sucker Punch Productions, the game studio developer behind the original Sly Cooper trilogy (2002-2005) for the PS2. Now I do mind another developer doing a new game in the series, I would've liked it if SP did Sly 4 but they decided "Time to move on and do a more mature-driven game series" like Infamous instead. In which they did eventually.

I like how the game delves further when traveling through time to gather a few of Sly's most common ancestors: Like Rioichi Cooper in feudal Japan, Tennessee Cooper in the Old West, and Sir Galleth in Medeval England. Which can be odd considering Murray and Bentley weren't even at those points born nor were alive, same implied for Sly. Traveling through time is bad anyway; especially in fiction.

If Sly 3 can have aspects of 3D in some portions of missions, this game has stereoscopic 3D (on PS3). The clue bottles from the first two games return in this one since Sly 3 they were missed. Also, when you complete the game and if all trophies are to be collected and unlocked, you get a special ending where Sly wakes up surrounded by the wreckage of Le Paradox's blimp with pyramids in Egypt in front of it as it may indicate that the next possible game in the series (if to be soon for the PS4) will have a opening to a Sly 5. Unfortunately, at this point, I think this game is truly the finale of the series as in other words in won't continue further since Sanzaru stated that they have no intentions on making more Sly Cooper games so at this point, I think this was the end.

- Solid gameplay, like previous games
- Hilarious humor at times, like previous games.
- Trophies were easy to collect/unlock.
- Improved animation on the Cinematics in this game where, in the first 3, the cinematics felt a bit comic booky like.

- Bentley's hack minigames during missions were more complicated in this one than in previous games.
- Embarrassing Dance Dance Revolution-esque rhythm moments with Murray and Carmelita in their respective costumes. Maybe that's just me.
- Something I have never pointed out in all of the games: Why does Carmelita's voice actress has to change game after game? Sure I liked Grey DeLisle's voice as CF in this but why is it that she is the fourth and last to voice her in this while the previous 3 she was voiced by unknown voice actresses? That has somehow bugged me.
- Some of the villains in this game were weak, like The Grizz and El Jefe.
- Load times were slow.
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on October 31, 2016
Great addition to the series. Key product features include:
Brand new Sly Cooper action adventure featuring Sly and his gang
• Epic boss battles, action elements, and new stealth moves provide a deep gameplay experience
• Humorous time travel storyline and engaging puzzle elements
• A variety of playable characters with unique play styles
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on March 31, 2016
I really love the Sly Cooper games, and this fourth game on PS3 is no exception. With every Sly game that passes, the graphics seem to get better and better. Some of the great things in the Sly games are the cartoon graphics, and how every chapter of the story are called "episodes," and their intros really make it seem like it's a cartoon, yet it's a video game that you actually control. Another thing that's great about all the Sly games that are on the PS3 is that they have 3D capabilities. If you are lucky enough to have a 3D TV, then you can play thin in 3D. I was able to play a few levels of this game for a bit, and it was awesome! Even if you don't have the 3D TV, Sly Cooper: Thieves in time is a great game, espeshily if you're a fan of the Sly Cooper games. If you're not, be sure to also pick up the Sly Collection (The Sly Collection - Playstation 3), which comes with the first trilogy of the classic Sly games that were originally on the PS2. Thanks!
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on May 14, 2015
While this game was fun for what it is, it lacked quite a bit of charm the other games had. For one, the controls were difficult to get used to, in the way that I felt they were dumbed down. The camera tried to do all the work when in reality, I wasn't able to jump straight because it kept jerking around. While I loved the original games, I can't give this a great review on nostalgia alone. The new level designs were interesting (to the point of being so nice they lagged the game) and the coin collection system was much the same. You can buy power-ups and even have new costumes to use (something implemented in the second game, I believe) But unlike that game, these costumes were basically one-time use, unless you wanted to go around collecting all the secret loot. But there isn't really a reason to.
Which brings me to another flaw. You don't need to use the other characters very often, so buying them power-ups doesn't really do much. I'm specifically referring to Carmalita, who has multiple upgrades but you only play as her twice. And neither time is very exciting. In fact, the game might have been better without her since all she does is fume at Cooper and get herself kidnapped. Twice. But that's another story.
I was also confused by the pacing of the puzzles. Most of them were easy, but the extremely easy ones were sided up with difficult ones and then they became easy again after that. I didn't feel like there was a progression in difficulty. It was all mismatched together and thrown into the game.
And as far as characters go, while the original gang is more or less the same, I can't help but feel like the secondary characters (bosses included) had no real character despite having strange and irrelevant back-stories. They have no motive and no purpose. The entire game felt devoid of any solid characterization.
The game has a cliffhanger ending. This game is not the time or place to have cliffhangers. As far as I know, they're not planning another one. I don't know why they thought it was a good idea to do this. It's not rewarding in the least to finish this game. It feels like a slap in the face to loyal fans of the original. You can unlock a "Secret ending" by collecting all the loot, but it's not worth it. It's a sorry excuse for dragging out the gameplay. And my God, it doesn't need any more dragging out. The bosses alone take FOREVER to defeat. Longer than most of the puzzles.
All in all, if you're a fan of the original, I'd say don't waste your time. Just go back, play the originals, and enjoy what a good game should be. Let it rest in peace. But if you're curious, and have a few hours to kill, it's not the worst game out there. Just be prepared for a disappointing ending.
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on October 7, 2013
I recently played through the PS3 release of the original Sly Cooper titles and once finished, moved on to Thieves in Time.
Game play was familiar, but brought plenty of new elements.
Jumping took some getting used to. Sly doesn't seem to jump as high as he did in previous games (could just be in the mechanics).

I'd say the best new element was getting to play as Sly's ancestors, each with a unique skill to reach certain areas. The costumes were also a nice way to add abilities.

The biggest disappointment was in the villains and story. Not to mention a cliffhanger ending even worse than Sly 3.
I think there was a lot that could have been done with the story, and although they did a great job visiting Cooper history, I think they approached it from a bad angle. Heck... we're travelling through time... where was Clockwerk? I thought I saw his silhouette at one point during the first chapter, "Turning Japanese," but if it was him, it wasn't a theme they followed throughout the game.
The villains are fine, although the main villain's back-story is lacking. He comes with big claims against the Cooper clan, but there's no evidence or foreshadowing leading up to it. It's just a big fussy fit in the final chapter, "Oh, this is why I did it!!" and that's all. Have you ever had that experience when someone's upset and it ruins their week, and then later they tell you it was because you had said something that they were offended by, but you didn't know they took it that way. Then that whole time they were upset about something and you didn't even know you had caused it... That's what happens here.
The Black Knight was the worst villain. I rushed through two chapters hoping that my suspicions about the Black Knight's chapter were wrong. They weren't. With no spoilers, I'll just say that the Black Knight's story ruined it for me. To further upset me, a scene from the end of the game foreshadows a possible future game involving the Black Knight. It's worth playing, but if you're a fan of Sly games (especially 3), you'll know what I'm so upset about. I'm sure they could have come up with a better twist than what they did with the Black Knight.

For Completionists and PSN Trophy Collectors:
I wish it were possible to unlock a bottle/treasure/collectible radar. There's no way of knowing what area/mission the item you're missing might be located in. You might as well just play the whole game over again.

On the note of going back to collect everything and earn trophies, Thieves in Time has WAY too many long load screens. I probably watched the load screen for half the time I was playing this game. They tried to make the load screen useful by including back-story comments or just tips about the game, but the comments/tips were so limited, it was just very repetitive. Some comments (bringing up Clockwerk) really had absolutely nothing to do with this game.

Great game, should be 5 stars, but poor story and character development and really bad load times frustrate and disappoint. There really could have been a lot more to this game, in my opinion. Overall, it's still a fun game and I still recommend it.
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on July 23, 2016
Albeit a situational issue, I feel it requires merit. This title is promoted as a Cross-Buy title where you can obtain a (free) copy for your PSVita. The downloadable portable version of this game is available on the PS3 disc. Sadly research has proven that this had an invisible expiration date (for no real decernable reason).

I was looking forward to having this game on the go but sadly there doesn't seem to be any current cost effective immediate solution. If you're hoping to get your hands on this game for both platforms for a low price, stick to PSN.

For the most part the game itself is as common critiques say(that it is good). Worth current available price(as of 2016)
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on April 28, 2013
This is the only Sly Cooper game I've played. I gave it a try because of all the great things I heard about the previous games. This is one of the few games I've purchased on release day, and I'm glad I did!

Combat - Honestly, I didn't expect much in this department. Afterall, this is a platformer that's not known for spectacular fighting sequences. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Sly starts off with one or two basic melee attacks, but you'll be able to acquire more moves as you progress through the game. Keep in mind that this is a stealth game that doesn't really 'encourage' the player to engage in combat, but you'll have a few attacks at your disposal if needed. Although the moves are simple in their nature, they're pretty fun to execute. If Sly was the only playable character in the game, I probably would not have enjoyed the combat as much as I did. Luckily, I had the opportunity to play as 9 different characters! There's a nice balance of melee and long-ranged attacks (some players only have melee attacks, while others have long-ranged attacks in addition to their melee attacks). Don't get me wrong, while you probably won't confuse this combat with DmC or God of War, you'll still have a fun time fighting.

Weapons - Sly only has one weapon (a cane) that he primarily uses. But, once you enter a new area/map you'll eventually uncover a new costume that offers it's own very unique weapon. I'll refrain from commenting on each specific costume because uncovering these is part of the allure of the game - So I don't want to spoil any surprises. Earlier, I mentioned other playable characters in the game. Each character has his/her own weapon. Five of the characters are Sly's ancestors, which means they look similar to him, and they all have some variation of his cane. One ancestor's cane has a special attack that changes it into a sword, while another ancestor's cane can transform into a gun, and so on. Although the weapons are simple, you'll enjoy them more than you think.

Enemies - Fortunately, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time doesn't suffer from some of the problems that other games of this genre fall victim to. The enemy formula here is pretty straight forward - you'll find brand new enemies with each new area/map you encounter. Wow, what a novel concept! Here are the types: Large (difficult to beat), average size (puts up a good fight), and small (easily defeated). Although each area has 3 enemies types, they all look different and offer up different attacks. Since this is a stealth game, you will not have to fight anyone unless discovered. Finally; boss battles that are reminiscent of those old school Nintendo and Sega Genesis games! None of the boss battles were strictly hack n slash. Each boss had a particular weakness, and it'll be your job to figure out what it is. There are six bosses in total, and each 'weakness' is vastly different from the others. I'll warn you, these battles are anything but easy (regardless of what some reviewers may say). I can pretty much guarantee you won't beat any of them on the first attempt.

Miscellaneous - There's no tracking in regards to how much time is spent playing the game. I'll put it this way: If you're the type that takes your time and enjoys exploration, this will be a long game. However, if you're the type that likes to go from mission to mission, it may not take you very long to beat. One of my favorite things about this title is that it encourages exploration. If you get lost, you can press a button that's results in an on screen arrow pointing you towards your goal. Hmm, if only other adventure games did that *ACHOO spyro dawn of the dragon ACHOO* sorry, I forgot to take my Allegra...

In conclusion, this is a fantastic game. This game is special because each new map feels like you're playing a brand new game. As with most of my reviews, I do have one minor criticism. There are quite a few mini-games throughout the experience. Most of them are a nice change of pace. I ran into a few that were downright annoying and unnecessary. Any mini-game that requires you to move your controller (not analog sticks, the actual controller) and tilt it in a certain way just to complete the challenge is just dumb. This is the only game I've played that in my opinion, is worth more than the release day price tag ($39.99). Transformers: Fall of Cybertron you're up next!
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on March 30, 2016
Although "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time" was created by Sanzaru Games instead of Sucker Punch, this installment into the Sly Cooper series is one that I very thoroughly enjoyed. I obviously won't spoil any details but I can honestly say this game is worth picking up, and any long time Sly Cooper fan will be completely satisfied. My only real complaint is that Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time left off on a sort of "To Be Continued..." note, and we haven't gotten any confirmation for a sequel yet =(
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on September 9, 2014
I've never played a Sly game (save your booing and rotten tomato slinging till later when I talk about the voice acting)
This has been pretty fun on PS3, I haven't tried the Vita version yet, when I do I'll do an update. The gameplay is fun and the visuals are really well stylized. The game controls smoothly and you rarely feel out of control of anything, the characters are well designed and funny enough. I enjoyed sneaking up behind goons and pocketing their loot while nimbly hopping about the map. You get to play as Sly's companions and even other generations of Sly which is surprisingly fun but I'd prefer to avoid Slys friends in gameplay, just not my cup of tea...even when you get to watch a hippo cross dress to fool guards.

My one complaint is the voice acting, yes it's a cartoon of sorts but the acting is just ...a mixed bag, this coming from a guy who just got done playing Tales of Xillia 2, a japanese game presented in english where things can be oddly delivered. The voice work does not in anyway kill the game, it's passable at best and hammer the X button to skip at worst. Anyone who'd like to say this has quality voice work for a cartoon, please visit Ratchet and Clank, any of them and even the latest Sonic games and if you insist this game has better voices, you may want your ears checked.
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