Customer Reviews: Small Move, Big Change: Using Microresolutions to Transform Your Life Permanently
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on January 21, 2014
When you read this book, you'll discover some things about yourself you didn't realize you knew.

1. You're creating new behaviors all the time.
2. You can modify those behaviors any time you choose.
3. You are in control of your life... you just need to learn how to push your own buttons.

Once you understand the rules - which the author lays out quite nicely - you will find it easy and fun to make small moves that create big changes.

Also, I love the structure of the book. The first 1/2 actually teaches you HOW and then the second 1/2 gives lots of different examples that make it real!

Next time you get ready to hit the checkout button, make sure you've added this book to your cart!
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on January 18, 2014
Bookstores are filled with books that promise they hold the secret to changing our lives. But as we all know, change is a lot harder than the self-help industry wants us to believe. Caroline Arnold takes a fresh approach. In short, identify small changes you can make in your own life that can make a big difference - and act on them. The thing is: this approach really works. Reading this book inspired me to adopt a number of microresolutions. One example: I've resolved that if I talk to a friend on the phone from home I'm going to clean up at the same time. Instant result: a much cleaner house -- something I didn't achieve with endless general resolutions to keep things neater. Unlike many self-help books, this one is also smart, funny, well-researched, and a pleasure to read. Now I just need to work on that eating in front of the computer late at night . . .
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on March 14, 2014
The first section of this book is excellent. It explains the concept of microresolutions, why they work, and gives rules on how to implement them. I was motivated to begin using them before I even finished this part of the book, much less the whole thing. I came away believing microresolutions can help me or anyone create lasting change and achieve goals.

The remainder of the book gives real world examples of how to use microresolutions, but I felt like it was instead telling me which goals I should be pursuing. I acknowledge that using examples will help readers understand how to use this new tool, but this just went too far. If I wanted to be told which goals to adopt to improve nutrition, I'd be reading a book by a nutritionist.

All in all, I'm still glad I read this book, especially the first 30%.
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on January 22, 2014
This is a great book to help you change little things in your life so that the bigger changes become easier afterwards. You start with things that you know you can change like remembering to hang the keys on the hook after using the car, putting your coat back in the closet rather than leaving it on a chair.This leads you to adopt a new attitude of doing and following up on it which is key for everything else. If you can master small little changes in your behavior, you will feel a new satisfaction that will motivate you to make more changes in other areas. The thing to do is to connect things together, for instance if you always forget to recharge your phone, you can give yourself the cue of doing it when you brush your teeth at night and this will help you to remember to do it and the satisfaction you get from achieving this simple task is the first major step in a total revolution of your life. Read it, it makes it easy and doable.It is a fun book to read too full of life's anecdotes that will speak to your heart.
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on January 9, 2015
You've read all the books on getting things done, sharpening the saw, putting first things first. Then you put those books down, resolve to be a new person. Tomorrow. Tomorrow becomes next week. Next week becomes next month. Years pass, and you still haven't gotten into the weekly review habit.

Enter Micro Resolutions. Simple, micro, small changes at the margins done two at a time. All of a sudden, small resolutions become habits, become transformations. And all based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience and the psychology of efficacy and happiness.

At a bare minimum, read the first part of the book. Then set a micro resolution to read 5 pages a day.
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on June 15, 2015
This is one of the best self-improvement books ever. Very thorough, covering every topic you would want, including diet, organization, relationships, tardiness, procrastination and more. Great explanations and examples throughout. Explains how micro-resolutions can help you make progress toward your goals easily. Great table of contents and index also, so you can find subjects easily, with links to all in Kindle edition. Have re-read some topics and gotten more benefit the second time around
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on April 11, 2014
The book "small move big change" is about making small changes in your habits and more importantly the way you think. The author argues if you go for a very tiny, very "micro" change eventually it becomes a second nature to you. These micro changes can then motivate you to make more changes to help you become more organized. The book starts with the author giving example about how she learnt the habit of hanging her keys in the right spot by making an unwavering commitment to do it as soon as she got home. She argues after a while it just became part of her autopilot mode. Similarly she has implemented other changes in her life which have allowed her to become better organized and consequently a happy and more productive life.

The main highlights of the book are:

1. Focus on one very small change at any given time. Do not move onto any new change unless you have mastered this specific change.

2. The micro-resolutions can be applied to work, life or both.

There are plenty of examples to help you master the art by learning from other peoples lives.

That being said, the book does not teaches a fundamentally new technique. If you have heard the saying "Rome was not built in a day", you know about what the book will teach you. But may be the book can help by the examples. While I like examples, unfortunately the examples are way too many. Often at times they sound repetitive. The book does not investigates human psychology in detail. So if you are looking for a deeper reading, you should look somewhere else.

In a nutshell, it is an easy to read, example driven book about how to make a small change to change habits and improve organization.
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on December 28, 2015
Finally--a practical guide to changing behavior and developing new habits! Most books that talk about some kind of self-improvement are long on theory and short on practicality. This book is not. The author provides the basis for her thinking, but she really focuses on practical examples. This book has certainly caused me to stop trying to conquer the entire mountain in one leap, but to tackle small, discreet tasks that make a difference.
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on February 16, 2014
I love this book. It is well written with a pleasant adult vocabulary that doesn't talk down to the reader, yet explains very thoroughly the concept of BABYSTEPS (yes, Flybabies!) and CONSISTENCY in forming the habits that add up to real changes in your life. Holmberg basically says that no goal is so small that it can't be broken down into smaller steps--then even smaller ones, then smaller still. Eventually the steps are so small that you can't fail. Mini steps stay under under the radar of our protests and a need to resist them. It is similar to Stephen Guise's "Mini Habits" but richer and a bit more scholarly. I found this one a more enjoyable read and well worth the minor price difference.
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on August 18, 2016
I have quit smoking, reduced my sugar intake by more than half and lost two pounds my first week reading this... I am so happy with this book. I listen to it in the car and while I cook. It soothes me and has helped so much. It helps to really listen a couple of times and sit down and write out your behavior to see what small move will change everything.... it really works. Fantastic.
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