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on March 12, 2013
The photos produced are decent, although the video is as "technically" described in its manual.
The header/title implies HD in some sale cases, (it is not.) The tech specs imply a lower res... so, I was expecting the lower res that it is.

It's a bit of a misleading title (for the seller to indicate it's HD.) However, as long as you realize it's not 720X or higher, you'll know ahead of time.

The operation is dead simple (regardless of lack luster instructions.)
While it came with a CD, the CD only has instructions as a PDF and an update time bat file. I have not checked the time stamp since I ran it though.

It does have the time stamp in the lower right corner. I'm not super fond of that and havn't figured out how to shut it off, but, if I'm filming creative stuff, I'll crop it out anyhow. :)

The body size is GREAT!
I got this to place on my HOG. I don't want the cameras to stick out or look tacky.
I plan to use magnets or velcro to simply stick them in cool filming locations.

All in all, they work, are CRAZY small and I expect to get a lot of fun footage from them, HD or not. :)
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on July 27, 2014
 This little camera is amazing! It has 640x480 color video at 29 frames per second with good audio. The attached video is the finale of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture with the "milkdrop" visualization in WinAmp. The microphone obviously misses the higher and lower frequencies and the video could be better, but look at the price.

This camera should NOT have so many negative reviews. For the price, there is nothing better (but there were some equal bargains which may fit your intentions better than this camera). Given Amazon's reputation for easy returns, DOA items are no excuse for a low rating. The sellers would obviously be losing money if a large portion were actually DOA so my conclusion was the low ratings are from unreasonable customers who couldn't spend half an hour trying to figure the thing out.

I purchased one to try it out for a security camera and will be buying several more. If you want to record multiple webcams (for the price, do it just to do it :) ) take a look at iSpyConnect. It's open source software with tons of nice features.

The camera has a very tight angle lens, so tight that while sitting three feet from the camera, my face fills the entire screen. It's twice as tight as other super-cheap mini cameras I bought to test out, almost to the point that I feel it would be a poor webcam.

The video from the web cam is jumpy if the memory card is installed, and will skip a few frames here and there even with the memory card out. But if you somehow missed where I said it before - totally worth it for the money! Just pull the card out if you want to use it for a webcam. And the card actually locks in place like it should (push in again to unlock), this is the first I've seen that on these super-cheap cameras.

Now for the only true con of this camera - it comes with no instructions (not that figuring out the button sequences is rocket science). Luckily, "Mr. T" added some great instructions. If you haven't already read them, scroll down and read them.
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on June 27, 2014
Hold for 3 seconds to turn on and enter standby mode; LED stays on.
Press once to take a picture; LED blinks once.
Hold for 2 seconds to start video capture; LED blinks slowly.
Press once to stop video capture; LED stays on.
Hold for 4 seconds to turn off; LED turns off.

Plug USB cable into camera and computer. LED Blinks fast as it is charging the battery.
Windows 7 automatically installs the driver for storage mode. Removable Storage shows up in Computer then you can access the pictures and videos.
While charging, press button once. Removable storage disappears, Windows 7 installs "Imaging devices->USB2.0 Device" webcam.
Download and run your favorite webcam software.
While charging, press button to toggle between "storage mode" and "webcam mode".

You turn it on to standby mode, but the LED blinks fast 11 times then shuts off:
- Check that you have a Micro SD card inserted with the label (top) facing the lens. If you do, check that it's formatted for FAT or FAT32. If it is, try pressing the reset button in the front near the LED. You will need a paperclip for this. Then turn it on again. If it's still not staying on, try a different Micro SD card or charge the battery.

Change the camera time:
- Plug USB cable into camera and computer. It should be in "storage mode". Find or create the text file time.txt created on the Micro SD card and edit file and change to correct time. Example; "2012-05-01 23:59:59". Save it then unplug. Turn it on and the time will be set.

I don't know how and why people give this a 1 star. What do you expect from a $10 micro video/picture camera?

For $10 this thing is really amazing! It's so small which is amazing, and it can record on removable Micro SD which is amazing, it has a USB connection and a built-in rechargeable battery using the USB connection which is amazing, and it records at 30 frames per second (with audio) which is amazing. The plastic casing is normal hard plastic, which is why I don't understand how some people would think that it feels cheap like a toy!?

When I first got this the battery was dead, so I had to recharge it. Then it wasn't recognizing my 1GB Micro SD card even though it was formatted for FAT or FAT32. It would turn on, then just turn off after 5 seconds later. So I pressed the reset button on the front then it was able to recognize it and created the necessary directories. The webcam mode worked as expected too.

My pictures turn out to be 1280x1024 even through the box states they should be 1280x720. Maybe it's internally 1280x720 stretched to 1280x1024 output, I'm not sure. The video is 720x480 even though the box states it should be 640x480. Again, not sure if internally it sees 640x480 and stretches it to 720x480. I just know all my AVI files are 720x480 no matter what program I use to view the file statistics. I've seen numerous specs on the resolution of this camera, so maybe there's multiple versions passing around?

I ordered 2 of these cameras on a Sunday. The first was from a China dealer. Then about 20 minutes later I ordered from a local California dealer. The CA item arrived in 3 days. While the China item arrived in only 9 days. The CA order was a retail package, it came with retail box labeled as a "Y2000 Mini Camcorder" (there seems to be a Y2000, Y3000, and Y5000 models). The China order arrived in an envelope without the retail box, but everything else included was the same. There was no CD in either shipment which was expected, as even the retail box doesn't state that it should come with one. The CD wasn't even necessary as Windows 7 found the camera and installed drivers automatically for storage mode and webcam mode. And I was able to download a free webcam program anyway, there's tons of free ones out there.

I haven't tested the length of battery time, but others have and say maybe 40 or so minutes of video? You'd have to test it for yourself.

All in all this camera is as advertised. It's cheap, small, and works. The quality is not 1080p clarity, but for the price it's a steal! This technology 15 years ago would have been $1000!!

There are better video quality cameras out there, but they are more money than this one. I've talked a coworker into buying two of these from the local seller, and those worked the same as mine.

I would highly recommend this camera to anyone.
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on October 24, 2017
It actually works. Sometimes VGA is all you need. Love the small file sizes too.
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on March 12, 2017
piece of junk do not buy. never could get it to work. waste of money
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on March 14, 2017
Regular, la batería no aguanta mucho!
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on January 31, 2016
It's good I put it on my drone but put s anti vibration camera mound under it
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on April 2, 2017
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on October 27, 2017
Too difficult to program
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on October 3, 2015
it doesn't work.
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