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on June 27, 2014
Hold for 3 seconds to turn on and enter standby mode; LED stays on.
Press once to take a picture; LED blinks once.
Hold for 2 seconds to start video capture; LED blinks slowly.
Press once to stop video capture; LED stays on.
Hold for 4 seconds to turn off; LED turns off.

Plug USB cable into camera and computer. LED Blinks fast as it is charging the battery.
Windows 7 automatically installs the driver for storage mode. Removable Storage shows up in Computer then you can access the pictures and videos.
While charging, press button once. Removable storage disappears, Windows 7 installs "Imaging devices->USB2.0 Device" webcam.
Download and run your favorite webcam software.
While charging, press button to toggle between "storage mode" and "webcam mode".

You turn it on to standby mode, but the LED blinks fast 11 times then shuts off:
- Check that you have a Micro SD card inserted with the label (top) facing the lens. If you do, check that it's formatted for FAT or FAT32. If it is, try pressing the reset button in the front near the LED. You will need a paperclip for this. Then turn it on again. If it's still not staying on, try a different Micro SD card or charge the battery.

Change the camera time:
- Plug USB cable into camera and computer. It should be in "storage mode". Find or create the text file time.txt created on the Micro SD card and edit file and change to correct time. Example; "2012-05-01 23:59:59". Save it then unplug. Turn it on and the time will be set.

I don't know how and why people give this a 1 star. What do you expect from a $10 micro video/picture camera?

For $10 this thing is really amazing! It's so small which is amazing, and it can record on removable Micro SD which is amazing, it has a USB connection and a built-in rechargeable battery using the USB connection which is amazing, and it records at 30 frames per second (with audio) which is amazing. The plastic casing is normal hard plastic, which is why I don't understand how some people would think that it feels cheap like a toy!?

When I first got this the battery was dead, so I had to recharge it. Then it wasn't recognizing my 1GB Micro SD card even though it was formatted for FAT or FAT32. It would turn on, then just turn off after 5 seconds later. So I pressed the reset button on the front then it was able to recognize it and created the necessary directories. The webcam mode worked as expected too.

My pictures turn out to be 1280x1024 even through the box states they should be 1280x720. Maybe it's internally 1280x720 stretched to 1280x1024 output, I'm not sure. The video is 720x480 even though the box states it should be 640x480. Again, not sure if internally it sees 640x480 and stretches it to 720x480. I just know all my AVI files are 720x480 no matter what program I use to view the file statistics. I've seen numerous specs on the resolution of this camera, so maybe there's multiple versions passing around?

I ordered 2 of these cameras on a Sunday. The first was from a China dealer. Then about 20 minutes later I ordered from a local California dealer. The CA item arrived in 3 days. While the China item arrived in only 9 days. The CA order was a retail package, it came with retail box labeled as a "Y2000 Mini Camcorder" (there seems to be a Y2000, Y3000, and Y5000 models). The China order arrived in an envelope without the retail box, but everything else included was the same. There was no CD in either shipment which was expected, as even the retail box doesn't state that it should come with one. The CD wasn't even necessary as Windows 7 found the camera and installed drivers automatically for storage mode and webcam mode. And I was able to download a free webcam program anyway, there's tons of free ones out there.

I haven't tested the length of battery time, but others have and say maybe 40 or so minutes of video? You'd have to test it for yourself.

All in all this camera is as advertised. It's cheap, small, and works. The quality is not 1080p clarity, but for the price it's a steal! This technology 15 years ago would have been $1000!!

There are better video quality cameras out there, but they are more money than this one. I've talked a coworker into buying two of these from the local seller, and those worked the same as mine.

I would highly recommend this camera to anyone.
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Top Contributor: Photographyon November 22, 2014
Made of fragile plastic parts but what I expected for this item at this price and because of it's micro size. Picture quality is that of a low quality surveillance camera but you would definitely be able to identify the subject in the photos. If you are wanting something small to take quality pictures this is not the one. I rated it four stars because while it is average on quality for it's size it is awesome as a novelty item. If you are looking for a novelty item that actually works this is for you. This would make a cute gift for a photographer friend if you put it on a necklace which is what I am doing with mine. Adorable item. Pleased with what I got for the money.
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on October 2, 2015
I just received it. I think it is so adorable. It took me a bit of time figuring it out. But I finally got it to work. It records and takes pictures. Yes the quality is not perfect it is like when the digital cameras first came out. So to compare to the photography camera now forget it. This mini camera is crap compared to the professional ones. BUT It does work fine. It is worth the price. I think it is great for the price and size. I will place in one picture i took with it. it is a pic it took with the camera turned sideways. I am noticing it takes pics that look zoomed in a bit. I will take more pics and videos another day with it outside. And see how they are compared to indoors.
review imagereview image
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on December 28, 2014
The first camera was delivered with a defective operating button on the camera, but after contacting the company I received a new camera that, I think, had to be rushed delivered. I used it in one of my model rocket's and the movie of the launch came back with incredible results! It was like having an expensive handheld camcorder inside that rocket. Very pleased. Packing was great for such a small and delicate item. Thumbs up!
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on January 14, 2015
It works pretty much as I expected, video is a bit dark and unstable depending on whether you hold it in your hand or affix it to something that is stable, (like a monitor or table). The instruction are hard to understand as if written by some space alien communicating with humans for the first time. The pictures seem to come out alright though. I haven't been able to get it to work as a webcam yet and I get a continuous tapping or electrical popping sound on all my videos for some reason but other then that the audio seems fine. So for the money it's a great little camera.
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on September 1, 2016
I don't get the bad reviews unless this item breaks in a week. I just received and tested it out. The video is very good and the audio within the video file is amazing. I could clearly hear my television from a room away in the video clip. Instructions can be found on YouTube under y2000. I will update if stops working but I am very satisfied as of now. Very small also.
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on July 30, 2015
So I got this to add to my Robosapien. It isn't even a hack, per se....as the unit is totally self enclosed. I added a 2G mini SD card that I had on hand, charged it up, and put a plush Velcro dot on the back of the camera and corresponding hook Velcro dot on basically the "belly button" of the Robosapien....easy, instant video capability.....yes, you have to press the button to activate the camera, but it is so easy, it's not a problem, and it doesn't look bad at all.

It's pretty cool, I say, and the price was a pittance.
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on May 6, 2017
Crapped out within a year. Will not power on or accept a charge. Not bad for its size, but if it no longer functions, it's worthless.
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on August 29, 2015
Total scam. This camera is advertised for use as a webcam, but not possible to use because no drivers are available, Some other sellers provide a CD but not here. Can't find anything on internet to download.
I don't expect quality pictures or operation from this camera but I do expect it to work and get seller support
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on October 9, 2014
I Love this little camera! Yes its kinda a piece of junk but what do you really expect for $8? It truly far exceeds my expectations from an $8 device. It's really not suitable for a lot of purposes, as there are so many better ones better suited to your application. But if you need Super Duper Cheap and mega-tiny and uber-light, and are tech savvy, this thing really is cool! The picture quality is not bad at all. It doesn't perform flawlessly all the time (it locks up sometimes, the clock is hard to set, the AVI files that come out of it are difficult to edit, it takes FOREVER to transfer via USB - way faster to take the Micro SD card out and put it in your computer directly, but you don't have to)...but the darn thing works and only costs $8 bucks!

The screen is a tiny sticker, there's no viewfinder or way to review your pictures on the camera. When connected to your PC, you can do any of 3 things simultaneously: just charge, transfer files (it appears as a removable drive), and live-stream / webcam. It needs a real computer to charge, it doesn't charge from a regular USB charger-only. But THE DARN THING WORKS and has DECENT QUALITY FOR AN $8 ALL-IN DEVICE!

So why did I buy it when there are so many better cameras? My particular application required the tiniest self-contaned/self-powered camera in existence. I have a super-light model RC plane and I wanted to turn it into a "drone" on the cheap. So for me, for $8 I now can record video from my plane. After doing many flights with it fully assembled (and the camera performed flawlessly even after a few crashes, but the plane didn't love the miniscule extra weight), so I removed the outer casing to even further shed weight and size. The working innards are of course super tiny and yes they work! So now the innards of the tiny camera are part of my plane and it flies almost as fast as without it. Overall I couldn't be happer for my $8 bucks.

The video really is decent for being high up in the air. It's no Go-Pro, its way far from HD, but again, its DVD-quality at best, but the thing is light, tiny and only EIGHT BUCKS! So as long as you remember the thing is disposable and probably easily swallowed, the thing really does a bang-up job.
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