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on November 24, 2016
All I can say is wow!!. This show is epic!! No other Superman show or movie can compare to the greatness of Smallville. Infact no other superhero show can compare either. Tom Welling puts such feeling and emotion into Clark Kent, really bringing him to life. Smallville has people from the other Superman movies starring in here or guests appearances in the show as well. Of course DC comics was involved giving insight. It's pretty epic and well thought out. Of course there are very important episodes explaining his past and who he is, as well as Clark experiencing life and life choices in other episodes. Alot of tie in's explaining how and why things came to be when he will one day be superman. I started renting Smallville via Netflix DVD via the mail. I was halfway through season 2. It was just taking too long for the turnaround time from Netflix. I couldn't wait any longer. I went and bought all 10 seasons on Amazon HD video at $29.99 each. I couldn't be any more happy. Best money I ever spent. I still continue to watch. Thank you Tom Welling, cast, and crew for bringing us Smallville. This show holds a special place in my heart. Highly recommend, you won't be disappointed guaranteed.
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on August 2, 2016
This is the only Smallville that was released as a HD DVD disc set. DO NOT BUY THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE THAT SPECIFIC DVD PLAYER. IT WILL NOT WORK IN BLU-RAY, DVD PLAYER, PS3, PS4 ECT. Go buy the other copy. We were not aware of this when we bought it and now it's just sitting on shelf unusable brand new but opened to try to watch.. we were very frustrated till we Google Drive it and found out that it won't work. I am glad this is the only season like this. Other than that I really like the series a lot and have almost got to season 8 now. Thanks I hope this helped you from not making same mistake I did.
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on April 27, 2017
Amazing show, I didn't watch it when it aired because I was young and preferred doing stupider things. Glad I 'discovered' it recently, watched up to halfway through the series on Hulu but liked it so much I figured may as well just start collecting the series and watching it on disc.
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I was greatly entertained by this season as with all the other seasons as well as I said for the season one set the cast for the show are still going strong and are still great as their characters. I do have to say though I still can't bring myself to truly care for the shows Lana Lang and how they have made her. Lana is a little less superficial in this season but thats not saying much for the character and while I have no dislike for the actress who plays Lana I do hope they don't have Lana Lang for season eight.Some of the few episodes I truly liked with this season was when Clark fights Zod in the season opener,when Clark has to fight the Krptonian Titan in a underground fighting club,and the first formation of an early JUSTICE LEAGUE. So I say to the fans of the Superman universe now is the time to start your collection of these excellent season sets...
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on November 15, 2010
Tom Welling said in a Comic Con interview that he basically saw a different series when season 6 began....which he saw as positive. I can see what he means. This is when life became a bit darker and harder and made the series more interesting. This is when he really loses his friendship with Lex, where he is almost completely separated from Lana, and where he begins to forge an actual friendship with Lois. Chloe really becomes his sidekick in this season. Some of my favorite episodes are from this season. I love the epi Promise where Lana & LEx get married. How heart breaking was that...but it made for a great episode. And I also love Hydro where Lois and Clark first kiss and you see an awareness in Clark for Lois that he hadn't ever realized was there. They don't explore this storyline other than making Lois and Clark actual friends beginning this season...still contentious and witty banter going back and forth but they do become friends little by little. Is an enjoyable season...more so than I think the next one.

Edited 26 Mar 2011: I just saw this and the previous epi again. I have to say that these last 2 episodes (end of season 5 and epi 1 season 6) are the episodes which cemented my real dislike of the Lana character. The objection that I always had about her was that despite all the good that Clark did, she couldn't see that he truly was a GOOD person. All she saw was that he never completely opened up to her about things she believed were secretive. Clark being closed off meant that he was not a person to be trusted in Lana's eyes and I never "got" this part of her belief system. Everyone surrounding Clark, with exception of Lex, were good people and yet she could only see Clark's secretive self. She couldn't seem to see that other people believed and trusted in Clark and that they considered him to be a good person. How was this possible? When she gravitated towards Lex I was outright angry. Even though I knew she would one day be out of the picture and that Lois Lane would be Clark's girlfriend, I still got angry at the way Lana treated Clark...with outright disrespect. There were moments in season 4 where it was clear to her that Lex could not be trusted but....she still gravitated towards him. There were moments before she married Lex that she clearly saw Lex lying but she still agreed to marry him? Again, how is this possible? I don't give credit to the way Clark broke up with her as reason for her gravitation towards Lex. Maybe it wasn't poor story writing but instead the writer's desire to show that Lana was not the ONE for Clark because of this weakness in her character. Even what she does in the few episodes we see her in Season 7 are an indicator, to me, of how wrong she was for Clark and how weak she truly was as a character. This is why I don't understand why people prefer her to Lois. Don't get me wrong, she and Clark has some great moments together but her core self is not someone that I would like. If anything, there was a real dishonesty in her own self that she didn't seem to recognize. Anyway, just wanted to say how I dislike her least in this series.
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on July 29, 2013
Smallville perhaps is the most under-rated series in cinema history... The best series of it's genre ever. In an era where the American identity is being lost, morals and values seem to be on the decline, and patriotism is being challenged - Smallville is what true Americana was and I hope will one day be again... The actors that made the series successful will forever be immortalized as heroes...

I'm not one to watch reruns unless more the 5 years have gone by or it's been out of my psyche, but smallville epitomizes all that I aspired to be as a kid and that defined me, I just can't get enough of the series. I will forever continue to watch reruns of this immortal show because it keeps me grounded and reminds me that despite the turmoil in our world today, there is one thing that simply defines and makes the human race what it is - it is the concept of HOPE... Smallville and Hope are synonymous; Belief in God or in some existential being for purpose in our universe is what defines humanity's will to live and struggle to strive for greater knowledge and good...
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on June 12, 2017
Awesome series.. but too much Kryptonite.. seems like it's there amost every episode. Couple times per season would have been enough.
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on March 16, 2017
The best season yet by far. The plot was amazing, and a few character favorites make recurring appearances that make the show even better. The last episode alone is worth the buy, as well as "Justice."
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on January 13, 2011
First of all, I don't know what it is about this epi, but every time I watch it I get teary eyed at the exact moment...every time. You'd think I'd get over the bittersweet ending...but it moves me everytime. Crazy! I guess I'm a sap or else this means it's just plain old good storytelling.

Despite what I just said, I will forever hate the Lana storyline. Lana is not a favorite character of mine but I could understand she was Clark's first love and so that meant something. They did have wonderful moments together...some that absolutely take your breath away and also moments that break your heart...all episodes that I do love. But, the constant whining and the distrust just finally got to me.

I really don't know why there are "Clana" fans out there because her character is not one to be lifted up in celebration. She's a downer to me and rarely makes me smile. It's Lois that is the uplifting character which is why I'm upset that the season will end soon and we won't have as many Lois and Clark "moments" together. Lana's character never really grew or evolved into this truly great, selfless character. Even towards the end, (season 8) her behavior was purely selfish which resulted in another intense "moment" between she and Clark..

But, back to this episode. I like episodes with Green Arrow in them. I think its the idea that these episodes are laying down the foundation for the partnership they have in the future...what do they call it...the Justice League of America. I like seeing Clark and Green Arrow interacting and growing together.

I like Smallville precisely because it does lay down this FOUNDATION for Superman and his future relationships/endeavors. I like seeing the growth that he and his friends go through...which is one reason I wish this series wouldn't end. The foundation of 10 years of growth for these characters is just setting them up for greater things in the future...but...darn one is going least that I know of.

I also like the fact that with Lana's storyline going in a direction unforeseen, that we are able to see Clark becoming this protective friend towards Lois...even though she balks at the whole idea. As such, we begin to see the foundation for their relationship. I am always fascinated and glued to the screen when they are both in a scene together. The way they's just pure joy to me LOL. Sparks fly even though they don't always realize what's going on. You can see this episode how protective Clark is of Lois but also how he wants her to be happy. I don't know if either one realizes why...which makes this great TV. Anyway...I'm rambling. I enjoyed this epi because of the Lois/Clark/Green Arrow interactions...
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on November 20, 2013
An improvement over the fifth season, this season starts delving more deeply into the traditional superhero legacies, while simultaneously re-imagining them. I don't know if the producers planned to go ten seasons with this show, but season six serves as a quality midway point for the series overall, transitioning from Smallville into the Superman mythos.

I won't rave too highly about this season; indeed, I think if the episode counts for each season was reduced down to sub-20, it would be a cleaner, less-contrived tale overall. (several subplots and drama get to be redundant and over the top) However, this season moves us forward and gets us back on track. If you were fighting through season five like I was, you should expect improvement.
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