Customer Reviews: Smallville: The Final Season
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on April 6, 2011
I'm not someone that knows the Superman mythos. I'm not familiar with all the DC Comics characters. I did watch a couple of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies as a child and so I know the basics of Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, but other than that...I know nothing. And I'm glad because I think this is what makes it easier for me to enjoy ALL of Smallville. I had no expectations and thus I was not disappointed in the overall story of Smallville. The story that I was always interested in was, of course, Clark Kent. Let's face it...this story is about him and how he deals with life and with his destiny. That's it...and to see him struggle with it all was refreshing to see, at least to me. He wasn't this perfect being that knew where his place in "history" was...he had to figure it out which is where all the drama of Smallville began...Clark "dealing" with life...which included over protective parents, a first love (Lana Lang) who could never quite trust him, a friend (Lex Luthor) that became a life long enemy, a sidekick (Chloe) that was the best friend he could have ever had but who also lost a little bit of faith in him, a fellow superhero (Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow) that tested his morality and always fell short, and last but not favorite...Lois Lane...the unlikeliest person for him to fall in love with but who believed in him...or in Smallville storyland...the Blur...more than anyone else did...even Chloe. That's why in this Smallville version, Clark tells were always the one that I needed. Her complete trust in what he represented is what he needed in this story to meet his destiny. This may not be IAW the Superman mythos, but it's darn good storytelling and I have loved every minute of it. I will be sad to see the series end because I could watch Lois and Clark played by Erica Durance and Tom Welling, banter back and forth and save the world for many, many more years to come. There are few series in TV land today that match the storytelling of this series. Thank you Smallville for some many great stories that I will continue to watch over and over again.
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on May 14, 2011
I really loved just about everything about this finale. I have had a funny relationship with the is series. I was a huge fan when it first started but something in the middle of the second season (who am I kidding, it was Lana) turned me off. Then I spent about five years viciously mocking it. And whenever anyone would talk about it I would scoff and say "I haven't watched that in years". Somewhere during the middle of season eight I started watching it again and became a fan again. There have been many things about this show that have annoyed me but it was a lot of fun and it made me happy to have something to obsess over. The finale gave me everything I needed. It was sweet and romantic and full of action and adventure.
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on November 24, 2016
All I can say is wow!!. This show is epic!! No other Superman show or movie can compare to the greatness of Smallville. Infact no other superhero show can compare either. Tom Welling puts such feeling and emotion into Clark Kent, really bringing him to life. Smallville has people from the other Superman movies starring in here or guests appearances in the show as well. Of course DC comics was involved giving insight. It's pretty epic and well thought out. Of course there are very important episodes explaining his past and who he is, as well as Clark experiencing life and life choices in other episodes. Alot of tie in's explaining how and why things came to be when he will one day be superman. I started renting Smallville via Netflix DVD via the mail. I was halfway through season 2. It was just taking too long for the turnaround time from Netflix. I couldn't wait any longer. I went and bought all 10 seasons on Amazon HD video at $29.99 each. I couldn't be any more happy. Best money I ever spent. I still continue to watch. Thank you Tom Welling, cast, and crew for bringing us Smallville. This show holds a special place in my heart. Highly recommend, you won't be disappointed guaranteed.
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on June 11, 2016
Bought on Amazon. Hate Callum Blue. Thoroughly sick of that Ice Palace. Poor Tom looks pallid from being in sunless Vancouver too long. Bad plots with too many sappy speeches cum psychobabble. I think that the budget must have been cut; so, action was replaced with boring dialogue as filler. I had to fast forward through these speeches. I was hoping for something great in the finale, but I was disappointed. All those persons in the features don't seem too bright if this is the best they can do. Tom is not even shown in his Superman suit. Legend says that his mom made it. Got rid of Kara easily. Cat is an annoyance as usual. I could never figure out Tess' agenda. She does strange things with no seeming ultimate purpose. Notice that it never snows in Smallville. It rained once on prom day. How can Tom live in that barn with gaps between the boards in the walls and even in the roof? At least I did not have to abide old piss-and-moan Lana.
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on December 25, 2014
Season Ten brings us a fantastic finale to what was, and is, a FANTASTIC series ... it is worth having in your collection,

Yes, I hear you, All ten years of Smallville are fabulous, and if you can, get all ten, whether you buy them or borrow them from the library, and watch them in order.

With ten years, the producers, directors and actors were able to take the time to develop all the characters, and give Clark a chance to learn the many lessons that he needed to learn in order to become a good Superman. He doesn't even put on the Supersuit until the last episode of the last season, though we do see Superman in his Cape during a few time-travel or alternate-universe episodes.

The entire series is wonderful. If you read any of the comic books over the years, or if you believed that Man could Fly when you first watched Christopher Reeve years ago, then do yourself a favor and buy or borrow every season of this excellent set.

P.S. If you're lucky like me, and live in an area with a cooperative county library system, you can buy the entire set and never open it. My county library is connected with 18 other libraries, and between them, they have all ten seasons, so I'm watching them all without having to open my set.

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on March 28, 2016
I own all other seasons so when this one came out I wanted to have the full set.

All of the Discs are in great shape, no scrapes, scratches, or blemishes. The box they come in is rather sturdy. I enjoy how each Disc has a different picture on it. I found it was easier to remember which disc I was on when I had to stop watching a disc. It was easy to say I am on Clark Disc, or Chloe Disc....

The product is as expected. I have all the other seasons and I expected this product to be as great quality as the other seasons I own. If you watched the show and didn't see the last season you may want to buy this and see how it ends. If you own all the other seasons but not this one you may want to purchase this to complete your collection.
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on June 25, 2016
This was,by far, my personal favorite season of Smallville since season one. Let me tell you why. Simply, Clark becomes Superman. But, that's not all. CW went all out and brought the biggest bad guy and villain group in the whole DC Universe. Spoilers ahead if you read on.... The big bad of season 10 was none other than Darkseid and the evil New Gods of Apokolips. Darkseid is quite literally the god of all evil. He brings a few of his evil minions along to battle Clark and then let the games begin. With the return of beloved characters and tying up storylines, this was a fun ride toward The Blur earning his wings as Superman.
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on November 26, 2010
I just saw this epi again and I enjoyed it even more this go around. I have to say one of the more special scenes was the end with Clark and Jonathan Kent. It brought tears to my eyes to see how Clark, in his confusion and disappointment, leaned on his father as he had so many years before for guidance. It was odd because I was transported back 10 years looking at Clark and "dad" was as if the years had not passed the way they slipped comfortably into their roles and Clark, despite knowing that he has matured these past 10 years, seemed to me to be that young man that started this series. Yes he looks older but the look in his eyes as he looked at Jonathan reminded me of a young Clark. It was an amazing achievement for Tom Welling to bring back this part of Clark to the screen. This is a special series with specail actors. I am sad that this is their last year for the series.
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on October 6, 2016
I realize now that I made a mistake reviewing season nine and spoiled this one. But I'll say it again: the finale felt rushed and Darkseid, the show's final villain, is beaten in a strange and honestly disapointing way.I also found Lex's final scene odd and contradictory. The very end removes a bit of the sting, if not much.
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on September 16, 2016
I've loved Smallvillr since it began. Some seasons were better than others, but the stories always carried the saga onward. The tenth season was a little darker than I would have liked, especially towards the end, right up to the "Finale". But that last episode, along with "Homecoming", "Isis", and "Harvest" made the season. Erica Durance was a delight as Lois Lane, as always. Sometimes she was just downright so cute. She is probably the best Lois ever.
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