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on September 15, 2015
I bought two of these form my twin boys for their birthdays. What seems to be what I though would be an easy task of putting together these bikes turned into a complete hassle. The part parts that they supply are inadequate for the bike, the directions are at best, if you have an active imagination, then you should be fine, which is what I had to do, other than that, the directions are weak and not functional even for someone who builds, and I built my children a 12ft x12ft treehouse. The print is very small and leave you guessing at what they directions are stating, beyond some picture, there are no write ups to give you any help in the directions. I had to use other parts from skateboards and bikes to make sure that this/these bikes were functional and most importantly safe, which leads me back to the parts the supplier supplied and the creative use of your own imagination. Hence forth, I did build the two bikes in two days.

They look nice, quality of the word leaves me with assumptions about longevity of them, I feel with the right tools anyone could make this with relatively ease of mind and budget which I plan on doing for my four year old who is going to want one of these bike. As a basic building blocks to help my children develop their balance and courage, these may be ok for those purposes, the real test would be how well these bikes are at establishing those principles.

Th bikes construction is ok, there are well crafted as in there are no sharp edges. they material of woods are also light in weight, and the factor of adjustability in height is also a a plus. I do think right now that it is a somewhat nicer toy now that I have made the necessary upgrades too them in the materials. I would recommend that you get metal washers for the build, there is a lot of movement of the bike parts even when the screws are tight, again this leads to the inadequate supplies given. On another note, the bearings in the wheels themselves look and feel cheap, I am not sure of the longevity of them, but I would only assume that that are not of good quality and will have to buy better ones in the near future.

Again, before you begin to build this, make sure you have a complete assortment of sizes of other washers, bolt, screws to build this, it may come in handy as i have noticed from my two builds.
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on April 22, 2013
I love the idea of a balance bike. My older son used my younger son's balance bike for a couple of months and he was riding a real bike after one lesson. That being said the Smart Gear bike is not going to last.

We bought the bike last February. It was too cold to use in the winter and we were gone over the summer. Still even though he didn't get a ton of time to use it within a year and a half 2 tires have blown out and front portion of the bike split and the bike is no longer usable. I emailed Smart gear about the tires and they were good enough to send replacement tires for us so their customer service is good but the quality of the bike is poor. I wish I would have gotten one with a metal frame. It would have been a little more expensive but I wouldn't have to buy a new bike now.
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on July 12, 2015
We bought this for my daughter's 4th birthday. She used it for about a year; not that frequently, but we'd bring it to the park w/ us and she would cruise around. I was amazed when she transitioned to a regular kid's bike about a year after purchasing the balance bike. She totally skipped over training wheels, we just explained to her how to get started when pedals and brakes were introduced and in less than 5 minutes she was completely on her own on a 2-wheel bike! I would definitely recommend going the balance bike route and skipping the pain of training wheels. My younger daughter will now be inheriting the balance bike!
I am updating this review to report the same experience w/ my younger child. The balance bike method is amazing. I remember tears and frustration when I learned to go from training wheels to a 2 wheel bike. The balance bike transition to a 2 wheel bike is so fast and easy and not at all stressful for mom/dad or the child. Our family is 2 for 2 w/ the balance bike.
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on March 29, 2013
I purchased this as a gift for a friends 2 year old who was a premi and has some slow development, hoping that it would help him with some balance issues. Although he was a bit too small to actually use the balance bike for now, he absolutely loved it and the parents love the concept that it will help with balancing on a bike. The bike comes packaged in a box and has only a couple thing to put together and is supplied with the allen wrenches to put the bike together. It took all of 5 minutes to put it together. The seat is adjustable to grow with the kid. I know it says not for kids under 3 but kids grow so fast and they are operating ipads these days so hey, I went with it.

The price was a bit less that other companies. Probably because this is a Chinese knock off of the other bikes. Yep it's made in China, but the quality is ok. The company's website says they inspect all bikes and are concerned that no harmful chemicals are used in the product. Not sure about that but I looked it over pretty good and I was satisfied that it ok, without a lab to test the product you can't tell anyway. I took off a star because of the knock off design and because I searched Amazon for toys made in America and this one came up in the search, however when I got the product it was indeed not made in America. (Amazon needs to fix their searches).

The look on the kids face says it all, He was excited and I am happy to have picked something for him that will help him develop a bit more. Love the concept, just wish they would make this product here in America under our toy standards and inspections.
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on December 20, 2016
I bought this product when my grandson was first riding a tricycle. He stopped riding a trike and got on this Smart Balance and soon found he had great balance. He used it everywhere. His balance was so excellent being on it, that he soon graduated to a two wheeler and never even used training wheels. I took Ethan's two wheeler to school for a bike parade when he was in preschool and he was the only child riding a two wheeler. All the other preschool children were on trikes or using training wheels. I was totally taken back because I didn't realize that the Smart Balance would put him so far ahead of the other children his age when it came to riding a bike and having superb balance and coordination.
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on January 7, 2013
I bought this as a Christmas present for my 26 month old daughter. She really likes but it is still a little large for her yet. She can almost ride with her winter boots on. That being said she is a little short for her age and I think other kids the same age would likely have no issues. Also, I live in Oregon where it'll probably be cold and wet for another few months, and I expect by the time the rain clears up it'll be a perfect fit.
The bike was extremely easy to assemble.
One negative thing is that the wheels are backwards according to the product image on the box, which concerns me because most tires are meant to be oriented a certain way. However, in this instance it should only be a cosmetic issue as I don't think the tire orientation would matter at the generally low speeds of a child's balance bike.
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on May 16, 2014
I got this for my 4 year old who is afraid to ride his very small bike with training wheels. He's a speed demon on his tricycle but doesn't like the wobbly feeling on the bike. We have only had it a couple weeks. He loves this balance bike! At first he was afraid of it too and didn't want to try it. Then he spent a little time going up an down the driveway. Now he asks to go ride and zooms past me. I don't know whether this will lead to trying the other bike again but at least he's having a blast on this one.
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on July 26, 2012
This is really a 4.5-star review.

My husband was able to put the bike together without any trouble whatsoever. He did have to inflate the tires, but we already own a bike pump, so it was no problem.

We have a three-year-old and an almost-two-year-old. The original plan was to order one of these bikes and try it on both kids with the possibility of ordering a second one for the younger child if he was tall enough. He's still a bit short, so maybe it will be a birthday or Christmas present when he's a bit taller.

I have no trouble adjusting the seat. You do have to remember to keep the allen wrenches that come with the bike if you don't have your own.

My daughter knew what to do with the bike as soon as she saw it. It took us a few tries to get the seat to the right height. She's very tall for her age, and the seat fits her best at the highest setting. Her feet touch the ground, but her legs are still bent a little bit so she can move them to propel herself. After only a few weeks of using it, she's already testing the balancing aspect of the bike by pulling her feet off the ground for short amounts of time. Even though another growth spurt may render this particular balance bike useless for her, we intend to keep it around for our son if we don't get him his own.

The front tire is pretty flat right now, so if the tire doesn't hold air we may need to patch or replace the tubing. Other than that, we really love this balance bike. What a bargain! And with free shipping, it made it that much sweeter.
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on January 6, 2015
I purchased two of these as xmas presents for my twins just ahead of their 3rd birthday. They got the hang of them pretty quickly, and the fact that they were so light and easily adjustable made them perfect for them. Over the past two years I was able to use the adjustments to maintain proper seat height. We had purchased 16" bikes with training wheels for both back in October, and the twins continued to use both the pedal bikes as well as the balance bikes. We just took the training wheels off, and they both were riding on their first try. I attribute this directly to their time on the balance bikes. Great training tool I recommend to anyone with kids.
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on May 9, 2014
My son is 2 and is still just a bit short for this bike. He is very close and admitdly short for his age. However, he still tries to get on it. I can see this being a big hit over the summer. The only complaint I have is that the packaging came apart in shipment. I am not sure if it was the carrier or original packaging. We brought the box inside and heard a crash from the bottom and it was the rod that connects the steering, basically a crucial part. It really could have come out at ANY time. Luckily it was when we had it in the house.
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