Customer Reviews: 2 Year Desktop Protection Plan ($500-600)
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Service plan term: 2 Year|Service plan covered value: $500-600|Change
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on July 31, 2014
WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! You are better off looking for a REPUTABLE customer friendly company to get insurance with. The feel good, I am covered feeling evaporates once you actually have to file a claim. Various blogs have extremely negative comments about their customer service and settlement of claims (worth your time to look at complaints for SmartGuard and Warrantech). Better Business Bureau cites them for late mailings or emailings of actual contracts so customers are not aware of exclusions, which cover almost everything. We purchased a new computer, had it a month with a purchased 4 year plan when a power surge ruined the motherboard. Gateway stated they do not cover power surge damage at all. Had noted that our SmartGuard Plan indicated they did. We did NOT get the warranty info until after the fact. In trying to file a claim the initial female agent was extremely rude, told me it was a manufacturer warranty issue and not their problem if I had not ever seen the warranty, indicating it probably went to SPAM folder. Said it was an Amazon purchase anyway and she didn't deal with that, so asked for the Amazon Rep to which she informed me I was wasting my time but she did transfer me. In all my numerous years I have never been treated so rudely, just so you are prepared in case you do have this plan and ever have to use it. (Blogs from former employees will stun you on what they are instructed to say). On being transferred a man said that he would have the warranty to us within 24 hours with a PIN so we could file a claim. Did not happen. Called back to SmartGuard on their toll free number and was told there was probably an issue with the PIN number and she would set it to expedite and should have info that day, but would be a couple days before the enrollment process was complete for us to attempt (note that word...attempt) to file a claim but everything the first year was a manufacturer warranty issue and they covered nothing. (Contrary to what they have posted as being covered but even if so the plan would be a 3 year extended warranty and not a 4 year warranty). Realizing this was going to be a very frustrating battle, to get an expert opinion took the computer to a local master technician who confirmed motherboard was dead and system had experienced a surge of some type (making it a SmartGuard Issue). Heard nothing from SmartGuard yet again so sent a chronological email to them as well as an INFO copy to Amazon. Received a very nice email from Amazon saying they were recommending a conference call with myself, them and the SmartGuard customer service reps if I was having such a hard time. Received from SmartGuard/Warrantech and email at same time with warranty and PIN. Online went to register the product and on the FILE A CLAIM box, I clicked it which said I have to call their toll free number again. Told right away it was a manufacturer issue and SmartGuard does not cover surges at all. Read him straight from the Amazon page that it clearly stated they do. Was put on hold for a while and when he came back on it was obvious he was annoyed. Told me I would have to wait a couple of days for registration to be completed before we could file and that I would have to prove the computer was plugged into a UL Listed Surge Protector and have the original receipt for when purchased. Told him the DSL was connected to a Belkin Advanced Surge Protector (UL listed) and the computer to a Philips 2160 joules Surge Protector that I could sent him pictures of right now, but as far as having the original receipts I doubted that seriously as was told that might be required to validate my system was hooked up in compliance with their warranty. (With a business computer, 2 personal computers and 3 T.V.s in the house ALL are hooked up to surge protectors and all are UL listed.) Updated my original email with latest problems with SmartGuard/Warrantech to Amazon and asking them why SmartGuard was not required to display their policy exclusions (again it has legalese loopholes for virtually everything) before a customer might even consider purchasing from this company. For example (this is from their warranty) EXCLUSIONS "Causes beyond your control;.....external perils of nature (including but not limited to: fire, flood, smoke, sand, dirt (they say includes dust accumulation ...but before you think of using a can of air to clean read further down), lightning, humidity, storms, wind, hail and earthquake." And as if that does not cover about everything most users want to upgrade their systems either initially or in time by usually adding extra memory, possibly a second optical disk drive or maybe a secondary hard drive for those back ups that are so important in the event of a system failure; then comes (again straight from their warranty you won't see until AFTER you buy) "Modifications, adjustments, alterations, manipulation or repairs by anyone other than a service technician authorized by us" In other words if you open the case for anything even cleaning the fans/CPU, boards, etc you have negated your own contract if you have not first contacted them for approval and they select (even if authorized) who you may have it serviced by. Within just a few hours of sending the latest update of the massive and ever continuing problems with SmartGuard/Warrantech to Amazon, Amazon authorized a complete refund of our purchase. Get that? Amazon not SmartGuard. So we will return the unit to Amazon and thank goodness Amazon is customer friendly and has always been reliable. So do a bit of checking for available warranty services other than SmartGuard, there are a couple highly rated with excellent reviews. We thought being advertised and promoted on Amazon gave this company credibility .... it does not nor would I recommend to anyone.
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on May 19, 2014
I attempted to use this warranty in order to replace a faulty motherboard of my desktop. Below are some of the tribulations which ultimately forced me to purchase a new motherboard. I believe the comparable reliability of this review rests upon the fact that I (almost) underwent the full process, whereas the writers of some other reviews haven't.

First, the information and instructions are frustratingly manifold and inconsistent. The e-mail sent says, "Log into [...] locate contract and file claim online". Whether that was telling me to log into the website and consequently find a contract was unclear, but it didn't matter since there was none to be found. Then the "file claim online" portion seems reliable, but it was impossible for reasons upon which I will elaborate, because I took a step before these instructions, as per the -other- instructions in the e-mail.
In accordance with those, I registered my protection plan, filling out the necessary information. No further guidance was provided, and I wasted plenty of time clicking various links that all directed me to the same page after making me repeat the two confirmation numbers.
Assuming, then, that it was time to file a claim, I clicked the corresponding link on the homepage. I was asked to log in, and had to create an account, which I find unnecessary since there's already secure PINs and such. After logging in with my new account, I was presented with an empty list of protection plans, so I needed to create a new one. I put in the information of the one I already registered, as requested, and was brought to the page in which I viewed it. But, in contrast to what one might expect, that did not actually connect that registered plan with my account. I went back to my account (having to log in again each time), and saw it still empty of plans. Several more attempts with subtle variation brought no success. I then tried the option to search an already registered plan; I entered the information, but no plans were found. The form offered little room for discrepancy, but I tried every conceivable input to no avail.
With no other option, I used customer support. I explained the circumstances succinctly, and received an e-mail approximately ten minutes afterward. Complying with the reminiscently vague instructions requested in the e-mail, I waited for the next response. It came fifty minutes later, and the content of these second instructions felt quite hopeless. Seeing that the progress made in this exchange would not theoretically solve my problem in any reasonable amount of time, coupled with the fact that it's quite important to have my personal computer in working condition soon (especially bearing in mind that no convenient information was provided concerning the time and definite means by which it would be repaired), I then decided to ignore the warranty and purchase my replacements instead.

Ubiquitous throughout this process were cases of simply incompetent design. Although it may not concern some people, typos were easily perceivable in the e-mails and on the website despite the relative shortness of all instructions. The website is subject to numerous aggravating flaws; nearly every link is one more tedious request to log in. Many links direct the user to the same page. The "Submit Query" refreshes the same page.

This warranty appears financially viable, but when taking into consideration the unfavorable probability by which one's product will actually be repaired, it certainly is not. I do not recommend this for anybody.
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on November 11, 2015
To begin with, this company has no integrity. I purchased my warranty along with a desktop computer a little over a year ago. My computer just stopped coming on in July. I attempted to get the problem diagnosed and finally when I was able to contact this company, in August, they informed me that they'd send me a box to ship my computer to them to repair. I waited for two weeks for nothing; I called back and was told that they wouldn't be shipping any box and that they'd put me in touch with their technical department to see what could be the problem. The tech dept., without coming out to see for themselves what the problem was, told me over the phone what they suspected was the problem. So they went and ordered some parts that were shipped to my home and then a week after this happened, a technician called me to schedule an appointment to come to my home to fix the desktop. I came home from work on the scheduled day to find a broken English-speaking guy in my kitchen with my desktop dismantled on my kitchen table, the technician with a quizzical look on his face as he viewed a "YouTube how to" video on his cell phone while trying to work on my desktop. An hour or two later he gives up the ghost and states that he has to confer with his department because he can't fix the problem. So, he halfway puts my desktop back together with the housing partially securely on and the dvd/cd tray protruding from its slot. I called this company back to tell them all this and they stated that they'd send another technician soon. A week passes and I get another call from a different technician who sets another date to come to my home in another week. He arrives, with another technician, and after being stunned with the state that the previous technician left my desktop in, he attempts to make good on everything. However, he runs into a serious snag...the new parts that were ordered aren't present, turns out the first guy took the new parts with him. According to the second tech, he could restore power but with the removal of the new parts, the computer wasn't going to boot up. He phones his bosses in front of my wife on speaker to inform them of this, they make apologies and assurances that the computer would most likely need to be replaced at this point; and this tech states that when the new desktop arrives give him a call so that he can download all of our information from the old desktop onto the new one. A week and a half later, I get an email from this company asking me how much I paid for the desktop and when, I responded; days later I get another email asking me to email them a copy of the original invoice, I comply. Another week passes, then I get an email from this company that states that they're sending me a "E-card" with half the price of my computer on it and that's it. I'm furious now, that happened toward the end of October; after calling this company and getting the runaround, I discovered that the company contracts outside techs to repair their products that are under warrantee from them. Time to get a supervisor involved, tough luck, they give me a "team leader". She's arrogant and determined to tell me to settle for the 300+ dollars and that's all they're responsible for, she even gives me a goading "in your face" call the next morning to drive home the point. I call Amazon to inform them of all this and the representative was astonished enough to inform me that he'd be filing a formal customer complaint with this service....that was two weeks ago, and I still have no working $650 Dell desktop computer. Good luck to anyone using this warranty company.
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on September 14, 2013
No need to get this product. It's an extra warranty which in most cases it would take an act of congress before they would even come out to fix or repair the product. I refunded the purchase of this warranty, few days after I knew the manufacturer warranty will cover the same thing if not better. However, if I am buying a big ticket item that cost anywhere between $1500 to $5000. I will consider it. FYI, they are not affiliated with Amazon. Essentially, they really don;t have any major repetition to lose.
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on January 3, 2014
This plan was an automatic recommendation and my concentration was centered around the computer I was trying to buy; therefore, I overlooked that the plan is not sufficient to cover the product I purchased. My computer cost $527.88 w/tax, so I was unable to register the warranty plan. When I tried, I was informed by the site that my cost exceeds the warranty coverage. Total waste of money.
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on August 3, 2015
I bought a samsung Computer from amazon along with the "Smart Guard" protection plan. after a little more than a year of usage of this desktop the wireless key board started to use all the batteries very heavily (they would dry out in 3 days).
When I called Smart guard to place a claim they told me that wireless mouses and keyboards were accesories and that they are nor covered!!!
I never bought an accesory from Amazon and the computer came in its original package with the wireless mouse and keyboard. why are they calling them "accesories if they came with the original package and they were not sold separately?
Amazon and Samrt Guard need to tell their cutomers in advance before they sell this "Protection plan"
review image
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on January 4, 2014
i bought this at the same time i bought my pc and have never heard from them. was supposed to get it on December 11. i sent them an email and never heard from them. i checked them out on bing after i bought it and saw they were scammers that rip people off. should have checked it out before i bought it. i guess it taught me to check it out first. dont waste your time and money.
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VINE VOICEon August 24, 2013
I cannot say how well the coverage works because I ended up returning it. But that's where the "beware" comes in. If you are buying this plan for a business or for business work, you need to check with the smart guard people. The business where I work ordered a computer, programs and the smart guard plan using my account and when I contacted the smart guard people about something and mentioned that, they informed me that smart guard doesn't provide protection plans for business computers, only individuals' computers. They insisted that I initiate a return request and they refunded my money. So, you need to check before you buy if you're buying it for business, because you might not be covered.
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on August 21, 2016
OMG, do NOT waste your money on this crap! If I could give negative stars, I would! So the factory refurbished laptop that I bought on April 29th died (blue screen upon powerup; the harddrive has obviously fizzled) on August 1. I went online to make a claim and figured out I was supposed to register for this plan when I got the email about it back in May. I realized this was my fault, so I didn't freak out; I just went ahead and registered. 24 hours later, and my protection plan wasn't appearing in my new online account so I called customer service.

The first person I spoke to was no help. She told me that my computer was protected by a manufacturer's warranty for a year. And as long as I was covered by that, Smart Guard couldn't do anything. I thought that was erroneous and outrageous so I asked her repeatedly if the manufacturer gave a year warranty for refurbished machines (which of course they do not; it's a 90 day warranty, which I was just outside of). Furthermore, I asked why was I paying for 4 years of protection if I would in fact only be getting 3? She couldn't answer that and told me to call the manufacturer who of course told me they could look at my computer, but it was going to cost me. In hindsight, I should have just sent it to the manufacturer; maybe I'd have a worker PC right now.

So I called Smart Guard back and spoke to another woman who told me it would take 2-3 business days to my protection plan registration to be visible in "the system" (don't you just hate that pesky system?), and until it was visible, I couldn't file a claim. She also said I would get an email once my registration was visible and ready for claims. That was on August 2. It is now August 21, and I still haven't gotten any more emails from Smart Guard.

On August 15, I went online to see in my protection plan registration was set and ready for claims, and of course it was not. So I called Smart guard for the 3rd time. This time, they were so busy, they weren't even taking calls on their 24/7 customers line. I had to leave a message. This was around 10 PM on a Monday. Someone called me back at 11:59 PM. She said she didn't know why my registration wasn't showing up, but she would "enter a manual claim" and once that was processed, my registration, claim, and everything would appear on my online account. She also said I would need to ship my computer to them for repairs and that they would email me shipping labels. Well, it has been 4 business days (6 days total), and no shipping labels. So today I called, and spoke to a man who told me there was no claim in "the system," and for the issue I have, I need to call techincal support, which is only open M-F, 8A - 5P central time, WHEN EVERYONE WITH A JOB IS WORKING!!! Of course tech support is going to want me to be in front of my HOME computer when I talk to them; unfortunately, they're only open when I'm AT WORK.

So basically, my computer has been out of commission for almost a month now, and there is still no resolution in sight thanks to the idiots at Smart Guard. Keep your money. If something goes wrong with your item, you'll save yourself time and aggravation just taking it to a local repair center.
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on March 10, 2015
This is a big waste of time and money. As I write this, it's going on 7 days and the desktop under warranty is still dead, despite making over 10 calls to 5 different "departments," each time receiving assurances of call backs and service that never happens (I was on hold for an hour and a half in one call!). I feel like I'm in the 9th circle of hell. To summarize: has NOT saved me money; has NOT saved me time; web-based support options NOT available; claims processing is ridiculously disorganized and broken; NO 24/7 service, because someone answering the phone to say they can't help you isn't actually service; it's the opposite of fast, convenient, quality and every other adjective in their ad. Peace of mind, please!
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