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on August 1, 2014
These are great for the garage as well. Originally I was all worried about getting the 2 parts to line up correctly without interfering with the movement of the garage, but to my pleasant surprise I learned that you don't need the smaller magnetic part at all. The bigger piece has a motion sensor in it and knows if the garage is open simply by knowing whether or not it is upright or tilted! You can use the provided sticky tape (very high quality) and simply attach it to the back of one of the panels of your garage door. Brilliant.
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on November 6, 2014
Fantastic sensor. I have 3 of them. 1 in my safe. 1 in the washing machine agitator and 1 on the outside of a patio door that is enclosed by screens. I started with ordering 2 sensors and ordered an extra due to the versatility. These give real, accurate measurements of the temp, movement, and contact open or close. The safe is a suitcase and if it even moves then the whole house lights and sirens are set off. The patio door outside gives me the porch temp and alerts me to my roommate using the door or accidentally leaving it open. The washing machine sensor determines when my old stack washer stops movement and flashes two Hues lights to notify me when it is finished or when it is time to add softener and what the water temp is in case I'm curious (I love this. I used to have to pace around the machine waiting for the rinse cycle). Quality construction and nice clean setup.
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on February 4, 2014
(I got mine via the Kickstarter campaign)

Pairs quickly and painlessly with a SmartThings hub. Does exactly what it says on the label; 5 stars.

Note that this is a ZigBee (possibly ZigBee HA) device and will not work with Z-wave hubs.

Right now I have it set up to monitor my front door - vibration (knocking) and contact (front door opened) - temperature is nice, but I haven't come up with a good way to use it. Vibration isn't quite sensitive enough for knocking; it does detect, for example, my washing machine when it's placed on it.

It uses AAAA batteries (not AAA!) - as a result, it's a bit smaller than similar devices. This made it a bit of a challenge to mount - the magnets are QUITE strong - but the passive (thin) side was thin enough to be mounted on both the bottom and one side. The contact closed range is around 5mm if you (like me) need a little air-gap.
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on March 4, 2014
I have had this system in operation for about 3 weeks. It includes 2 of these Multi-sensors; one on an interior door, the other on a door leading into a carport. Both switches are within 50 feet of the hub.

* Pairing with the hub was simple, took about 15 seconds
* Responds quickly: Android app changes state within 2-3 seconds
* Battery life seems like it will be acceptable (I estimate 9-12 months)
* Max distance from magnet to sensor is slightly under 1/2 inch

* Mounting these components to a door was not straightforward due to the shape of my door frame molding (older style with many curves and surfaces). On the interior door, I was able to mount the switch on the flat surface on the outside of the door. But for the exterior door, this was not feasible.
* the double-back mounting tape included is VERY thin, and did not hold very well. Had to purchase 3M tape to get it to work.
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on February 3, 2015
Used on a front door in combination with the SmartThings Door Knock app. If the door does not open with in 10 seconds of detecting a door knock, my wife and I receive a push notification that someone knocked on the front door.
review image review image
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on July 19, 2015
We placed the Smart Sense Multi Sensor on the front door of our apartment to track and alert us anytime the front door is opened/closed. The need arose as we were concerned that someone was accessing our home without our knowledge. I am a home automation fanatic and through the use of IFTTT and Smart Things I now receive an email, text message and phone call alerting me the front door has been opened anytime its opened, day or night, no matter where I am. This comes in use when you live in an apartment as your home security options are very limited. When I receive an alert (through the IFTTT partner there are a lot of alert options to choose from) I can log into our camera to view the activity. It is also helpful to keep track of someones time in and out of your house, for example if you wanted to know how long your dog sitter is at your house while your on vacation, you can access the sensors log from anywhere in the world to know when the door was opened and closed. Want to know if someone left the house on time, just look at the log to see when the door was opened last. It is also nice as I can be inside our home and be alerted immediately if the door were to open. The Smart Sense Multi Sensor is a great addition to our Smart Things hub.
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on March 4, 2014
Got two of these. They're pretty design-wise, paired fast with my smartthings network, accurate, but..

I had the same problems as another reviewer mounting them on my doors because of the moulding. Included scotch-tape was insufficient. Ended up replacing this with bigger piece of double-sided tape. Note: this would have been an issue with most competitors. You can probably open the big battery compartment, drill a hole, and mount it with a screw.

However... there is a BIG problem with these: limited range.

These sensors are *not* Z-Wave (900MHz) but Zigbee (2400MHz) devices. Zigbee devices all suffer from limited range, due to the higher frequency, and/or because more devices operate on this frequency (e.g. your phones or wifi) which cause interference.

The leaflet in the box states specifically: "SmartSense Multi works best if it's within 15 feet (4.5m) of the SmartThings Hub when you connect it. I realized this too late and had to remove one sensor mounted on my front door, which turned out to be out of range. Replacing it with a Z-Wave-based sensor as recommended by SmartThings support.

Like the other reviewer I only use these to detect open doors. The temperature is an added benefit but as long as all the sensors are inside the house for obvious reasons, the temperature will vary very little.

UPDATE: As per Ryan's (ST support) comment below, the 15ft is only required AT THE TIME OF INITIAL PAIRING. I have since verified that the max. distance is much more than 15ft, but... I never made it all the way to my front door, hence the 4 stars. The solution to my problem seems to be to install additional Zigbee A/C-powered devices that also function as repeaters, which allow you to benefit from the mesh network nature of Zigbee (and Z-Wave) and extend the range/coverage. I haven't done so yet, but will update this review when I do.
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on November 8, 2014
A wonderful multipurpose sensor!

First off, I would like to start off by saying the pairing with the SmartThings Hub was very simple, it was recognized and named and completely added to my setup within' 30 seconds.

This is my first of (many to come) this type of sensor and after about a month of use I can say I am very happy with my purchase!

I currently use my sensor as a means to notify me when my mail has arrived. The sensor is located a good 20 feet or so away from the hub and has had ZERO connectivity issues.

The only functions of the device that I currently use are the vibration sensor and the temperature sensor.

I only use the base, which is placed inside of my mailbox, and whenever the mailbox is touched (literally! it is very sensitive, and good in that respect -- somebody simply opening my mailbox triggers it) I have my SmartThings system to sent a push notification, and have it set up to change the color of a Phillips Hue bulb.

The only issue (which I wouldn't even call an issue as it is my own fault) that I have had is that it is so sensitive, that my car that is parked right near the mailbox (and is supercharged with a VERY loud, deep, throaty exhausted) triggers the motion sensor sometimes when I use my remote start (or if I'm in the car and turn it on I suppose, however generally use the remote start so the car can warm up for 2 minutes before I go anywhere) to turn the car on the initial "vroom" of the deep/throaty exhaust triggers the mailbox sensor.
**I only add this because I would like to stress that the vibration sensor (by default, I'm not sure if there is a way to adjust the sensitivity by creating your own app -- it's not an option in any of the SmartApps I have seen however) is very sensitive.
***In most cases this is good, for example if you want to know when somebody knocks on your door this would most likely trigger the device; however I would just like people to be aware that depending on what they are using it for the vibration sensor could be TOO sensitive!

The first few days that I had the device, I tested it out as an OPEN/CLOSE sensor, and it worked perfectly, turning on lights throughout the house when I opened the door. (I have sense moved it to the mailbox and now use a simple door/window open/close sensor for that purpose).

The temperature reading seems to be pretty accurate (I have to keep in mind that it is INSIDE of my mailbox, which can skew somethings, however the readings are fairly accurate and I really like the color coding system they use with the temperature sensors.

Overall I have found this to be a wonderful addition to my Smart House and will update this if anything changes and/or stops working. The only CON I can think of as of now would have to be:

*Price (it is a little pricey compared to other smart home items, but with all the things it is capable of I believe it is still well worth the price)

This is a wonderful multipurpose sensor that I plan to purchase multiple more of these for a wide array of purposes throughout my home.
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on December 25, 2014
Works perfectly! I'm using this as the sensor for my Garage Door to determine if it is open or closed per the instructions found here:

So far it has worked flawlessly!
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on June 8, 2014
I am using this with my SmartThings system. Was an easy install, battery life is amazing and it never has any hiccups. Even has very good adhesive strips to mount to the door. The two pieces need to be close but not super close together to work so don't be discouraged if your door leaves a little gap like mine does.
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