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on March 12, 2008
I love the flashlight. It's really bright and I'm getting good battery life. So far I haven't had too much trouble getting the white light to come on when I push the button for white light, but the red light button doesn't work most of the time (you can see in the photo that there are two buttons, the one closest to the light is the white light button and the one under that is for the red light). The flash light is about the size of my small mag lights, in length, but considerably wider. It feels good and solid. I'd love the flashlight if the switches weren't so difficult to use. I push them in, but nothing happens, no light. I have to keep pushing until I get it just exactly right, which is fine when I'm not panicked or in a hurry.
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WOW, when the manufacture learned about the problems I've been having with the switches on this (otherwise) beautiful flashlight, they told me; the LED lights are warranted for life, as are the switches. They offered to send me a brand new flashlight, no charge, no questions. Now talk about service!!!
When a company is willing to go to such lengths to stand behind their product, then I say it's money well spent. How can you go wrong?

I've also read some reviews that the light isn't very bright. I think this flash light is quite bright, though not as bright as some. This is a lot more comfortable to carry around and hold than most of my other flashlights, because it is more solid feeling and has the tectured grip. The case comes with a place to store an extra set of batteries, which I've not seen on any other flashlight. A nice feature, especially if you want to carry this in a car or emergancy kit.

I GOT MY NEW FLASH LIGHT!!! The switches work perfectly.
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on November 13, 2013
Bought this January of 2012 so coming up on 2 years old. Selected partly because of price, partly because of brand name and partly because of additional red led feature. Thought it would come in handy for preserving night vision when changing camera settings.
At first glance this is a fairly decent light. Seems solidly constructed. I think most of the reviews must be posted right after receiving the light because after using it for awhile you find out it's not as great as you first thought. For me the buttons are backwards. The one that I just naturally press first is for the red leds and that's almost never the one I really want. The white leds seem to be quite bright but with no way to focus the beam and the nasty plastic (vinyl?) lens the brightness just doesn't seem to do you all that much good out in the real world. The lens is actually quite nasty - it shows marks from some of the leds and it is slightly deformed now from heat. Also worth noting that Smith & Wesson don't make any claims on their site for the brightness of this light not even mentioning lumens. There is also no mention of a warranty!
The worst part of this light, however, is the battery holder. Far and away the worst design ever In case it isn't clear from the product description this light takes 3 AAA cells inserted in a "cartridge" which is then inserted in the barrel of the flashlight. Heaven help you if a battery leaks as you will then struggle mightily to get this cylinder out of the flashlight. If you need to do it anywhere but at home with bright light and a fully equipped tool box forget it you are screwed.
I used only brand-name batteries and they did not sit for years in the flashlight.I used the light within the last week and the output seemed normal. Tried to use it today and there was no white light. Went to change the batteries and discovered that the battery cylinder was stuck tight inside the flashlight. Took a bit of a struggle and some ingenuity to pull it from the body of the flashlight and then the cleanup began.
Once again these were brand-name batteries from a highly regarded manufacturer and had not been in the light all that long - certainly a year at the absolute most and probably less than that. Horrible design and not something that you would be able to fix in the field when you need the flashlight.
Price was a factor in my purchase. Wanted something a bit better than the led lights you buy in the auto parts store but without spending as much as my Inova or other high-priced lights. Unfortunately I'm ending up feeling like this wasn't a good value as it was not usable long term. Disappointed in the Smith & Wesson brand name.
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on November 17, 2015
I use this flashlight for aviation and could not have designed a better flashlight myself. The quality is top notch. The ability to use red or white light (which is why I bought it) is executed perfectly separate buttons for each. The separate buttons allow you to not accidentally ruin your night vision at a crucial point. The white light is bright and the red is just right for night ops. The fact that it takes AAA batteries is a great money saver and I noticed no decrease in performance. It comes with a nylon holster of high-quality that even has an outside pocket to hold three back up batteries. This product is incredibly well thought out and phenomenal quality. As someone who also owns some Smith & Wesson firearms I can honestly say that the build quality philosophy has carried over to this branded item. If you are in aviation this is your flashlight, it's also great if you need to look for something in your car at night or in your bedroom on your nightstand. The red light is incredibly useful.
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on December 6, 2013
The flashlight is very sturdy with a nice hand grip towards the bottom. It has a decent weight to it and you can tell that it's made of heavy duty metal. The light distance is awesome and not dull at all. My only PROBLEM with this flashlight are the 2 light switch buttons. In order to turn on the lights or switch colors between white, red or mixture of both colors I have to push and hold down the switch buttons. Now keep in mind that this does become very annoying when holding the flashlight and trying to keep your finger pressed down on the light button. Once I let go of the light button the light shuts off. This once again happens to both the white light button and the red light button. This is why I'm only giving it a one star because it does become rather difficult to keep holding down the light button while holding the flashlight. The flashlight is well made with the exception of the problems with the light switch buttons.
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on June 25, 2016
I purchased this flashlight to go along with a new set of duty gear. I wasn't expecting a whole lot from this flashlight, based on price, but expected a little bit more from it due to the name. Overall, the flashlight is what you pay for. It isn't very bright at all, doesn't have a very long throw, but has a relatively decent area throw. The flashlight feels quite solid, as much as I expected from an S&W product. However, the two buttons are on separate parts of the barrel. One of the buttons is on the business end, which tended to rotate on me, even when not in use. This ended up causing the wires controlling the red lights to sever. They were able to be fixed by properly aligning the barrels, but still proved a slight nuisance.

Overall, I was pleased with this flashlight. It has since been replaced by a Nitecore. I would definitely not recommend this torch for any law enforcement uses, but would certainly recommend it for home/light camping use.
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on September 20, 2015
I purchased this for work, the brightness compared to my SOG which needed replacing leaves much to be desired. The area the beam illuminates is pretty narrow and darkens quickly away from the center. It has 2 beams, white and red which is a nice feature. The red light is great for moving around in the dark without blinding everyone around you. To switch between red/white you just click the large easy to locate button for each. You can turn them both on at the same time but idk why you'd want to do that. It is heavy, which isn't a problem for me but if you're traveling light you may want to opt for a lighter option. You can also wear it on your belt with the included holster so you don't really notice the weight. The battery life is solid, I've been using it sporadically 5 nights a week for about 2 months now and I haven't had to change the batteries out, nor have I noticed any significant dimming of the light. If you just need to move around in the dark and not illuminate a huge swath of land this flashlight will do. Solid flashlight just as the 3 stars indicate, "It's Okay".
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on March 6, 2017
This is a great flashlight for star watching. I purchased this flashlight specifically to attend local star parties that require all participants to use only red lights to preserve night vision. The dual nature of this flashlight is helpful because I'm able to use the brighter white light while walking to and from my car, and the red light when I get close to the telescope area.
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on April 23, 2017
have bought three of these. one had its blue light fail but that got relegated to where we don't need the blue light.
actually, we never needed the blue light. just a recent experience. went through the laundry wash cycle, went through two
dryer cycles. came out perfect. love the device.
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on November 1, 2015
I needed a small-ish flashlight to light my way around very dark, unlit areas at night. This fits the bill quite well. Though it is a bit larger than expected, it still came with a case that attaches to a belt, and isn't too obtrusive. As other reviewers mentioned, the case has a spot for spare batteries (3x AAA), which is a nifty feature.

Speaking of batteries, the included ones are Energizer. I appreciate Smith and Wesson for including quality, rather than cheap, batteries.

The white light beam strikes a good balance between focus/distance and lighted area. It doesn't throw the beam great distances (begins illuminating objects from about 40-50 yards away, and they begin to become clearly visible within another 10 yards at most), but it's sufficient for me, and brightly lights up a swath a few feet wide just a few feet ahead. Lighting is consistent within this swath.

The red light was a feature I sought, due to my military involvement and the potential need for tactical lighting. Again, the beam is sufficient for my use. Though it only uses 3 LED's, the red beam is brighter than a 4-LED headlamp that uses a separate red filter.

Overall, I'm satisfied, and recommend this product!
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on September 1, 2016
Average build quality. (Not bad, but I expected better from something branded with S&W.) Both white and red lights are wide beam lights. Even the red light is pretty bright. It's a little too bright for stargazing. But I like that the red and white lights have separate switches, so you can switch on the red light without having to cycle through the white light. I use this for night flying, and while the red is a little brighter than I would like, the white light is so bright, it's great for preflight checks. Since I use my tablet for navigation, anyway, the brightness red is an acceptable compromise for me, since I don't have to carry a separate red flashlight. Also, it uses three batteries, in a side-by-side configuration, so this is not a svelte, skinny flashlight.
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