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on January 7, 2015
As a kid (more years ago than I care to admit) I played with the Phillips electronics set; it came with multiple values of resistors, capacitors, inductors, a few transistors, switches, and wires, instructions to make about 30 different circuits and a booklet which explained how and why things worked. That set has been off-the-market for ages, so reading that this set allows a child to build 100 circuits made me curious. I bought it for my kids and after opening the box had to realize that it is just advertising hoopla.
Your reaction to this set will depend on what you expect. If you are pleasantly surprised at connecting a few terminals and having something that works, this is the toy for your child. If you hope it will teach at least elementary electronics, you (like me) will be disappointed
I will list first the positives:
1) my 9-years-old child took to it like fire to straw; in the first 24 hours since opening the box (including one full day of school) he has blazed without help through about 2/3 of the projects, and shows no sign of getting bored. The 6 years old one, instead, shows no interest.
2) all components worked
3) the molded-plastic box liner helps keep the pieces neatly organized and identify what might have been dropped on the floor and risks being forgotten at the end of the play session.
And for the negatives:
1) There are maybe 15 basic circuits here, and multiple variations on each one. Example: a circuit will allow you to turn on a light by clapping your hands, and another circuit will allow you to start a siren by clapping your hands. The manufacturer counts those as two different circuits, even though the only (minuscule difference) is using as output the light bulb vs. the speaker component. Do not expect anywhere near the level of fun that "over 100 exciting projects" could provide.
2) Most of the elements provided are (really) just a glorified piece of copper wire of various lengths. There is two IC, a couple switches, an input and output unit each for sound and light, a DC motor, a battery holder; the rest could be replaced with unbent paperclips, and nobody would be the wiser. For over $20 I would have hoped to get more than a couple dollars' worth of components.
3) The instructions are erector-set-like: you are vaguely told what the circuit is supposed to do and given a picture representation of what it should look like. There is no discussion/explanation of why it should work as planned, or what each component does. The one control IC is provided in a sealed opaque box with unlabeled terminals and no description of what other circuitry might be embedded inside the plastic case.
4) The microphone is extremely insensitive. On circuits which are triggered by sound you get better/faster/repeatible response by hitting the IC component that by making noise near the sensor (microphone).

Summary: out-of-the box this seems a construction set (think Lego City) with electricity. If left alone with the toy a child will learn how to connect the pieces and follow instructions, and little more. A child left with the toy will not understand electricity and electronic any better than a child without the toy unless he/she has also access to a DMM or (preferably) an oscilloscope and a relative showing what happens to the voltages and waveforms when different terminals are connected on the ICs .

I would definitely recommend this toy before a playstation, but want to believe there are better products out there.
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on December 10, 2013
This looks like it will be wonderful present for a parent and child! It will allow a parent to oversee simple experiments that just might spark some real creativity in the future of that child's life! I am now 65 YOA, and I began my personal involvement with electircal, electronics, and mechanical things through a kit not at all unlike this one. That kit allowed me to complete and build electronic circuits like this kit does. It can make all the difference in a childs life, and all of their long term life, and understanding of just "how things seem to work" in the world. Knowing how to "do things" is a wonderful gift to give a child. It could be better, a bit larger, and have more good choices, but it seems to be a good kit for the money. I will have to wait and see how my grandson likes it. :-)
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on March 18, 2017
Bought this for 7 yr. old grandson for his birthday. He loved it!
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This was a little risky gift for my 6.5yr old granddaughter. I was not sure she would like it BUT after the first project she wanted to do them all...on Christmas morning instead of playing/looking at her other gifts. This is a very cleaver introduction to simple circuits. Looking forward to getting a more advanced Snap Circuits for next year.
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on May 16, 2016
LOVE these sets! My kids have enjoyed these sets and now it is when I buy for Birthday presents. Love the hands on, thinking, building, proud look when they flip the switch. Number one toy played with in our home by my kids and kids that visit. They even turn their backs on the TV!!!
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on July 14, 2017
My daughter loves science and looking into how things work so when I saw this I had to get it for her. It is so fun!! I comes with an instruction booklet with different things to do. They start out easy like making a light flash using currents but as they progress they get more difficult (still easy to do) but take more time to set up which my daughter loves. In the end it's a nice activity for kids to do especially during the summer when it's to hot outside. Would recommend!!
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on January 5, 2014
I got this for my 4 year son for X-mas. I know that seems really young but is a pretty smart kid (Don't all parents believe that?) We have a great time building all the different circuits. The book is very clear and well laid out. He has learned a lot about electricity and electrical circuits. There is nothing like learning by doing-it beats a book hands down every time. It even has a racing game! I use a multimeter on it to take the learning and fun to the next level. We use re-chargable batteries (these put out about 2.4V/pair vs the usual 3.0V/pair with alkaline), but we have not run into any issues with any of the circuits due to the lower voltage. It is really important to supervise your kids when playing with this as it does involve electricity and batteries that can be shorted out and damaged if short circuits are accidentally made. Play it extra safe and have your child wear eye protection while using this toy (is says this in the manual). Lotsa, lotsa fun! Highly recommended.
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on April 1, 2017
I love this. Highly recommend. Directions are great and product is well made.

We use it with our four year old. Obviously at four he doesn't understand it conceptually, but it's still a great way to challenge his attention span. It also allow him to see that things don't "just work." This has prompted him to be more interested in the workings of ordinary things he uses. Well done.
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on August 24, 2013
I bought this as a gift for a 6 year old. So a bit under the recommended age. She was a bit intimidated to do it on her own, but she thought it was pure magic when we sat down to do it with her. The pieces all snapped together well, you just need a bit of a firm touch with some of them. She didn't understand all of the concepts, but hopefully with time she will understand it better. She loved the light sensor paired with the alarm. She put it in the fridge, so it would go off everytime you opened the door. It is a very sturdy kit, and I think it will last for awhile, if not forever. I would recommend the Snap Circuits regular though, because there are no expansions for this kit I could find. The regular kit seems to let you grow with it more. I think for a science orriented child this makes a great gift that will keep them entertained for awhile. But even my not science orriented 6 year old, we had several hours of fun making the different "experiments". I wish it came with better explanations for electricity and current, so a child could learn about it on their own. But I didn't mind sitting down and explaining how it worked.
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on July 5, 2017
My kids weren't originally interested in this kit, but one day they opened this up, and started playing on their own. They had a blast going through the circuits in the book provided, and then afterwards started testing and creating their own circuits. It was a good buy and they actually wanted more sets after this one. It's probably our most used activity/toy. It's very sturdy, the pieces are thick plastic and not easy to break.
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