Customer Reviews: Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit
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on April 30, 2003
The best point in favour of this product is that it is lego style toy that does not intimidate a child with intricate electronic components. My 6-1/2 year old daughter started playing with it and was very excited to have completed her first project to light a bulb with a switch. Theories of electricity followed naturally when initially the bulb did not lightup. I showed her the shiny metal strip beneath the connectors and explained conductivity a little.
Another major advantage is that there are mostly no wires, and the components are hidden from view, giving it a very un-complicated look that a child can easily comprehend. This difference makes possible for my daughter to actually play with it.
The only problem seems to be the quality of plastic used. It looks as if it might break if a component was bent while snapping in. Still, I highly recommend this product.
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on June 6, 2011
We bought this toy, and at the beginning my children did not play with it , it was kind of "complicated", different from traditional toys, many pieces, etc... It was mysterious. One rainy day I started playing with it myself, grabbed the manual and suddenly all of my children wanted to play, it wasn't complicated at all y was super interesting and fun. All you need to do is do a couple of projects with them, so they can learn how to use it. We don't call the pieces by its name yet, but it will be my next step, to explain each part, what is it for, why is important, so they can learn. Since that day I always buy it as a birthday gift for the 5 years old children that have play with us while at my house and up. I'II recommend to use it with an adult to help them so it will be more fun for all. We have made the radio, the alarm, the water activated alarm, etc...
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This is the ideal kit to get your child on the road to understanding electricity. Everything just snaps together like building blocks, and there's no need for screwdrivers, soldering irons, electrical tape or testers.

The instruction manual is easy to read, and includes diagrams for 101 projects. With a little help for the first few, a child can easily work their way through the book with minimal adult supervision.

The video shows a few of the projects - a switch circuit with light bulb, running a DC motor and fan, a Space War alarm combo, and a flying saucer. There's also a clip of a lamp and fan in series, showing that the fan takes a while to turn at full speed because of inertia.

There are also games, sirens, projects activated by clapping or light, and projects that introduce digital circuits. There are three kits that are more advanced, but you can also get upgrade kits to take each to the next level.

If you're looking for an educational toy that your child will really enjoy, I recommend you put this one on your list.

Amanda Richards, December 30, 2007
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on January 7, 2015
As a kid (more years ago than I care to admit) I played with the Phillips electronics set; it came with multiple values of resistors, capacitors, inductors, a few transistors, switches, and wires, instructions to make about 30 different circuits and a booklet which explained how and why things worked. That set has been off-the-market for ages, so reading that this set allows a child to build 100 circuits made me curious. I bought it for my kids and after opening the box had to realize that it is just advertising hoopla.
Your reaction to this set will depend on what you expect. If you are pleasantly surprised at connecting a few terminals and having something that works, this is the toy for your child. If you hope it will teach at least elementary electronics, you (like me) will be disappointed
I will list first the positives:
1) my 9-years-old child took to it like fire to straw; in the first 24 hours since opening the box (including one full day of school) he has blazed without help through about 2/3 of the projects, and shows no sign of getting bored. The 6 years old one, instead, shows no interest.
2) all components worked
3) the molded-plastic box liner helps keep the pieces neatly organized and identify what might have been dropped on the floor and risks being forgotten at the end of the play session.
And for the negatives:
1) There are maybe 15 basic circuits here, and multiple variations on each one. Example: a circuit will allow you to turn on a light by clapping your hands, and another circuit will allow you to start a siren by clapping your hands. The manufacturer counts those as two different circuits, even though the only (minuscule difference) is using as output the light bulb vs. the speaker component. Do not expect anywhere near the level of fun that "over 100 exciting projects" could provide.
2) Most of the elements provided are (really) just a glorified piece of copper wire of various lengths. There is two IC, a couple switches, an input and output unit each for sound and light, a DC motor, a battery holder; the rest could be replaced with unbent paperclips, and nobody would be the wiser. For over $20 I would have hoped to get more than a couple dollars' worth of components.
3) The instructions are erector-set-like: you are vaguely told what the circuit is supposed to do and given a picture representation of what it should look like. There is no discussion/explanation of why it should work as planned, or what each component does. The one control IC is provided in a sealed opaque box with unlabeled terminals and no description of what other circuitry might be embedded inside the plastic case.
4) The microphone is extremely insensitive. On circuits which are triggered by sound you get better/faster/repeatible response by hitting the IC component that by making noise near the sensor (microphone).

Summary: out-of-the box this seems a construction set (think Lego City) with electricity. If left alone with the toy a child will learn how to connect the pieces and follow instructions, and little more. A child left with the toy will not understand electricity and electronic any better than a child without the toy unless he/she has also access to a DMM or (preferably) an oscilloscope and a relative showing what happens to the voltages and waveforms when different terminals are connected on the ICs .

I would definitely recommend this toy before a playstation, but want to believe there are better products out there.
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on June 17, 2004
My son has a thousand motors working without this kit, I rarely can slow him down. I bought this and he loves it! He will sit and play with it. This kit stimulates his brain enough that he doesn't have to run around, tearing down the house, chipping the walls, screaching, teasing and peeling paint. Anyone with ADHD kids out there know what I mean? Gotta have something like this, for kids like these!!!
It doesn't contain a huge amount of pieces like a box of blocks and after a few tries with adult help, I would say an eight year old can do this alone. It isn't dangerous. There are a couple of parts that can be torn easily by rough kids but a lot of stuff can still be made any way.
Make lazer sounds, sirens, make songs come out, or fans, a ufo spin off toy (launches in the air),several types of games to play, a doorbell, a couple of computer part thingies, other light blinkie things, even stuff your kid can only dream up. Has lots of noisy sounds that will drive you nuts so send the kid somewhere else. LOL.
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on February 25, 2007
My son got this for his 5th birthday. It took him a day to figure out how to follow the diagrams. Within 3 days he was creating his own circuts. I heard him teaching his 4 year old brother all about electricity. He said. "No John don't lay that across the battery it will short circuit. and, "The circuit has to make a complete circle from battery to battery for the electricity to flow through it." Never put water anywhere near anything electric." etc...... He just started Kindergarten. I know they are not learning about elctricity yet, so he had to of learned all of this from this toy. I was impressed. He is impresssed with himself. He's taking it into school for show and tell so he can show his teachers what he can do. This product is completely safe too. Think of it like legos with electrical parts. They will not get a shock. Just don't give it to a kid that will swallow the pieces.

I buy the snap circuit sc-100 for his classmates when he is in invited to their birthday parties too. What a great gift!
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on November 13, 2006
I bought this for my 9-year old grandson's birthday. He loved it and in fact, did not play with his Game Cube or computer for days on end because he wanted to play with this. I highly recommend!
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on July 5, 2013
I purchased this along with the Elenco Snap Circuits SC-750R Student Training Program. The SC-750R is for a nephew of mine that I home-school. This product (the SC-100) is for his little brother who will be going into the first grade next school year (Fall 2013).

I knew that the little one would be jealous of his older brother when he would see the larger box for the SC-750R, so I got him this one so that he & I could work some of the projects together as well.

Now, the project book and all of the pieces come with the SC-750R; however, I wanted to be sure that the two had their separate sets of equipment and not fight over who wants to do what.

So far, we have only unboxed the SC-100...we have not yet put any projects together. We will be doing that tomorrow, however he is already chomping at the bit to do something with it. As we assemble the projects I will be adding pictures and/or video of what he's doing and updating this review. I do have one thing to say, though: as I had mentioned in my review for the SC-750R, the SC-100 does feel like it can not take much abuse since it is mostly plastic. But, once again, we have not put together any projects yet.


The next day - so we ripped through doing about 6 or 8 of the projects. He loved it. I've added a video of him doing the second project. Now remember, this is a 6-year-old putting this circuit together.

In regards to my earlier comment of the durability or the Snap Circuits, I still think some care needs to be taken in handling them. When placing the pieces on the Base Grid (breadboard / circuit board equivalent), you should press on the nipples of the connectors and not on the center of the piece. I know this seems like "Common Sense" information, but when a child gets excited they don't tend to think of the little things like that; so keep giving them little (and nicely put) reminders to press on the ends of the pieces and not straight down on the middle.

(Btw, the video was taken with Apple iPad with Retina Display MD511LL/A (32GB, Wi-Fi, Black) NEWEST VERSION, but I had to downgrade the resolution due to having a size requirement of 100Mb for video reviews.)
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on October 26, 2006
Think of this as the Legos approach to wiring. We've bought two for two boys here (I'm trying to draw out the girl...) and are considering a trade-up for the boy who methodically did ALL of the experiments. I grew up with the little jumper wire and spring terminal kits which do not provide anywhere near as appealing and understandable a layout and were much harder to work with and troubleshoot. Contrariwise, is hard to improvise with the fixed shape of the components and connectors, but that's not really important for this age group. Pieces do of course get lost, but how much can you ask of the little darlings (don't flush them!!!).

One quibble, more a problem with the next larger kit: I think they cheat claiming the kit supports XXX [30-750] different projects. Many projects are subtle enough variations on what came before that they don't count for much.

I'm really very pleased with these kits -- high praise from toy-jaded me -- they are a genuine improvement in learning and, more importantly, *playing* with electronics.
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on February 23, 2015
I got this for my seven-year-old daughter for her birthday and didn't take it out of the box for almost a month because I have such bad memories of science projects. I assumed it was going to be difficult and complicated and I'd have to babysit her . . . but today I cleared out two hours to help her with it, and dang, it was easy and fun. We did the first five projects together and then she just kept going all on her own. I gave her a little bit of techno-talk about circuits and whatnot, but mostly she just wants to play.
The pieces seem pretty sturdy so as long as we store it carefully, I'm hoping it'll last for a long time. There is a lot of educational promise, but mostly, I just like to let her mess around with it.
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