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on July 8, 2015
Don't pay any attention to the negative reviews. This popcorn is very good quality. This company was started in 1940 and is one of the biggest popcorn company's still in business. I've read some of the comments of people claiming they found"rocks" or "dirt" in their popcorn which seems a little suspicious to me considering how big the company is and how long they've been in business. Idk, maybe it was a fluke? All I know is that my jar was factory sealed in a clean container and it was all kernels. As far as the people claiming it isn't good tasting? Well, maybe they got a bad batch because mine tastes awesome. What I can tell you is this. It usually comes down to how you make it, and If you follow my directions below, you will be able to make some of the best tasting popcorn you've ever had in your entire life. There is a technique to making great tasting popcorn and unless you do it correctly, you will be disappointed with the results. First off, forget about using an air popper. It will likely turn out chewy. The best way to make it is on the stove the old fashioned way. Now, If you don't already own a Whirley-pop, then go buy one because they're dirt cheap (no pun intended) and the best. Until then, get yourself a decent medium or large sized pot with a lid. Secondly, buy a jar of organic coconut oil as it's by far the best oil you can use for making popcorn. It's not only healthier for you, but also gives the popcorn a much better taste. Thirdly, order from Amazon a box of Gold Medal Flavacol popcorn salt, and if you wish to make movie style popcorn you can also buy "Snappy butter burst oil." And lastly, if you choose not to use the butter burst, you can substitute it with some non-salted real butter ( butter burst is better though). Now, you ready for this? Okay, first take three level tbsp of coconut oil and place it in the pot and set heat to the medium setting. While waiting for your oil to heat up, take the partial stick of butter (or butter burst) and heat it in a mug in the microwave till it's melted or warm and set it aside. By now your oil should be fully heated so go ahead and throw in a couple of kernels and wait till they pop. Once they pop, pour in 1/2 cup of Snappy kernels along with one level 1/2 tsp of the Flavacol. Leave the lid off for now (the less steam the better) and slowly slide the pot back and forth on the stove so the kernels don't sit (very important) and once you see the kernels start popping, quickly place the lid on the pot and hold lid 1" ajar so the majority of the steam can easily vent (also very important). While holding lid, continue shifting the pot slowly from side to side the entire time until you hear the popping slow to about one or two pops every couple seconds and immediately pull it off the stove and pour the popcorn into your bowl, but only pour it to the halfway mark. Now take the melted butter (or butter burst) and drizzle half of it over the first half of your popcorn. After that, pour the rest of the popcorn into the bowl and pour the second half on top of it. If you like, you can always sprinkle a little Flavacol onto your popcorn and toss it, but be careful not to over salt it as it will more easily stick to buttered popcorn. Now sit back relax and enjoy some popcorn that's sure to raise some eyebrows.
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on February 23, 2017
We have been buying this particular type of popcorn for years now to use in our Whirly Pop. It pops very well and doesn't leave any old maids behind unlike microwave popcorn. The popped corn in fluffy and easy to season and eat. We prefer the white corn over the yellow as it is easier on our digestive system.
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VINE VOICEon September 21, 2014
This popcorn has a very good taste, but the kernels are pretty small and they don't pop well in my Cuisinart CPM-100 EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker, Red -- some of the popcorn burns after it pops -- the kernels cannot seem to get past the unpopped kernels.

Of course, I can put much less in the popper -- but that takes away the fun of having a full serving -- about two cups -- all at once. So, if a cup of popped popcorn suits your needs, good on you and you may like this popcorn.

Bigger kernels work much better - I use White Cat Corn for example -- all of it is blown out of the popper.

Purdue University's website gives you a bit of information about kernel size: "No industry standards have been developed for kernel size determinations; but a commonly used measure is based on number of kernels in 10 grams and defines kernel size as follows: 52-67 = large, 68-75 = medium and 76-105 small." I just eyeball the kernels but for the scientifically minded ...

So, my recommendation: try this popcorn because the taste is good if not burned and lots of people like it. But, be aware, bigger kernels will more easily be blown out of air poppers, and you may be happier with them.

I sure am.

Robert C. Ross
September 2014
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on January 5, 2015
We've popped the Snappy White Popcorn Kernels several times now and we LOVE it. We usually use the two most popular brands of prepackaged microwave popcorn and my family & I are constantly digging hulls of our teeth. It tastes GREAT to us!! I pop it in Coconut Oil which enhances the flavor quite a bit! There are some kernels left after popping but we don't care ONE BIT!!! LOL! Again, we usually pop the prepackaged brands so we can hardly believe how wonderful the Snappy brand is.

I also purchased an AWESOME Nordic-Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper (EASY TO USE / great instructions on You Tube), Coconut Oil (a MUST!!), Flavacol Popcorn Seasoning & the Great Northern - Movie Theater Buttery Topping (taste & smells like our theater's topping) to bundle together for a Christmas gift for my entire family and WE ARE IN HEAVEN (:

FYI: You can also pop the kernels in a brown paper lunch bag. Instructions can be found on You Tube.
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on October 26, 2014
This popcorn pops up in very large kernels, but they are a bit tough for my taste. I use white popcorn because it is typically more tender than yellow. Black and red popcorn can also be very tender, but tend to have very small kernel size (I prefer red of the two, fewer un-popped, tender but slightly larger kernels, and the hulls seem to be thinner than the black).

The amount of popped versus un-popped kernels was about the same as most white popcorn, e.g. Orville Redenbacher. But I taste-tested those two extensively along with Bob's Red Mill, and prefer the Bob's Red Mill white. It was not quite as large as the Snappy in kernel size, about the same or slightly larger than the OR, but by far the most tender kernels. If size is your thing, go with Snappy; if you like tender popcorn, go with the BRM. The OR of course is easiest to pick up in almost any grocery store. All three are decent, but Bob's Red Mill is my prefered brand based on experience with all three. I use a dedicated 4 quart pot for popcorn, though I vary the oil among peanut oil, coconut oil, or bacon grease, depending on the flavor I'm going for.
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on April 4, 2014
This is terrible popcorn. The kernals are not plump, and no taste at all no matter how much salt I added. So disappointed. I love popcorn and wanted to give this a try after reading the reviews. Gave the popcorn away to a neighbor.UPDATE: I sent email to amazon about this popcorn, they sent out another one next day, we'll guess what! FIRST THERE WAS NO PLASTIC SEAL AROUND TOP, next once opened the cheap piece of cardboard covering was almost all the way off(that means no seal at all), than popped the corn same taste AWFUL! In addition once again no product date on container at all. How is this product getting even sold to the public? I threw it away AGAIN! It also doesn't pop good the kernels are very small and hard
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on March 12, 2014
Maybe I'm just not a connoisseur of popcorn, or maybe I've just been lucky so far with what I've bought of supermarket-brand popcorn. I didn't eat much popcorn for some years, but now that I've started again I'm using a Whirly-Pop (which I highly recommend). I get almost no "widows" with either of the brands I've tried, and they taste the same to me. Fortunately, what I'm saying is that they both taste good.

This company also seems to have problems sealing their container. Under the screw-on lid is a foil seal. The two units of these that I received had seals that were not quite attached to the rim of the jar, and the foil had glue on it, with kernels stuck in the glue. Not terribly appetizing. I discarded the top inch of product, hoping I was discarding any glue that might have gotten into the popcorn. Despite this problem with the foil seal and the glue, the popcorn tasted both fresh and good; and I haven't died yet from glue ingestion.
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on June 18, 2015
I was buying my first hot air popper in a really long time and saw reviewers say that the brand and type of popcorn really mattered and I saw this brand specifically mentioned as great. I agree!

Nice white fluffy flavorful kernels with almost all of them popping every time and none of the hulls that are left on the popped kernels of typical cheap yellow popcorn.

It seemed pricey when I was ordering it but after making my first bowl I realized it will go a really long way because all of the kernels pop and pop evenly without leftover hulls or the half popped kernels that you can't eat without breaking you teeth.

I will be ordering this exclusively as long as Amazon carries it!
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on October 16, 2013
Wow, this popcorn is too good to be true. We were struggling with the quality of big-brand popcorn for our $20 Presto air popper. Seems like every brand was either slightly overcooking, had a high hull density, didn't have the moisture content, or just didn't have the flavor. Based on the reviews, we decided to try Snappy White Popcorn for the first time (first time with Snappy and the first time with white kernels). Well the first batch told the whole story - this stuff is GREAT. It cooks perfectly in the Presto popper, it's very flavorful, and the hull density is low. We've run through about a pound of the four pound jug and every batch has been perfect. Oh, and finally, the top is airtight, so your raw popcorn won't dry out and lose the ability to properly pop.
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on April 12, 2015
2nd time purchasing this product. The first one purchased was a big hit in our household - hands down the best popcorn ever! Large, tender, fluffy pieces with an incredible flavor. We loved it and were very excited to find such great popcorn! So, operating under the assumption that the quality would remain consistent, we were looking forward to receiving the next order. I am sad to say, however, that this batch is considerably inferior to the first. Besides being small, the pieces are quite tough (inedible actually) and the flavor is very ordinary. About a third of the kernels do not pop, compared to the ones in the first order which all popped, leaving no "old maids". In addition, since the product is not returnable, we had no choice but to throw it out - very disappointing! I am angry to have wasted my money and I will not be re-ordering.
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