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on May 18, 2015
I have owned many tuners over the last 20 years. I am not a fan of iPhone app tuners. My old tuner is really bulky and I wanted something easier to see.

I reluctantly ordered this tuner because I am accustomed to paying $80-100 for a decent tuner, and I believed there was no way this tiny little tuner could accomplish anything. Boy, was I wrong!

When it arrived, I was shocked at the quality of the soft touch plastic and the brightness and crispness of the screen. My old tuner used little LED lights and they are fine but it was a huge tuner which didn't attach to my instrument.

I adjusted the clip and mount, and that's when I noticed the switch to tune via Vibration or Mic. This is an incredibly important feature if you play in a band or in orchestra where there are many external sounds happening. I bought this tuner to play my harp at home but I still prefer tuning via Vibration.

As I began tuning my harp, I realized just how great this tuner is because the screen was so easy to see. At around 1" I didn't think it would be easy to see, but the layout is everything. The various colors also contribute to this excellent little workhorse.

I didn't know it had a visual metronome when I bought it, but that doesn't do me much good because I prefer a classic audible metronome. It comes with a little pouch.

Overall, I am completely impressed with this beauty. No more Korg tuner with the pickup mic. No more hauling around one more piece of equipment.

Bottom line: absolutely 5 stars for being an excellent tuner, killer price, easy to use, easy to carry, no learning curve.
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on November 14, 2010
We've been only using it for two days, and so far so good. I cannot say anything about durability for now, but I'll update this review if it breaks.

One of my kids has been borrowing my trusty old BOSS TU-12 chromatic tuner forever for her violin, and I finally bought this for her.

There are many clip-on tuners, but I liked the following about this tuner:

1. LCD mimicing an analog needle so you know how much you're off (as opposed to just flat or sharp).

2. You can switch between vibration sensor and an internal mic. Most of the time you want to use vibration sensor anyway, but a mic sometimes comes in handy.

3. Can set different pitch than A=440.

4. Not expensive (was less than [...]$ including shipping).

Upon delivery I tried it on my guitars (both acoustic and electric) using vibration sensor before giving it to my kid, and was impressed.

It is quick to track the note even for low E. It's not picky about where on the peghead it is clipped on. No stress whatsoever, indeed it's just as quick and smooth as my BOSS. LCD is bright and clear, and needle-ish display works as expected.

It worked very well on violin too. And I saw kids singing to internal mic to check the pitch of their voices just for fun.

And a note about the looks. From the picture I expected it to be ugly, but actually it was not that bad. It's tiny and doesn't look like a Fisher-Price product.

First update, Nov 24 2010: I've tried it on an electric bass (4 string), and it worked equally well. Still 5 stars.
Second update, Oct 20 2011: It's still working happily for my daughter, and I bought a second unit for myself. Fantastic product.
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on October 13, 2011
I had used the original elongated IntellitouchIntellitouch PT20 Compact Classic Tuner and moved to the smaller Intelli IMT-500 Intelli IMT500 Clip-on Chromatic Digital Tuner for Stringswhich has been my go-to tuner. I purchased two Snark chromatics and found them to be more sensitive to vibration than the Intelli IMT-500.

The Snark chromatic has a week structural point where the long curved arm plugs into the clip base. Snark SN-2 All Instrument Clip-On Chromatic TunerI had the tuner on the headstock of my guitar in a gig bag. When the gig bag fell over I found the base had cracked. I don't think this would have happened to the IMT-500 which doesn't have the long arm. Super glue will not hold this type of break.

The second Snark stopped reading vibration but thanks to it's design it also reads audibly. Have yet to contact Snark but it should be warrantied.

If the base had not cracked and the second Snark continued to work in audio and vibration this tuner would have received 5 stars. This would not keep me from buying another--the price is right.

*** REVIEW Update 12/08/11--Snark replaced both units without question--excellent customer service!
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on April 30, 2012
I bought the Snark SN-2 tuner less than 6 months ago and I was very impressed with it for a while.

It worked great and with every instrument I tried it with (guitar, bass, violin...) The red color is actually kind of cool, and the only problem I had was with the display that can be very hard to see in a bright environment, such as in an open-air gig.

There's one MAJOR flaw though, and I find it strange that not many people here are not talking about it:

The "neck" of the tuner, that connects the clamp to the actual tuner is extremely thin and fragile.

You can't see it properly on the pictures there are up at Amazon. It's so fragile that the smallest bump or even the weight of the neck of the guitar when you lay it flat are enough to break it. It might take some time - mine lasted about 6 months - but I'm almost sure that the end of the line for most Snark tuners is a broken neck.

If you're thinking of buying it, I would suggest a different, sturdier tuner. If you already have one, take good care of it and don't leave it on the guitar if you're not using it or if it's inside a gig bag or case.
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on March 11, 2017
Great little Tuner for a tuba player.
I am often called to give a tuning note for Brass Band (tuning from the bottom up). I can clip this to either my lead pipe or to my bell (on vibration setting), and easily adjust it to be read. It is easy to read at a glance. I generally leave it in vibration mode to only pick up my tuba. I can leave it on the horn for the entire rehearsal and easily watch my pitch tendencies on certain "bad notes".

It responds well even when playing soft. It responds quickly to notes in the middle and upper range (vibration mode). It does not respond as quickly in lower registers, and around Ab under the staff it often stops responding. I can live with that limitation, though I do wish it responded lower. (If the manufacturer is reading this, how about a model with extended low range?)

It also has a "microphone" mode, so others can tune to it also, but I consider it a secondary use.

If I lost this, I would go buy another. It does things for me that my phone apps just can't.
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on May 28, 2016
I had bought a ukulele and needed a tuner and this one looked cool so I bought it. It clips on and fits perfectly to both my ukulele and guitar. I had never used a tuner like it so I didn't know if I was going to know how to use it. After turning it on and it was the easiest thing to figure out. You have to know what note the string is suppose to play then you play a string and it tells you what note its playing. If it only shows red the note is flat. When you get perfectly in the middle it'll show green and that means its tuned perfectly! If its in the yellow then it means its sharp.

The tuner has a switch you can switch it to microphone where it listens to the note you play and tells you or you can set it to the vibrations of the instrument and it tells you. With the vibration option if there's multiple people in the room you just clip it to your guitar or instrument and it'll only register your instrument. It also has a tap metronome on it but its only a visual one. No sound to the metronome.

This tuner will tune any instrument with strings!
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on January 3, 2017
I have two Snarks and within short order they both died. One had been in use for almost 2 years, the other only a couple months. I replaced the batteries but they both stayed dead. I was contemplating writing a poor review but kept putting that off, finally I googled the problem "snark tuner not working" and the first result in the list "Snark Tuner Tomfoolery…when a battery may not be what it appears to be…" matched my problem exactly. The author of the post, ljguitar, went to the trouble of measuring the batteries he was using with calipers and found that certain brands are thicker than others. I tried a different brand of battery and both Snarks are working fine. There is not much I can say more than what others have said in praise of the Snark, It is a superb tool and so long as you get the thick batteries (Energizer, Sony) it just works and works.
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on October 22, 2011
I have purchased 6 of the snark SN-2. They worked like a charm, really helping to make students aware of the small pitch changes necessary to match pitch. They worked that is until one of the plastic supports (on the head of the tuner) broke on 5 of the 6 tuners. I am still not ready to give up yet as I like the vibration mode for the classroom setting. It also does fairly well with the cello c and bass e strings if the students pulls the bow at a slow and consistent speed.

I have created a modification using shrink wrap tubing. I have first secured the ball in the socket using duct tape creatively. Then place the shrink wrap tubing around the duct taped ball and socket and heat. I have ordered a couple new ones to try this modification to see if it keeps the item from breaking in the future. I will report back after testing with jr. high students.
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on December 21, 2016
I was trying to replace my beloved Snark SN-2 that I lost last month, so I ordered this product. What I received was a Snark ST-2 inside of an SN-2 box. The box is the correct box, with a picture of the SN-2 on it, but inside is the ST-2.

ST-2 is the "super-tight" model. It functions the same as the older SN-2, but has a plainer display. I already own an ST-2 and still have its box, so I am able to directly compare the boxes and tuners.

If you don't care which model you receive, this is a way to get an ST-2 for about half price. But if you want an SN-2 because you like its colorful display, make sure it has the word "Snark" on the bezel. If it says "Super Tight" it is the ST-2. I have placed an exchange order and Amazon is sending me another one. I'll update the star rating if I get the right model.
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on April 3, 2016
I hate writing bad reviews, but this isn't really BAD... It's more like a disappointment. Some time ago I bought a Snark SN-2 Instrument Tuner. I tuned my baritone ukulele with it very nicely, and then put it away in the padded accessory box inside the case. Quite sometime had passed when I got the instrument out and was going to tune it, when I discovered that the tuner had crumbled into a useless mass. The little clips on the tuner, and the clamping mechanism had crumbled so that the connecting stem was unable to hold the two together. I expected the battery to be gone, but I definitely did not expect the unit to be useless. I know it isn't going to break the bank to buy another one, but is it going to do the same thing? Has this happened to anybody out there? I am probably going to look around for something a bit more robust, before I make a decision to get another Snark. It worked great for the little time I used it.
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