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on February 6, 2012
I didn't realize how far these worms would have to travel to make it to me in Alabama or I might not have ordered--that was my mistake. The tracking history said they started out in California, then went to Canada, then to South Carolina before making it to me. Took a full 7 days. When I received the worms, I was a little disappointed. The were pretty sluggish. I think they barely made it, and I'm sure some didn't. There is NO WAY there were 1800 worms in that package. No way--not even close. It said it recommended expedited shipping, so I guess that's my mistake. I also have a problem w/ the product description. Specifically where is says "Product Features". It states: "Improves your soil's physical structure. Improves your soil's water holding capacity. Enhances germination, plant growth, and crop yield while improving root growth." I'm afraid if people don't read further, they will think it's ok to simply add the worms to their garden soil. These worms will not survive in garden soil for long, no matter how much organic material has been added. They are meant to make compost and feed solely on decaying stuff--not soil like ordinary earthworms. Anyway, I am now looking for a local source to add more worms to my bins.
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on June 22, 2012
I live in NC, and ordered these worms for composting. I got 2-day shipping. The good: worms were packed in good, loose dirt, and had been covered with damp newspaper. Some worms were alive. I don't know how many-I'm not counting. The bad: My worms arrived at the end (b/t 6-6:30 p.m.) of the 3rd day (remember, I got 2-day shipping), worms were packaged in a cardboard box which was securely taped, and allowed for no airflow at all. I could have accepted the 3 day arrival if the worms had been viable. When I ran my fingers through the dirt it was hot, and sadly, and many of the worms were already dead. I fluffed the dirt to help cool it, cut up an over-ripe banana and put it in the box to help nourish the worms that were left. I left them in our shop overnight, where it's cool. The ugly: When I checked on them this a.m. it stunk. Worms do not stink at all unless they're dead. This was a rotten stench that could only mean dead worms. More good: I have a few worms that lived. Amazon was professional, and did the right thing by giving me a refund since the worms can't be returned. First they offered me a replacement, which would've been fine except this: The supplier was going to have to ship worms to Amazon first, which would take 5-7 days, then Amazon would have to ship to me. I felt I might be in for another batch of dead worms, so I requested a refund. Thank you Amazon for doing the right thing, and giving good customer service.
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on October 18, 2012
Foolishly, I didn't pay close enough attention to the customer reviews when I placed my order.

Soon, I was down the same rabbit hole as many previous "suckers" when the package still hadn't shown up 2 days after the projected delivery date. While the status was listed as "Shipped," the reality is that UPS didn't even have the order yet.

It was only then that I dug into the customer reviews to find that this was a common occurrence. (Not sure why Amazon continues to deal with this vendor.)

On top of all that, MANY customers complain about the orders be "light" with far fewer worms than promised.

My advice is to BUY LOCAL. Go to FINDWORMS dot com where you can search and find a vendor near you.

Sorry Amazon. This is one time where you've let me down. Maybe you should get out of the worm business or find a different vendor.
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on March 31, 2012
I love my worms. They eat my kitchen scraps like crazy. These little dudes are super hungry all the time. Although I won't see them again until it's time to harvest the castings, they are very happy in my bin in the kitchen. If you are getting these for composting, the most important thing is to make sure there are lots of holes for ventilation. I can't believe that some people actually sat and counted the worms LOL If you know what you're doing and have done your research, these guys will multiply in no time - no need to count. Also, when you order, make sure that you choose a fast shipping method people - these are living, breathing, eating little creatures. You wouldn't put your cat or dog in a box for 2 weeks right? No complaints here. I'm happy and so are my worms : )
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on August 20, 2012
I received this package via UPS on a Monday, so the worms sat in a UPS facility all weekend. When I received the package I opened it to find a couple gnats. The outer box was a plain brown cardboard box with no holes and no markings telling the shipping company that it contained live animals. I know that they are worms, but I've purchased worms from other companies and they've always come in an outer box with holes or mesh covered holes. The inner package was a brown paper bag that was all taped up. When I opened that, the soil they were packaged in was very hot and filled with slime and clumps of worms all stuck together. I sat and sorted through the worms and the vast majority were dead. I may have pulled 25 live worms out of the entire group of "supposedly" 1800 worms. I didn't count them, so I don't know the exact #, but it didn't look like 1800 worms to me. I have just sent an email to Amazon regarding this matter, so I will update my review if they do something about the situation. I would like a refund since I just paid over $25 for a box of dirt, dead worms, and 25 live ones.
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on April 20, 2012
After speaking with amazon customer service on Friday last week, after not receiving any package of worms, they re-ordered the worms , to be shipped on monday and delivered on tuesday [yesterday]. A package arrived tuesday but I could not find ANY WORMS dead or alive in the substrate. Thinking that they may be tiny and not wiggling due to shipping stress, I put the substrate into the newly outfitted worm factory, hoping I would see some activity a day later. No luck. There are no live or dead worms. I am very disappointed. I have a home , with food all prepared and no worms. I will be very upset if this "spoils" before I find my composting worms somewhere else. I noticed another person also had trouble receiving worms to their residence in California.
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on August 10, 2012
As my teen would say: "OMG!" Package arrived today on schedule. My daughter was home to accept the package and brought it inside. Within an hour she called me at work wanting to know what kind of dead animal might be in the box. I explained, she knew we were expecting worms, so I had her put the box outside. When I got home I could smell it 50 feet away. The box was crushed, wet on the bottom. I opened it and it looks like worms may have escaped the peat moss and newspaper wrapping. What little I could identify was pasted to the inside of the box, more slime than worms. Not a single worm survived the shipment. The good part of the transaction was that I immediately contacted Amazon and they gave me a refund. I have now ordered from Uncle Jim's. I hope it's a much better transaction. Unfortunately it wasn't a Prime eligible order, but it's worth it if they arrive fresh and wiggly!
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on July 5, 2012
Update... Refund for this product was issued after publishing the following review. Thank you Amazon!

The package arrived smelling like a box of rotting meat. Unfortunately there the package has no ice pack or protective packaging whatsoever. Not that that would matter as it took 9 days in transit in one of the hottest times of the season. I have no idea if there were 18 or 1800 worms in this shipment as it arrived as a box of goo. There were two pieces of paper which may have been instructions to resuscitate or the last rights for the worms but they were destroyed by the dripping biomass. Bottom line, unless you are near the shipper, know the weather will allow live shipment this it a total waste of money and time. Update... wait for cooler weather before ordering.
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on April 30, 2012
I was uneasy about making this purchase due to all of the less than stellar reviews about shipping and the condition the worms arrived in. For the price, though, this was by far the best deal so I took the plunge and ordered. I am a Prime member and did pay the extra $3.99 for one day shipping. They arrived exactly as promised and in a timely fashion. They were packaged in a stiff cardboard box that was resistant to crushing. Inside the box was a receipt as well as a page of directions for settling the worms in their new home and care directions. Under that was a brown paper bag taped shut and wrapped in newspaper. The worms were inside the bag along with some damp peat moss. They were wiggling and all alive, which surprised me. They promptly started digging and went to work when I turned them out of the bag. The packaging is recyclable, which is nice to see as well. The entire package weighed just under 3 pounds and there were easily the correct number of worms in the package, even though I did not take the time to traumatize the critters further by separating and counting them. Great job Sun Joe... you hit this one out of the park!
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on March 18, 2012
I did purchased these worms because they seemed like a good deal, but when I received them there was only 1143 worms instead of 1800 as they are advertised. It was looking like a very good deal with 1800 worms, may be they think nobody will count them but I did. Took my time and counted them and realized I did not get my money worth. There was lots of very little babies also (not all adults) I did ordered with 2 day shipping also and received in 5 days. I was hoping they will send me a survey but they did not.
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