Customer Reviews: Snowmageddon
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on November 27, 2012
Nothing is Normal in Normal, Alaska when the small little town is hit with quakes, fire, underground spikes and ice meteors. The local sheriff, his pilot wife and their two kids must figure out why it is happening. Could it be the mysterious gift that was left on their doorstep on Christmas Eve? Their son has the sneaky suspicion that it is.

Brought to you by the Executive Producers of Ice Quake, Mega Cyclone, Mongolian Death Worm and Stonehenge Apocalypse; Snowmaggedon-despite what everyone else has to say- is a pretty decent movie. I'll admit, the title is abit misleading(as the movie doesn't really have anything to do with end of the world stuff). However, for a SyFy Original, it kept me entertained until the end. This makes the second SyFy Original that I've purchased and twice I've liked the, at least, we know that SyFy is getting better at these wild movies(sometimes the plots are wayyy out there, lol) they put out there.

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but not every movie that's made can be a billion dollar blockbuster. Snowmageddon ain't as bad as people let on. I really liked it myself and think they ought to make a part two. Seriously.

For its' asking price, Snowmageddon is worthy of a purchase.
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on November 24, 2012

It is hard to spoiler the plot of a production of this SyFy caliber. The movie opens with ominous music as a gift is placed on the doorstep of the Miller family during Christmas season in Normal, Alaska. It reminded me a bit of the beginning of "Evil Toons" but without porn stars. But I soon discovered one does not have to be a porn star to be a bad actor. If you missed the films, "Earthquake," "Avalanche" "Jumanji," "Volcano," "Ice Age 2012," and "ROTK" you are in for a real treat.

The gift is opened by "Dragon of the Crown" player Rudy (Dylan Matzke) the young boy. It contains a snow globe that contains a detailed replica of the town. Within about 10 minutes you will figure out whatever happens inside the evil snow globe, happens to this now isolated town. The question is who left it and why, something guessed at, but never fully explained.

Meanwhile the world's greatest snowboarder, Derrick Reed (Jeffrey Ballard) charters a helicopter with Beth Miller, (Laura Harris) the mom, who brings along her impressionable, slightly flirty teenage daughter Jennifer (Magda Apanowicz). It seems in December in Alaska it is hard to find a place to go snowboarding so champions charter helicopters to take them to mountain peaks.

During the course of the film the town is attacked by earthquake, avalanche, exploding ice storm, stalagmites, and a volcano. The armies of Mordor can be defeated once The Ring is cast into the fire of Mt. Doom.

What this film teaches us:

1.) If a Christmas gift is heavy, it's fruitcake.
2.) Game expansion sets make for stocking stuffers.
3.) If the dog barks at the gift, it is bad.
4.) Flirting is worse than ogling.
5.) Having a snow boarder autograph your arm is the best Christmas ever.

While adults will have problems watching the film because of the simplistic plot, bad acting, and CG effects, I can imagine tween kids or younger possibly enjoying the film.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity. Some bloody faces and people die. I saw more horrific stuff when I was 5. A "Nanny State" PG-13.
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on February 9, 2014
It happens around Christmas time. It revolves around a snowglobe that mysteriously ends up on a little boys doorstep. No one knows where it comes from or who sent it. It seems to predict everything that happens to this small town in Alaska. The hero saves the day and the town.
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on December 11, 2014
It's Christmas Eve in Abnormal Alaska. A mysterious nobody drops an evil gift on the door stoop of an average family of four. It's a snow globe, one of the more deadly of Christmas decorations. Of its own accord, it starts wrecking havoc on the small community. Disasters pop up with clockwork regularity, some worse than others. People die (mostly off screen, lessening the impact and confirmation that they did indeed die instead of just reaching the end of their small part in this plot). At least the dog doesn't die.

The CGI is limited, but I'm come to expect that from the Syfy Channel. And in some respect, have come to count on it. These dopey stories wouldn't be nearly as much fun were they up to par with most sci-fi adventures of note. It's their unrelenting ineptitude that makes them unique and watchable. I'm just glad that someone picked up on the sinister aspects of snow globes and brought it to our attention. Yeah, that's it, this movie was actually a public service warning.
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on March 16, 2016
My son is a die hard sci fy natural disaster guy. He has aspengers and has loved these types of movies ever since he was young; so, we purchase A LOT Of these movies and I don't think there are too many that we don't own. And I look forward to more coming out. If you are into natural disaster movies, look into these ones.
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on September 18, 2014
This movie has a good story line. Clearly it's a low budget film and let's face it guy's, if it's Christmas in Alaska there should be snow on the ground! The Mountain scenes were good but they kept flashing back to the bone dry town. I enjoyed the movie because I love winter (enough to know what it looks like!) and snow and winter sports and Christmas so I'd watch this again because of the interesting storyline and the few snow/mountain scenes.
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on June 8, 2015
This movie gives us everything...a touch of Greek mythology...snow...the same actor from the 10.5 movies, and an incredibly active and well crafted snow globe the family's beautiful husky can't stand!
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on June 14, 2013
This movie has an interesting storyline that sneaks up on you, and the family in the film. It has some gruesome spots in it, but it is mostly left to one's imagination rather than explicitly shown. No nightmares for 'tweens. It focuses on a young boy that receives a beautiful snow globe on Christmas delivered by a stranger. This snow globe reacts to being turned upside down and shaken. Soon the town experiences what happened in the globe. Mysteries are revealed, and the boy figures out it's the snow globe somehow. Dad must protect his family and town in the end. It is exciting, and had my 14 yr old grandson glued to it...again no nightmares.
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on December 21, 2013
The Four Stars, well, it is very creepy, evil, I mean, what an anti jolly holiday tale. This is just plain out there and what happens to the folks is just wrong! I gave this movie those four stars because, well I just wasn't expecting anything like this. If you are in tne mood for something off beat, you might want to purchase this one.
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on September 10, 2013
I thought this movie might at least have some good explosions and be a halfway decent cheesy sci-fi movie. But no . . . it was pretty dull and boring. The story line is not the least bit believable and the character development is pretty poor. I usually like the really cheesy ones but this was not worth the money I paid to rent it. Total waste of my time and dollars. Do yourself a favor and don't bother.
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