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on January 9, 2011
My lukewarm review could be a result of my inaccurate expectations. However, I was looking for more of a how-to guide and this book is a strong textbook. What that means is that instead of being a step by step, hour a day program to run a social media marketing campaign, this book describes the process, shows you what is out there, gives you some good questions to ask yourself about your marketing program . . . and then you are on your own. If you are looking for a guided tour of the social media environment and the concepts and philsophy behind setting up a program of your own, this is a good guide. It is well written. In fact, the opening chapter is an outstanding overview of the evolution of media from the newspaper, radio and TV eras to the social media era (perhaps worth the price of the book, alone). The hour a day, I guess, refers to the homework time you'll need to devote to answering the questions - because the substance, as it relates to your own campaign, is answered by you and implemented by you. If you are looking for a ready-to-use, hour a day program for actually building and implementing your social medis campaign, this is not the book for you.
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on March 25, 2013
This book is broken into bite sized pieces which allows you to put yourself on a self-paced course of social media. The author does a great job in the first chapter of sharing the evolution of television advertising and how it morphed into what we now know today as social media. This is an all -encompassing book that any person or company can use to roll out a full marketing plan and how to incorporate traditional media marketing, print marketing and social media. It teaches you how to track social media and the importance of synergy between the marketing dept. and the operations department.

If you're brand new to social media and don't really understand it, just start at chapter one and work your way through. If you're more experienced, you can skip to the back chapters for more of the how to's and strategies. Its laid out so you can learn in just 1 hour a day and it will take about 3 months or you can do multiple chapters and "to do lists" in one sitting and implement a social media campaign in just a couple of weeks or less.
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on March 18, 2012
The book is a great resource for understanding how social media can influence consumers. Understanding touchpoint analysis and network value allows the marketer to see that social media is much more valuable to the brand than just raising awareness. Social media helps give the brand and consumers a forum to interact and build trust.

The book is also very strong in guiding the marketer through a step-by-step plan, in logical order, to design and implement a marketing plan for social media. The chapter worksheets and case study insights help the content become real and useful. If the marketer spends considerable time working through this book, there will definitely be a positive gain. Even if the marketer is not able to design and implement a huge social media campaign, they should at least be able to better understand different aspects of the campaign and begin building on a small scale.

The main weaknesses of the book is that it is a one-size-fits-all approach to designing a social media marketing campaign. Not all marketers will be able to use this same approach because a company's abilities and brand may differ drastically from another. Also, businesses need to adapt quickly to changes. This approach may need to change as social media and technology change very rapidly.

The book also seems to point to the idea that traditional media forms are not effective because consumers avoid it. This is not true. While the book does state that traditional forms of media will never be obsolete or non-existent, it does not make the point that social media and traditional forms of media must be extensively and methodically integrated into a single marketing plan. The authoer seems to create a social media plan that is separate from similar plans for traditional media, when the two need to be closely related. It did not seem to me that there was any emphasis that both social media and tradtional forms of media marketing need to have a consistent message.
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on November 1, 2011
Dave Evans, in his book Social Media Marketing, provides step by step guidance on how to develop and implement a social media marketing campaign.
The book has four sections:

Part 1 the Foundation of Social Media
Part 2 Prepare for Social Media Marketing
Part 3 Social Media Channels
Part 4 Complete Your Plan

In part 1, Evans introduces the basic concepts and principals of conventional marketing. He presents the history of social media marketing; how and why different social media marketing concepts evolved, and describes how social media marketing can be integrated into conventional marketing strategies .

In parts 2 and 3, Evans provides particular social media marketing strategies in a well organized and methodical way. To help the reader experience firsthand how to market on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, Evan provides the reader with practice exercises.

In part 4, "Complete Your Plan," Evans explores Objectives, Metrics, and ROI that are geared towards social media marketing. He provides a variety of analytical tools and measurement systems for readers to assess the effectiveness of their social media marketing projects.

This book is useful to those new to social media marketing. Evans argues that social media exists; whether or not you participate doesn't change the fact that you or your products/services are being talked about. Rather than trying to control the audience, Evan encourages the reader to use social media strategies to influence consumers. This book not only introduces concepts and the history of social media marketing, but quickly/efficiently moves the reader towards hands-on experience and expertise. It is a great resource and handbook for the budding social media marketer.
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on December 7, 2012
There is wonderful ideas here--but we all need to shout loud until Amazon pays its fair share of corporation tax. I really enjoyed this author's earlier books and if you did, why don't you log in and leave 10 more reviews like this today. It shouldn't just be people who can't afford a team of tax specialists who pay their fair share of tax. Sign that cheque or forever lose my respect and the respect, no doubt, of this very fine author.

Amazon was happy to take your money, but is trying every trick in the book to avoid paying its dues back. This has got to stop.

Amazon avoids UK taxes by reporting European sales through a Luxembourg-based unit, which allows it to pay a rate of less than 12% on foreign profits last year--less than half the average corporate income tax rate in its major markets. The company's United Kingdom website reported a turnover of £207m for 2011, but its tax bill was just £1.8m.

This is not illegal. It is immoral.

The other option, of course, is to visit a book shop.
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on September 3, 2015
I got a few of these "An Hour a Day" books on social media. I found this the most helpful. The others were outdated because so much keeps changing on social media. This one looks more at social media marketing and doesn't get into the specifics of each social media network. I couldn't follow the hour a day directions and ended up just skipping around and reading it at random. I keep this on my desk for when I'm looking at my social media strategy, etc.
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on December 7, 2015
incredibly disappointing. Too complex and poorly organized. The major social media platforms are scattered all over the book. I find it incomprehensible that this book has received this many good reviews. it is horribly organized and flat doesn't teach me what I need to know. The hour per day takes 3 months to complete. This is idiocy. Sorry, but it is. For those who liked it...good on you. It is useless to me.
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on May 21, 2017
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on February 19, 2017
Wonderful book that explains the phenomenal of social media marketing. You can use it as a reference book and take it to with you to a social media marketing class.
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on November 29, 2012
if you are looking to gaining a better perspective into social media you need to read everything you can, this book is very helpful in the manner
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