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on November 12, 2011
I have been searching for a nice LED lamp to illuminate my late night studies for a while now. I wanted a lamp that was bright, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. This lamp was everything I was looking for and much more! The base is heavy and wide enough for stability, yet still small enough to fit on my small desk. The touch sensitive buttons are responsive and gives the lamp some cutting edge technology flavor. The light can be rotated 180 degrees and can be bent at two points. This gives the lamp a lot of room for light angle and height adjustment.

The four light types are an excellent touch. I personally love the reading light for my late night study sessions. It gives you a sense of daytime and helps keep your focus up. The math light is slightly blue and very bright, which is perfect for crunching some numbers or drawing organic chemistry reaction mechanisms. The relaxing light is very warm and gives you a mellow feeling. I also love how you can adjust the light intensity in addition to the light type. This gives the lamp much room for adjustment for those of us who are extra picky about light sensitivity. The 1 hour auto-off (sleep)button is also a nice touch. When the lamp is folded down, you can use the night light mode and it works fairly well.

My only small gripe with this lamp is that it is made out of a hard plastic. While very nice looking and light weight, I would have preferred some sort of metal plating to make it feel its price.

Overall I am very pleased with this lamp and might buy another one in white for my sister's room.

UPDATE: June 7, 2014. This lamp is still working over 3 years later and I am very happy that I purchased this lamp for my late nights of studying. All the LED's are still functioning and the touch sensitive controls are still working just fine.
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on March 11, 2012
This a a review of the Softech Diasonic DL-90 LED Desk Lamp. First off here's a more complete list of it's specs.

The lamp has a base that is about 172mm square. The main arm with the light array is about 350mm long. The supporting arm is about 450mm long with both arms about 42mm wide.

The LED array consists of 27 LEDs in 9 rows spaced approximately 25mm apart. There are 3 LEDs in each row. The center ones are very warm yellow and the two outer rows are intense white, bordering on slightly bluish at their brightest setting. A frosted diffuser protects them from prying fingers and also helps to distribute the light more evenly.

Different color temperature settings can be achieved by varying the intensity of the white and yellow LEDs in different combinations. In Bedtime mode only the yellow LEDs are on producing a very warm yellow light of about 2300K (Kelvin). In Relaxtion mode the yellow LEDs double their brightness compared to the Bedtime mode, but with the white LEDs on as well which results in a brighter, whiter light of about 3300K. Reading mode dims the yellow LEDs slightly and increases the brightness of the white ones producing the type of daylight white one would see on an overcast day at midday, about 5500K. Study mode reduces the output of the yellow LEDs to their lowest brightness while simultaneously increasing the brightness of the white LEDs. This produces the brightest and whitest light. A very intense cool light, bordering on slightly bluish, which looks to me to be about 6500K to 7000K.

The approximate brightness at the lowest setting, about 400mm distance from the lamp, in the various modes is about:
500lux in the Reading mode
600lux in the Study mode
300lux in the Relaxation mode
50lux in the Bedtime mode

The brightness level increases by approximately 150lux for the next two brightness levels and approximately 100lux for the last two levels in all settings. This means that in the Study mode the brightest setting will produce a very bright 1100lux.

The red LED on/off switch is on when the lamp is off and plugged into the wall outlet. It switches off when the lamp is turned on, and blinks on and off once the 60 minute count down timer has been activated.

The main arm can bend only a degree or two backward from its 90° upright position, and about 40° forward. The upper arm which carries the LED array can bend upward about 50° from it's position parallel to the desk it's on. And can bend all the way forward until it's parallel to the supporting arm.

The whole unit can be rotated 90° on its base in either direction from the center position. Unfortunately the main arm with the LEDs cannot be rotated on its axis in order to direct the light either towards or away from you as one can do on the Koncept Light Bar.

In fact my final choice for a decent LED desk lamp boiled down to the Koncept Z-Bar Mini High Power Adjustable LED Desk Lamp Daylight White Illumination - Silver and the Softech DL90. I chose the latter due to its greater lighting options, and liked the flexibility of being able to change not only the lamps brightness, but also it's color temperature to suit both my mood and needs.

I love the fact that LEDs consume so little power for the disproportionate amount of light that they produce. While it's true that they are much more directional than both incandescents and CFLs, Diasonic have designed their diffuser well as this results in a 1.5 meter circle of light around the base that is obviously brighter at its center, but still quite usable up to the edges.

As mentioned above, the only negative of this lamp is that the LED array can't be swiveled on its axis. All in all, even with that small negative, I am very happy with my choice and recommend this one very highly to anyone looking for a decent and flexible LED desk lamp.
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on August 18, 2012
This lamp has great options for getting exactly the color and intensity of the light you want, but you cannot rotate the bar with the LEDs to point the light towards the page and away from your eyes. You can swing the bar up and down, but you cannot rotate it. This makes it very hard to avoid the harsh glare of the LED bulbs.

Also, a USB port on a lamp is a great idea, but the USB port only provides 0.7 amps, so iPads and smartphones will charge very slowly (the Apple iPad charger is 2.1 amps).
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on August 31, 2012
This lamp is great overall! It's very adjustable in terms of shades of lighting and lighting intensity. It also has many positions to place the light in a great spot, with one exception. The arm that houses the LEDs is unable to rotate or swivel in a fashion that allows the user to aim the LEDs away from one's field of vision. In terms of not causing glare on your reading material, it's awesome; but forget worrying about having glare on paper when you have the LEDs themselves lighting up your eyeballs! It's similar to having a lamp without an adequate lamp shade, or walking outside on a sunny day in San Diego without sun glasses. This issue may be resolved by extending the roofing of the LEDs downwards by 1/4" or so, or just allowing the bar of LEDs to swivel away from the user's line of sight.

My suggestion to improve this product: Include an add-on piece to the lamp that extends the roof of either side of the lamp. That way, it would act similarly to using a visor when driving in a car. It doesn't need to be a giant visor, just a piece that can extend the roofing about 1/4" - 1/2". This doesn't require redesigning the shape of whole product, just a few notches to slip in the visor.

I have adjusted mine to lean and angle lower than my line of sight, but this is somewhat of an annoyance if I need to use my computer at the same time because the lamp is now obstructing my vision to the computer monitor. If you have a higher sitting desk, or if you're sitting lower than the height of the lamp, the LEDs can be an irritant as they can be intense on the peripheral vision.

Aside from this single gripe (which can be made for almost all lamps), this particular lamp is sleek and the touch control pad is responsive. I enjoy all the different shades and intensities of light - and I'm the type to be very picky about lighting. Good lamp.

I'd buy it again (currently $149.99) considering the quality of the lamp and how long it's supposed to last. It is mostly plastic, but that's fine. It's not like I need it to hammer anything - it's glossy, sleek, and stable, while most importantly, its main function does a beautiful job of lighting up my study material.



After a bit of use, the flaw in this lamp isn't as bad as I made it out to be. Depending on the lamp placement and angle, the position is sufficient for my needs when studying at my desk. Having the lamp set beside my monitor and with the arm pointing towards me, but angled down, the LEDs are blocked from sight and my study material is lit up enough. Although, because of this position, there is some glare along the curve of my textbook. I'll upload a picture to give you a better idea (although the glare is not visible on camera - weird!).

I also noticed that after many hours of studying, one color of lighting can give me a headache if I'm studying with no other additional lighting in the room. I just switch from math mode to reading mode and it gives my eyes a soothing feeling. Awesome! Loving my investment ;)

To Softech: I still recommend extending a roofing piece so that the LEDs could be aimed at the reading material without irritating one's eyes.

4.5/5.0 stars!
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on February 20, 2012
I've used a variety of desk lamps in the past, most recently quartz halogen. This provided me with quite a bit of light, but it was also quite hot and the bulb, when it burned out, was not so cheap to replace. This lamp uses three rows of LEDs - much cheaper to operate, last much longer (expected life 40,000 hours) as it uses 11 watts and provides several levels of light to use, both in intensity (which is variable with a touch switch) and color temperature (Kelvin). It has an intense white light (6,000 - 7,000K) for reading and a warmer (4,500 - 5,500 K) slightly less intense - people will prefer one of the other, this unit has them both, plus lower intensity for, say, watching television or merely relaxing. These are all selectable with a reliable and easy to use touch switch system that is also very intuitive and easy to use. "But wait, there's more!" The USB outlet (power only) provides up to 3 more watts to charge your Kindle, Motorola Droid, iWhatever (with the appropriate adapter cord) as well. I purchased 3 foot long USB cords on Amazon (natch!) and now I have two of these lamps on the shelf over our bed - we can read in bed, watch TV with lower light, while our Kindles charge.

N.B. This is actually the Diasonic DL-90, so you can also look for that product. The DL-70ISH is similar, but it has a built in iPod / iPhone charger in the base with a small speaker with variable volume. They come with a "wall wart" with replacable plug base that accepts 100 - 240 volts AC (output 12 VDC) so it is truly global in usability without any voltage transformer as well.

I have to say this is the best lamp I have ever had, and my wife enjoys her. Next stop, another for the desk. It's attractive and stylish as well, but mainly it provides fantastic, easily variable lighting!
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on February 26, 2013
Absolutely not worth the $140 tag. Buying it anywhere off Amazon for more would make no sense. The 2 star rating is based mainly around this. Plastic construction feels flimsy and easily breakable. Significant amount of play in joints. After only a week of use it is already starting to sag. Based on the quality of construction itself, this lamp should be no more than $30.

But, it does serve it's purpose well as a minimal lighting device. It basically takes up no extra space on an already cluttered desk. LEDs emit very bright light, great for working, drafting, reading, setting a mood. (plastic LED coverings do heat up quickly, but not enough to burn your hand). Make material is shiny, so it will reflect its own light which can be bothersome to the eyes at night.

There are 4 different lighting settings, each with 3 levels of brightness, along with a shutoff timer, which can make it useful as a sort of nightlight.

- Does its job of lighting very well, bright
- Many lighting settings
- Minimal
- USB charging port

- Overpriced
- Flimsy construction
- Adapter is huge and plugs into outlet directly
- Reflective material
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on August 12, 2011
This lamp is a little pricey. But the quality and usefulness just blew me away.

This is a fabulous lamp.

Very easy to use ... it has four basic settings and at each one, you can increase or lower the intensity.

I took a chance on it, and was extremely pleased.

My wife liked it and I may have to buy a second one for her ... for a while, I thought she was going to just take this one and then I would have to buy one for myself.

Sorry for being flip, but this is probably the best desk lamp I have ever had.

I wonder if they make a floor model?

[NOT made in China, by the way ... Made in Korea.]

[Sept 18, 2012, supplemental remark: I bought two more of these; one as a gift and one for a side table near my computer]

[November 23, 2013, supplemental remark: I bought two more; one because one of our rooms is very dark due to the way the bookshelves are placed. It would cost too much to have an electrician come in to wire a ceiling light, so it was just easier to buy another of these Softech LED desk lamps and put it on top of one of the bookcases. There already was a nearby wall outlet. The other lamp was for a Christmas gift. We move these lamps around the house all the time to try out new locations. I wish they would make a floor lamp model.]
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on May 16, 2012
I was excited enough about this lamp that I would've thought it impossible to exceed my expectations -- but it definitely did. Not only is it totally cool in function -- someone finally sat down to figure out what LEDs can do that other bulbs cannot -- it's just elegant in its simplicity!

Start with the packaging -- very reminiscent of getting a new Mac. Even the box it comes in is so elegantly designed and made that you know right away, serious attention has been paid. Assembly takes about two seconds -- another elegant piece of design. [Be aware, though, that the plug comes in two pieces, mysteriously -- I spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to make the prongs come out the regulation distance, before I realized that there was one more little piece taped into the carton. Once the light dawned, another two seconds.]

The body of the light is gorgeous in its simplicity -- it's made of that good, dense, sleek, Italian-looking plastic, and so slender! I'd say it's not even 2" wide, and maybe a half-inch thick. When you're not using it to make light, it folds shut and becomes a sleek little exclamation point. Its base is maybe 8" square, also slim and sleek, and heavy enough to anchor the light in whatever extended, swiveled position you put it in. The controls are like a tiny iPod angled just above the base. The "on" touch-spot is lit when the light is off, so there's no fumbling to turn it on. The four settings are also effortless, as are the arrow spots that increase or decrease brightness within each setting. There is absolutely nothing else to this lamp -- it is an exercise in perfect minimalism.

I use it as a bedside lamp -- for ambient light in the bedroom after sundown (nightlight setting, dimmed down), plus reading in bed. I have actually taken to ramping down the brightness of the reading setting, because it's more light than I need. From an LED light -- amazing! There are three rows of LEDs on the horizontal arm, two cool, one warm, and they crank out the light like crazy in a nice broad area -- this is not a stationary flashlight like my LED desk lamp (circa 2009).

I have the feeling that this is the first LED lighting fixture that is based on what LEDs can do, not just on trying to replicate what incandescents and halogens have been doing. This is not just a perfect lamp to look at and to use, it's like a piece of the future. Even the price, if you think about what a good table lamp can cost, is quite reasonable for the remarkable quality and function. And at maximum brightness, it uses 10 watts. It's wonderful.
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on March 16, 2011
I just got my Lamp a month ago and I love it! I spend alot of time working at my lap top and reading in bed. I have always been sensitive to office lighting and the different levels of light this lamp provides don't bother my eyes at all.
I live in NYC and our winter has been terrible and dreary. Since I have been using my new lamp I swear I'm in a better mood. I read something on their website about it being just like sunlight, and I believe it. I love the fact I can charge my phone by plugging it into the lamp, and the night light and timer features have me thinking about buying another for my night stand. My new lamp is the coolest thing in my Apartment lol
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on October 16, 2012
The lighting is OK, but the lamp is flimsy cheap plastic and it's not completely adjustable. At least the color temperature settings are good. Over all, the lamp is still better than the one that I had before.
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