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on February 6, 2014
I will start out by saying that this lamp is mostly well designed. It gives a lot of light. The different color temperatures are a nice feature, and isn't just a gimmick. The different modes provide different color temperatures of light. The most notable difference is the study mode which has a lot more blue in it, which makes the light appear to be whiter. The reading mode is a good facsimile of daylight, with sunlight coming through the window, the color temperatures are almost a match. It is also a nice looking product.

This model is a little more expensive than Softech's other lamp that is very similar, but for that extra money you get to swivel the arm. This is good if you want to angle the light so that it isn't causing too much glare in your eyes or a monitor, or if you want to diffuse the light by bouncing it off of the wall.

So here are some of the things that I am not too thrilled about.

1) The light is formed by multiple LEDs spaced along the length of the outstretched arm. This causes concentric shadows which are very distracting when you are writing. This isn't something that I saw in other reviews, so may it is just something that bothers me.

2) The dimmer has only 5 stops. Using the Bedtime mode can get you down to a fairly low light, but for the other modes the lowest dimming can be too bright. This can be an issue when you are using a computer on your desk as well.

3) The vertical arm only bends forward. If you want to have the light lower but still parallel to your desk, you have to bend it towards you, and considering the length, if you have a small space, it can get in the way pretty quickly.

4) The Study mode light is a bit harsh. It is more at the blue end of the spectrum so it is a different harsh than fluorescent lamps, but it can definitely be pretty glaring.

I would still recommend people go with this product if they are interested in getting this lamp, I just want them to be aware of some of the drawbacks that they might experience.
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on August 1, 2013
I'd like to give this product 5 stars. It works well, it has different lighting levels for multiple modes, I can plug in another device directly into the lamp, and I can fold the top down when I'm not using it. However, something about the lamp head design prevents me from rating it higher. Part of the reason is that I really expected a flood of light when it's turned on, but the long, narrow row of lights tends to focus the illumination almost straight down. I guess my expectation for a natural light LED lamp that tilts is that I'd be able to bring a really high volume of light to my desk area without using an overhead light as well, and this light seems a little short of amplitude.
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on May 1, 2013
I've been looking for a good lamp for awhile and ultimately decided to purchase this lamp after some research and reading other reviews. As a student and night owl, this lamp is pretty perfect. Breakdown:

Aesthetic Features:
Pristine white hard plastic. The design is a modern sleek look. The base is sturdy so that the lamp will not easily knock/tip over. The lamp was very easily put together when it came out of the box and I couldn't find any scratches or faulty parts from the get go. I really like the clean design.

Light Features:
The lamp is touch based which I really like and it works pretty well. Very nicely lit and the touchpad has a soft low in case you need to find it at night. It has 4 basic settings

Sleep/Bedtime mode
It's a soft orange warm glow. I like to use it for the wee hours of morning when I wake up for whatever reason when the sun isn't fully out yet. It doesn't hurt my eyes like other lights do.

Relaxation Mode
This is a step brighter than the sleep mode. A brighter orange/yellow if you will. I actually like to switch between this and the reading mode for reading depending on how tired my eyes are.

Reading Mode
The light shade is more of a white glow. I do use it to read but I often switch between this and the relaxation mode just because sometimes I prefer the more orange/yellow glow over the white glow.

Study Mode
This is a very bright white light compared to the reading mode. I pretty much use it late at night when I really want to get a lot of work done. I don't know if it's the cast of the glow but I feel like it's a more "serious" light if you will. The orange glows are more home-y/cozy and makes me more relaxed.

I get a lot of headaches and migraines so I really enjoy the different light settings on this lamp as it's easier on my eyes from what I've been able to tell. On top of the different modes, you can easily adjust for a higher/lower brightness on each setting A++.

I really like that the power button is lit when the lamp is off so in the middle of the night I know where to clumsily touch and not just feel out my cluttered desk and drop things. There's also a USB port I can use to charge my iPhone. YAY!

I was between just getting the other lamp this company makes without the tilting head and this one but after reading an informative review stating that they wished the head of the lamp would tilt, I just bit the bullet and went with the newer version. The titling head is perfect!!! I keep the lamp on the edge of my desk, and I just swivel it, adjust the head so I can read on my bed since my desk is right next to my bed.
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on August 11, 2013
I write software for my job. Spend hours a day at a computer screen and reading thru tech books. This desk light fits the bill quite nicely. In all honesty, I will never use the two lowest settings, but the two higher settings are perfect for desk work in a low light environment. The most useful feature of this lamp is the fact that you can swivel the lamp housing itself so as to best adjust to your lighting needs. The price is a bit on the high side, but the estimated 20 year life span, IMO, justifies this. Small foot print, fairly light in weight, the 4 settings (each with 5-6 intensity settings), make this desk lamp perfect for all around "desk work". The USB charging port does not have enough amps to charge an iPad, but is fine for an iPod or iPhone (while it will not fully/quickly charge an iPad, it will power it so it can be used if the battery is low). The soft touch controls are very responsive and accurate. This lamp Does have a power supply which is a bit bulky as opposed to just plugging directly into an AC outlet. Being an LED lamp, there is no humming or warm up time. Overall, I am very satisfied with this lamp; it sits there, unobtrusively doing what it is supposed to do, day after day. Again, the only downside is the price, but, if it lasts several decades, this will be the last lamp I buy and from that perspective, the price is not that big of a deal.
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on May 5, 2014
My home office has no overhead light anywhere near the desk. I work from home for many hours a day, and need to read printouts while looking at the computer screen. After half a dozen tries, I finally found a great desk lamp!

NOTE: This model is the pricier of two that look a lot alike made by Softech. The difference is in whether the portion with the bulbs swivels. This model swivels which is VERY important to being able to aim the light onto reading material. Spend the extra money.

1. Cute - I call him "slim"
2. Small base doesn't take up valuable real estate on the desk surface.
3. Heavy base keeps lamp from wobbling when adjusting
4. Very clear bright light. Four different types of light so you can have a white light or one that is more yellow or blue
5. Simple touch on and off. Lamp comes back on using the last light setting that was used saving having to choose light type again.
6. USB port to allow charging of another device.
7. Adjustable arm and swivel head


1. Lamp is tall. The arm of the lamp only adjusts in two places - at the top just below the bulb arm, and just above the controls at the base. You cannot get the bulbs of the lamp any closer than about a foot above the work surface because the arm of the lamp is very long. If this is an issue, you need to look for a shorter lamp.
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on July 16, 2013
Quite nice lamp. Contemporary styling. Has four color settings for reading, working, morning and a night light. The morning setting seems just like the working one. Good amount of light, and the long set of LED elements spreads the light well for a desk. It is efficient with no hot bulb.

It may be worth noting that LED lights are quite efficient, but the ac adapters are not always well designed, such that leaving the adapter plugged in may consume essentially as much power as leaving the light on. I have not checked this one. Still much better than an incandescent.

Another note - there are not assembly instructions, although it is simple, just unscrew the plastic nut on the bottom of the upright, put the mating bolt through the base, and reinstall the nut. It is not immediately obvious that the nut and upright are not one piece.
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on January 23, 2015
Overall I'm pretty happy with Softtech lamps (bought one black & one white). It's a very good imitation of lamps that generally cost at least three times the price elsewhere. Also these are more expensive, but much better quality than similar lamps sold here by TaoTronics. I ordered the silver TaoTronics and returned it because it was made of rather thin, lightweight and cheap feeling plastic. Softech's lamp is also plastic, however it's a thicker material and feels higher quality. I also like the Softech led light better, but that is subjective. Finally the TaoTronic has a higher power (2A vs 1A on Softech) USB charger built into it though I never put it to the test charging an iPad. I would give Softech a 5th star if they bumped the USB charger to 2A.
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on November 11, 2016
For basically $80 the things is better then i thought it would be. I was worried it would be a little cheap feeling but looking at other reviews many seemed to say that, that was not a worry. They were right. It's plastic, but it doesn't feel very cheap at all. I do agree that the odd shadowing in some reviews can be a little annoying but realistically I haven't had an issues with that. Usually i only notice when I have it on the "Bedtime" setting drinking my tea and I notice the multiple shadows of my hand or cup. But really by that point I don't care one bit, I'm reading my kindle and it doesn't affect that at all. I will say that the lowest light setting is a tad on the bright side, as some other reviewers have mentioned. However i am nitpicking, at least in my case that is not much of a worry. It has a nice reach too, it can adjust to flood an area of a nice amount of light. My wife and I use it all the time for homework, projects etc., and we love it overall. I bought this model over the other cheaper ones offered by Softech as this has a pivoting head. For me that works out nicely, my laptop has an illuminated keyboard so i can flood my books, and such with all the light I want and not worrky about any light on the laptop or anytwhere else. Since i have limited space at home here the tilt is nice. I can plop the thing in one spot and have light anywhere. Wife and I do plan on buying another after the new year as we set up our new office area. For what you get its a real bargain.
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on May 12, 2016
Just received this today. I ordered it to replace an older standing Verilux lamp that is making access between the bed and wheelchair more complicated - and it doesn't help that the Verilux is no longer holding up well at the connection just under the flex neck - likely I didn't put it together the best years ago. The Verilux lamp is my primary light source in a dark bedroom and I spend hours every day using it to read, and my eyesight is not the best, so it is very important to me to have a good, bright source. While I like this new LED lamp for it's touch controls, even at its highest setting, it is not nearly as bright as my Verilux (just a guess, but I'd say it's only about 2/3 the amount of light as my Verilux) and I wouldn't purchase it again for that reason only. If having the brightest light is not as important to you, then I would recommend this - it was easy to put together and doesn't take up too much room on my nightstand. If you want the brightest - Verilux is a better option, although, of course, the bulbs are expensive. If it wasn't such a pain to go to the post office, I'd return this and buy a Verilux table lamp for $20 less than I paid for this. :(
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on July 15, 2013
I read a lot so this lamp is on my bedside table. It replaced an expensive all brass reading lamp that generated lots of heat and was much more expensive. This lamp is not cheap but in my opinion warrants the expense. It has 12 settings for different lighting. It has a USB port for plugging your phone to charge. The light swivels and turns so you can adjust it to suit your reading angle. Some comments say that it's cheap plastic but the plastic is sturdy, computer grade plastic that doesn't seem cheap to me. The base is heavy so when you tilt the light it stays put. The touch spot for on is lit so I can find it in the dark. It has a timer so you can set it to go off in 30 minutes. I really like the lamp and recommend it.
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