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on May 12, 2013
I have a deep basin birdbath and I was looking for a fountain that would not have wires running over the edge. There are a couple of different solar fountains on Amazon. I picked this one because of the reviews.

It is small in size about Hand span width. The fountains heads are about a quarter sizes. There are 3 different ones and a cap one.

As soon as I took it outside the pump turned on. I had to turn away from the sun. I am so mixed on it. As soon as I put it into the water the fountain turned on. I tried each fountain head and picked the one I liked. They shot up nicely about 10-15" depending on the sun strength and fountain head. It has a very delicate fountain sprinkle. It is not high powered but it does reach a good height. Since it floats around my birdbath I did not want the water getting too high and leaving the birdbath. For me it does not create the trickling sound it is very quiet.

So when it works it is great. If any shadow casts over it, it turns off. There are little solar panels in a circle around the fountain; if any of them get covered it turns off. If slightly covered the strength decreases. This also includes the pedestal the fountain head sits on. So as it floats around and the pedestal casts a shadow on the base, the strength will decrease or turn off.

The battery does not store power.

I think this would be good for a shallow birdbath. There are suction cups on the bottom of the pump.

For me it works for what I want. I wanted solar, no wires and under $50. This fit.
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on May 20, 2013
My first review ripped this product, but... I actually got a call from Solarrific to follow up. They sent me a new fountain without getting $$ first! The new fountain worked perfectly. In fact, altho they say it only works in full sunlight, it also worked on overcast rainy days. OK, it just spurts a bit then but that is more than any past solar fountains have. They really stand behind their product so I have changed my rating.
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on May 19, 2015
Giving this little fountain 5 stars because it does exactly what it's supposed to do. The cord that attaches the solar panel to the fountain is about 8 feet long so you could place them separately in your space if you wanted to (ie, keep the fountain in the shade). It came with 4 fountain attachments- we like the one in the photo the best. This is best for a smaller bowl or a birdbath. It makes the trickling water noise we were looking for. Great!
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on July 14, 2015
Works ok, however the pump is VERY sensitive! If the pump intake vent gets any minor blockage it will stop or slow way down. I clean out daily to get algae and bird poop out of the intact. I would buy a bigger pump that is less prone to clogging if you are going to put in a long term bird bath. If not, you will need to wash it out each day when you fill your bird bath.

Update: Have had for about three months and the top and edges are starting to delaminate and get bubbles in it. This pump is basically a novelty item. Don't expect it to last a long time.
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on June 6, 2013
Works well on sunny days. Note that this does not charge a backup battery. The assortment of nozzles gives one options for the display. 1. The unit must be in about 2 inches of water for the intake to suck water; many birdbaths are 2 inches near the rim but not in the center. You can anchor the unit near the rim and use a small rock to tip the unit slightly to aim the stream towards the center. 2. Even with the narrow spray, the unit will lower the level a birdbath quickly as the water blows outside the bath. I'd 2 feet across is minimum. 3. Would be perfect in a relatively clean, small pond using the supplied string to anchor the unit in the center. This all being said, I enjoy the unit in my birdbath and watching the feathered friends figure it out.
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on July 10, 2013
I just got this little fountain a week ago. It's really powerful. I was surprised. It's so cute and I really enjoy it. I hope it continues to work for a few years. (If it only cost $10, I wouldn't mind if it lasted only one summer. For the price, I want it to last at least 3 years!)

You should know (vendor states this) that this fountain will not operate on cloudy days or when the sun goes down because there is NO battery to store the sun's energy. As soon as the sun disappears, the fountain stops. That's fine with me because I bought it for my backyard birds. They won't mind if it stops now and then. They go to bed with the sun.

The little suction cups are useless unless you have a glass or ceramic container. You also need a DEEP birdbath, or just buy a 20-30 gallon patio pond that's at least 28" in diameter and 6-8" deep. Why? because the fountain floats around the container if the suction cups fail to hold it in the center. The spray goes over the edge of the birdbath and the birdbath water is depleted in less than 45 minutes. That's why the fountain has suction cups--so you can fasten it in the center. My birdbath is wrought iron, so the suction cups won't work on the irregular surface. The bowl of my birdbath is 16" diameter and about 3.5" deep. The spray went everywhere except back into the birdbath as the fountain floated around the edges. I stopped that by tying the fountain to the center of the bowl. The perimeter of my birdbath has evenly spaced holes -- like lace. I used 2 pieces of the clear fishing line that came with the fountain to anchor the fountain in the center by tying it to opposite sides of the birdbath bowl with equal lengths of line. It still spewed water our of the basin unless until I removed the sprinkler head. Now, it shoots up a short stream (about 2")that does not throw water over the sides. I'm going to buy a black, 25-35 gallon patio pond and center the fountain in it. The spray heads should not throw the water over the edges of a 28"-diameter container as long as the fountain is secured to stay in the center of the water container. I wish there was an easy way to keep the fountain in the center without the fishing line. Otherwise, I like it so far.
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on July 15, 2017
I really, really wanted to like this but it is going back. The birds in my area did not accept it. I placed it in their favorite bath in my yard (I have four) and in a week's time I never even saw a bird land on the bath much less go in it. The fountain states it needs sun and they are not kidding. It needs to be FULL SUN - not a bright day with a few clouds, not in the shadow of a small tree branch, not even later in the day when the sun moves to the front of the house. If an actual ray of sunshine wasn't on the entire fountain, it stopped working. Also, the fairly deep bath would be full in the morning with fresh water and by the time I returned at 3pm, enough water had evaporated that I could hear the motor trying to work but there wasn't enough water in the fountain to make it work which would ultimately burn up the motor. It is very easy to set up and you really do just place it in the water but it wasn't accepted by the birds (in my area) and I struggled everyday to get it to move the water. Also, pricing on Amazon varies considerably for this. Be sure to search as Amazon didn't point out the pricing differences like they usually do.
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on June 18, 2015
I did not have great expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised that it works as well as it does. It does not run constantly, even on the sunniest of days; however, so far this spring/summer, it has run for a few to several hours every day. Although it is cloudy today, the fountain is running. (See image.) When it's sunny and the it's really going, the plume is two to three times higher.
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on June 2, 2013
This was the perfect solution when I wanted to enjoy the sound of trickling water without the hassle of running a power cord around the edge of our deck for an electric fountain. Instead of a birdbath, ours is bubbling away in an extra-large hand blown glass bowl that sits on a small outdoor coffee table and like the product description states, it does need FULL sunlight. I also purchased one for a family member who is also really enjoying it. It requires very little maintenance-so far just refilling the water (due to evaporation and the occasional squirrel that comes by for a drink) and keeping the water free of things like pine needles, so that the pump works efficiently. NOTE; the pump has a spray tip already in place when you receive it. Take that tip off if you want to put the other tips on and the pieces that raise the sprayers up a little higher, instructions don't tell you that. ENJOY!!
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on July 25, 2015
I have had this item for one month now and have a couple of big issues with it.
1.) The fountain doesn't work continuously even in full sun. The motor runs for 1 second pauses and then runs again continuously in this pattern. I have attached a video that shows (in full sun, as you can see). This causes it to just shoot little spurts every couple seconds.
2.) I cannot figure out the suction cup with the fishing line. 1st off, there is nothing on the unit to tie the fishing line to!!! Why not put a little hook on the bottom or something. I used my own longer piece of fishing line and tied it around the base (which was not easy), and then ran into the second problem..... the suction cup would hold for about an hour and then release. So the fountain would just float to the side and after about two hours of the little spurting I would have to add water because it shot all the water out of the birdbath.
Not sure if their customer service reads these, but perhaps mine is defective and a new one would help, but I am now past Amazon's one month return policy.

Update: September 15, 2015 - Solariffic responded to my original post with a video on cleaning the fountain, which I had already done thoroughly. I let them know it was cleaned and they sent me a self-addressed box to return my fountain in. they sent me a new one, and it seems to be working fine after about two weeks. I did bump them up 2 stars for customer service. I understand that every manufacturer has some bad production, and they at least stood behind their product and sent me a new one. If the new on continues to work well, I will return and upgrade my review. thank you Solariffic for quick response to my issue.
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