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on February 23, 2014
I hate using treadmills and cycling machines. However, I have found that elliptical machines are perfect for me in terms of actually getting up and working out. When I decided to buy one for my home, I searched the net for tips and reviews. Between review articles, Amazon reviews, YouTube reviews, equipment forums, and testing them in B&M stores, I decided that this unit was the best fit for me.

I was able to assemble this unit by myself, but I would recommend getting a second person to make sure it goes smoothly. Most people will need a second person to move the box and/or the flywheel section in to position. Luckily, my setup was close to where the package was left, after delivery, and I was able to slide it into position. The instructions are in 4 sections and easy to follow. If you do a search for assembly videos on Google or Youtube, there is a great video on someone assembling this exact unit.

In using the machine, it is very sturdy and quiet. When using it, there is no sway or movement outside of what is suppose to happen. The machine is completely quiet except for the computer ringing at certain points and the motor working when you adjust the incline. It does allow backward rotation, for those that like to vary their routine in that way. The handles allow multiple grips to suit your preference. The footholds are not cushioned, but can be adjusted up and down. There is no adjustment of the stride length, other than what minimal changes occur as you use the income. It does come with a heart rate monitor, which is more accurate that the hand grip pulse monitor. The computer system is very basic for this price point, but with the software on tablets and phones, you should be able to substitute any deficiencies you notice with the unit.

I would highly recommend testing this unit in a store before you purchase. I think most will realize instantly that this is one of the better units at this price point. In addition, the warranty details are great from this company. Amazon's price was great and shipping was decent (will require a freight service and signature delivery).
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on March 24, 2017
Spent a lot of time reviewing the different Elliptical machines. Consumer Reports, Google, Amazon, this model seemed to float to the top. Shopped around for best price and Amazon one. After ordering it the manufacture put it on sale for $259 less, but there was no way out because it had been shipped. Box arrived on time. They said they would only deliver it to the curb, but driver backed his tractor trailer in our driveway and put the box into our garage. So 5 stars for delivery. Assemble went very well. One cover was cracked. I called customer service, slightly fearful because of some of the negative reviews. I was told I was number 2 in the queue. Seconds later I was talking to Shane. Because I had registered on line, it took less than 60 seconds for Shane to tell me he would have it shipped out today or the next day. He then volunteered some basic maintenance tips. Unit appears very well built, it runs very smoothly. I am very excited and hope to update my review after I have put a month of daily operation on it. My only negative so far is missing the manufacturers sale that would have saved some big dollars.
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on January 25, 2013
I bought this elliptical at a local shop on sale yesterday, picked it up in a truck and assembled and used it all in the same night.

First of all, this box is crazy heavy. It's going to take 2-3 strong people to maneuver it anywhere. My plan was to disassemble the box in the first room and take the pieces into the basement where I would assemble the unit completely. All parts in the box were easy for one person to move except for the flywheel and attached legs. The bulkiness and weight make it almost impossible to remove from the box unless you break it down. I ended up calling a friend over where it took 3 of us to move the bulky piece.

From there it took 3.5 hours to assemble fully by myself. My first suggestion is to only open one "section" of nuts and bolts at a time and organize and count them using the reference chart. Doing this made me realize that one of the washers had accidentally slipped into another section and saved me a ton of time trying to locate it. Also, the screwdriver and wrenches included were decent but if you have access to a nice set of socket wrenches, it is going to save you a lot of time cranking down on some of the heavier bolts and also allow you to get better torque on the critical areas of the device which can lead to noises if not tightened properly. The build construction of the pieces seemed to be very good. Everything fit perfectly and the build went without problem.

Before you put all the plastic trim pieces on (which cover a lot of the bolted joints) test drive the elliptical for a while. If you hear any knocks, go back to the areas where the arms are bolted together and torque them down more. This eliminated a small knock for me. You may hear a squeak in the back area but that means you need to apply some of the supplied lube to the metal rails where the rubber wheels roll along. After doing this, the machine was near silent.

I am 6'1" and the ceiling in my basement is shy of 7.5' (~90"). I would say at my height and ceiling height this is the absolute minimum you want. My head nearly touches my rafters of my unfinished ceiling while standing on it on the lowest incline. I had to move the machine parallel to the rafters so that my head would be positioned between them. It's a little tight but doable. You are going to ideally want an 8 foot (finished) ceiling if you are pushing 6'.

No complaints at all with the operation of the elliptical. I did a 20 minute session on lowest resistance and experience no discomfort in the knees or ankles. Holding onto the upper arms while riding seems to cause you to lean a little too far forward so I tend to grip a little lower.

There is a nice little ledge built into the display which is perfect for fitting an iPad and built in speakers that can be utilized.

I will update this review in the future as it gets more use.
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on January 2, 2014
It took my brother-in-law and myself about an hour to put together. It would have been shorter if we would have only read the directions (my bad).

I had a total knee replacement a year ago and needed something that wasn't jarring on my joints. This fits the bill. I thought that I'd just get on it and go to town. The first time I lasted about two minutes. It isn't as easy as it looks! That said, if you keep it up it can give you a great workout. I'm up to 15 minutes on the cardioburn setting (3+ laps) and am looking forward to even better workouts as I get in better conditioning. My wife had the same reaction and she's in pretty good shape. It can be a definite workout!

Don't use the fan as we have a ceiling fan a few feet away.

It's not cheap, but I would recommend it to anyone.
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on August 23, 2014
Now that I've had it for a year, I can say that I am completely satisfied with this purchase. Definitely not the most affordable elliptical out there, but this is as close to gym quality that you are going to get for a home elliptical. I am 6'1" and 215lbs. I can easily go over 70 rpm with no issues. The stride is just right and the pedals have some up and down adjustment. I would have like side to side adjustment of the pedals. The unit is very stable. I have no weird sounds or wobbling. The heart monitor strap works everytime and it seems to be very accurate and responsive. I have no use for the fan or the speakers, but for those that like those extras they are there. I don't think they add any value to the unit. I think assembly is best with two people and I would recommend using your own tools when possible since the tools included are flimsy. Not too hard to assemble, but it is time consuming, plan for a couple of hours.
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on November 6, 2015
When we first got this thing, I didn't anticipate giving it five stars. The package it came in was huge and HEAVY. My husband and I spent the first day just dismantling the box and everything in it so we could put it together the next day. It took a few hours to assemble, and there were some bumps along the way since it's so awkward and requires a lot of space. Once assembled, however, it's great. The fan, as others have said, is useless, but that is honestly the only negative I can think of. It's super quiet, and has everything necessary to get in some quick cardio at home. The lap measuring feature is a great motivator, it has a wide range of inclines and resistance, and the heart rate monitor it comes with is accurate as far as I can tell. If you're looking for a quiet elliptical you can use while watching TV or listening to music, this is it.
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on February 11, 2013
I did a lot of research on elliptical machines before buying the 2013 Sole E35. With exercise equipment, there tend to be two price tiers - home use and commercial. Commercial elliptical machines can cost $2,000-$5,000 or more and are designed to withstand regular abuse. The home use products are usually made as cheaply as possible, with the goal being to entice the customer with low prices to purchase something they will use just a couple of times. However, I wanted a machine that would be sturdy, stable, smooth, and enjoyable to use, but didn't want to pay commercial prices. After reading numerous reviews on the internet, trying some machines in department stores (including the E35), and hearing positive reviews of Sole as a company, I settled on the Sole E35.

Shipping: We ordered directly from Sole by calling them (go to their website). You can mention that you have heard about people getting discounted prices down to 1100 dollars, and they should match this. Sole shipped via ABF, which did a great job. They called me when they were 20 minutes away so I could come home from work and sign for the package. The box arrived in good condition, with nothing dented, broken, ripped, etc. The box is enormous and weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 lbs., so I would recommend getting someone to help you move it to the desired location.

Assembly: It's a bear. I did it alone over the course of about 8 hours, but I went pretty slow. The large drive part of the machine is super awkward to move, so you will need another person (or in my case, some creativity and ignorance of healthy lifting mechanics) to get it into position. The instructions are okay, but you basically get 4 figures to show quite a lot of steps. Also there are several Left / Right pieces that could have been marked with a sticker or something, but it's left to the consumer to figure it out. Not a big deal, just something they could have done a little better.

Getting it to work and troubleshooting: So the first time I go to turn it on, nothing happens. I'm flipping the switch on the base of the machine and the screen doesn't turn on, nothing lights up, etc. Turns out that the large socketed plug for the console had come loose during assembly. Once I fixed that, it turned on just fine.

Squeaking: I used the machine a little before it was fully assembled, and nothing squeaked. Then after I had put all the plastic covers on in the final step, it started squeaking rather loudly with each stride. To fix it, the instruction book tells you to wipe off the rails and wheels with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth. I did this very thoroughly and then added a little of the supplied lube with a paper towel all over the rails. Instantly the squeak was gone. We have put a couple hours of use on the machine since then and the squeak has not returned.

Using the elliptical:
+ Overall it feels pretty solid, smooth, stable. The stride length feels pretty good and the motion rather natural. The machine can rock a little side to side if I'm being aggressive, but it might be due to my uneven concrete floor. I will try to put some shims underneath and see if that helps. Also I wonder if a mat would help.
+ The user interface is nicely designed, with buttons on the arms to adjust incline or resistance level.
+ The range of incline and resistance is nice (both go to 20). On 5 incline and 5 resistance, I feel I get a pretty good work out. It's nice that you can adjust both while using the machine.
+ I like the handle bar design. It gives you the flexibility to change your grip between palms facing in, palms facing down, and a further out palms facing-in grip.
- There is an assembly step that requires you to use a long twist tie (supplied) to fish a cable through the mast. I mistakenly removed the twist tie before this step, thinking it was packaging. Thankfully I was able to re-fish the twist tie and get the cable through the mast. However, Sole could have just installed a socketed cable here and eliminated the need to fish the cable.
- The fan is pretty much worthless. It's either on or off and moves very little air. Oh well.
- The built-in speakers may be the worst speakers I've ever heard. Seriously. Everything but the treble is distorted into oblivion. But I didn't buy this for a stereo system.

I would not let the fan and speakers deter me from buying this. I would rather have a well built elliptical than a shoddy one with great speakers and a powerful fan.

The Sole E35 is a great elliptical machine for home use once you get it assembled. It's a great compromise for someone wanting a solid machine without paying the commercial prices for a gym-quality machine.
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on November 6, 2013
I got this machine (2014 E35) 5 days ago and I have logged about 5 hours on it so far. Other than a little squeak that has just started, I am so so so pleased with it. The thing is SOLID and it's so quiet I can use it in the same room as someone else watching TV without cranking the volume. We had our doubts, but this thing is really well-built. I did a few years of research and tested out a bunch of different machines before I took the plunge and I am really glad I did. It's more expensive than some of the other brands but the quality is so far above that it's worth it. I am 34 and began running about 6 months ago to get in shape; since that becomes a little more challenging in winter months in the northern states, I wanted to eventually switch to an elliptical. I can not believe how low-impact it is. My muscles are getting a workout but it just doesn't feel quite as agonizing as the running and the impact is low so my limps and aches are gone.

Word to the wise: Save yourself some money and put it together yourself. It will give you an understanding of how it goes together in case you need to tighten or lube anything later and it's easier to do it yourself than to call a repair person or having to live with an annoying knock or a squeak. Truly, it isn't rocket science. I am a female with an average understanding of tools and, despite having to google the order that one puts on washers, bolts, and nuts, I got it done in a little under 4 hours.

Also: this sucker is bulky. It's a beast to move the box. Because of that solid build, moving the flywheel while putting it together is also a beast. I had help getting the box into the room I wanted it. I unboxed it approximately where I wanted it to go and after unpacking, I left the flywheel on its styrofoam pedestal to keep it vertical until I needed it. Because of this, I was able to put it together with no help.

Another note: I have my own toolbox with socket wrenches and these were really handy. You could do it with the wrenches they provide but it would take longer.

12/20/13 update (Owned since 11/1/13): Still awesome. I've lost count of how many hours I've put on it now but I'm still absolutely pleased. I cue up something on Netflix and the workout's done in no time. The occasional squeak from the tracks is easily remedied by wiping it off and applying a little of the provided lube. I still can't get over how quiet it is.
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on June 5, 2014
Picked up the very heavy box at the freight house because that was more convenient than waiting for a delivery. When I got it home my medium duty hand cart collapsed under the weight and I ended up carrying the parts down to my walk out basement- my first Sole workout!
I laid out the parts, fasteners, and reviewed the assembly instructions and within 3 casual hours had the unit assembled. If you have standard ratcheting metric tools other than those tools provided by Sole that will speed up assembly time. Installing all those pesky plastic covers takes longer than assembling the machine!
After assembly I started using the machine and found it to be a very quiet and smooth machine- you can indeed watch TV at normal volume using this elliptical. The only downside items I found were as mentioned in other posts, the display is ancient technology, user programming is slower than I liked- how about a touchscreen upgrade Sole? Takes up a lot of real estate. Would definitely purchase again.
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on July 13, 2015
I gave this product 5 stars simply for the quality and heavy material this machine is constructed from. The bolt holes line up perfectly and everything fits just right. It will take a solid three hours to assemble. I have only two gripes about it. Some of the machine screws would not thread in. Secondly the owners manual has an exploded view for assembly that nearly takes a microscope to see. I sub'd some self tappers in the bad holes and got some 3 dollar "cheaters" for the book and all is well. The reviews said that it's well made and they were right.
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