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on December 14, 2014
I replaced my Diamondback(1260ef) of ~9 years, after considerable research the Sole e95 looked like a better buy at ~$1000 less.
It was easy to put together with the supplied hardware and a screwdriver.

The machine works my upper thighs and calfs a lot harder which is great! It is much smoother and way way quieter (almost no noise) than the Diamondback.I Do Not have the TV volume as loud as when using the diamondback which makes for a nicer workout.The majority of the noise is from the supplemental fan I use as my workout is 1hr. The fan on the Sole doesn't do much at all.(it does help a bit) The tv remote fits and stays in the small compartment in the console.
The other nice feature is the adjustable foot pedals,5°-10°(toe down)to minimize the balls of the feet and toes from falling asleep on a long workout,an excellent feature for me as there was no adjustment on the diamondback for that.(painful at times)

Customer service is outstanding!! the best,really friendly and helpful.They would have sent a Tech. but I said that I could do it.

Had a problem where the hand control didn't adjust the level during workout They sent me the switch and wires(really simple to replace) That was not the problem.. so they sent me a new console... that one had a different problem... so they sent me another and that took care of the issue and It has been working GREAT ever since.

So from mid Oct. to now (mid Dec.) I have been working it 1hr.per day and 5-6 days a week and still love it despite the initial speed bump with the quality control. It would have received a 5 star if there were no initial problem with it.
We'll see how long it lasts.

7/1/2016 Wow! Customer service is the absolute best! Developed a squeak in L peddle then R peddle It got so loud I couldn't stand it. Took them apart an lubed lower pads contact area with thick silicone grease.. Yes it worked but in 15 min it came back called customer service and the are sending a set of new peddles right away. They are the most friendly and cooperative customer service I have ever dealt with.
I really should be giving them a 5+ star rating for their customer service.
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on January 15, 2014
DELIVERY: Chances are it was a day or two late due to a shipping error but no big deal.
UNBOXING: It was harder to take it out of the secured box than it was to put together.
ASSEMBLY:[...] Amazon did not let me add the link, so go on YOUTUBE and search Sole E35 assembly, the E95 is not that much different.
Perhaps I looked at the book a little but the above video is great.
WORKOUT: I have used it twice. I was not totally out of shape and have been using a 20 year old health rider for the past two years. Immediately I noticed a better leg work out, the jury is still out on the arms.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: I had to call Sole for one small setting problem. They were quick, knowledgeable and friendly in answering my question.
NOISE: No noise as of yet.
SIZE: Think big when ordering. Its set up in my living room and I am already thinking of a better location.
WHEELS: I am sure that I overlooked it in the description, but there are two wheels on the front that make the E95 mobile by lifting up the heavy rear end and moving it to a desired location.
WEIGHT: In one word HEAVY.

I will update at a later time if there are any things that needs to be added.

UPDATE: As of March 21 its still going strong. I securely fastened the arms and as of yet I still have no noise. The machine is a great leg and cardio work out for me but not so much for the arms. But cardio and fat burn were the reasons that I bought it. The heart monitor is virtually useless but again that is not the reason that I got it. I still think that it is a great machine.
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on January 23, 2016
Have had the machine about two months now and love it. Absolutely no issues, though putting it together was time consuming. I am an engineer so I didn't find it difficult, but really took my time as some of the reviews complained about assembly difficulty. I also torqued the bolts to ensure I didn't have issues with noise down the road that some complained about. Super quiet workout - I watch TV at a surprisingly low sound level.
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on May 19, 2014
I bought this elliptical machine after looking at several models in person and reading reviews about the product quality and customer satisfaction of the Sole line. Overall, I'm pleased with the machine and it rivals the more expensive brands I have used in gyms. The elliptical is much larger in person than expected but the build quality is definitely there. I opted for the E95 instead of the slightly cheaper E35 due to the ability to control elevation with a button push. I do like that feature. The foot pedals are adjustable but I have not been able to move the adjustment screws. I'll need to take a wrench to them, as they are too tight to be moved by hand. The slide rails make squeaking noises, despite frequently (daily) cleaning. Overall, it is a good product. I use it daily for 45 min and truly feel a whole body effect after using it. It is a good purchase. Full stars would have come if the foot pedals were easily adjusted and the noise was not present.
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on June 19, 2015
This arrived on time but the shipping container was damaged; there were a few small scratches on the equipment when we opened it, nothing worth the hassle of re-boxing it & exchanging it. It took us a few hours to assemble (the longest part was attaching all the "cosmetic" plastic covers but they definitely make the machine look so much nicer) and was pretty straight forward; the required tools are even included!! The machine is very well made, especially for the price point! It's heavy and feels really solid; the mechanisms move smoothly too! The instructions say to really tighten down every nut & bolt - follow this advice!! We've had to tighten some after a few hours of use due to minor squeaks (that isn't to say it feels like anything was loose or the equipment would fall apart, we just found the noise irritating), but it hasn't effected performance. In addition, we've had apparent minor glitches with the heart rate monitor strap; on the Heart Rate program it has re-set itself a few minutes into the exercise program (not had that problem using other programs just on HR) but it could be we weren't wearing the monitor correctly. We'll see if this continues but seems a minor inconvenience at this point).
Overall we like this and it seems to work for both my husband (a big & tall guy at almost 300 pounds) and for me (a 5' 3" 130 lb woman) and hopefully we'll still like it when were sizes smaller : )
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on November 20, 2013
Great machine. Mine is super quiet. If you apply the grease on the rails and just align the foot steps properly, it is a smooth and quiet machine. Worth the money. Make sure your ceiling height is 8 feet or more; it puts you up high.
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on January 17, 2015
I researched elliptical machines extensively before purchasing. This is my first and a rather expensive machine and I wanted to make the right decision. I purchased this particular model based on its features - the large stride length since we are tall (6'2") and a nice incline to get a varied and more challenging workout. I would rather purchase one that lasts for years rather than a cheaper, wobbly one without the workout features we desired.
It is stable and super quiet except for the beep when the machine starts up, ensuring that you can work out without waking anyone up. The glide is very smooth, and the quality of the machine is great, too. I got the extended warranty offered through Amazon.
Highly recommend this elliptical trainer!
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on May 19, 2015
I love this Elliptical. I opted for this model because when I began working out, I was 330lbs, and was worried about about a wimpy piece of equipment breaking and embarrassing my pride. This really fit the bill. I workout once a day for 45 minutes. My roommate cannot believe how quiet this machine it is. There is virtually no sounds. What a huge change from my old treadmill. I can workout at 6AM and not a sound is made. I really do appreciate the quality of this product. Back to the beginning, the box was large and heavy. It did take me a few hours to put it together. I did have to use a little of the lube on the rails to eliminate a squeak. Otherwise everything went well. FYI I am 6'3" and I think we have 8ft ceilings, and I an not hitting my head on the ceiling. I love it, and am happy to keep working towards my health goals.
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on March 22, 2013
What sold me was the build quality and the solid, smooth feel when using it. I went to Sears to do some testing, so I jumped from one machine to the other. This unit was by far the best is the sub $2,000 range. I ended up ordering it from SOLE's website. I recieved the unit in a couple of days. It took about 3-1/2 hrs to unbox and set the unit up (by myself). My complaints (and why I did't give it a 5 star rating) is:

1. The hardware (bolts, washers, etc.) are not the best quality. They skimped on the washers and have you only putting washers on one side in most places. This leads to ugly looking scratched paint when bolt turns. Washers bend and cause metal (frame) under them start to cave in when tightening. Metric size hex heads and (possibly undersized - cheap from China?) causes wrenches to slip off (rounding bolt/nut heads).

2. They really didn't provide the best option to set your iPod/MP3 player, etc. Blocks view of LCD (stupid!).

3. Speakers are an insult!!! They should have just left them out. Just plain crap!!! Have I made my point on this? I had to order a soundbar speaker to hang (somehow) in front of the elliptical.

4. With today's technology and apps that people put on their devices, they should have accommodated these programs into the electronics. Also, it would be nice to upload your workout to your computer (wirelessly) and track your progress. Nordictrack has this on their elliptical in this price range. I almost bought theirs just for that reason.

I hope this helps. It's time to workout now!


I'm lowering my review from a 4 star to a 3 star rating after one month of use.

There seems to be some problems that have haunted these units from earlier models and SOLE has not fixed them.

Clicking and sloppy movement in the arms from bad or under/over sized bearings.

Noise coming from the foot pedals from washers rubbing against something and not lubricated properly (repair guy just told me this is a common problem).

I'm waiting for the repair guy to make a second trip to my house to make more repairs.
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on March 9, 2015
I received this elliptical from Amazon about a month ago. The box was damaged when delivered and one of the controls was cracked. Amazon offered to ship a replacement or help coordinate a repair with the manufacturer, Sole. I called the Sole support line on a Saturday. The Sole technician was very friendly and helpful and offered to send a replacement part, at no cost.

I was able to assemble and use the unit while I waited for the damaged part (the left handle bar with incline control). The instructions, tools provided, and part labels helped to simplify assembly. It was about a 90 minute job. My one recommendation would be to make the example drawings larger in the instructions booklet. It was sometimes difficult to match a part number in the instructions with the drawing. The replacement part arrived after about 4 days - and was easily swapped.

A few days after I informed Amazon that Sole was sending the replacement part, Amazon provided me a discount credit for having to deal with a damaged unit. Both Amazon and Sole provided fantastic support in resolving my issue.

As for the performance of the elliptical, I am more than satisfied and have already recommended the Sole E95 to multiple friends/colleagues. The unit is very quiet during use. I apply a little lube (provided in the package) to the rails about once a week - or whenever I hear a few squeaks. I have only used a few of the program controls, but there are plenty of options for varying the workout. The speakers work quite well. I have a small tablet cabled to the audio input and either watch a video or listen to music during each workout. The built-in fan provides a little air flow, but not much. One of the benefits of working out is achieving a good sweat - so I'm ok with the fan as is. You'll need an external fan if you really want to stay cool.

I had researched this class of ellipticals before buying ($1500-2500 range). The Sole E95 received very high ratings. In my opinion, it is nearly as good as the much more expensive models at the fitness centers, and much better quality than the models typically found at local sports and fitness stores. Very satisfied customer!

Note: For some reason (maybe related to me receiving a damaged shipped unit), my elliptical order still shows In Transit. I just noticed this post may not say that this is for a Verified Purchase - but it is.
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