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on June 24, 2014
I'm a 6'6" 340 pound man, let me lead with that.

My wife and I did ample research, including reading all these reviews, and all the reviews for several other models. We also went to Dick's to walk on our leading models once we narrowed it down online.

This thing is a solid beast and so far is working well. It holds me with no flimsy-ness at all while I'm running at full speed. It also folds up and rolls around real easy which is awesome.

It's ridiculously heavy. The delivery guy said he couldn't go past the front of my house. I'm massive and very strong, and we were able to get this down into our lower floor just me and my wife, but we broke two stairs in the process. The package was over 300 pounds. My wife put it together pretty easily with just a little bit of my help holding stuff in place while she fastened things.

As of 6/24/2014, the treadmill is awesome and has been used every day. We bought it two weeks ago. If something goes wrong or something comes up that I would have wanted to know prior to buying I will update this review.

As of 1/4/2015, the treadmill is still awesome and gets lots of use. It does squeak a little now because I haven't oiled it yet and I'm still putting it off. I am now a 320 pound man.

As of 9/25/2016, it's still a flawless beast. The only thing lacking is my motivation, but when I fire it up it still runs like it's brand new. Except for the squeak which two years deep I still haven't oiled for the first time. It did come w/ oil, I'll get to it...
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on March 12, 2015
First lesson when reading reviews from other people who have purchased products here on or any other website: Read the negative reviews first! Most 4-5 star reviews over shadow the minority that are negative. Had I done this I probably could have avoided a lot of headaches with this purchase.

I did what I thought was some thorough research on treadmills before finally deciding on purchasing the Sole F80 model. It had some "great" reviews from what I had read and seemed like a good solid machine for the price range I was willing to spend, as well as a great warranty. I also had a chance to try it out in a Dick's Sporting Goods store. It seemed pretty user friendly as well.

I originally received this item on 1-19-15. The box it came it was a bit banged up but the product inside seemed fine. The driver was able to get it in into my garage but not up the stairs, which I had informed the trucking company prior to them coming.

I had a friend of mine come over and help me un-box the items. Then we took it upon ourselves to carry the main deck up a few flights of stairs. The deck is very heavy and a bit awkward to carry. You need at least three people. We were able to get it into my living room. From there we carried the rest of the parts upstairs.

I then proceeded to put the treadmill together. The instructions are a bit hard to follow only because the diagrams included in the manual are not very big. I used my Samsung tablet to view instructional videos online in order to help me better understand how to put this thing together.

Another lesson learned is to really read the instructions and become familiar with all the parts that are included. I separated everything into a small box cover; screws, plastic covers, etc. I missed one step at the very beginning and had to disassemble everything to fix my mistake; a piece of the handle bar cover needed to be slid through the post on the right side before other steps! So what would have taken me about a half hour took almost two.

Then I was ready to give the machine a whirl! I followed the instructions on how to start it. And it started but stopped after eight seconds. I got an "LS1" error, or low speed error. So I referred to the manual to see if I could trouble shoot the problem.

After several attempts I had no luck and decided to call the Sole customer service number. I spoke with a customer service rep, who tried to guide me over the phone. I told me to check the speed sensor. Then he asked if certain lights were lit or not. After following his suggestions, he came to the conclusion that it could be a pinched cable/cables. He put in an order for three of them and said I would be contacted by the service company (Fitzpro LLC) that would be servicing the machine.

I decided to go back and read more reviews on the Sole F80. To my surprise and dismay, I read a lot of people complaining about the "LS1" error, that it was a nightmare to deal with and some just never had any success in getting this issue fixed.

Sole sent the cables regular mail, which took about a week to receive. Then it took about another week for a service tech to come out and try and fix the machine.

The tech came and tried to replace the cables. No luck. There is a green light on the control board that was still lit, which shouldn't be. So the tech concluded I needed a new motherboard and another part. I requested that these be expedited to me. It took about a week or so to get. Then another it took another week for the tech to come out again!

The second time the tech came, he tried replacing the old parts with the new. No luck. Still got the "LS1" error. The tech decided to have Sole order me a new control console. Took about a week to receive and another two weeks to set an appointment for them to come out and try to fix.

This past Sunday, a tech was supposed to come out but never did. There was a major communication breakdown between the person who scheduled the appointment and the tech. To say the least, I had already decided that if they could not fix the machine this past Sunday, that I was going to return it for a full refund.

With that said, I am expecting a trucking company to come to my house today and finally take this thing out of my house! All it's been doing is collecting dust and sticking out like a sore thumb in my living room.

At this point I am not even sure if I will attempt to purchase any other brand of treadmill. I was hoping to have been on a regular exercise schedule by now but my frustrations with this experience have really put a downer on things.

On the positive side I do have to commend for being very accommodating. I called them on day one when I was having issues, told them that I would try and give the machine a chance before returning it. They extended my return window an extra thirty days and even credited my account $180 plus tax for my troubles. Unfortunately it did not work out.

I hope my review and experience helps enlighten some of those considering making a purchase for the Sole F80 or any other machine!

UPDATE: Not sure what happened but the truck never came and no one ever called to let me know! Another communication breakdown!
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on February 12, 2016
The treadmill itself is great. Nothing new to add to other reviews. Three things though:

1. Check the box before you accept delivery. First box from Amazon was crushed and ripped open. Refused delivery, contacted customer service, second box great.
2. Belt completely unlubricated from the factory. Check and lube before you use the treadmill.
3. Factory roller size set to wrong diameter in computer (6.4"). Manual also incorrectly says 6.38". The treadmill has a 6.75" roller. Set it to correct size if indicated speed and distance matters to you. A too-small roller setting will make the treadmill too fast for indicated speed.
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on March 16, 2016
Now that my treadmill is FINALLY operational, I really like it. But the saga to get to this point was frustrating. I ordered my treadmill in January and scheduled my delivered as required for Thursday, January 28. Because it is scheduled to arrive between "9 AM and 9 PM," you have to take time off from work to be there so you can sign for it (because of the cost). Imagine my surprise when I received a call from the trucking company on the 26th, two days early. The fellow was at my house. He did graciously volunteer to sign my name for me and leave it on the driveway. Bad idea. So I rushed home from work, opened the overhead garage door, and he wheeled it inside. Unfortunately I'd scheduled three college football players to carry it in on Thursday, so I couldn't park in the garage the next two days until they could come.
My husband put it together on Friday. It went together smoothly. I turned it on. It ran for approximately 45 seconds then shut off completely and would not start again. No lights, no nothing. Hmmm. I called the service number at Sole and they sent out a new wiring set and arranged for a local provider (100 miles away in my case) to install it. The wiring system arrived quickly, I contacted the service provider, and it took them about 10 days to get there, but they arrived on the correct date and at the scheduled time. Unfortunately, there was nothing wrong with the wiring. Another phone call to Sole; now they would send out a power motor control box. My husband was home when the repairman was there, and it looked easy enough to install, so he agreed to do it instead of another 100-mile service trip. The motor control box arrived; my husband installed it without any trouble. Voila! My treadmill worked.

Except that it wouldn't shut off. It would slow down to 0.50 MPH but it wouldn't shut off unless I went around to the front or unplugged it. So I ran the calibration sequence. Moving along smoothly... and after 10 minutes, it was still running at 10 MPH. I called Sole again. No, definitely not normal. This time they sent out another wiring set, another motor control box, AND an entirely new console. The parts arrived quickly, I called to schedule the installation of everything, and they came quickly.

Everything now works. But it's been 47 days since it arrived (early) and it only now works completely. I'm giving it a 4-star review because Sole was extremely good about getting everything out to me immediately and the service provider was dependable. The treadmill is smooth and quiet; the deck is wide and long, which is nice because my husband is a big man. He says the console handgrips are too low and I would agree with him; it makes it difficult to check your heart rate. But my knees are very happy about the cushioned deck and it's easy to fold up. I'll update the review in a month after it's had some miles on it.
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on January 22, 2015
Ready many great reviews and therefore purchased. Freight delivery to garage. This machine is extremely heavy. Took four adults to move it to second floor. I put it together and used it two weeks and broke down. 4-6 calls to Sole Service. They had many suggestions. Finally new motherboard and transformer sent to me. I replaced both myself. Machine worked another week and then same breakdown (Slow speed error...stops machine). Because within 30 days Sole suggested I request refund or return. Either way, they directed me to Amazon. Amazon was great about the refund BUT, they want me to repackage for freight shipment return. I told them I threw the massive box away. They said do the best you can. OK, but I still have to take it apart and get four more people to help me carry this thing down stairs. You'll save a $100 buying on Amazon BUT if you get a lemon like I did, good luck taking it apart doing the work to send it back (even if you save the box).
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on April 6, 2017
My previous treadmill died from a lightning strike surge, so I went out looking for that 'bang for the buck' runner treadmill. The Sole Fitness F80 seemed about right for price, quality, and reviews from heavy usage runners.

This review is 3.5 years after purchase and my F80 is still going strong. Both my wife and I use it regularly and it does what it is supposed to do - steadily function as a good treadmill.


Nice platform that has not faltered. All buttons and handles are ergonomically in the right place. Treadmill width is just right for the average runner and it seems to have a decent cushioning effect.

I rarely use the treadmill's programmed functions anymore. Used to put it on some of the programs for Weight Loss and Cardio and Hills for variety. During those times I could program the treadmill to remember my favorite workouts - timing, process, speed, and whatnot. I know that there is a secondary program for another runner, but we never used the feature.

This treadmill was in our old guest room and it folded up to maybe 1/2 the footprint nicely. I could get it mostly out of the way, but not really folded neatly. A nice feature.


It started squeaking at the 3 year mark. I looked up how to WD40 the platform and it was a long and complicated process. Would have loved to have easy access points and a guide for lubrication (graphite or WD40 or other). But no. The squeak is not horrendous...just would rather have an easy process.

The fans on the front are a nice feature, but they are a bit wimpy. I had to add a floor fan to help with airflow.
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on August 26, 2014
I purchased this brand new treadmill on June 24th . After setting up treadmill we noticed that the incline function was not working. I contacted the company and they quickly sent out the parts needed to repair. It has now been 2 months and we are unable to get someone out to complete the repair.
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on March 11, 2016
I almost didn't buy this after reading others reviews, but I'm glad I did.

With some creativity I was able to unbox it, set it up, and move it on top of a gym mat by myself- 145lb woman. I ran 12 miles on it that day and everything worked perfectly!!!

The only issue I had was the calibration - the book from sole says set wheel diameter to 2.36 when in fact it should be 2.81-2.83

"Good morning,

The wheel size for your machine should be between 2.81 - 2.83. Once you change this and the unit fully calibrates, the setting will be stored. Powering the machine off will not cause you to lose the settings. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Sole Service"
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on May 27, 2015
I can't say enough good things about this treadmill! It is as sturdy as one you would use as any nice gym and has basically all the bells and whistles too. I have mine sitting on a fairly thick rubber mat to protect the carpet underneath it and so far it's working great. The only issue was that when it's delivered, it's in a box about the height of a refrigerator and easily just as heavy. They do not being the treadmill into your home and they do not set it up for you. Luckily I had someone to help me bring it in the house, but it was still crazy heavy for two fairly strong people. That was really the only downside. Putting it together was really simple once it was in the house....took maybe about an hour total to move and assemble. Very happy with this treadmill, I use it for walking as well as running. The motor itself is extremely quiet and very smooth. The incline also goes up to 15% which is a huge plus. I highly recommend this treadmill!
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on March 26, 2017
So far, so good! Everything works as expected. However:
The instructions are terrible. Just watch the YouTube videos on how to put a Sole machine together and it helps. Once we got that figured out, it was a piece of cake. The only other thing is the little clip bits in step 2. Unfortunately you need to set this up away from a wall or else you will struggle to put those pieces on. The ones on both sides in front of the machine are at about a 60-degree angle toward the ground. The clip thing goes over the screw hole, then the plastic cover, then the screw goes in. I ended up only screwing in the top and back screws on each cover, but since this piece is largely cosmetic, I don't foresee it hindering the use of the machine.
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