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on January 31, 2017
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be locked in a completely dark room with no sound? This is exactly the situation that Alex is put into Solitary by Alexander Gordon Smith. This book is the second book in the Escape From Furnace series. In this book, Alex and Zee are placed in solitary, where they must fight against their mind to avoid going insane. Along the way, they meet Simon, a horrible human experiment gone wrong, who promises to help them escape, but can he really be trusted? I give this book 1.5 star out of 5.
This book is the second installment in the Escape From Furnace Series. The setting is rather boring. The majority of the book is set in a solitary confinement chamber where it is too dark to know what time it is. I feel that putting such a boring setting into the book for such a long interval of time makes the story boring.
The characters are very underdeveloped. New characters who are introduced are just barely described, and their character does not get any more information added to it throughout the book. In fact, for the most part, every character acts the exact same. They all have a “Do what’s right” attitude that really takes away from the story.
The plot of this book tries very hard to be engaging, but it is simply lackluster. Yet again the setting of A dark room provides very little for the story to play with, and the only way the writer can add a little spice to the story is by having the characters briefly escape the solitary chambers only to end up in them shortly time and time again.
Overall, I think that that Alexander Gordon Smith went in the wrong direction with this book. It did not carry any of the momentum from the first book, which was very good. I do not recommend this book to anyone.
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on August 29, 2015
Once one enters the Furnace universe, it's difficult for me to imagine how anyone could choose to leave it without first devouring every book in this series. Great character development, and awesome story line...not too far removed from where our world might be heading. And all this just makes these books even more terrifying. DEFINITELY recommended.
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on December 13, 2012
When I bought this book on my kindle, I was incredibly worried that it would be a rip-off of the first...and I'm pleased to say that Escape From Furnace: Solitary not only brings new concepts to the series, but in some ways, it was better than it's predecessor. Like the previous book, Solitary was full of suspenseful moments that had me biting my nails and sitting on the edge of my seat, but what really stuck out to me about this book was the raw emotion the author conveyed through the pages. Throughout most of the book, the main character spends his time alone in *Spoilers* solitary confinement after being caught by the warden during his escape, so Alex, the main character, has a lot of time to his thoughts. And what depressing thoughts they were... I'm not complaining, in fact I'm doing quite the opposite. Gordon did an absolutely fantastic job in having Alex express these emotions, so much so, it nearly brought me to tears a couple of times. It was also nice seeing Alex's friendship with Zee develop more in this book, I felt like the last book focused on his friendship with Donovan in such detail, that Zee was sidelined a little. I also liked the new character, Simon, who is introduced as a main protagonist. Anyway, I thought this book was amazing and I recommend it
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on April 14, 2012
Although the details of Furnace get all the more gruesome, as we plunge deeper into its bowls and its many caverns of horrors with Alex and his comrades; I think I was somewhat desensitized to some of it, with the very dark experience of book one.

All the focus is on the escape this go around and we're introduced to the nightmare of The Hole along with more terrors that have been "created" by the Warden and his band of abominations. While more characters from LOCKDOWN die in this installment, others meet with a fate worse than death and a few whose ending has still yet to be discovered.

For me SOLITARY: Escape From Furnace #2 was a strong follow-up read, but not as captivating as its predecessor. There is a lot of internal dialog coming from Alex's head and a good amount of stealthy action. There's just not a ton of actual story and I guess that's why I was slightly less won over this time. Not that I blame Smith for going in this direction with the second book, I mean I get it, at this point "the story" is the actual escape and it obviously need to be done in order to move ahead in the series. But I'm looking forward to what all this prep-work leads to. So book 3 should be good... or I should say, book 3 better be good(hopefully it'll be great). And I guess I'm about to find out.... Just remember one thing, "Don't forget your name."
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on December 30, 2012
I have this review up for the first two novels in this series. I have really enjoyed the first two novels of this series. I plan on purchasing the other offerings and hope they continue to be good novels. There is a need to develop a strong suspension of disbelief because of the extreme environment developed by the author but once one can become immersed in the environment the characters and storyline are very enjoyable. Also, despite the highly fictional nature of the story I felt that it inspires much thought on the ideas of crime and punishment and we as a species. I have stated before in reviews how very hard it is to develop new and engaging storylines and environments but this author has done an excellent job of giving us a terrifying and engaging local and characters to inhabit it. I wish him them the best and hope to encounter more offerings from them in the future. Best of luck and happy reading.
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on May 11, 2016
One of my favorite series. Rough, tough, quick and dirty. It will leave you thinking about the story for days afterward!
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on February 17, 2016
Excellent series. My girlfriend got me into this and she was missing the second book! So I had to buy it so I could continue reading. Very similar writing style to Darren Shan. Would highly recommend both of authors. Very simple writing and a fast read, but so engrossing and lifelike.

Definitely worth the price and is a series that will be read over and over.
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on August 29, 2016
These books are so well written, in my opinion and I could not get enough of them. Smith pulls you in from the very first sentence and you cant stop reading. He also paints such a vivid picture that almost feels as if you're in the book alongside Alex.
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on December 14, 2012
I haven't even got half way through this book and already ordered the next one! Normally I HATE series books but how can anyone hate anything so good!? O.o
This book was way better than the first with so much detail, I can't wait to figure out who Simon is, and what the hell happened to Donovan? :'( I want to know what the "rats" are and how Monty got turned into a blacksuit and how Simon knows so much about Alex.....AHHHH!!!!! Anticipation is killing me! I need the next book ASAP :D I don't even want to finish Solitary until I get Death Sentence so I can just jump right in to it.
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on July 29, 2011
Definitely will recommend this sequel of Lockdown (escape from Furnace series) to the kids that get hooked on the first book. The story of Alex who is locked up in a creepy, super security prison continues with it's speedy and high interest telling. A good read that is more science fiction in nature than the Cirque du Freak books that a number of my reluctant readers (primarily younger teen boys) enjoyed enough to read all the way through. I recommended Lockdown and Solitary to a few of these same readers with positive comments from them and I must say that I concur with their opinions, so will gladly continue spreading the word to other students looking for a fast-paced science fiction type read.
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