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on December 16, 2010
I was a little worried about this one because of a bad (weak coffee) experience w/ the My K-Cup, but this product worked remarkably well! I didn't think it was difficult to clean using the spray nozzle on the faucet. Also, be careful not to use super fine grounds (as suggested on the package). They will plug up the mesh and result in a half brew of coffee so strong it can not be consumed! Kirkland 100% Columbian-fine ground works well, however.
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on January 27, 2011
It does what it's supposed to. I have a few grumbles, however.
First, of the 4 I bought, on 2 the caps did not close very well, and it would tend to pop open. But it's okay when you pop it in for brewing.
Second, it does not stand on its own on the counter, so you have to hold it while you are filling it - it would be nice to be able to just have it stand on its own.
Third, if the coffee ground is too fine, such as espresso grounds, then the filter plugs and does not work at all.
Fourth, the mini well at the bottom does not clean easily, and the grounds tend to stick in there.
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on December 17, 2010
Great Coffee taste with all the flavors of fresh ground coffee and a French Press with out the mess. Solofill Cup is almost idiot proof. If you can read and follow directions you will have no problem with this. My K Cup works fine, but the Solofill Cup works better. Easier to use, better flow, more of the flavors of fresh ground coffee come through. If you use the right grind, only fill to the fill line, make sure the gasket is clean and snap the lid shut it will work right every time. Added bonus, when I am in a hurry and snap a factory K Cup in, I don't have to change the filter holder. Best $15.00 spent in awhile. Get to use local custom blend fresh whole bean coffee that tastes as good as French Press. My K Cup coffee always lacked some of the flavor, Solofill Cup does not.
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on December 15, 2010
Finally!! I love my Keurig, and I don't mind buying the k-cups. What does bother me is the limited availability of flavored decaf coffees. I am a coffee addict and could drink it all day if it didn't keep me up all night. I have tried every other do it yourself k cup product out there and they all stink! This product actually works. It brews a decent cup of coffee, not watered down and not a single ground of coffee in the cup. This product is worth the money! Thinking about buying a second!
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on December 16, 2010
I have the Keurig My K-Cup and found it to be annoying to have to pull out the insert to use it after I use an actual k-cup. This eliminates that and I've found it to make a better cup of coffee as well. It's a nice one piece design so no messing with the 3 pieces like the My K-cup. Works great.
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on December 21, 2011
Got 3 of these to salve my recycle conscience and save on cost. I have the smallest of the Keurigs and drink 2 cups a day, so I figured I could keep 2 clean. The good news is that size is perfect, fits beautifully and brew is excellent (just using my adc ground Green Mtn coffee). They work great and are 5 star for that. However, they are made in china of all plastic, including the important hinge top that is the one moving part. I am super careful with this, but it's just plastic, rather flimsy, and there's no way it's going to last repeated openings, which of course are necessary for both filling and cleaning. This would not be a killer if they weren't so relatively expensive. I'm sure it can't have cost the producers even a dollar for these. Either upgrade quality or downgrade price!
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on December 24, 2011
I bought two of these, and have been using them for a couple weeks now. They are well built, they seal nicely, and they work great. I've been testing them out on various teas - loose chamomile, green tea, I even took some Tazo out of the tea bags and tried it in the Solofill - all tests passed with flying colors. There isn't much documentation out there for using a Keurig as a tea brewer from loose, but I am extremely pleased withe the results so far - it will press tea from too weak to overly strong depending on grind and amount. I ground some coffee and tried it in the solo - it was great. The pressed coffee using Solofill and Keurig tastes superior to the drip-brewed coffee in our Melitta or Krups coffee maker. A coarser grind on teas and coffees seems to work better, on fine grind the water has trouble pressing through the medium.

Cleaning them is quite easy, as long as you don't wait for the grounds to dry overnight inside the Solofill.

Update 8.2013 - From 4 to 2 stars: Over time, I realized I was wasting a LOT of coffee and tea to compensate for the inadequate flavor extraction of the Keurig. I tried brewing the coffee/tea twice, that didn't work. With the price and plastic waste of the Keurig cups, I've moved back to a tea ball and a drip coffee maker. With the heat-up and start time of the keurig, it's actually faster to make a cup of tea with a microwave and a tea ball.
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on February 22, 2011
Edited to add: I have had this now for 2.5 months and it just broke today. I cannot believe people gave this such glowing reviews. It worked mostly okay for the first couple of months (see my original review below), but this morning the rubber gasket inside the lid just snapped for no apparent reason. The thing is now useless and causes my Keurig to spray coffee everywhere. I am very disappointed with this, especially because it was quite a bit more expensive when I bought it (the price has gone down) and I had to wait for several weeks before it actually arrived. Not to mention all of the glowing reviews.

Original Review:

I bought this because of all the glowing reviews here on Amazon. It had quite a long wait, so I was really excited - figured it must work great. It just works "okay". Mine didn't come with any directions, which would have been nice. I first tried it with some super fine ground coffee, which didn't work. Read online about the regular reusable filter that keurig sells, and it said to use a course ground with it, so I tried that and it does work better now. But the coffee seems watered down to me, and I end up with grounds in my coffee about 30% of the time.

Is it cheaper than the one time use k-cups? Yes. But the coffee isn't as good, it takes more time to brew a single cup (which defeats the purpose of using the Keurig for me), it is messy, and it takes forever for it to brew (the coffee slowly trickles out). And I think this is hard on the machine - it seems to struggle, and I have to clean it way more often than before. I am planning on going back to the regular cups.
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on January 12, 2011
Purchased 2 for my B60 and use it to make Dunkin Donuts coffee. Been using for a few weeks now, and they work like a charm. Being able to keep the same k cup insert in the machine is great, and makes it easy to use a k cup or the solofill without much hassle.

Clean up wasn't the easiest until I read an earlier reviewer mention to just tap the flat end of the solofil against your counter when you take it out of the machine a couple times. Open the cup over the trash with a light shake and it all comes out perfectly. A quick rinse and you have spent all of 10 seconds to clean it out. Build quality is great. And no issues with leaking or spraying.

Only reason I've given 4 stars is because I think a K cup still makes a better brew. I've never found coffee grinds in my brew, but when reaching the bottom I do find some sediment at the bottom of the cup. I think this is just because wire filters will never be as good as your typical paper filters when it comes to brewing coffee. But for the ease of use, affordability, and ability to brew DD coffee. This is the best choice and worth every penny for the design and thought that went into this product.
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on March 22, 2011
4/6/11 Update- On the Solofill, there is too much open filter and not enough solid plastic. After playing with this for a month, the Solofill works a little better with using an old kcup. Cut the top lip off a kcup, tear everything out (so you have a cup with one small hole in it) and put the Solofill in it. You then match up the small hole the Keurig machine made in the kcup on the bottom and put it in the machine (or just drop it and spin it to "find" the hole. Putting the solofill in the kcup shell slows the brewing down in the filter since the coffee is only coming out of the pierced hole of the kcup resulting in stronger coffee. You have to replace the kcup every few weeks if you use it alot as it starts to stain. On my B70, I can use the 9-1/4 oz large mug (but not the 11 1/4 oz travel mug). An added benefit is the holder stands the kcup up when your filling.

Still giving it 2 stars since it only makes acceptable coffee for me after I modify it. Solofill should have designed it this way with not so much open area for coffee to rush through. A drip coffee maker has one small hole in the bottom of a funnel...and this modification replicates that.

Original review below

I think people are overhyping this product since kcups shot up in price early 2011. (Green Mountain buying up most of the competition and not higher coffee prices are the cause). If kcup deals were still around like the good old days (50 kcups for $15), people would not gush all over this.

I have had a B70 for about a year and I drink 2-4 kcups a day. I like bolder kcups that can be set on the 10 or 12 oz water setting so this review is from that perspective.

I purchased the My Kcup a year ago and agree that it is a waste of money. Keurig honestly doesn't want to make a good reusable cup as that hurts their "razor - razor blade" model. Doing the My K-cup modification (cutting apart the bottom cup of a used kcup and putting it inside the My K-Cup) makes it a little better. I uploaded a photo here [...]. A modified My K-cup brews a cup of coffee about the same as the Solofill.

First off the positives.
1. It is environmentally friendly.
2. It can be cheaper than regular kcups (but only if you use cheap coffee- see below)
3. It is not difficult to clean if you have a sprayer in your sink. Take it out when its warm and you can clean this in about 20-30 seconds.
4. You don't have to take out the kcup assembly to use it (like the my My K-Cup). This really never was a big deal to me anyway.
5. You have an unlimited amount of coffee options.

1. The coffee is weak. I can use a bold kcup and put the B70 on the largest (12 oz) setting for a good cup in my travel mug. You CANNOT set the solofill on 12 oz...the coffee is weak. It is clear water coming out the last 4 oz. 10oz setting is weak to me... 8oz is marginally ok. So how much am I really saving by having to brew multiple cups for the same amount of coffee? Have I mentioned that the coffee is weak?
2. You get coffee silt in the cup due to the fine grind and there is no paper filter. Metal filters do not work as well (same issue with the My Kcup)
3. The hinge is plastic and flimsy.
4. It's not convenient. The whole idea of kcups is convenience


1. Turn the machine on
2. Pop one in and walk away
3. Remove and toss it away


1. Turn the machine on
2. Get the coffee out
3. Grab a spoon
4. Spoon the coffee in the solofill (making sure not to spill on the counter)
5. Wipe coffee off the rim of the solofill and close
6. pop it in and walk away.
7. Remove and clean the solofill (and spoon plus any coffee I spilled on the counter)

I know you probably think I am making a lot out of this...but this turns 20 seconds into minutes of spooning coffee and cleaning where is the convenience? Convenience is the reason why I bought a Keurig...its brainless. Before work, I am making a cup for the road and want to get out the door. I pop a kcup in, grab my coat, and by the time I have it on, my coffee is done. I guess you can buy 3-4 of these and fill/clean them like an assembly line...but you lose the savings by spending $50 on solofills.

I think people rationalize the purchase because they can use cheap bulk coffee and make it for 5-10 cents a cup. I am buying higher quality beans...and it still costs me over .30 a cup. You are putting two tablespoons of coffee in the solofill. If a pound of coffee gives you 75 level tablespoons or 37 cups of coffee using the solofill, a $12 pound of coffee will be 32 cents a cup. If I have to brew more than one cup using the solofill to match a kcup, how much cheaper is this than using kcups even at Green Mountains current inflated prices?

As far as the Solofill Octoflow system, I think its octohype. The octoflow "system" are long slits in the plastic on top. There is no way this creates enough pressure to distribute the water to all coffee. When you load a real kcup, the machine pierces it on the top and bottom. Then the machine forces pressurized water into the kcup...that pressure is not there with the solofill.

I am giving it two stars....mostly for the environmental impact. The best thing about this is it doesn't fill landfills...but I doubt most Keurig owners were that environmentally sensitive in the first place.

You can add a star if you are buying coffee extremely cheap and like making small cups.

I hope people keep using it and reviewing it Green Mountain will lower prices of kcups due to a decrease in demand.
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