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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 31, 2011
This is a good way to help the environment, save money (especially since k-cup prices have gone up), and use your own coffee (like buying it at Costco). It's certainly not as convenient as using actual k-cups, but it's not as much trouble and waste as brewing a regular cup of coffee the old fashioned way.

The issues I have with it are the price and "build quality". For the price, the "build quality" seems lacking. The hinge that holds the top on seems quite flimsy and the whole unit is relatively light-weight. Because of these I'm knocking off one star.

Tip: We weren't happy when we ground our own beans with a cheap blade grinder. We bought a "Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder" and it made a significant difference.

UPDATE 2011-10-13: I'm reducing this to 3 stars. Two silicon o-ring seals have broken on 2 units and I couldn't find that additional ones that are easily available. Over time, this will probably happen to you too. Also, on one of my Solofills the cap broke off. I trashed that one... but it seems as though there may now be a "new and improved" design with an extra wide heavy-duty hinge, so that would be a definite improvement.

UPDATE 2011-10-13: I found out that you can buy 2 silicon o-rings for about $4 including shipping from the Solofill website.

UPDATE 2011-11-06: I recently tried the Ekobrew Refillable K-Cups and have to say those are the best. 5 stars for those.

UPDATE 2013-01-25: I've discovered this product which I give 5 stars because it works best: Brew and Save Refillable K Cup for Keurig Brewers, 2 Count
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on December 24, 2012
I used 3 different reusable K-cups during the life of my Keurig brewer, as buying the prepacked k-cups (while convenient) were simply too expensive for a coffee drinker of my volume. The Solofill was the ideal blend of economic return, ease of use, and lack of mess of all 3, though it did not give as robust a flavor as the Perfect Pod Holster/EZ Cup Filter combo from ARM Enterprises. The Solofill is easy to load, pretty much as its picture implies you pop the cap, load the grind and push down till it audibly snaps into place. You don't want to pack the grinds too tightly or the flow is impeded and back-pressure caused by that will damage your Keurig. The best advice I can give is to lightly pack the grinds so that the cap snaps into place without effort, and then brew according to your preferred taste Since I prefer stronger coffee I typically used the lowest setting on my Keurig and then reloaded and ran another for a mug's worth of coffee.

This is where the economic factor came heavily into play for me. Preloaded K-cups for my tastes brew only a worth while 6 oz coffee, which is half of one of my mugs. I would have to run two k-cups to get what I considered a decent cup of coffee, and while there are a lot of good quality coffees for the Keurig, I still had to run 2 k-cups to get a satisfying mug's worth. The cases of K-cups come in typically 24/36/48 count at proportional increase in cost with only modest savings as you increase their count, if you use more than 4 k-cups a day, you can see where the cost of that adds up in a hurry. I would go through a 48 count box in around 5-6 days, and after around 3 months of this the cost of my #1 beloved drink, I had to find a cheaper alternative. By going to this Solofill cup, I was able to reduce my cost by 75% on average and I was able to grind my own beans and use them which also enhanced the flavor. IMHO the prepackaged k-cups are for the affluent, businesses, or those who only drink a cup or two a day.

Cleanup is about as easy as it gets, you pop the lid and dump the contents into your garbage disposal, rinse let air dry with the occassional soak in a mild detergent solution. Some complain about the clumping of grinds in the little nipple on the bottom, but I just kept a chopstick handy and never had issue. Here's where the environmentally conscious can wade into the convenience of the Keurig with zero guilt, there are no plastic k-cups piling up a landfill, should you want to recycle your grinds its a easy matter to dump the majority of the spent grinds in a can and use in some creative manner. The gadget is also very sturdy, the plastic is BPA free and the mesh is stainless steel, you're unlikely to need to replace this for a very long time even with heavy use like I put it through (on average 10-16 cycles per day for over a year).

Finally, you get to use your own coffee and if you're as picky as I am about the source/beans of your coffee, this makes using the Keurig practical, economical and convenient for a broad range of coffee drinkers.
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on July 29, 2014
I have filtered 1000+ cups of coffee out of the Solofill Cup (SFC). That may sound a little lofty, but being the coffee connoisseur that I am, in college, and having a roommate who should be filed as a dependent by The Folgers Coffee Company [TM], I calculate a conservative average of 2 cups per day multiplied by the number of day's I've owned this, I arrive at ~1500 cups of coffee. Falling on the conservative side, considering periods when I'm not home using my coffee machine, I can realistically estimate 1000+ cycles.

Considering environmental influence different people will achieve different results with this item; therefore, I feel it necessary to list my conditions of use. I originally purchased from Amazon back in 2012 at an expense of $12.50/SFC. The packaging indicates that it was made in China. I have used the same coffee machine (K40 acquired as a gift) for the life of use, and I have almost always used filtered water. The few times I used tap water I noticed a sediment build up in the water reservoir. My rental home conveniently has a reverse osmosis system at the sink, so I can justify the expense of filtered water. For almost all cups of coffee I have used the 'large cup' setting. I have used both pre-ground coffee, and I have freshly ground my coffee prior to use. To empty the SFC after use I open the lid and forcefully tap it on a flat surface. To clean it I turn it upside-down and run warm to hot tap water over it.

I planned on writing a review when the first SFC broke. I am approaching the 2 year anniversary of purchase and the first SFC still isn't broken! Given the price of Keurig K-Cups I estimated the SFC was well worth the price if I could get somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 cups of coffee out of it, breaking even at ~110 cups of coffee, depending on the price per pound of coffee alone. As long as you get a medium to coarse grind on your coffee the SFC performs well. Fine ground coffee will restrict flow too much to get good performance. I would highly recommend this item as an alternative to K-Cups, and perfect for limiting the amount of waste generated. In addition to saving money when used as an alternative to K-Cups, this item also helps avoiding time lost when preparing coffee in a drip style coffee maker. Further, it helps in controlling the loss of unused coffee when overproduced in coffee pots. The flavor of coffee is excellent and heavily dependent on your personal taste and brand of coffee. Strength is easily controlled with the small and large cup settings and varying the amount of coffee you place in the SFC.
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on October 21, 2012
We bought both the Solofill and Ekobrew filters.

Both do not work well at all, with or without a paper filter added.

We emptied coffee from a K-Cup into each with no paper filter added.

They both clogged and eventually the Keurig timed out with water left in it.

We tried some dunkin donuts coffee that was slighly coarser than what was in K-Cup.

It did not clog and the water goes through way too fast.

So either it clogs or wooshes through to fast.

Messy clean up on both.

Tried paper filter on both. But that is too much work cutting off the edge and still messy to clean up and still very weak (NO FLOW CONTROL).

We went back to using My K-cup Filter (with paper filters and with a spent K-Cup inserted to control wate flow, which is how K-Cups work) and compared a normal K-Cup to the exact same K-Cup emptied into the My K-Cup. They timed exactly the same and tasted the same. With paper filter it leaks a little but does not harm anything and easy cleanup. With no paper filter it does not leak but time consuming to clean screen.

Note also that neither of these can be returned to amazon as they are classified as Grocery.
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The Solofill cup is a must-have for any Keurig owner. I love coffee but my wife doesn't. So cup at a time is much more economical than making an entire pot only to dump it out. Still those k-cup costs can add up, and some of the best gourmet coffees aren't available in k-cup form. I did purchase Keurig's filter for individual coffee grounds but the results fell way short. The coffee was weak and it required changing out some hardware on the brewer. I used it a few times and it was just too much of a hassle to produce bad coffee.

The solofill product is outstanding with some real engineering behind its design. There's a lot of little details the manufacturer put into this thing, like a snapping lid with a rubber gasket to keep it water tight. I brewed a cup of some Kona coffee (the real 100% stuff from Hawaii) and the results were comparable to my larger drip pot and french press.

If you're looking to use your own grounds on a Keurig machine, this is the product to get. No question about it.
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The Solofill "Refillable K-Cup" works exactly as advertised! While I love my Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System and the great selection of specialty K-Cups that are available, it can be expensive to use over time. This reusable holder allows regular coffee to be used and it works surprisingly well. Here are my observations:

Pros -
+ Easy to Use; no modification to the Keurig machine needed, just fill the Solofill Cup with ground coffee and put it in the machine
+ Works Well; makes a good cup of coffee with no undue mess
+ Easy to Clean; wait for the grounds to cool, shake into the waste bin, and then rinse it out

Cons -
- Really fine ground coffee will clog the filter

This works so well that I bought a second one as gift for a good friend of mine who had stopped using his Keurig due to the high cost of the K-Cups.

Highly Recommended! We liked ours so much that we bought two more as gifts!

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on December 26, 2013
I have and love my keurig brewer, but where i live, there is not much supply of k-cups, i like to buy my own coffee.

I bought about 3 or 4 of this, some online some at shops.

Lets you use your own coffee , grounded course.
More eco friendly
Cleans in a flash, or should i say splash.
You can have several so you don't need to clean them after every cup you brew.

The lid is attached to the cup by a thin piece of plastic, not really a functional hinge, so ir will break.
If you ground your coffee to expresso , it will clot, and not drip.
If somehow, someway, drip clear water from the top. It all falls into your coffee making it thinner.

I've found this happened several times with more grounded coffee, assuming this takes more pressure to pour thru, and water pops out from the top.
The amount of coffee it holds is enough for a small to medium brew, if you plan on using large mugs, fill two of this babies.
run them one after the other.

Cleaning tip.
Leave them on your sink for a while, (to cool off) afterwards, pick it up and bang it a couple of times upside down against the counter. Just some firm taps. open the lid over the garbage can , and a pock of coffee will drop out without a hassle, rinse in the faucet, and re use. ... you may want to wash it with soap every couple of times. coffee does have grease/oils.

I later got a newer version of this, that has some laser edged film, instead of this micro screen mesh. That model, is a bit more expensive, but, holds more coffee, and is more tolerant to finer grounds.
Better yet, this guys listened to their clients, and actually changed the design to incorporate a real hinge, which snaps on or off, but does not break (at least not yet), and instead of having an odd nipple on the bottom, they increased the overall size.
I've had this for at least 6 months with our complaints.
I share the coffee maker and k-cups with my family members and statistically everyone prefers the newer model.

I hope this helps other coffee lovers.
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on September 14, 2012
I did alot of research before buying cups to replace the 'My k-cup' that comes with Keurig. Their 'My K-cup' did not have enough thought put into it in order to make it a great item...and perhaps they did this so people would continue to purchase single use, throw-away k-cups, rather then using your own ground coffee in your own reusable k-cup! I researched both the Ekobrew Cup and the Solofill Cup and then bought both and they are BOTH great! They both take about 2 tablespoons of your own ground coffee which surprised me since the Solofill is overall smaller then the Ekobrew but that is only the design. If you fill to the line they recommend for maximum...they used the same amount! And Even though some reviewers said otherwise...they BOTH empty easily. The Solofill when you fill it with coffee must be held due to it not being flat at the bottom like the Ekobrew. Unlike the My K-cup from Keurig, these Cups have hinged lids so when you are done brewing and want to empty the grounds, simply turn the cup upside down and tap a couple times on the counter...shake it, open, dump in your recycle/compost bin, rinse the cups for reuse. Periodically put in dishwasher.

For us, we use the tallest setting, 12 oz, and it's perfect strength. To get a stronger cup, we push 'brew' and once the coffee begins to stream out, we hold up the handle just a little bit so that the coffee stops dripping out...then we wait about 30 seconds or the coffee can brew a bit longer in the water, then we let the handle back down. The rest of the coffee comes out and it's a bit stronger then if we let it just pour through without the PAUSE. Everyone has different coffee tastes so it's fun to sample different ounces in your coffee mug. I actually find i can run a tiny cup following the 12oz cup and thus fill my travel mug to the top...using the same k-cup. My husband does not do this but I like to put creamer and mocha flavoring in my coffee so having an extra tall cup is plenty strong enough for me. I also use half regular coffee and half decaf by alternating the 4 - half tablespoons i use... one coffee, one decaf, one coffee, one decaf. YUM!

Ekobrew or Solofill cups....we heartily recommend either of these 'k-cup' replacements for equally great coffee!
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on January 27, 2011
I love this little device. While I love my k-cups the cost per cup makes the price a little higher then my bargain hunting habits would like. I tried the my k-cup and hated it - the coffee was always weak and undrinkable from my standards - I LOVE dark roast coffee and it must be strong. I can fill my whole 20oz commuter cup in the morning with ONE solofill cup. This cup will hold about two cups worth of grounds (or, one tablespoon.) The coffee I make with this product comes out darker and richer then any of the other k-cups I've used because - YOU CONTROL THE AMOUNT OF GROUNDS! I've also never had to resort to messing around with ground consistency. The consistancy you'd want for any drip pot works just fine in this. If you go finer... I could see you having some residue in the cup.

You DO need to have your standard k-cup insert in your machine to use this. I have never had my machine leak, and I've used this about 40+ times in the past 3 weeks. You DO need to realize that this is the k-cup equivalant to say, a gold reusable mesh filter that you would purchase for your automatic drip machine. If you don't like those kind of products odds are you won't like this.

I give this 4 stars instead of 5 because you do need to tap this quite a bit to get the grounds out from the very very bottom. Personally, I think thats pretty trivial. If you have a two person household like mine or drink a lot of coffee and don't have time for the cup to cool you may want two of these for convience with the slight cleaning issue.
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on June 9, 2011
We bought this not only for the money savings over K-cups, but because there is no way to put the K-cups into recycling and it seems like a lot of wasted plastic in landfills. That said, I was skeptical about the inconvenience of filling up my own each time. Having used it now for several weeks, let me say it's not that big a deal.

There are a few tricks. Grind your coffee no finer than for a gold cone filter for a drip coffee maker. Anything finer will clog the screen and the coffee takes forever to brew. I like strong coffee, so I fill it right up to the fill line. (Don't go over the line - the coffee swells when wet and it will pop open the cup, leaving a mess inside your machine.) On the 8 oz setting, it makes a very good cup of coffee. Clean it immediately after use or the coffee gets stuck in the little nipple at the bottom. When that happens, I close the lid and give it a gentle upside-down tap on the bottom of my sink and that usually does the trick. You don't want to go at it with something sharp and pointy or you'll probably damage the screen. If you want to use it again right after use for a second cup, it helps to wipe the top edge with paper towel after rinsing so that any overspill doesn't stick to the edge preventing a good seal. Finally, be gentle with the top - it's a simple plastic hinge that will likely break over time, so best not to open it any further or more often than necessary.

For the person who is concerned it won't stand on its own, this is really not an issue unless you are impaired in one hand. I use a large tablespoon to fill mine and there is always overspill. And after filling, if you have put in too much or if there is coffee on the lip, you need to tap it off into the cannister. I simply hold the cup over my coffee cannister while filling so that any spillage goes right back into the cannister. If I did this on the counter, it would make quite a mess.

I admit I was skeptical about the cost, so I only bought one. On arrival, what seemed like such a simple item is actually well designed and engineered. There is a tiny o-ring to seal it, and a rain spout at the top to insure complete circulation, as well as the protrusion at the bottom that allows for a bit more coffee to be inserted to make up for the rain spout. But at 50 cents for a packaged K-cup, it only takes a couple of weeks for two coffee drinkers to break even and you do get whatever coffee you like. I'm buying a second one so I can be loading up my cup while my wife's is brewing. What else is there to do while waiting for the machine to finish?
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