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on June 28, 2017
Matt Winters was a reporter and had been all over. He and his sister Sarah were put in foster care when he was sixteen and she was a few years younger. He has been searching for her, but has had no luck. One night he hears a baby crying in his hallway and goes out to see what is going on. There is a baby in a car seat so he pounds on his neighbor’s door. His neighbor, Caitlyn Devereaux, lets him in and he tells her she needs to do something with her baby. She immediately tells him it is not her baby. Caitlyn searches in the diaper bad, but sees no note. When the left they baby out of the carrier, a note floats out. The note is from Matt’s sister asking Matt to take care of Emily for awhile. Matt doesn’t know what to do with a baby, so he keeps asking Caitlyn to help him with the baby.

Caitlyn’s ex-fiance Brian comes back to town and wants to get back with her. Brian still tries to get back with her. Caitlyn has a secret she hasn’t told anyone, but Matt finally gets it out of her. Matt is still trying to find his sister. Sarah ends up at a church in her old neighborhood where the pastor there helps her. This story had a few tears and had two love stories going on that where happening. I loved how Caitlyn and Matt got closer because of the baby. Matt had never thought about settling down, until Emily and Caitlyn came in his life. This was a good story that I encourage you to read.
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on September 25, 2013
I actually enjoyed this book for the most part...particularly the primary storyline. If I was rating on the Matt/Caitlyn story, I would give it 5 stars, no question. Well written, likeable characters, sexy, etc. However, when I got to judging the book as a whole, mainly the last couple chapters, the rating went down. I guess your final opinion is the taste left in your mouth when it's all said and done, and I didn't like that final taste.

There is a secondary storyline involving Matt's sister meeting someone and a third storyline involving the relationship/history between Matt, his sister, and his mom. These aspects of the book were not enjoyable to me. I will try not to give away spoilers, but I found the relationship involving Sarah to be very unrealistic and off-putting. I felt uncomfortable watching the couple develop, and I just didn't buy into it.

The story involving Sarah, Matt, and the mom was even more distracting. I don't like how it ended at all, and I felt like it was sort of a cop-out. I feel like this part of the story was the author was trying to put some drama or depth into the book when it should have just been a nice, light beach read.

I honestly don't know how the author should have ended it (or added a conflict element) better than what she did, but while I liked the premise of the book and enjoyed it nearly all the way to the end, I just reeeally didn't like the resolution to all of the stories, especially Sarah's story and the mom thing. For about 85-90% of the book, I would have definitely recommended it, but the last chapter or two blew it, IMO.
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on June 14, 2017
SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL by Barbara Freethy. Matt has the need for closure, wanting answers, the key to being a reporter, time off made him reckless. 72 hours without sleep, home and sleep;a noise out in hall and it's a baby in a car seat. Who left, he lives in apartment building, and didn't want to deal with this now. Caitlyn next door helps with the baby, didn't know her or that she had a bridal shop. One smile from the baby and Caitlyn heart melts. A note, the name Sarah, a lost sister of Matt's,for over 9 years. Both have dreams, that has made them.loners, could the baby and needing help while balancing their jobs change that. A great story of a baby, that has the power to change the lives of so many people, and will the mother, Sarah, Matts lost sister join them .Delightful reading for all ages. Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.
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on June 18, 2017
As I started this book I thought that it would have to many different storylines. The more I read the more confused I got. But then all of a sudden it was all drawn together. I hated putting it down , I could not wait to see what would happen next. Each story was good but the sum of all of then was great.
The story combined romance, mystery and a little of God's work in there, too.
I wish there wasn't going to be a sequel to Some Kind Of Wonderful.
Thank you again Barbara for another great book.
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on June 17, 2017
This is a sweet, albeit somewhat overly angsty story about four people trying their best to deal with the reality that is their lives, and some serious topics are discussed. Like all of Ms. Freethy's stories it is well written, but moves at a slower pace than many of her later works. I enjoyed the time spent within these pages watching the characters grow and accept and change. I think you will too.
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on April 20, 2017
This book is a story all teens should read. It would show them that someone may have it worse that them, or the re e is help out there if you need it. But there is also love, The love of God, of community, the church and of family.
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on June 26, 2017
After having a baby, I can relate to the all consuming love and falling in love with your person all over again. The love story in this novel did not disappoint.
The main characters were likable, their stories and their pasts were interesting.
The secondary characters were ok. I felt like their stories wrapped up rapidly towards the end of the book and left me wanting more.
It was a fun easy read, and it definitely kept me hooked until the very last word.
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on September 2, 2013
I "bought" this for free a week ago with no real expectations and no plans to read it in the immediate future, but I ended up opening it during a car ride and was quickly engrossed. What a genuinely sweet story. The characters were easy to care about and the story moved quickly. Good writing, good plot, a little bit of passion, and a happily ever after. Yes, the point some of the nay-sayers hammer on about is true ("all this in a week's time?!"), but this is a romance novel, for heaven's sake. I was much more flabbergasted by the idea of going to a baby store and filling an entire shopping cart without having to worry about paying for it than I was by the idea of finding true love in a week, but that's just where I'm coming from. A great little love story, and I will look for more by this author.
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on August 29, 2013
Both characters have had bad times in the past and we are with them as they come to terms with it and move on to a better time in their lives and on the way we fall in love with them. We are there cheering them on, crying with them and praying things turn out the way We want them too. Barbara keeps you on the edge of your seats as things unfold. Great story, keeps you turning pages but hoping pages multiply as you read.
A book where you want to find out what happens next but don't want the book to end!!! A keeper!!
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on October 25, 2013
Finish Time: 4-5 nights. I apparently pick a lot of this author’s books, and didn’t even realize it until now. She writes a mean description that always ropes me in!

This one is the story of single-reporter Matt. Raised in a broken family and estranged from his mother and sister, he is somewhat of a rags to riches story. Now around 30 (I think – not sure if they ever mentioned his age), one night a baby,Emily, is left outside his apartment door. He soon realizes this is his niece from his sister,Sarah, who he hasn't seen in like 13-14 years and can’t seem to track down, even with the help of private investigators. His previously quiet and unknown neighbor, Caitlyn, peeks out her door and quickly becomes entangled in this messy story.

Quite a beginning to set the scene and rope you in and the remainder doesn’t disappoint. Nothing too deep, but a good light mystery as Matt pieces together his family and past. A cute romance as Matt and Caitlyn quickly develop strong feelings for each other. And throw in a 2-month old baby for some extra action! I thought I recalled Freethy being a Christian writer, but other than a pastor being a small character and a few scenes in a church, that is not really the case. (I think I am the one confused though with all the books I read!)

It has the happy ending (I don’t think I’m spoiling anything, as that is 99.9% the case in this type of book) and was a good lighter read.
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