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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
Some Things Are Better Left Unplugged
Format: Paperback|Change
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on June 15, 2006
After discovering Eraserhead Press through reading a book by Carlton Mellick III that a friend leant to me I decided to check out what else they have published and bought this book. In the description, this book says that it is post-modern but I wasn't exactly sure what that meant in relation to literature so I looked it up on wikipedia. One of the definitions described postmodernism as:

"A culturally pluralistic and profoundly interconnected global society lacking any single dominant center of political power, communication, or intellectual production."

Which I think really sums up the setting of this book. First of all, the main character has no name, he's known only as "The man". In fact, none of the other characters have names either. At first this was a little off putting, but after a couple of chapters the allegorical purpose became more clear. This story is interesting and funny. Set in an extremely surreal landscape with anthropomorphic appliances and personified animals every object, plant, and action seems to have a deeper meaning. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in art films or offbeat literature.
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on September 20, 2004
The last review for this book should be ignored! I wasn't going to buy this book originally just because I read the last review. Thank God I changed my mind! After LOVING several books released through Eraserhead Press, I decided to take my chances with Some Things Are Better Left Unplugged despite the bad review. I have to wonder if the last reviewer even read the book at all. He calls it "just dumb." How can this be dumb? You might not understand all of it, but that doesn't mean it's dumb. It is one of the more intelligent books out there. It is very odd and deliciously imaginative, but as literate as Kafka. It's like Lovecraft re-imagined by Terry Gilliam. I bet the other reviewer was just expecting something like Fight Club. Yeah, Fight Club is different and a great read but really not all that weird. This book is utterly outlandish. I'm not going to get into the plot but it starts out strange and just gets stranger. This is the only book by Sakowski I've been able to find but I hope there will be more available in the future.
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on April 29, 2003
UNPLUGGED has been billed as an anti-novel and believe me it delivers. Sure you've read plenty of books with anti-heroes but how about anti-villains of the polite and genteel variety? UNPLUGGED is an ambitious novel, dense with layers of meaning and rife with irony. Sakowski has a gift for illustrating the absurd.
Follow our "hero", The Man, as he makes his way through countless ridiculous and chilling situations. Picture a kingdom of marionettes ruled by an Emperor, a penguin of course. Meet half-crazed citizens clutching their most prized possessions close to them, their misfortunes. Sounds a bit like your average cocktail party in the modern day.
Stylistically UNPLUGGED is like an amputating scalpel under operating theater lights. Razor sharp and clinical, Sakowski's words cut to the heart of the matter while casting glittering reflections on countless topics. The combination of stripped bare prose with complex images and ideas creates a dizzying effect which makes you wonder how such a slim volume can contain so much. Put this one down on your reading list, twice.
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on December 23, 2008
I have been having a hard time finding good books to read. With all my favorite authors being dead, I really thought I would never be able to relate to modern fiction. But along came Mellick and his Bizarro book genre and Eraserhead press. "Some Things Are Better Left Unplugged" is a fine example of what modern writing should be and I thank Satan it exists for everyone to see!

Sakowski has a very unique and powerful voice, not to mention an amazing imagination. This book had a very surreal quality that reminds me of dreaming or hallucinating. Not many people are able to properly evoke such feeling through words but Vincent W. does it!

I sadly lost this book on the train and need to repurchase it. It's a very well written book that belongs in my library next to my Lewis Carroll books and Chuck Palahniuk collection.
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on September 3, 2005
Take a journey into a surreal fantasy world like that of Alice's Wonderland, only this one could never be turned into a Disney film no matter how many songs are put into it. This is a dark, harsh realm where logic is left outside the manhole and the irrational is king cat. Check it out.
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