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on July 2, 2014
I liked the book and the idea of real events such as these. Such smooth sailing is a typical of Christian life. It's storyline and characters had me questioning my own faith and relationship with God, but then that's something I do often.
The story was too simplistic and the characters under developed. I needed to know more about Rachelle and Gabe as well as Aunt Irene and Uncle Charles. Not enough value was given to Irene's deceased son and daughter-in-law or her grandson Rueben. Grand parents don't usually dismiss the father of their grand children so lightly. If not for their untimely and tragic deaths, Indigo, Rueben, and Yasmin would not have existed. Usually grandparents do their best to keep alive the memory of those lost so tragically, while this story has the grandchildren referring to their grandparents as Mommy and Daddy. How was Rueben reintegrated into the family after not coming home during the story's major and life altering crisis for some of the main characters?Although it was Rachelle's story the events were anticlimatic.God's intervention was instantaneous for everyone but Aunt Melba. And what about Troy? How did he fare? on this story or Jillian? Adjustment had to have been made but they were not discussed. The reader is left with the idea that all was smooth sailing for these Christians. Really? This was more of a fairy tale than a life journey for everyone but Aunt Melba. As I implied earlier, this is a good idea that needs a story. God is ever ready. We aren't.
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on January 12, 2014
Amidst so much that's wrong in the world (and in literature), it was refreshing to finally read this book that had been resting in my Kindle for 2 years or more.
The Someday List is the story of Rachelle and her journey of discovery, realizing her future, and reconciling her past. She is a woman in need of healing and self-acceptance and a seat (so she'll stop running!). We meet her when she is at a crossroads and dealing with relationship issues with her husband, her parents, and her first love. This story tackles marriage, parent-child relationships, alcohol abuse, purpose/career paths, and most importantly faith.

Stacy has a way of telling a story with just enough detail to make you feel like you're there, talking with the characters. Stacy has a way of developing characters and revealing their back stories slowly and thoughtfully - rather than just blabbing it all. Stacy has a way of literally unfolding a message (or two) in a story in very intentional, yet pressure-less ways.

One of the main drawbacks to this novel were the quickened pace at the end - I felt it ended abruptly and far too neatly. I can deal with this because I know the story continues and I'm sure there is more to explore.

I loved this one and can't wait for Book 2. Bravo, Stacy!
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on May 31, 2012
I will admit to having some qualms about this particular book, knowing it to be a "faith based" storyline, where I tend to find those either forced or preachy, yet this was a pleasant surprise.

Dealing with issues of marital discord and that odd place where you are an adult yet with your parents you are often thrust back to those old patterns, that pull to be the child and the knowledge that you are an adult, full of the wondering about unfulfilled promise and potential, and perhaps even some angers that are left unsaid but hang heavily in the air are dealt with in a way that doesn't feel forced or preachy.

Now I can expect that regular and voracious readers of Christian fiction may find the references could have gone further and been more prevalent. However, that is why I tend to shy away from books with this label. What I discovered in this story, through Rachelle's journey dealing with her husband, her questions of motherhood, love, the loss of a best friend, dealing with the loss of the 'starry eyed' vision of a friend and mentor with addiction, her marriage and even her re-introduction to the man she thought was her "true love" the reliance on faith and the simple detailing of her search for answers was touching and revealing, without coming off as a "you must do this" list.

The book was friendly to a non-faith reliant reader, and provided yet another insight into lives that people do not necessarily see in their daily existence.
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on March 21, 2010
Rachelle Covington is a wife and mother, who, while she enjoys the amenities of her life, is wondering about the what ifs. With the children off to spend the summer with her parents, it seems as if she and her husband, Gabe, are virtual strangers. Sure she knows everything about him, but does he know anything about her? For that matter, does Rachelle know anything about herself?

Gabe is off to a medical conference and then on a mission trip to Africa. Rachelle can't wait as she's got plans of her own that don't involve the children, or her husband. Unfortunately, as she lands in Los Angeles to visit Jillian, her childhood best friend, she learns that the life she's become accustom to doesn't exactly define her.

In her visit to Los Angeles, Rachelle just isn't ready to return home. Instead she heads to Jubilant, Texas, where she went to college to visit her aunts and uncle. What Rachelle soon discovers is her past has pulled into town right along with her and it's time to deal with `the what ifs.' Unable to decipher all that's going on in her life, Rachelle turns to the only person who can truly help her, GOD. It appears that she isn't the only one making transformations. Will this be the beginning of a new life or the end to an old life?

THE SOMEDAY LIST by Stacy Hawkins Adams was a very good read. I enjoyed that the story explains the past without detouring from the current story. The characters are entertaining and I can see myself continuing in this series. I especially loved how relevant forgiveness, love and God are to the story, as in life.

Recommended reading!
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on January 17, 2016
Excellent book! All characters in the book gave readers some things to think about. It is never too late to change your life and if put your trust in God, all things are possible. Rachelle definitely found this statement to be true. Torn between her past love with Troy and her current situation with her husband, Gabe, she made the choice to stay and work on her marriage. I agreed with her decision. Self-centered Gabe finally realized that he had a good wife, a family and home. I applaud Stephens who helped him see the light. I loved Jillian, who was a true friend to Rachelle and believed in God. I felt that Aunt Irene took responsibility for her driving accident and the pain she caused to others. She did not let Satan take control of her life. Her family stood with her. Aunt Melba, also took control of her life after her involvement with a married man. All of these characters overcame the challenges they faced. There was not enough information about Rachelle parents to determine if they had Christ in their lives. It was not mention if were involved in the church. I did not like the fact that they were the reason Rachelle ended her first marriage and caused their daughter so much confusion in her adult life. But in the end, Rachelle found God and begin to trust in him. God answered her prays and things begin to work out in her life.
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on March 20, 2014
I must admit I rolled my eyes too many times while reading this one. I'm a guy & this is a rather girlish read so, yeah.

Rachelle is wife to Gabe, a star surgeon & they seem to have it all: the money, cars, social notoriety & great friends. But beneath the facade, their marriage is crumbling. Rachelle goes to her home town after attending her friend (who's only got weeks left due to breast cancer) to figure her life out. Meeting her long lost love while in her home town throws everything into a tailspin.

This is a bit of a pop read but female readers will resonate w/ it a lot. I found the characters quite cliche but kept digging through for the hidden literary nuggets here & there. If you're looking for a mushy read, here's one.
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on June 10, 2016
The characters were very relatable. The religious revelations of the main characters developed more quickly than I would imagine could be considered realistic. However, considering the traumatic situations they were placed in and the direction they saw their lives taking, I can understand the transformation. Well written! The religious aspects of the story is not too overbearing. I liked the realness of the characters and how the ending left the reader with a sense of hope.
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on September 6, 2013
I loved the characters and their search to find out who they are. Gabe a Dr caught up in the rat race and trying to be successful and about to lose the best things he has in life, his family. Rachelle who is at a definite crossroads in her life and to see which path she will chose. Rachelle's family an their fight with addiction and the sage advice that comes along the way. A teenagers' struggle in viewing her life and family situation..Gabe's dr friend and his aide in helping a sin sick soul. Rachelle's friend in the final act of her life and her outlook on it.

First time read from this author, but will look for more of her works.
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on December 15, 2012
This is a wonderful book. It is about having everything and yet wanting more. Ok maybe that isn't a good enough explanation but it sums it up pretty well. Rachelle has a wonderful husband, a wonderful home and wonderful children but she still feels like her life is lacking. She feels like she needs more - but more of what she doesn't know.. She reconnects with an old friend who is dying and takes her advice to start a list about what she really wants in life so that she will have no regrets. And that means heading back to her home town to find out what she is really missing. Excellent book.
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on January 25, 2016
An excellent inspirational book to read. Not only was I inspired to renew my faith, but I was also challenged to think about my life and to make a list of the things that I wanted to do before I reached 70 years of age. I didn't want the book to end because I wanted to know how and if Gabe and Rachelle would work out their problems and stayed together. Yes, I have book two and I am anxious to start reading it.
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