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on September 26, 2014
I LOVE this movie, and have watched it at least 30 times. I never get tired of it. I love the music in it, too. This movie has a lot of depth to it. Something "borrowed" is what the BRIDE wears at her wedding, and is to be RETURNED. So, Darcy shamelessly snatched Dex away from shy Rachel, too insecure to speak up for herself. The TRUE LOVE in this movie is between Dex and Rachel, and was there all the time. It came out when Rachel revealed to Dex her secret crush on him in law school. Did you see the anger in Dex in the taxi when he realized what he had missed out on? Both their passion in the taxi was 6 years' worth of pent-up love and desire. I don't pass judgment on what they did together. I didn't find Darcy a sympathetic character at all. She was shallow and self-centered. She had an affair with Marcus and got pregnant, while still engaged to Dex. Why should Rachel want to give up the deep closeness she and Dex had in exchange for Ethan: "Gee, I like you. It's not love, but it kinda feels like love. I guess I miss you. You're like 'home' to me." They grew up together since childhood. They were close friends and that's all they'd ever be. That would not be a marriage of two souls. The love between Dex and Rachel has survived 6 years of separation. THAT'S what love is.

Dex was under the domineering thumb of his dad all his life, no wonder it was impossible for him to stand up to him. He wanted to be a teacher, but his dad said "No, you're going to be a lawyer." His mother suffered from chronic depression because her husband was so domineering and unloving (he skipped out on her when she needed him the most). And Darcy telling Dex's dad she'll have as many children as he wants her to have was disgusting! She's stealing Dex's manhood. Dex is not even being allowed to decide how many children HE wants to have.

Finally, Rachel gets the strength (thanks to Ethan) to stand up to Dex and tell him to cancel the wedding, and that gives Dex the backbone to do the same to his father. He doesn't want to marry Darcy, but his Dad tries to force him into it because [breaking up with Darcy] "that's not the kind of people we are." It's all about narcissistic image, he doesn't care about his son or love him or his poor mousy wife.

How appropriate that in the end, pregnant, unmarried and no future, Darcy is chasing Ethan down a street in London -- the man she thought so little of and called him a "s---head". She needed a husband, and she blew it. She gave up a 2 million dollar house for Marcus with no job, smoking pot, rescuing chipmunks, and riding a skateboard! That's all the future Darcy had. She got what she deserved.
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on October 28, 2016
This is another top favorite movie of mine that I have watched over and over, and never get sick of. I highly recommend it as well!! :) I love the music as well, and it has a great ending. I think it deserved more attention than it got in the end!!
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on October 9, 2011
Something borrowed was a terrific film, I put off watching it for weeks because it did not look promising but I was shockingly overjoyed, and most satisfied with the film. For some reason I could not stop laughing at John Krasinski. He should definitely win an award for best supporting actor. Everytime he got any on screen laughter would just bubble out from me not stop!.
Kate hudson as always is a rare gem like her mother Goldie Hawn. And kate is one of my favorite actresses. I could not get over how dazzling Ginnifer goodwin was. I feel that this was a break-out performance that could mold her already established movie career into super stardom! I never knew how beautifl and sparkling gorgeous that young lady is!
I saw a lot of bad reviews for this cinematic adventure but most of them may have forgot this was a romantic comedy and that;s exactly what it did; it was a story of a romance "briefly borrowing" a love relationship among best friends with a family pack-size helping of laughter and humor to go with it! I dont' buy any movies at all, but this one goes on the shelf!
Colin egglesfield played a good leading role as the somewhat shy sensible, smart, and practical one who does learn to follow the path to burning embers of heart-filled love on his own path to life. Steve howey is brilliant in the ghoulish funny guy he brings to life as Ginnifer goodwin put it "take something gross or perverse and make it charming."
I want to say I gave this movie 5 stars because the cast, crew and directors earned it, not because i was laughing the whole time, was not bored but instead interested in the storyline so much to be laughing one minute, and crying either tears of joy or emotions of despair the next. It also was not the fact that the 2 leading ladies are so fabulously brilliant , gorgeous, and at the top of their game as female actors but because the movie flows smoothly without any awkardness revealing a love tale of 2 fresh college students who find their way into each other's hearts by friendship and also real love but get sidetracked by others who don't wait for life to happen. It's a story that fate will again join soulmates that we all may have a happy ending! Thanks and Godbless
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on March 7, 2017
One of my favorite romantic comedies !!! I watch this one over and over. Such a great cast!! If you haven't read the book yet would highly recommend as well for a fun read.
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on July 4, 2017
I read the book before I saw this film. I preferred the book because the film did not elaborate or explain the true mentality or personality of one of the main characters, but overall, the film is enjoyable. I wish the second book would be made into a film with the same cast. The actors did a great job, and the movie itself is a stress-free, enjoyable watch. It's a great movie for a girls' night!
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on February 13, 2015
I can't complain about the production values, or the performances; it's a well-done film. As a professional writer though, I have trouble with a story line in which I don't respect or particularly like anyone. It's a story about a group of people who are either morally bankrupt, gutless, selfish, or - in the case of Dex and Rachel, all three. I didn't know who to slap. Two hours of the lead characters going back and forth, back and forth, where they just almost do something morally decisive and remotely intelligent, to chickening out, was too much. I wanted to tear my hair out. An extremely irritating film, full of extremely irritating characters. Watch at your own risk.
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on December 30, 2014
I had wanted to see this movie when I saw the coming attractions for it. It seemed like a good chick flick that would give me a couple of chuckles and maybe a teary eye. I was expecting it to be just okay, nothing more, nothing less.

I never did watch it in the theater but instead watched it at home when it came on HBO. I had my TiVo record it and watched it when I got a chance. Well let me say that I wished I had watched it earlier! I loved the movie from beginning to end, I loved and still do love, every part of the movie. I downright refuse to delete this movie from my TiVo despite having the DVD and having it on my iPad. I have probably watched the movie a dozen times since the first time I watched it and I love it every single time.

I am not a fan of watching a movie that revolves around cheating at all. I don't believe in that and think that one should break up with the significant other if they have doubts but yet in the movie I found myself just understanding what was going on. I fell in love with Rachel and Dex and their deeply buried love for one another. While some may say the ending was predictable I felt that it could have went a completely different way. We've seen it in other love stories.

Overall I recommend this all of my friends and strangers. It's a great movie with comedy, romance, wit, disappointment and more. Rent it, TiVo it, download it, pop it in the DVD player and just watch it!
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on October 22, 2016
Truly one of my favorite movies! The acting is awesome, and I love the plot. I only buy movies I know I will watch over and over, and this one never fails to delight me!
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on August 17, 2017
I love this movie, and have watched it a good few times over the last few years. It is a movie that you will definitely want to watch again from time to time. Others have written of the personalities and the story so I will not go there. The movie was funny in parts, and the ending was beautiful. Very good acting from all the main players.
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on December 12, 2015
The movie itself gets 4 stars in my opinion, but the product I received is why I only gave this 3 stars. I ordered a new DVD and it came wrapped, but the movie didn't look new. The case was pretty banged up and it seemed like someone poked it all over with a pen/pencil through the wrapper. The DVD disc seemed new though, but if this was purchased for someone else it would be a problem. I ordered another movie in the same package and it was fine, so it wasn't a shipping issue. Seems like a quality control issue.

The actual movie was really good though. It followed pretty closely, as movies are always a little different and significantly less deep than their books. *Spoiler* The most noticeable difference is probably Ethan's(Krasinski's) role. He's more prominent in the movie and it was my favorite part of the movie. What really annoyed me is that they wrote the movie so he liked Rachel, which sucks cause we all knew who she would end up with. So we fall in love with Ethan, only to see him be hurt. I hated what they did because in the book, I'm pretty sure they were just really good friends, which was perfect. Anyway, besides that this was a really good movie. Krasinski was the best part for me!
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