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on May 28, 2014
Once again, the person who ought to represent Jesus should be from an Aramaic Jewish group. They were, and are stlll, a dark and swarthy semitic people. But no, in order to please the largely white Christians, they present the Christ figure as a tall handsome mythology, This is to please the largely white audience.

The decalogue expressly forbids making any false images of God, yet this movie (that is actually made up from a tv series),does just that. All in the name of capitolstic profit.

My personal impression of this film is that it is a hypocritical gathering of speculation and conjecture put together to make money since no one has an actual first hand account that he ever existed. There is not even any attempt to finally explain the thirty or so years when he went missing from all accounts, why is that?

But that won't stop the true believers from flocking to this movie like the sheep they are. True spirituality does not need poorly made movies or a collection of contradictory books in the bible to confirm the existence of true spirituality. In my opinion it is but yet aother money making scheme of cynical and greedy people.

Wake up people. We don't need false prophets of any kind. We are all the sons and daughters of God without the need for any middlemen. Seek absolute honesty, unselfishness, purity, and love ad you will find God where e is always. In your own heart and soul.
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on April 25, 2014
As a Christian, and a movie fanatic, there are times (many times) when these two life choices don't exactly equate. The snarkiness that is often a given when writing movie reviews may not be listed as a sin via the Ten Commandments, but sometimes it's just not...nice. And Christians are nice people, for the most part. This film, which was generally panned by critics and loved by audiences, suffers from the same duality. SON OF GOD rated a dismal 23% likability by film critics on Rotten Tomatoes, while at the same time pulling down a sky high 82% likability by audiences, which just proves my point. Movie reviewers hated it, audiences (I'm going out on a limb here and saying that most SON OF GOD audience members are Christians) loved it. So as a Christian and a critic, where do I stand? Pretty much in the middle. I found SON OF GOD better than most of the critics believed, but not up to the near adoration of the public. A solid 3 and a half stars.

Am I setting this movie up then, for a snarky review? Sort of, but not completely. There are some very good things happening in SON OF GOD, but to find them you must sit through some silliness and more than a few liberties taken by filmmakers eager to pander to the public's thirst for a story told simply with beginning, middle, end, some blood and gore and very clearly defined good and bad guys. The story of Jesus Christ is much, much more than this, but to tell it in the two hours that today's movies seldom surpass is impossible. You've gotta cut corners, but SON OF GOD cuts more than a few. Way more.

The film opens with a quick (and I mean QUICK) montage of the Old Testaments greatest hits; Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Goliath and Abraham. That this film was cut from the much longer mini-series becomes fairly obvious here. Next comes the similarly condensed version of the birth of Christ, after which the fully grown Jesus appears (the swoon inducing Diogo Morgado), ready to begin the true work of man's salvation, beginning with his plea to Peter the fisherman to become "fishers of men". From here on in the road to Calvary is fast and furious, and it is here that my biggest issue with SON OF GOD occurs. Many of the works of Christ, as well as the teachings of Christ, are glossed over, or ignored completely. If you know the story of Christ, the teaching, the miracles, the parables, then this isn't too terrible. We understand that the Lords Prayer is longer than one or two sentences, that the beatitudes contain more than "The meek shall inherit the Earth". But gone are so many of the works of Christ, his miracles, that if you are not well aware of the biblical stories in the New Testament, then you may very well wonder what all of the fuss was about.

So many of these glaring oversights are addressed with one or two sentences that it's a bit giggle inducing. "Do not doubt, Thomas" and "Where is Judas...have you seen him?" are just a few of the examples of storylines brought down to their least common denominator with one sentence, implied but not addressed. John the Baptist rates no more than a few seconds shown in a flashback, and the temptation of Christ by Satan is ignored completely (although the outcry over the resemblance between THE BIBLE's Satan and President Barak Obama may have something to do with this omission). The period prior to the Palm Sunday entrance of Jesus on the back of a donkey is the weakest of SON OF GOD, but thankfully following this the film begins to finally gain steam.

The days leading to the Crucifixion are the backbone of SON OF GOD, and the best and most emotional moments fall within this section. After Jesus enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the film slows down it's breakneck narration to actually illustrate the events that led to the death of Christ. It's always interesting to see who gets the brunt of the blame for the Crucifixion of Christ in these bliblical films...will it be Pontius Pilate? The Jewish Temple leaders? Judas? The Roman Guardsman? Every movie seems to point fingers at one group more than others, and in SON OF GOD the winner is Pilate, wonderfully played by Greg Hicks, who is portrayed as more psychopath than ruler.

While SON OF GOD doesn't even begin to touch the savagery of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, the brutality of the Crucifixion is present within SON OF GOD, and is troubling and difficult to watch (as it should be). Morgado does his best work here as Jesus, able to drop the Colgate smile and finally ACT, for heaven's sake. Roma Downey, however, is just awful as Mary, and she seems to do nothing more than look pleadingly (but still beautifully!) at Jesus in all of his agony, tears glistening on her lovely cheeks as she stretches her hand to her son. As a mother, if I was watching one of my sons go through something like this, I would be screaming and frothing at the mouth.

SON OF GOD is a good, but not great film of the life and death of Jesus Christ. That it is better at depicting the death of Jesus, in all of its misery and degradation, may be due simply to the belief that the public wants to see the torture more than the miracles. But isn't the life of Christ, and his teachings, more important? I think so, but I don't have millions to make a movie. See the film, by all means, but remember how much more there is to the story of the Son of God than the tragedy of his death on the cross. That, my friends, is the real good news.
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on July 4, 2014
The film did well in two areas. As a whole, the cinematography wasn't bad. Also, they were true to the accounts of Jesus in that they portrayed His death, resurrection, ascension, that He was the Son of God, and that He is the only way to God.

That being said, the film poorly portrayed the Gospel accounts. I realize a little creative license has to be taken in some situations. But the film went off the charts in creative license. If you are closely familiar with the accounts in the Bible, you will notice that over and over again, the film changes what actually happened (like Jesus going into the tomb to resurrect Lazarus instead of simply praying outside the tomb).

But the place where the film erred the most was in their actual portrayal of Jesus Himself. He comes across as a celebrity Jesus, instead of a humble servant. His facial expressions, personality, the way He talks, even the way He walks, all come across as some kind of charming hero. They also seem to present Him as someone caught up in "The Cause". Here's what I mean. A frequent trap for those in any kind of Christian ministry is to fall into a hero mentality - "The Cause". They are so busy doing things, even things done in the name of God, that they forget to take the time to really care for and love those right beside them. (Why do you think so many pastor and missionary children have ended up such a mess?) Sadly, by portraying Jesus as someone for "The Cause", they misrepresent Him as the one Who really loved and cared for others. One of the examples from the film was when Jesus calls Peter after the catch of fish. He does tell him that He will give him "a chance to change your life." But when Peter asks Jesus what they are going to do, Jesus says (almost to Himself, in a rather distant sort of way) "Change the world." Did Jesus change the world? Yes. But He comes across here as Jesus for "The Cause", not Jesus Who truly loved Peter and Who truly loves you and me.

I hope that, as they were at least true to the bare bones accounts of Jesus, that the film will point people to Him. But I hope that those who watch it spend time reading the actual accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and that they are careful to realize that Jesus was not properly presented in the film. Read the "Book"! It is so much better!
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on June 17, 2014
You realize by buying this trash you are supporting people that seek to strip simple civil liberties simply because their fairy tales tell them so?

Go buy Cosmos.
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I spent a day before Easter watching this movie and some other movies about Jesus, Peter and other people from the Bible. I was totally inspired by this movie. The acting was really good in my opinion. The story as portrayed in this movie was gruesome at the end and my heart felt for Jesus. I am glad I watched this movie because I got a lot out of it and I learned a lot from it. Well worth watching.
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on July 2, 2014
If you are from Hollywood and reading make the whole movie like the first 5 minutes and you have a winner! Jackpot! The best movie about Jesus ever made if you make it like a superhero action-adventure special effect packed blockbuster! Amen :)

I'm sorry guys for whoever loved this film. This is a sorry excuse for a Christian film. I would doubt whoever wrote it was a Christian. THe biblical accuracy was maybe around 75-80% if that. The story was there but maybe in wrong chronological order and most of the little details were wrong including very simple famous passages and verses from the bible that even children would get right. I understand you can take certain literary liberties but when dealing with historical and biblical text you don't want to stray from the actual truth for any sort of dramatic or personal literary effect. Okay they need to make a whole movie the way they did the first 5 minutes. It was a bad tease to make the most awesome 5 minutes I've ever seen about any sort of Christian movie then all of a sudden be like now it's about Jesus who is lame, dumb, and boring. Jesus was/is a powerful, most fascinating, almost mystical and magical divine supernatural being. they need to make it like mortal kombat, harry potter, any of the marvel avenger movies. With all that special effects. Why is it when they make a movie about Jesus it's always slow, boring, puts the viewers to sleep and not accurate? Are they seriously making this movie to the best of their ability?Who did they make this movie for? Christians? I'm a Christian and sort of offended at how bad this film was. For non believers? They would turn it off within 10 minutes or less... It's almost like they are trying to turn people away from christianity rather than showing people the awesome wonder of HIs majesty the King! This is beyond disappointing. I was looking forward to this because others had told me they enjoyed it. I had so much trouble just sitting here watching it. I was bored out of my mind. I don't recommend this movie unless you can watch for free and even then prepare to fall asleep, better yet if you are having trouble falling asleep pop this in your dvd or bluray player and you'll be out like a light.

NOw it's not all bad. The story is always positive. The message of Jesus is always strong. Obviously parts touched my heart because I hold a soft spot in my heart for Jesus so yes there are parts we can connect to but for the most part anyone could make a better movie in their garage! If you are from Hollywood and reading this make the whole movie like the first 5 minutes and you'll have a winner! A 5 star Jackpot! The best movie about Jesus ever made if you make it like a superhero action-adventure special effect packed blockbuster! Amen :)

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on June 13, 2014
I am really disappointed with this movie. It is full of historical inaccuracies and contrary to some other posters...no...it does not follow the bible. The acting was stiff. The speed and timing of scenes were like molasis...and yet...they drug out telling the story. This is a terrible depiction of Jesus' life. And they misconstrued his mission and message. not to mention making melodramatic many of the anecdotes from Jesus' life. The use of setting and scenery is horrid and not as it was in Jesus' time. Really...it is difficult to find any good in this movie...which is such a shame...because it is so hard today to get the story of Jesus across in a meaningful way to a new modern generation which is largely un-churched. Why even Mel Gibson's 'The Passion' is superior to this movie in every facet. I wish I had my $4.99 back. I recommend you watch the movie 'Jesus of Nazareth' instead. An excellent film.
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on April 7, 2015
When I began watching the movie, I was thinking that this film was going to get a one star from me because so many things about the life of Jesus's ministry (especially the events at the beginning of his work) were left out and not referenced. However, if you stay and watch the credits, it shows several scenes (such as His baptism) that were not shown, but were included as a type of appendices. I only gave this movie three stars because I felt it left out key points to Jesus's ministry, especially his fasting in the wilderness. I already know why they left it out, as I heard the producers talking about this in social media. However, I thought it skipped a very important part of the beginning of His work. Also, too many events seemed to have been blended as opposed to how they are read in scripture, especially His quotes and where they took place in the movie vs. in the Bible.

One thing I have noticed about modern day Jesus films - as opposed to earlier versions - is that modern day producers are hesitant to allow their Jesus actors to show real anger in scenes such as Christ tipping over the money changers' tables. In this version, as well as other modern day ones, Jesus looks more worried and distraught than angered. The Bible teaches us that he not only turned over the tables, but made a whip and ran the transgressors out. I don't think he was doing this from the emotion of sadness. He was angry because of their underhanded sales practices as they ripped people off while selling the sacrificial animals. Why are producers afraid to show their Jesus with anger? The Bible clearly speaks of God's righteous anger. Why are people afraid that showing Jesus as angry will overshadow God's love and mercy? In fact, Ephesians 4:26 says "Be angry and do not sin..." I guess they are afraid they will offend people? Read the Bible and you can see that Christ is not only loving and kind, but he also was passionate, even angry (in a righteous way) when people, who called themselves Holy, disregarded the Law and made God's work the work of men. Besides all of that, I did not like that they basically made Pilate's wife "topless" as he spoke with her about her dream (she was covering her front side up with a sheet, but her bare shoulders and arms showed). I thought that was unnecessary as this movie appeals to a young audience as well. Why expose them to a tempting thought when it is completely unnecessary? One other thing that stood out to me, the raising of Lazarus was not portrayed at all in this movie like what the Bible account gives. The producers/director really missed a great opportunity here, in my opinion. If they had stayed with the Biblical account, this scene could have been one that people would have walked away talking about. However, in the movie, it was a "quiet" miracle that didn't cause much awe from the observers in the film.

On the good side, I did like Diogo's acting. He played the part well according to the script that was given him. His work gave you (what I believe is a realistic view) a Jesus who had a sense of humor, showed heartfelt compassion, and was steadfast in his ministry. I know many older movies tend to portray Jesus as always serious. I think He behaved the same way any person would, that includes having a sense of humor. However, we all know that he was the bravest man who ever lived.

There wasn't anything that I recall that was so "far away from scripture" that it was dangerous for a non-believer, or a young Christian, to see (unlike some of the more recent "Bible related" movies), but I was a bit disappointed for the reasons mentioned above. I think it deserves a three, no more, no less.
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on September 19, 2014
I never saw any of the TV broadcast of The Bible mini-series, so the film was new to me and I have no complaint on that count. On the whole this was a solidly-made, well-acted and well-written adaptation of the Gospel accounts. My number one praise of course is that it doesn't water down or cover over the plain historical record of who Jesus was & is -- none of that "great human teacher" nonsense here. Other standout positives include Judas' motive for his betrayal; it's very believable to have Judas sitting on the fence between the concerns of this world and the hope of the one to come. And the characterization of Pilate is by far the most realistic I've seen yet. Granted, what we see of him in the Gospels can make him come across as a weak-willed appeaser... but people like that didn't exactly rise to high places in the Roman Empire. This movie gives us a Pilate that you don't dare cross or screw around with. He sends Jesus to the cross not out of cowering timidity, but brutally pragmatic apathy. "They'll forget about him in a week" are his final dismissive words when his wife pleads on Jesus' behalf.

The only reason I drop it to 4 stars are some small but bothersome 'misses', mostly near the start of the film. Peter's call becomes a private conversation instead of occurring in the context of a public event, without any apparent reason for the change. And when he asks Jesus what they're going to do, Jesus' answer is "Change the world." Sorry -- fail. Jesus' teaching was plain that "the world" was always opposed to Him and always would be. "Save the lost sheep of Israel," or "Build an eternal kingdom", would have been far better and more accurate. Another minor miss was the through-the-roof incident; as played out on screen, Jesus was outside and there was plenty of space to bring in the paralyzed man, so the roof breakthrough looked pointless and silly.

That said, some bits of artistic license worked wonderfully. I loved the way they merged Jesus' parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector, in with His calling of Matthew -- under the surface, playing it as though Jesus was relating an actual recent event in Matthew's life. Why does this adaptation of the history work? Simply because it affirms and strengthens the key Gospel themes of repentance, forgiveness, grace, and most of all who Jesus is... He didn't have to be there in the synagogue when it happened, He simply KNEW.

So on the whole, not perfect but even so I highly recommend it.
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on September 10, 2014
i have not seen anything within this movie that was not already shown in the series The Bible. In fact i believe there is LESS than was shown in The Bible.
Never shows Jesus as a small boy, never shows Jesus being tempted by satan in the desert. When Jesus is baptized it is only a very brief clip in a flash back form. Even some of Jesus' words from the Bible series are edited out.
For example, in the bible series when Jesus is angered in the temple and specifically says "you cannot serve both God and money". they sho the scene where he is angered by the buying and selling but they totally CUT that last statement about serving both God and money...???
it is really upsetting. i can't think of 1 scene in this movie that was not already shown in The Bible, not even 1!!!!!
And this movie had sooooo much potential too because there is still sooo much in the Bible that Even the series left out a really great deal of Jesus' life and mission!!!
They could have shown Jesus studying in the temple as a child, or Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding, or Jesus talking about the Parable of the Fig tree, or Jesus talking to Simon !!!!!! i can go on and on!!!! seriously!!! they had sooo much material to use and they could have easily reused old scenery stage sets for scenes like that too!!! since they obviously already had a temple stage set !!!! i saw lots of scenes with trees that they could have reused.
i see no good reason to remarket the exact same overly edited movie twice.
that being said, i will always say that all they actors in the film did a great job. and its not their fault about the greedy marketers choices to milk money out of those who are thirsty for God's message.
I just recommend that if you want the Whole story unadulterated, please seek it from The Bible.... not the series but the BOOK !!!!
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