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on April 16, 2010
Son of the Pink Panther isn't bad, but Roberto Benigni is no Peter Sellers. I get the feeling that he's trying to be funny rather than being totally sincere in his misadventures.
I can understand the desire to continue the franchise but feel that Blake Edwards should have let well enough alone when Peter Sellers passed away.
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on March 29, 2015
I liked SON OF THE PINK PANTHER immensely. To me it reverts to a style of comedy found in the original PINK PANTHER and A SHOT IN THE DARK. What is sad is that SON OF THE PINK PANTHER is just out of step for its time. I thought Roberto Benigni's performance was a hoot. He was perfect. It is a silly film and so were the originals. But this film has heart and an endearing quality to it. It was once again great to see Herbert Lom as Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus, Burt Kwouk as Cato Fong, Graham Stark playing Professor Auguste Balls and Claudia Cardinale playing Maria Gambrelli. The score was once again composed by Henry Mancini and he is even seen in the film's credits. I believe this was his last cinematic score. At the helm of it all was Blake Edwards once more a his final time. There is just something very nostalgic about SON OF THE PINK PANTHER. I like it.
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I choose this rating because the movie is good. What I like about the movie is that insanity is relative in the final installment of the Pink Panther series, starring “gifted comedian” (Variety) Roberto Benigni along with Panther alumni Herbert Lom, Burt Kwouk and Claudia Cardinale. Fueled by Benigni's “wacky charm” (Blockbuster Entertainment Guide) and “splendidly fractured English” (Halliwell's Film and Video Guide), Son of the Pink Panther proves that a family resemblance can sometimes be painfully obvious! An Arabian princess is kidnapped, and it's up to Chief Inspector Dreyfus to save her. Fortunately, there's no Clouseau around to plague him this time! But when a klutzy local cop with the unfortunate name of Jacques is assigned to help him, he manages to run Dreyfus over and blow him up all on his first day on the job. Soon Dreyfus begins to fear that if Clouseau has a long-lost son, he would be a lot like this! What I dislike about the movie is that I wanted to see more of it. I would recommend this movie to other people.
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on February 21, 2017
it was funny and wild ,dumb ideas. son of father as famous but i like pete sellers best than man but herbert lom wanted last movie .i think it you decide to review
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on December 21, 2015
not long ago i got into a discussion as to what's the most anticlimactic sequel. not the worst or the least necessary, but the most doomed from the first, the one it's hardest to believe someone actually managed to get bankrolled in the first place. now, i like sequels and always do what i can to counteract the "always suck" stereotype, so when a sequel is bad enough that even i can't in good conscience defend it, that's a true stinker!
for the record, my vote goes to Never Say Never Again, the paint-by-numbers Thunderball clone in which an over-the-hill Sean Connery laughably fails to reclaim the role of James Bond. but it ran a close race, with Son Of The Pink Panther being the runner-up. director Blake Edwards didn't simply fail to reignite his trademark franchise, he utterly demolished his filmmaking career. and what's most perverse about it is that it's a lesson Edwards should already of learned.
everything eventually hits a logical finish-line. The Pink Panther had an atypically good 5-film run while Peter Sellers lived. even no. 6, Trail Of The Pink Panther, turned out to have it's fair share of charms. basically a patchwork "clip show" starring Joanna Lumley as a reporter looking into the sudden disappearance of Inspector Clouseau, what should've been a disastrous hodgepodge somehow turned out to be a heartfelt salute, as much to the late Sellers as the M.I.A. Clouseau. it's one of the few such posthumous tribute films that actually feels like a tribute rather than a fast-buck gambit, and would've been an entirely satisfying curtain call for the franchise.
Edwards, however, was a bit too staunch a believer in The Show Must Go On. he proceeded to rush produce Curse Of The Pink Panther, daring to hope an equally inept Brooklyn detective played by Ted Wass could hold the reins for further films. there are so many things wrong with this film that it's easier to just cite the one not-so-wrong thing about it, namely, a cameo by Sellers' old comrade Roger Moore as a post-plastic surgery Clouseau. even if he is just goin' through the motions, he has such a playful good time at it that he somehow makes it work. we see that, like so many other actors, Moore has talents other than those for which he is noted. but alas, in a film as otherwise worthless as Curse, he might as well of just stood there and recited his ABCs.
and of course there's the ultimate reveal that Clouseau was seduced over to the dark side by a duplicitous femme fatale. (again, Joanne Lumley. sisters or cousins or something?) this more than anything else is the ultimate heresy of Curse. as heartily as we laughed at Clouseau's ineptitude, we admired his dedication to justice and even rooted for him, because we thought he was incorruptible. this revelation stigmatizes not only Curse, but it's predecessors as well.
so there's a lesson to be learned here about how the end is inevitable and sometimes for the best. and Blake Edwards managed to convince everyone on the planet with one exception: Blake Edwards.
about a decade later, Edwards was somehow compelled to smash head-on into that dead-end yet again. casting Italian comedian Roberto Benigni as a heretofore unsuspected son of Clouseau and Maria Gambrelli (Elke Sommer's character in A Shot In The Dark), he again proceeded to kick the dead horse. it may be less of a disappointment than Curse, but only because expectations weren't nearly as high. and those hopes must've been positively microscopic with Curse.
weirdest of all is that Edwards actually managed to lure former costars Herbert "Dreyfuss" Lom and Burt "Cato" Kwouk into his maelstrom. seriously, did neither see that they were just begging to fall flat on their asses? well, at least Elke Sommer did, so Maria Gambrelli is here played by Claudia Cardinale, whom you'll remember as the princess who owns the diamond in the first Pink Panther film.
Benigni does as well as can be expected, considering the restraints he finds himself under. basically he clones Peter Sellers. and like Wass before him, that's exactly what he was hired for. it apparently never even occurred to Edwards that either was maybe capable of doing something with the characters in their own right.
there are many films that turn out to be dead-ends, but few as obviously ill-conceived from the first as this one. seriously, did someone other than Blake Edwards actually have some faith in this thing at some point?
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on December 3, 2009
I felt compelled to write this review to balance out the other negative one. I think the movie is great! It is a continuation of the series after Clouseau's apparent death with Dreyfus discovering Clouseau had a son! Given this, you should not expect it to be Peter Sellers in any way. It is different but hilarious in the same way. Even Dreyfus' eye-twitching returns!

If you want to talk about a film disaster, try the new Pink Panther movies with Martin.
Trying to recreate Seller's and Herbert Lom's characters is a travesty in film history!
Sad thing is most people who haven't seen the original films don't know the difference.

But this movie is excellent and in the tradition of the classic films with a new personality to it! One of the funniest out there!
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on March 11, 2010
Being a Pink Panther fan, this is a wonderful addition to my collection. It was so enjoyable seeing so many of the faces found in the Pink Panther movies - it was pure fun.
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on February 21, 2016
Not one of Roberto better movies.
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on July 4, 2009
This was just plain bad. Not bad enough to give it one stars as there were a few spots where I laughed. But ugh! Trying to resurrect the Panther series with this poor excuse for a story, not a good idea. This is not worthy to have "Pink Panther" in the title.
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