Customer Reviews: A Song of Ice and Fire 2014 Calendar
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on August 4, 2013
I stumbled upon Gary Gianni's booth at Comic-Con International this year, and I was amazed by all the fantastic paintings. He had ALL of the original paintings from this calendar on display, and I was fascinated. He told me that George R. R. Martin had specifically asked him not to watch the show so that his paintings wouldn't be influenced by the show's portrayal of events. And he really nailed it. I love the TV show, but this calendar gets things a little closer to the way they looked in my mind before I saw the show. Gianni is just brilliant, and merging his painting style with something that is so fantastical AND in pop culture is just genius.

January: Jon Snow from A Dance with Dragons
February: Reek (Theon) in the snow from A Dance with Dragons
March: Cersei from A Feast for Crows
April: Ned Stark and Arya (with Needle) from A Game of Thrones
May: The Titan of Braavos from A Feast for Crows (There is also a centerfold of the Titan!)
June: Drogon going wild from A Dance with Dragons
July: Tyrion with the crossbow (yeah, THAT crossbow) from A Storm of Swords
August: Daenerys with her baby dragons from A Clash of Kings
September: A cool battle scene from A Feast for Crows
October: Melisandre birthing a shadow creature from A Clash of Kings
November: Pycelle, Varys, and Littlefinger in front of a map of Westeros from A Game of Thrones
December: The wights attacking from A Storm of Swords

The ones that I really like are Ned with Arya and the Titan. The Ned/Arya scene is a really tender moment, and one of the last happy memories you have of Ned. The Titan is just something I'd always wanted to see since I first read about it. But the best painting is clearly Tyrion, and Tyrion is true to the book in this painting. He's short, ugly, at this point completely disfigured from the war. Peter Dinklage is a fantastic actor but Tyrion isn't supposed to be handsome, he's supposed to be grotesque. And this is Tyrion's most memorable moment, with the crossbow (no spoilers!).

If you like fantasy artwork and A Song of Ice and Fire, then you'll love this calendar, although any art lover could probably appreciate most of the images, it's just fantastic.
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on December 26, 2013
please watch the attached video to see each of the 12 illustrations in the calendar. Art is a very subjective thing but I can't help but be disappointed in this year's calendar when I compare it to last years. Gary Gianni painted 12 detailed scenes from each of the five books, and if these images were completely unrelated to the books I could probably enjoy the art better. my critique is not based on the artwork but how the artist chose to portray certain scenes in the books.

The scenes are as follows:
January - Jon Snow
February - Reek
March - Ceasei
April - Ned and Arya with Needle
May - Titan of Braavos
June - Drogon
Centerfold - same Titan picture from May
July - Tyrion
August - Daenerys
September - Battle at Dragonstone
October - Melisandre birthing the shadow
November - The king's council
December - the wight's attack

my biggest issue is that many of these pictures seems to be generic illustrations rather than specific memorable scenes from the books. The scene in January can be any point in a Dance with Dragons, Likewise with the Daenerys scene. It would be very difficult to figure out what the September scene was if it didn't have the caption battle at dragonstone listed there. The books say that dragonstone was built with black stone and towers Shaped like dragons, the picture looks more like the battle of the blackwater to me. Ned and Arya look like they are in a suburban house rather than a castle. The Kings Council doesn't appear to be a scene from any of the books, the artist just chose to depict three members of the Council standing next to a map of Westeros.

I do like the Titan, Tyrion looking heavy with emotion, Ceasei setting up the blue bard, and Melisandre spawning the shadow. I wish the centerfold was a unique painting but it was just an enlarged print of the painting from May.

I hate to only give this 3 stars and like I said art is very subjective and art based on books has to compete with the image we have already formed in our minds. And maybe I am being a bit picky, but compared to last year this calendar is just ok, worthy of three stars. At the end of the day my opinion means very little, please Watch the video and see the works for yourself. the only opinion that matters is your own!
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on November 13, 2013
First off, the artwork is lovely and fitting for such a grand fantasy novel. Great job & I Love that they are not based on the HBO series!

I dislike this because many of the scenes are very very vague - even if you've read the books 3 times... And they're all violent/awful ones except March, which is sweet with Ned and Arya.

I guess I was hoping for images that I would recognize right away, and moments in the books that I loved. This calendar feels like the artist just thumbed through the books and painted wherever his finger stopped.
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on September 4, 2013
The artist, Gary Gianni, did these paintings without watching the show, though he did get some personal input while working on them from George RR Martin. They are amazing paintings. I think the Tyrion paintings is one the best I've seen. It captures so much emotion.

Like I said, they are done by the artist working from the texts only, so if you expect art of the show characters, you're gonna have a bad time.
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on November 28, 2013
I have bought every Song of Ice and Fire calendar since 2009. Usually, the work is outstanding. In my opinion, the best calendars have been 2009 and 2013. The worst calendar was 2011, that is until 2014 came out. Many of the prints in this edition have been represented in other calendars, just much better than they are here. Hopefully next year will be better.
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on February 18, 2014
The novel series based GoT calendars are always great, the art is gorgeous and while many are used to the TV versions of the characters their representations in the paintings are rather nice, if you aren't caught up on the books, I'd say avoid these ones as scenes from all 5 of the current books are included.
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on December 26, 2013
Any Martin fan would love this. There were two others in the room when my husband opened it, and they couldn't wait to look at it themselves. And then they gave me stink-eye for not giving the same calendar to them.
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on January 4, 2014
After reading a book, any visual, whether it be a movie or art work, never can replicate my imaginary vision of the character or setting and this calendar doesn't disillusion.
Some paintings are just ok (Jon Snow, Drogon); others are not at all what I picture (Cersei is not my idea of beauty);, and some are inaccurate which peeves me (Ned and Arya with Needle, actually should be Jon Snow and Ayra). Mostly however, I am disappointed in the choice of scenes - why 2 Titans? Where's Tyrion? Where's Rob Stark or Catlin?
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on May 18, 2014
I have been buying these calendars since GRRM has been releasing them. I usually pre order several copies when they become available. Since all the calendars so far were great I pre ordered this one from just seeing the cover art which looks cool. I was disappointed to find out that the cover picture was the only piece of art I liked in the calendar. I know its subjective and I am sure plenty of people like this art style. I am not one of them, looks amateur to me, crappy detail a lot of angles look wrong dull color pallet. Maybe I just got spoiled by the amazing art that the previous calendars had.
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on February 25, 2014
This came in a thin manilla bubble envelope and it was super bent.

Also, as much as I hate to say it, the art is a disappointment compared to the last two years. It isn't nearly as vibrant and colorful and the pictures don't take up the whole page (they have thick light yellow borders) like they used to.
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