Customer Reviews: Sonic Classic Collection
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on March 3, 2010
Though Sonic's original Genesis adventures have been packaged together numerous times in the past, this is the first time that these classic platformers have all been in the same place on a handheld system. With Sonic the Hedgehog 4 launching later this year, no doubt many Sonic fans will be wanting to revisit the original games, and Sonic Classic Collection provides a fantastic way to do so on the go.

Included in the collection are Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and Sonic & Knuckles. In addition, the two lock-on versions of Sonic 2 and 3 are included, so one can play as Knuckles in those games as well, which is a welcome inclusion. Sadly, the multiplayer player modes have been stripped out of all the games. Admittedly, multiplayer was never a major focus in the original Sonic games, but not even being able to have someone jump in as Tails in Sonic 2 is a bit disappointing.

Another frequently asked question is whether or not the original level select codes work. The answer, sadly, is no. It would seem that, while the codes can in fact still be activated, there is no way to access the level select menus themselves after doing so. This might be a deal breaker for certain fans, but it's an omission that many likely won't care about.

As for the classic games themselves, things are fairly solid. It must be said that the ports are not perfect. Framerate issues are present. It has to be said because they are there. However, they are very slight and after playing for a minute or two, they become nearly unnoticeable. Sonic 1 seems to chug the most for some reason. Overall, the games run fast and smooth, which is a vast improvement over the disaster that was Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis.

[UPDATE] Having recently had an opportunity to play this game on a DS lite and a 3DS, I have observed that the framerate issues vary depending on the system. This review was originally written based on the experience of playing the game on a DSi, where framerate issues are present but not prominent. On a DS lite, however, the framerate dips were more frequent and significantly more noticeable. By comparison, when played on a 3DS, the game runs nearly flawlessly, with only slight lag appearing, mostly in places where it occurred on the original Genesis. So if you're thinking about picking this one up off the bargain rack or whatever, take into account which console you'll be playing it on, as it will effect your playing experience.

In order to make the games fit on the screen, SEGA had to mess with the graphics. They use two solutions in game. First, the view has been cropped in a little, allowing it to scroll side to side slightly to frame a good view. Second, similar to the Classic NES series on the GBA, every few lines of pixels have been removed, causing all the graphics to appear slightly shorter. It's subtle, and a few distortions are visible, but when running at full speed, the compromises are nearly unnoticeable.

The sounds and music made the jump to DS just fine. Music sounds nearly spot on to the original Genesis titles, with only slight subtle differences appearing in a couple of songs. Sound effects are quiet faithful as well, but like the music, tiny oddities sometimes occur. Occasionally a sound effect will loop in an odd way that doesn't quite match the original. Overall, the games still sound like themselves, and only the pickiest of fans will notice the changes.

Beyond the actual games, Sonic Classic Collection is a bit sparse on extra features. It features a small photo gallery where artwork of Sonic characters can be viewed. This is somewhat interesting, but really is only worth looking at once. Beyond that, it's just the classic games and that's all. All the games have now been fitted with individual save functions, which is very handy. Oddly, all the menu buttons are mapped to the touch screen alone, so pausing and saving must done there, and the start button does nothing. This is not a big issue, but it takes a little getting used to, since the start button is nearly universally used for pausing.

Overall, Sonic's original adventures are lengthy and diverse, and having them all on one cart means getting some serious bang for your buck. Are they absolutely perfect representations? No. However, the problems are so slight that many likely won't even notice or care. If you're a classic Sonic fan looking for a portable fix, or if you've never had a chance to play these games and see why Sonic is so famous today, Sonic Classic Collection could not be more highly recommended.
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on March 6, 2010
Sonic Classic Collection has Sonic The Hedgehog 1-3, Sonic and Knuckles, the lock-on versions of Sonic 2 and 3 featuring Knuckles, and a small gallery of illustrations. All four games look and play really well, and are for the most part really good ports of the Genesis games.

The games do have a few small flaws:
-A few of the sound effects seemed to have suffered in quality, and in a couple places they overlap and sound rather strange.
-There are a few frame rate issues, particularly in the Metropolis Zone of Sonic 2. However, the Genesis games had some slow down too, so it could be from that rather than from the port.
-There are also a few graphical glitches, most of them minor, such as a small section of pixels briefly changing colors when the screen scrolls up or down really fast. The worst thing I've seen so far is in the special stages of Sonic 3/Sonic and Knuckles, where the tiles on the floor will sometimes scroll in a jerky fashion
- To pause, you have to tap a button on the touch screen. Start doesn't seem to do anything. This isn't so much a flaw, but it is a bit annoying when you want to pause and forget that start doesn't work anymore.

Overall, I don't think these flaws really hurt any of the games, and I'd recommend this collection to anyone who wants to play Sonic on the go!
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on March 2, 2010
It's finally nice to see these games released on a handheld that replicates the original SEGA Genesis perfectly. This collection includes the games Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles with their respective lock-on games as well. The original music is retained.

They did make a few changes which did tick me off:

1. The original multiplayer feature in Sonic 2, 3 and in the lock-on have been disabled.
2. In order to pause the game, you must select pause on the touch screen (can't use debug or cheats).
3. You cannot custom configure the buttons.

Aside from these problems, this is a great port for a portable system (much better than that Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis for Gameboy Advance, which was horrible!). If you wanna take classic Sonic on the go, this game won't let you down.
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on August 24, 2016
Class game lover, passing on the classics to his son.

Long story short my son(5) got a change to play pac-man and had been asking me to play it nearly everyday. So I decide to get him a DS, so I head to my local game store, (not gamestop), and pick up a DS and what do they have playing on a console there? That's right, Sonic. My son immediately jumps on it and starts to play, sadly the store did not have a copy of this game for the DS, so here I am, buying a game that was published in 2010 for my son who was born in 2011, go figure.

Game worked great, shipping was actually faster than expected and I have had no problems with this item. I would definitely buy from them again!
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on January 16, 2016
I got this too play on my 3DS on the ride to work. Pretty much exactly what I expected. Sonic 2 also allows you to play as Knuckles,, and has Save States, which is really nice! That game is incredibly hard without them. However there are no Save States with Sonic 3, which was disappointing. Also Sonic 3 hits lag at times which is a little weird and annoying, but not enough to detract too much from the game. It's not like there's much alternative for playing the original Sonic games on your handheld.
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on May 8, 2014
I bought this for my three year old nephew. I chose this because unlike many onther games on the DS this didn't seem to require a lot of reading, he can't quite do that yet. According to my brother, he loves it, though he needs help on some parts.
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on March 7, 2014
Pretty cool I remember playing these games when I was young a million years ago and playing it on my daughters dsi made me feel young again lol. its got all of them some people complained that it was just a demo I thought the same thing because you have to hit the start button not A or B but start and then you get to select what game you want its very fun my daughter loves it too she's eight. It is a little tricky at first because of the fact pushing A or B in the main menu will not start the game or take you out of preview mode but after you realize it you will be like duh and will never have another problem and the graphics are pretty cool its all four games plus a few extras and there just like the originals on Sega although there are the 4 games but there are a few extra choices you can play just like the originals or the updated versions great buy kids and adult both will enjoy so enjoy
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on February 1, 2013
Most of you gamers probably know these Sonic titles by heart when you take notice of this Nintendo DS "greatest hits" collection. It's a slightly different feel on another platform, yet the added bonus is that you can use your stylus to do a "quicksave". (On Sonic 3, you still have the autosave feature so you really don't need the stylus to access that particular game.)

Sonic 1 is what started the whole Sega Genesis craze. I love each of the 6 zones that you can blaze through (yes, pun intended). My favorite soundtracks are the Green Hill Zone, Spring Hill Zone, and Star Light Zone. This game isn't particularly hard to beat; you just need to be able to collect at least 50 rings before clearing a level so that you can try your hand at getting all of the 6 Chaos Emeralds (or else you won't get the best ending).

Sonic 2 was a step up. Tails was introduced, and he hopped and bopped along with Sonic (although, you can also choose to go through the game WITHOUT him). The Chaos Emeralds were much easier to gain, although there were 7 this time around. The soundtrack was even better (with the ingratiating exception of the Mystic Cave Zone -- aaargh!!). My favorite zones on here are Emerald Hill Zone, Aqua Hill Zone, Oil Ocean Zone, and Metropolis Zone. This is also one of the few Sonic titles where Dr. Robotnik is VERY HARD to beat. Once you reach the Death Egg Zone, you have to defeat Metal Sonic, then Robotnik's final giant robot creation. And, you have to do all of that WITHOUT ANY RINGS!! It took me several tries to pull it off, but the best ending is worth it!!

Sonic 3 grew by leaps and bounds, graphically and musically. The level layout was much meatier, and gaining the Chaos Emeralds was even easier (you have to collect a certain amount of Blue Spheres in 3-D mode). But, the hard part is actually locating the giant rings hidden throughout each level (Hint: you can find 4 of them in Angel Island Zone alone). Sonic 3 was also the introduction of Sonic's short time rival, Knuckles. My favorite zones here are Angel Island Zone, Hydrocity Zone, and Ice Cap Zone (great music on that one!!!). Dr. Robotnik is much easier to beat at the end of this game, although his final robotic creation is quite ugly (but the boss battle music more than makes up for that).

On Sonic & Knuckles, you could play as either character. However, if you want the FULL experience, then you need to use Sonic. You can't go through the Sky Sanctuary Zone or the Death Egg Zone without him!! Getting the Chaos Emeralds is trickier this time around, and you still have to find the giant rings hidden throughout each zone (the Blue Sphere game still applies here). On the Sandopolis Zone, you can find 3 giant rings, but the locations are very well hidden. My favorite zones here are the Flying Battery Zone (you can't go wrong with the music!), Lava Reef Zone, and of course the Death Egg Zone (best music ever!). Dr. Robotnik is much harder on this game to beat. You can work through the entire level and still have rings left over, but if you lose a life, then you will have a real struggle trying to defeat him. If you've collected all of the Chaos Emeralds, you will also have one final battle with Robotnik as "Super" Sonic! And it IS a doozy.

So if you've already played the Sonic series on other platforms, then you might want to save your $20. There are some slight technical/cosmetic glitches on this particular DS version (hence the 4 star rating instead of the 5 that it truly deserves). But for anyone who HASN'T experienced Sonic at blazing speed, then you won't have a problem with Sonic Classic Collection. However, it may also be helpful to all of you to try THESE Sonic series as well:

Sonic Mega Collection (Gamecube)
Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Playstation 2)
Sonic Adventure DX -- Director's Cut (Gamecube -- features 12 unlockable Sonic titles from the Sega Game Gear series)
Sonic Gems Collection (Gamecube)
Sonic Genesis Ultimate Collection (Playstation 3/Xbox 360)

Of course, the alternative option is to download the Sonic titles on your Wii if you want to play each one at a time.
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on January 29, 2016
Sonic used to be my favorite game, so when I found out there was a version for Nintendo ds I quickly bought it(for my son). I fiu d it a little more difficult to play on the ds than it used tobe on sega but some of that could just be that I'm not used to the ds. Also it was hard to get the game started. You have to start it at just the right time or it starts a demo mode. Also still can't figure out hiw to maje sonic spin in place and build up speed like you coyld do on the genisis.
All in all i still like it. My son is not real into it though.
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After the failed attempt to bring The Sega Genesis Sonic classic in 2006 on Game Boy Advance with Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis, Sega finally got it right with Sonic classics collection for the DS.
Unlike Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis, The graphics stay unmodified and stay true to the original game. However there are 2 modifications, which aren't that big of a deal.

A. In the originals, When you got the Running Sneaker prize box, The music would play at a faster speed. Now, it's also at a higher pitch.
B. No 2 player options in Sonic 2 or sonic 3
AT least with this release, the game play and graphics stay true to their original Format

1. Sonic 2 and 3 with Knuckles come pre-unlocked, where as in Sonic Mega Collection Plus, you have to unlock them.
2. Save feature. Save, Exit out and start back up again
3. Unmodified game play and graphics

1. Sonic 3 without Knuckles - Here's my issue. Sonic Spinball should have taken it's place. On Sonic 3 without Knuckles, You can play as Sonic, Tails or Sonic With Tails. With Knuckles, these 3 options are still there. Knuckles is an additional 4th option. So Putting The standard Sonic 3 was a waste of space when Sonic Spinball could have easily taken place

2. Genesis Sonic titles only. Unlike Sonic Mega Collection Plus, That has Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Sega Master System titles, which were eventually re-issued as Sega Game gear titles. Considering a Disc probably holds more than a DS cartridge, this is an understandable con, but a con nonetheless.
3. No 2 player options in Sonic 2 or sonic 3. They could have made it possible via DS download play
4. Only the touch screen pauses the game - Kinda hard to get used to not pushing Start to pause.
5. Save feature requires you to start the entire stage over. Sonic Mega Collection Plus allows you start back up at the specific spot you saved at

With that being said, 4 Classic Sonic games on The DS, What more can you ask for?
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