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on January 3, 2017
I've been a Sonos user for a decade now, back to the original ZonePlayers. This was my first foray into the self-contained Sonos units, as my previous zones were all to hard-wired separate speakers. I have to say I'm impressed. The unit set up as easily as any other, perhaps even a bit easier. The sound quality is quite good and easily fills a 500 sq ft room. You can also easily move this around the house as long as you remain within reach of the WiFi.

I won't say much about the overall Sonos experience as I've had it for a while - in my opinion it's the best option for home audio if you care about great sound.
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on July 7, 2016
Really purchased not knowing exactly what to expect. All I can say is that it works exactly like I hoped it would. So refreshing to have something set up and work so easily and quickly. My 7 year old is playing music from his iPad as we speak! Not to mention it sounds great as well. I Purchase quite a bit from Amazon and this is the first time I've ever felt compelled to write a review. Will be purchasing additional systems immediately.
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on March 15, 2017
Amazing quality and sound. I have the 5.1 system set up (Soundbar, Amp, and two PLAY:3 as my rear-speakers. I can't say enough about this product and ease of use! I do wish there was a way to mount them on my wall and hide the power cord. I love listening to music and the quality on them for music is amazing. I don't have one as a single, so I can't comment on that, but as a 5.1 sound system, very, very good!
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on April 23, 2016
This is one impressive speaker. I thought it might be a little high priced but it is definitely worth it. Right out of the box, it fired right up and was very easy to log on to my Wi-Fi. I was easily able to download the Sonos App which handily helped me set up. I started with my iPhone but added an ipad and my PC. I am so far playing music from Pandora and Amazon Music. There are many music options and hundreds of radio stations available. I love this internet speaker. The sound is clear and this little speaker fills the whole down stairs of my house in clear wonderful music. It is so easy to use, I still can't believe it. Sonos is definitely a quality system.
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on June 28, 2016
OMG. I have wanted a Sonos speaker for so long but have been a Bose loyalist for the past 15 years. Since trying Sonos I will not be purchasing any other portable speaker system.

The setup was super easy and intuitive. When I went to install the app on my wife's phone I expected to encounter some problems but her setup was just as easy as mine. She has her own music accounts added or she can also listen to mine.

I love that Sonos is connected via WiFi, which means the Sonos system covers the entire range of my WiFi network. As long as my WiFi reaches all the rooms where I have my Sonos wireless speaker, I don't have any issues with range. Music keeps playing — without skips, delays or drops — regardless of where my phone is. I've always had problems with Bluetooth because I would walk out of range with my phone in my pocket and the music would skip or stop playing.

Also with Bluetooth, my phone notification sounds would sometimes interrupt the music but not with Sonos.

The sound coming from my Sonos is amazing. Nothing but uncompressed, crystal clear sound.

I love being able to add all of my music services. I have XM/Sirius, Spotify, and Pandora connected to the Sonos app.

I highly recommend the Sonos music system. My only concern is the price. It's a lot of money to lay out but you get what you pay for.
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on January 4, 2015
good product. works well as advertised and allows to synch music in multiple rooms over multiple Sonos speakers. It has a very significant limitation in that multiple files are not supported. you cannot play any audio file that is on your home or portable device on the sonos. E.g. if you use apple's podcast app or get your podcasts in iTunes but rather use a 3rd party podcast app (e.g. Downcast etc) you cannot play those files over the Sonos. If you use audible and get your audiobooks in the current default file format (.aax), Sonos will not play those files. you will need to download them in format 4. A bluetooth speaker might be better for such functions. As long you you know what to expect up front, the Sonos speaker works well.
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on July 26, 2016
I bought the Sonos sound bar, sub, and two of the play 1s to set up as surround sound in my media room. I enjoyed them so much that I have since added 4 play 3s to other rooms of the house. Overall a little pricey, but good sound is going to be.
Set-up could not be easier; plug it in and follow the on screen commands on your device.
They act as their own signal extenders from one speaker to another. So, there is no signal dropping in areas that may lack strong Wi-Fi. Adding another speaker to their system is just as easy as setting up the first one.
You can control the entire system or individual rooms from any phone or tablet.
They will stream music from any source you can name.
They all sound great. My TV room could blow you out of the house. The sub has enough bass to literally wrattle stuff off the shelves.
I recommend this system to anyone who has ears.
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on July 15, 2012
I've been using the Sonos Play 3 for a couple of weeks now with a Sonos wireless bridge and I have to say it is quite a remarkable system. I never give 5 stars, but I have never been so impressed with a technology system before. Very simple to use, well designed, and the controller app for PC and IOS is excellent. The Play 3 sound quality is quite good for a small set of powered speakers. The major benefit of the Play 3 is the easy portability of the system. I can move it to the porch or garage and within a minute the system is linked (you can easily tell its status - when the white led stops blinking, it is connected) and can use my ipad or iphone to control what I want to listen to. The ease of set up with the bridge is quite good. The system uses a simple auto-connect process to add devices to the Sonos network where, after being prompted by the application software, you press a button on the Sonos device and it automaitcally searches for a Sonos network to join. This is similar to the easy connect process many new wireless routers use to add devices. No passwords, but secure.

The Sonos wireless bridge does not use a standard wifi network, it creates its own proprietary wireless Sonos network which cannot be seen by standard wifi devices. I believe the Sonos uses some of the channels in the 2.4GHz range. I have not seen any interference issues with my existing wifi network.

You should do the initial set up from a PC or Mac, not a mobile device. I tried to do the initial set up from my ipad but when I added the app to my PC, the devices weren't recongnized and I had to reinitialize the system. To be fair, the Sonos app warned me that it is recommended to initialize the system from the pc app, so I don't consider this a problem - it was no big deal.

The design of the components is very good, not cheap or cheesy looking, and the ease of use is excellent. One's reaction is that this is the wireless music system I'd expect to see come from Apple in terms of robustness, design, and ease of use. Although my first reaction was that the system seemed to be a bit expensive, the Play 3 is not much more than a set of of higher end powered PC speakers, and when you include the Sonos functionality, my assessment changed to thinking it was actually a good value.

The system integrates easily with iTunes library and seems to support almost any media library. I've only really started to explore this aspect. Setting up music queues and playlists is trivially simple. The biggest drawback is that it is addictive - since getting the Play 3, I've added a Play Connect to my existing stereo amp and speakers. I can play to and from the Sonos system with my stereo now. This is really cool - I can play different streaming radio or music library tunes on the different Sonos devices in different rooms, or the same, or whatever the heck I want to do - all easily controlled from the Sonos app. I'm just seeing how soon before I justify another Sonos component. It's clear there is a very complex technological base for the Sonos system, both hardware and software, but that complexity is well hidden behind a simple to use interface for the user.

Sonos may not be the "cheapest" system for home music, but it is the best. I did a lot of research before purchasing and no one else nailed this application nearly as well as Sonos. It just does this, but it does it exceptionally well. Over the years, we've made a significant investment in our music library and I view the Sonos as a great way to unlock the value in this investment by making it easy for me to enjoy my library wherever I am in the house. Kudos to the Sonos team for a job well done.
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on January 14, 2014
Thinking that the Iphone as the controller would be great I bought the sonos system. What I didn't know before mounting them high on the wall was that in order to mute them when a call comes in, I'd have to get a ladder out to manually push the mute button on the speakers. On the Iphone, there lacks an option to mute the speakers when the phone rings. So you get two choices; ignore the call or put up with loud music in the background. Oh, and if you choose to mute via the speaker button (assuming you are standing next to a speaker when the phone rings) it mutes all the speakers in the house, not just the ones in the room. What they don't tell you is the system cannot be turned off. The speakers stay on and produce heat (using electricity) even when paused. That's odd. We also planned to update to a smart tv and use these speakers but just read reviews that said there is a sound delay between what you see on the tv and what comes out of the speaker. That kind of sucks. The speakers sound pretty good though. I mean, really good.
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on May 16, 2017
I love my Play:1's, I love this too, but i don't think its' 100 dollars better from a sound perspective. Yes, there are two sets of drivers instead of 1, so you could crank these. But the separation is not there, you still need two. I think it's odd that they put the logo horizontally, but instruct you that you can put it on end, so the logo is on its side?
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