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Sons of Anarchy: Season 5
Format: DVD|Change
Price:$12.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on February 3, 2016
I finished the final season this morning and I'll have to say that it was great entertainment. This, from an ex-federal law enforcement official. I was somewhat disturbed because I kept catching myself rooting for the thugs and seeing them as regular people with problems like everyone else. Of course we normal people don't just shoot or stab everyone we have a disagreement with. However, the law enforcement people is this program were mostly a little shady. It appears that general knowledge of biker gangs, the author's story seemed authentic and made the show really interesting. The acting was sensational and most of the actors were not known by me prior to watching the show. As I said in another review earlier in the season, the show would be more accurately titled if it had been named, "SONS OF DUPLICITY."
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on February 27, 2016
I was hesitant in watching this series because I had seen a couple of episodes and they did not really draw me in. I figured I'd watch the first few episodes since they were on Amazon prime. I absolutely loved it. The storylines were great despite the violence and kept me binge watching for 2weeks after work and on weekends. I got invested in the characters and couldn't wait for SAMCRO to get revenge over the "bad guys" and when I got to the final episode I got teary at the ending scene. If you like to see movies that have a deep statement, then this is for you. The fight between good and bad tormenting Jax was awesomely portrayed by the actor. I give this series 5 stars for its entertainment value, it's portrayal of a good man doing bad things, and it being filmed very well and believability.
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on May 2, 2013
We never watched SOA on regular TV. It's on late. We are old, and go to bed around 8PM. No TIVO. I like bikes, been a rider since I was 14 years old ... no funny clothes, no tattoos, but I love to ride. I happened to watch Episode 1 of Season 1 on Netflix, and I was hooked immediately. I ran it again for my wife, and she was equally hooked. So, we watched all of the freebies we could, and when they ran out, I bought Season 5 from Amazon. The thing is, on regular TV you have a week between episodes and then an off-season. The way we did it was watch one after the other, almost continuousy. Probably not healthy to do it that way.

The writing is so good on SOA ... which is what keeps any good series afloat. SOA reminds me of The Sopranos on motorcycles. Excellent acting from all of the cast members, too. They seem to be enjoying themselves, and it shows on-screen.

What I can't figure out is how Clay and Gemma have not been murdered yet ... those two are so devious, so sleazy, so just plain BAD, that you'd expect them to be long dead by now ... gotta love 'em though.
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on January 3, 2014
This ratings suggestion came up because I purchased a couple of episodes of Season 5 for my daughter so she could see them prior to Season six starting. So this review is really about season six, but because I almost didn't watch season six based on season five, I thought it was appropriate to review the last season as well.

Season five was so full of bulls**t non-story related and unnecessary violence I almost didn't watch season six. I'm not against violence if it is transformative for the story arc. But they could have cut the violence down by 90% and the story would have been better because it would have been more believable.

Season six, well I fought really hard against giving up on it. If it weren't for the last four episodes, I would have to give this review two stars. From Walton Goggins' terribly disturbing performance as a transvestite (a character put in by the show's creator just for the fun of doing it - so therefore had ZERO PERCENT to do with the story arc) to the "let's see how many people we can kill just for the sake of violence" in every episode. The kill ratio in this show is so great so as to be completely implausible. If 1/4 of the violence in this show really happened in real life, the National Guard would have been brought in and they would have put an end to the club. I understand the writers desire to really "go for the jugular", but seriously it's worse than a B-Movie by Stephen King.

But the writers must have come out of their crack-induced stupor toward the end of the season and put their minds to some serious storytelling, because those last four episodes really blew it out of the park for me and redeemed the series.

As I've already said, season five was so loaded with implausible BS violence that I almost didn't watch Season six. But once I started, I felt a commitment to see it through and I'm glad I did. The last episode is going to make you wish you were binge watching it just before Season 7 because you'll likely be left in tatters by what happened. I just can't wait to see how they continue this arc in the final season.

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on July 7, 2015
Sons of Anarchy never disappoints a true fan. Sometimes it can be hard to watch, because you never know if one of your beloved best friends on the show is going to do something crazy or get themselves killed. The suspense was real throughout the entire season even though we had to watch it outside the house due to not having cable at the time. It was definitely worth every minute!
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on January 11, 2014
I've stayed with "Sons" for all 6 seasons...the 1st season took me in and out of the series and I couldn't make up my mind if I liked it or it was fictional (and it is) how close was it, is it, to the real thing? We can only conjur up our answer. But the producer and the characters - and the plot - grow.

Watching and listening to our news headlinws, reading our newspapers, realizing what goes on in our cities...this all serves to make Sons real! While my interest in motorcycles and riding play a big part in my opinion there is that "bad boy" mistique that comes through...sometimes or one time or another we have all secretly wanted to be a cowboy or a detective or war hero, maybe even a bad-ass biker dude! It may not be in vogue during these political correct times but I do like to see someone kick ass every once in a while! Give ya' an example: why do so many people enjoy proessional football, boxing, MMA, hockey? We all say "nah, it ain't for the violence"! But no matter what we all have an animal instinct that can be summoned up by different circumstances and Sons of Anarchy brings that instinct to the surface.

A great writer, shooter, and professor - Colonel Jeff Cooper - once wrote and said that " there are many pursuits of modern man that are a distinct part of our DNA; dancing, gambling, eating, romance, fighting". I believe that Sons does that and proves that.
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on February 10, 2014
In the early seasons, SOA delivered wonderfully strong women who were as devoted to the MC as the men. The gang rape by white supremacists was a highlight in the drama. This season seemed to flounder, however. Episodes prodded along with the details of business and deals that Jax had to orchestrate--not very gripping. There were a few unexpected moments that propelled the story, as when the MC club house blew up by surprise. The IRA attack should have been even more costly--why did everyone manage to survive? That Tara would end up dead was predicted for so long that seeing it finally happen was a relief. I will miss having Gemma as a redeeming character--flawed was fine but crazy takes her out of circulation. The murder that resulted from misunderstanding is a device from sitcoms--there should have been a less facile reason for this. I will also miss Tara--the women can't seem to survive the SOA.
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on June 9, 2013
This was one of the finest TV shows I have ever seen. However, just like just like "Lost" and many others, no matter how great the writer or creator,.. They completely run out of material ideas when it comes to an ending. This one one of the most disappointing ones I have ever seen. As far as I am concerned, I couldn't care less if it never comes back for another season.
To have such a strong a story line, the ending was crap.
Of course, it did follow the way the world , as it really is today. The worst slide by, the good are treated unjust and so condemned, and the bad remain, left to wander the world.
They are probably intending on another season, if so they will ruin it. After five seasons, the viewer is ready to see a slam ending and start getting excited about what is next.
My ending would have been first and foremost, to see Clay have his baboon face blown off his head. I have never seen a character become more of a pile of dung, as he did, and not get to see him totally annihilated. Gemma is a 50 year old whore, that needed to be put down, as well. And I would have written in where Tara takes the boys and leaves for Providence and never look back, leaving Jack with a choice, to follow, or to stay and live his life as a little boy, under his mommy's wing.

Let's move on to bigger things, people, and try to putting a little more work in to planning a better conclusion.
Four Star story with a one star 5th season.
I am sorry I wasted my time and money on a season I really had held higher expectations.
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on December 24, 2012
This is truly America's most existential long-form series. I can't stop watching it, which underscores a kind of cultural mental illness I have contracted about applauding for nihilism and wrath as staples in my already jaundiced video diet ("Justified," "Breaking Bad," etc.). Here we have a story based loosely on Shakespeare's "Hamlet," re-imagined by Sam Pekinpah. The biker policy gang arc is that these boys will sell guns and lethal weapons, but do not want to soil their well-earned townie reputation by dabbling in the drug trade. Think about that for one second. Time's up. Now the Hamlet figure, Jax, wants to divest himself of this because his dead father appears as a "ghost journal" that Jax reads on the roof of his truck/auto/bike repair castle warning him that this gun business is the road to nowheresville. So Jax makes a ton of promises, all of which are broken. And in the wake of these broken promises, there's a body count second to none on TV, and the ones Jax truly loves--his wife and two kids--are betrayed over and over, promise after promise--I give you my word! Meantime, his stepfather, Clay, who is the Claudius figure, is so loathsome, that if promises were bullets we would be riddled right out of this story in one season. But he hangs on, defying every moral fiber in Jax's being and every thematic turn of logic. By the third season these guys are so knee deep in moral sewerage that it defies common sense that a fourth and fifth season could punctuate the circle of deceit devouring these promise keepers. But somehow they do it, and its entertaining, morally unfathomable as to why it's entertaining, but I guess that's what makes existentialism the emerging philosophy of America. Gone is our pragmatism; we now welcome the moral carnage of our own powerlessness to hope for anything better.
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on September 29, 2012
these season premieres are often like the first chapter of a book and in this case this book ahould have thirteen chapters this year.
Soveriegn is the first chapter of the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy leading in from the last chapter of Season 4. Kurt Sutter and company have, for the last four seasons, brought the story of Clay, Jemma, Jax and the rest of the motley crew of SOA and all their darkenss and have never dissappointed.
This season, Sovereign is that first chapter and yes, it did start off with an incredible beginning. I highly reccomend that everyone watch SOA but if you don't know the show, you need to watch the whole show to understand what is going on. SOA is a journey, not a show that starts a story at 9pm and concludes the story at 10pm. It is a tapestry that is woven, every intricate, with it's dark yarn and thread. it is not for the feight of heart.
As for this episode, what can I say? Dark, slightly twisted, turns take you into other turns not unlike a motorcyclist traveling at high speed through Southern Califonia canyon, not knowing what is around the next corner. Kim Coates is a standout this season. An often underappreciated actor, he showing he can hang with the best of them as Tig, clay's sargeant at arms. If he doesn't win an emmy for his performance this season, i want to know who does.
I highly reccomend, not this episode, but the series for anyone that liked "the Sopranoes", for anyone who liked "The Shield" or for anyone that thought the first four seasons of "The Wire" were the best television ever did or had to offer. But just like the aforementioned tapestry, this show is a set of four books (so far) with thirteen chapters each and going to the middle will leave you lost and confused.
Sons of Anarachy, as a show, is right now one of the best shows on TV. Soveriegn, is to me, a kick off for book 5 and closure to chapter 13 book 4. I suggest everyone catch up!
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