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on December 13, 2010
This kit contains everything you need to make use of the 3D features of a Sony 3D-capable television.

Installation is dead simple: Turn off the TV. Plug the emitter cable into the special jack on the back of the television, attach the emitter itself someplace for maximum room coverage, and you're almost good to go. The manual suggested attaching the emitter in front of the set, attached to the TV base, for those not having the TV mounted on the wall, but we found we got better coverage with it on top of the set.

It's also recommended to use the HDMI cable included in the kit to connect your 3D-capable blu-ray player or PS3 to the television, because it's guaranteed to support 3D data transfer speeds.

One thing I did need to do, since we'd been using our firmware-upgraded Playstation 3 -before- adding the 3D accessories, was to go into the PS3 video settings and set it to recognize the new configuration. Once I did this, 3D options became available on several of the games already on the PS3, and the "Alice" 3D blu-ray was recognized as playable (1st attempt, the PS3 said we didn't have accessible 3D equipment, which was my clue to go check).

Turn on the glasses with the little button under the front right temple hinge, and enjoy.

The 3D experience was pretty awesome, the illusion of depth is undeniable and convincing, and it increases the immersive feel of movies, although it does take some getting used to. Also, for some reason, one of the sets of included shutter glasses fits me well, while the other doesn't. No clue as to why the difference.

Note: This kit only includes two pair of adult-sized glasses. If you have more family members and/or young kids or older youths, you may want to buy more pairs. Get Sonys or the Xpand universal shutter glasses, or they won't work (each manufacturer uses a slightly different standard, not unlike the way a remote control for one TV brand won't work for other brands).

- The Sony glasses seemed sturdier and better made than other models (Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic were those I tested and compared at a local Costco), and were among the most comfortable
- Undeniably solid 3D effects with minimal ghosting, mostly caused by me shifting my head around too much because I was eating dinner while watching the movie
- 3D video games are quite amazing (Super Stardust HD was free along with several other downloadable 3D PS3 games as bonus gifts with our Sony Bravia TV -- and it's incredible)
- The simulated 3D was kind of neat, although I can't see using this feature much

- The shutter glasses work by blocking your vision in alternating eyes with LCD lenses. Unavoidably, this causes your TV to look dimmer and darker. A way around this is to adjust the TV picture to Vivid, image and backlighting both to Max, Cinemotion OFF (reduces shutter-flicker, especially with the simulated 3D mode), color temperature to Cool. Setting Motion-Flow to Standard also seemed to improve the picture crispness and clarity, although we never use the feature outside of 3D because it looks too weird.
- Obviously if you have only one functioning eye (and thus no actual depth perception), this product is not for you.
- The glasses are a little heavy and can be tiring during a long film, and while they're designed to fit over normal prescription eyeglasses, some folks' eye-wear might be too large.
- There just aren't very many 3D films available yet, although with this year's major manufacturer push to make the home equipment available, this should go up and the prices come down. That said, the prices for the 3D versions of 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' and 'Open Season' (both are animated films) are reasonable. We'll probably see lots of Pixar films released in 3D blu-ray before long, because the re-encoding isn't that difficult for the studios to do. Be careful when shopping for 3D movies, because quite a few of them are the old-style blue-and-red nausea-inducing kind, and not these new shutter-glasses films. Amazon helpfully lists all the genuine new 3D blu-rays on a special page...which, if you go look, is sadly short in length.

Important note: If you are buying this Sony 3D kit in the hope of picking up a copy of "Avatar" in 3D soon, forget it unless you have a lot of disposable income. Panasonic locked in exclusive rights (reportedly for a full year), and right now the only way to get Avatar 3D is to buy their 3D accessory kit or look for other people selling their copy on eBay (and as of Dec 2010, several hundred bucks a copy, which is even more ridiculous). If you do acquire a copy of the disc, it will play on the Sony equipment however, as will any other 3D blu-ray disc.

Another note: If you got this kit along with a new Sony Bravia 3D-ready TV, go through all the papers and inserts that came with it, along with any other new Sony equipment you may have purchased recently. With the new TV, I found the 3D Playstation 3 free games offer, and a bonus from Sony to receive two 3D blu-ray discs (Bolt (yay!) and Michael Jackson (meh)) just for registering the television on their website.

Would I recommend this product to others? Yes.

Why four stars instead of five? Two factors: The current extreme paucity of 3D blu-ray movies available, and the difficulty I've had in getting a really good, comfortable fit with the glasses, although I'm doubtful any of the other models are better.
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on December 24, 2010
I received this bundle with the purchase of a Sony 3D TV (46NX810). The glasses work as advertised. They are a little goofy looking--a little like a hipster mad scientist. The transmitter seemes to be doing its job, and the HDMI cable is just a little bonus (they are not too expensive). The only problem is with the Alice In Wonderland 3D bluray. I cannot get it to work in my Playstation3. I have all the necessary hookups, system updates, etc., but when I hit "play", the PS3 tries to access the content, then I lose the signal from PS3. After I eject the disc, the PS3 reconnects and everything is fine. I contacted Sony, they said "not our problem--contact Fox Searchlight." Huh? This is a Disney movie. So I contacted Disney and am waiting to hear back. Kind of a bummer, as there is so little 3D content out there, it would be nice to watch this movie.

I did get Alice to play. I believe the problem was my Playstation. Maybe it is too old ("fat" model 40GB CECHH01), or maybe just defective (though it plays bluray discs and 3D games [e.g. GT5] with no problems. Tried the movie on a newer "slim" PS3 and everything works great.
The glasses could be more comfortable--they hurt my nose after about an hour--and you cannot sit at any angle at all when watching. You must sit in a nearly 180 degree plane with the TV or you lose some 3D effect.
Alice, the movie, is all 3D (despite some who say it is not). The non-Wonderland (i.e. non-CGI) scenes are not as striking as Wonderland. The movie itself is not my thing, but it makes good use of the 3D technology and is not too overdone.
My new rating went from 3 stars to 5, as this is a good value bundle when everything works correctly.
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on December 28, 2010
Lot's of hype with the 3D TV's now on the shelves. It's a bit annoying to spend the big money on a 3D TV and then have to dish out another bunch of loot to get the glasses. The film was good and the 3D effects were excellent. It's not something I could see doing on a daily basis. The glasses are bothersome and a bit funny to look around the room at everyone wearing them. The quality of the glasses is very good but they should be gold plated for this price. You can pick up some less expensive and useable glasses for the sony 3D tv's at a matter of fax dot com. Just do a search for 3d glasses on the site and you'll see what I'm talking about. Hopefully there will be more 3D material to come out soon, right now there is not much available. I doubt I'll be buying more of these until the price drops below 50 bucks.
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on January 25, 2011
I thought I would buy this as stocking stuffer for my husband since we just purchased the latest Sony 3D TV. I was shocked at the price when I went out on the afternoon of Dec 23, and found the cheapest price to be $400.00. I went home and went online, searched a few stores, and found it at Amazon the cheapest, plus delivery the next day. There was the package as promised, the afternoon of the 24th.

The product is fun and the movie was really cool in the glasses. However, about an hour into the movie, I saw husband not using the glasses. When I asked him why, he said he had a headache!! Well, it's true, they aren't that comfortable. A big ticket item just for a few laughs. This will impress someone (like my husband) at first, but I would wait for a bit and
and see how the technology develops for more convenience. Unless you have the money to spend for the kicks of it.
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on November 7, 2011
3d products aren't cheap, but the price is coming down. This product, though, is a whopping $400 at retail stores (like best buy) and online at I picked it up from an Amazon vendor for around $120, which fits much more nicely into my holiday budget. The package arrived very quickly with adequate packing material in the shipping box to keep the set (exactly the same product sold at retail stores, for those curious) nice and safe. While the glasses themselves aren't rechargable, the watch-style battery (an 1132 if I'm not on the motherboard of a computer or in those dog-bark suppression collars) has a long life (thus far). Everything plugged right up to my Sony Bravia television and it worked without much configuration at all.
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on June 4, 2011
This kit works well, but I found out that the 3D HDTV I bought already had an integrated sync in it and I did not need the transmitter. Check your TV specifications first. You may only need the glasses,
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on November 30, 2012
Can't believe I hadn't reviewed this sooner ? I received this as a bundle with a Sony HDTV purchase last year , it may not even be available any longer but this is what I can tell you ... 2 pair of the battery powered 3D active shutter tech glasses which have 2 positions for the wearer to choose from which are adequit , each has it's own velevet padded storage baggy for keeping them in when your not using , an emitter for the TV which sends the signal to your glasses telling them to do what they do which is a little bigger than a #2 pencil and not quite as long which has a nifty lil' stand attached allowing it to be sat in the TV's base or attached elsewhere with the provided 2 sided tape and a SONY HDMI v2.1 cable , 6 foot long which is compatible with 3D oh and I almost forgot , a 3D Blu Ray movie which was cool and all with the crazy special effects and of course the 3D action although I must admit , the movie wasn't particularly that good to me , although my loved it , then again she loves Johnny Depp period ! lol
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on November 2, 2011
Amazingly fast shipping and excellent packaging. Product is as described and cheaper than the retail stores. If you have a new sony bravia TV, you do not need the sync transmitter as the TV already has it built in. Great work and thank you!
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on May 14, 2011
Delivered promptly. Everything was in the box. Excellent 3D effect on the supplied "Alice" blue ray and other movies I have seen since I purchased the kit. My TV has 2D to 3D up-conversion so I enjoy 3D just about all the time. The originals batteries are still going on after many, many hours of use. No complaints about quality and comford. It could get a little tiring to wath 3D for long periods of time but I can always go back to 2D... just to realize that it's not the same and go back to 3D again!
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on January 2, 2011
When we purchased our new 55" Sony 3D TV, we were very excited. We love the performance of this TV and are very happy with it. The only problem is that after spending $3,000.00 on a new "3D" TV we found out we had to buy the glasses,3D Transmitter and the wireless adapter for another $500.00. This really sticks in my craw as after spending this additional money, there are only about 15 3D movies you can buy.. Shame on me for not checking this out first but shame on Sony for forcing us to do this without a warning!!
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