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Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS Lens for Sony E-Mount Cameras Silver
*: Silver|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$348.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

This lens has been on the market for a while but I just purchased mine toward the end of 2015. You are probably reading this because you (like me) tend to read the most recent reviews of a product to get a fresh perspective of a product after it has stabilized and undergone any of the manufacturer’s updates and/or revisions. My serial number indicates a made-on date of late 2015.

I bought this lens as the walkabout lens for my Sony NEX-6. Most of my recreational shooting is done at wide angles with my Sony A7 when I am most critical about my shots. For the relative fewer times when I shoot at longer focal lengths I choose to carry the NEX-6 rather than swap lenses on the A7. That way each camera is optimized for the type of shooting I’m doing and I am not apt to introduce dust into the camera, especially “in nature” (not to mention the awkwardness of what to do with a lens when it’s off the camera body and potentially missing a shot while swapping lenses). The NEX-6 has a great APS-C sensor, is an excellent low-light performer and the smaller body size helps offset having a longer zoom lens attached to it. I don’t even use the kit pancake lens that came with the NEX-6, as it duplicates most of the Zeiss SEL2470Z on my A7 and obviously it is not in the same class.

So that actually puts a lot of pressure on the E 55-210mm to perform well. As a professional photographer I am used to not questioning the quality of the gear I use and unfortunately that makes it difficult for me to choose a simple point-and-shoot camera for weekend outings with family and friends. So what do I use for snapshots? My iPhone and I’m glad I do … it’s always with me, I can post pics to social media instantly and for family fun photos the image quality is plenty good.

So this review is addressed to others like me who like to shoot photos in that wonderful in-between zone of photography … not as a professional and not as a simple snapshot shooter, but purely for the recreational fun of it, whether that be nature, people, travel, adventure, etc. Cameras like the NEX-6 (and now the A6000) are wildly popular for people like us and our demands for performance are pretty high.

That brings up the question of how good is this lens. Putting aside the technical words, it is AMAZINGLY good. The matchup in size and weight for Sony’s NEX/A series of APS-C cameras is perfect, so much so that I actually enjoy holding my NEX-6 with this lens mounted to it more than I did with the 16-50mm kit lens. The barrel diameter/length is perfect for two-hand photography, the feel of the mechanical (as opposed to fly-by-wire) zoom is silky, precise and accurate, and the weight distribution is great while shooting as well as when carrying the camera. Even if I didn’t carry a camera with a wider-angle lens I could see myself using this lens for 80% of my shooting on a vacation trip with the other 20% being handled by my iPhone.

And most importantly, the image quality is almost magical. I know the NEX-6 does a lot of internal lens corrections (as many cameras do these days) but using these lens is almost an extension of my brain when I use it … what I see and what I want to capture is what I get. The attached samples are from my first batch of photos, just snapshots around the house, but especially the one if the cat illustrates how using the right equipment allows a photographer to be ready and able to capture an moment that only last a millisecond.

Everyone has different photographic needs and we all shoot differently. My purpose in posting this review is to recommend that if you have a compatible Sony camera that you give serious consideration to buying this lens. Don’t let the reasonable price throw you off, this is a remarkable value and if you don’t already have a tele-zooms lens it will open up whole new vistas and fun for you.
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Great telephoto lens. Not too large to be a burden, and not too heavy. Great quality, as one
would expect from Sony. This lens gives quite a bit more flexibility in shooting, as a
relatively reasonable price. Of course, since this is a telephoto lens, it would not cover
all of your photographic needs, and you would still need the 18-55mm kit lens for overall
use. Perhaps a 18-210mm lens would be somewhat more convenient, in that you would
not have to switch lens. However, that configuration costs about twice as much, so this
is a reasonable compromise. I used this with the Sony A3000, an exceptionally great
camera, in my opinion. I am very pleased with this purchase.
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on April 2, 2015
If you are wanting to add just a little more to your a6000 this lens will do it for a low cost. While there are certainly better lens out there for the money this is a must own for everyone's bag. Images are sharp and the focus is on par with other kit lens for this price range.
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on May 24, 2013
I own multiple DSLR (Nikon) but needed something lighter for when on vacation. Bought a NEX and love the weight and the 18-55mm kit lens combo. It took great pictures. However, on some occasions I do miss having something on the longer end. While in the past when traveling I carry multiple lenses, primes, and telephoto lens, I tend to gravitates to the wide end. So with 18-55mm already in hand, I decided to purchase the 55-210. I have try the 18-200mm as a one-stop-shop solution, however it is heavy (like carrying my Nikon), expensive, and the kit 18-55mm has better contrast, color, and IQ then the 18-200 on the wide end.

I could go the super cheap way by just bring my 70-200 Nikon lens with a adapter, but that just defeat the purpose of have a light NEX camera for travel. Went to my local camera store and try out the 55-210 Sony E lens and just fall in love with it. It is light, take great pictures (don't expect pro-level), quick to focus, and best of all CHEAP. Decided to check Amazon and found that its even cheaper.

Very glad I bought this lens. Just got back from vacation to Seattle and Vancouver. I still cannot believe the performance of this lens. Can't wait to take this on my next vacation to Spain and Scotland.
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on December 16, 2014
Must say I wasn't using this lens much but now that I have I love it. The image quality over the kit 16-50mm is significant. I of course love the compactness of the 16-50 but this Zoom is very light weight. Hard to find a better zoom for the price - and if you don't mind the bulk (which is really not much more than the 18-55 kit) its a good buy.
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on November 24, 2015
Great, but if wildlife at a distance is what you are looking for this will be just ok. at distances wildlife is usually at when you can take a pic you need 300+
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on November 9, 2015
Great lens! Easy to use and takes great pictures. Light weight.
This lens takes sharp pictures. The zooming is not as great as I would like but it is something that I don't think is a huge issue. I am a novice photographer and this is a great lens for me.
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on November 7, 2015
Bought this to replace the lens that came with this camera. It a great lens that give you great shots of far away subjects.
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on April 19, 2014
This lens matches perfectly my Sony a3000. So far it has produced many sharp "keepers" both at the long and short end of the range. I'm not a good enough photographer to provide a professional review, but if you enjoy photography and are on a budget and are picky about producing sharp, colorful pictures, you can't go wrong. I've had it about 2 weeks and have had no problems so far. I ordered a "white box" (separated from the original kit but never used) lens for only $210.00 that came all the way from china somewhere and I had it 2 weeks ahead of the predicted schedule. Everything was well packed and good to go.
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on August 11, 2017
Takes decent photos for what it is. I wish it was a LOT faster.
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