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on October 26, 2010
Overall, the reason I bought this set was because I was drawn in by the wireless feature of this system. It ultimately delivers on this aspect, but the product does have some shortcomings. Here are some pros and cons

- GREAT price offered on Amazon(one of the biggest pros...I think if you buy it from [...] Buy it is probably $250.
- The wireless speakers are pretty attractive and have a nice sleek, polished look
- Relatively easy to set up - if you just want to play from your PC directly
- Wireless signal is great; I put one upstairs in my room and there was no interference

- speaker quality is mediocre; namely, the bass power on these guys is weak - but it is expected. However, as long as your house isn't too large, the sound should travel well enough
- In order to play your iTunes playlists directly off the components themselves, need to spend some time setting up the system. Even when you do, the interface isn't really isn't as straightforward to use as I would have liked.
- Power outlets for each speaker unit are pretty large (minor)

Overall, decent product, but definitely not perfect; you get what you pay for!
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on March 30, 2011
I was pretty confused on what I was going to be receiving in this package. Here's what you get -

- One AIR-PC10T wireless audio transmitter for PC. This is a USB dongle that plugs into your computer, and transmits audio from your computer.

- Two AIR-SA50R wireless speakers. Each of these units contains actually has two speakers in it, and each one by itself puts out stereo audio.

- Two EZW-RT10A wireless transceivers. These are small rectangular things. You insert one of them into the back of each AIR-SA50R wireless speaker. This is what receives the audio from the AIR-PC10T transmitter.

- one AIR-PCST1 cradle for the AIR-PC10T USB transmitter dongle. You can plug your USB transmitter dongle into this rather than directly into your PC. It has a cable which can be plugged into the USB port on your computer.

- two RM-ANU065 remote controllers plus batteries. Each one of these controls one of the AIR-SA50R wireless speakers.

- one CD-ROM containing the S-Air Cast software. This enables you to control PC audio playback software from the AIR-SA50R speaker, or from its remote.

The sound quality is about as good as can be expected for speakers this small. If you want better speaker quality, you can get an S-AIR receiver that connects to your home audio system via RCA jacks.

The range of the transmitter is good but certainly not great - it might be comparable to a wifi signal. If you are having trouble getting a wifi signal to certain parts of your house, you will also have difficulty transmitting your PC audio that far with the AIR-PC10T transmitter.

These Altus S-AIR systems have been discontinued by Sony, in favor of HomeShare components like the NAS-SV20i - which looks very similar to the AIR-SA50R, except the AIR-SA50R lacks an Ipod dock. Because of this the Sony S-AIR products are being sold very inexpensively right now.

Right now I'm simply using the speakers for playback of internet radio, together with an otherwise idle laptop - it made more sense to me to pay $99 for these speakers than to pay a lot more for something like a Logitech Squeezebox.
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on March 2, 2011
For those interested, I'm 27, have a degree in computer science and am somewhat of an audiophile in the sense that I'll spend what it takes to get "good" sound. However, I'm also pretty reasonable and I wouldn't ever expect a wireless speaker set to outperform a wired 5.1 sound system.

Like everyone else, I wanted a speaker solution that would allow me to listen to music in multiple rooms without running any wire; namely, something to listen to while I cleaned my place or had get togethers with friends. Back in 2004 I bought some wireless headphones and overall, I was extremely dissapointed. Until now I've avoided all wireless-dependent hardware when it comes to sound. When it came to this product however, I was more than pleased.

1. The look.
Each speaker looks refined and current. The touch-sensative buttons are about as responsive as it gets and everything from changing tracks (yes you can change tracks from any given unit) to setting the time is intuitive and easy to do. Sony gives you a remote control with each unit and those, also, look clean and refined.

2. The performance.
These speakers won't blow you away with bass, but the sound is excellent - not just for a wireless speaker system, but for any speaker system. If you've ever had your car's stock stereo system replaced with a new deck and new speakers, that's how good these sound. Now unlike that car stereo system, you can't add an amp and a subwoofer with these, so you'll never reach that potential with these speakers, but they sound good. Also worth noting is that I tested a newly setup system of 4 speakers and when the songs are playing, paused, stopped, etc, I don't hear any static coming out of them. This is important to me and pretty impressive that it's accomplished here.

3. The ability.
The software installs on windows vista just fine, although I'm not sure about windows 7. I also can't vouch for whether or not it takes over your primary speakers becasue I installed it on a 10 year old HP I had laying around and set that up for a dedicated music player. The software is very clear with each step and the setup was a breeze (less than 5 minutes from start to finish). Now, here's where it gets even better. After allowing it access to your iTunes program, each individual unit can control your library. Next, Previous, Pause, Stop, every unit has direct control over itunes. Have speakers upstairs and you're about to head out of the house? Pick up the remote (or walk over to the unit downstairs) and hit stop and all the speakers stop playing music. This makes sense but I've never seen a system that accomplishes it so seamlessly.

4. The price.
I don't think I can list exactly what I paid in a review, but lets just say it was way below retail. I believe Sony is coming out with some new wireless speakers (newer model of these) and I'd encourage anyone with even intermediate knowledge of computers to pick these up over the newer models. I can't imagine the newer models will sound any better and besides the physical differences (appearance of the unit), the only real difference I can see is in the software - i.e. being able to control your playlist from an iPod touch.

5. Last thoughts.
If you're wondering, I've paired 4 units with on transmitter - which is as simple as turning the unit on and flipping the switch to "channel" A, B or C. I'd imagine the number of speakers you can pair are infinite. I also have a wireless n usb network card operating on the 2.4ghz band that sits about 5 ft away from the transmitter and haven't experienced any problems with either so far.

I'm very pleased and if you're paying the bargain price on these, they're the exception to the "you get what you pay for" rule. These are almost worth their retail price, but on sale, you just can't beat it.
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on January 5, 2011
Setup of system was pretty much as I expected. The sound was great and my wife loved it. Two days later she unplugged the transceiver and then replugged it in. It failed at that point. No light on the transceiver to indicate it hadn't paired.

I called Sony's customer service and they ran through the troubleshooting (which we already did!). They pushed us up to the next level and was told they would call back. A week later they still didn't call so I returned the product.

Seems kind of silly that they wouldn't figure it out quickly.
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on April 28, 2013
I don't know how I found it so cheap on Amazon (must have been a year-end closeout or something), but I got the transmitter and 2 speakers in February 2011 for $89.99 At that price this speaker system is nothing short of an absolute stea.

I have the two speakers located in different locations in my 2900sf home, with the transmitter connected to my PC in the office. The sound quality from each speaker is very good, and most of the time I only have one speaker turned on (unless I am walking back and forth thoughout the house, in which case I'll turn them both on).... the sound quality is so good for a wireless system that it sounds like stereo even with a single speaker. I also love the fact that besides doing wireless, these speakers each have an audio-in jack, and so I can plug an IPod/Tablet/Laptop directly into a speaker via its headset jack (using a 3.5mm Male to Male audio cable to connect the devices.... if you purchase one of these speakers, I'd recommend buying one of these audio cables to go with it:

As a comparison, I previously used a Sony SRS-RF90RK in my house. That speaker, although good, would often have static on it, and it did NOT have an audio-in jack. The difference between that old speaker and this speaker system is night and day, with the ALT-SA32PC blowing it away. The sound is clear, and the speakers can be cranked quite loud. The only positive that the silver RF90RK had was that it could operate on a rechargeable battery, whereas the ALT-SA32PC must be plugged in. I have found that I really have no need for the rechargeable battery, and from the day I opened the box over a year ago, I have been in love with ALT-SA32PC speakers.
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on June 13, 2011
Note that discontinued Sony S-Air products are not out-of-the box compatible with newer Windows operating systems, but the Sony e-support site does offer a software update (S-AIR Cast software version 1.5.0 - just web search that and its the top result) which purports to make the product compatible with many newer Windows OS. However, this software update does not work as claimed (in my case, with Windows 7 Home Premium). If you are running Windows 7, or any 64-Bit OS, or don't know what the heck I am talking about, be wary as the software may not install. Which will hamper most (not all) of the product's functions like remote I-tunes controls, playing both your computer's speakers and these speakers at the same time, etc. Otherwise very easy hookup and slick look. Neat product, good price. Sound quality decent, not stellar.
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on November 21, 2011

(1) Easy to install.

The system is easy to hook up, just insert tranceivers into the back of the speakers, plug speakers into electrical outlet and install transmitter into USB port.

(2) Sound good.

The speakers have very good sound quality, although as others have pointed out, you do not get, nor should you expect, thumping base out of this type of speaker. I have not had any problems with sound interruptions/sound quality (except for when the microwave is in use), even with the transmitter attached to a computer on the first floor and the speakers located on the second floor.

I use the system primarily to be able to have internet radio or internet music services in the background throughout the house. The speakers are very good for this purpose. However, if you want to sit down and really enjoy the quality of the music being broadcast, I would recommend that you purchase the Sony Air A-10R receiver so that you can transmit the music to your existing audio system speakers (see below.)

(3) Good price.

This system was probably over priced when it first came out. But the current price (around $100) is very good.

(4) Expandable

You can add more Sony Air speakers; either additional SA50R 8 watt premium speakers like the ones that came with the system or SA5R 2.5 watt socket speakers. I do not have any socket speakers, so I cannot comment on their quality. If you want to also transmit music from your computer to an existing audio system, you can pick up the Sony A-10R receiver. There are some good deals out there on the receiver. I was able to find one online for $30.

Since Sony no longer makes this system, you should probably purchase anything that you might want to expand your system now rather than later.

Cons (minor):

My only real complaint is that the functionality of the included software is very limited. Basically, the software allows you to have some limited control over your playlists using Windows Media Player or itunes. I was able to skip from album to album and from track to track using the included remote control. You can also control the volume of the speakers and turn them on and off with the remote. The owners manual indicates that you can add internet radio stations and podcasts to your playlists and control them with the remote, however, this function does not work. Although it is true that you can add radio stations to your Windows Media Player and podcasts to the itunes player, there is no way to access them through the remote control.
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on October 27, 2010
It is really nice to be able to walk around in my large apartment and hear my music! This is a really great item and easy to use. If you were like me, push the transmitter cartridge hard into the back, otherwise you'll think it's broken and doesn't work!
I really like this system and just bought another pair of wireless speakers that plug into the wall.
I would definetely recommend, the setup was so easy!
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on June 13, 2011
After reading all the reviews, I was keeping my fingers crossed that these hooked up OK and had no glitches, but it has been over a month and we are very happy. Like most wireless speakers, they aren't strong in the bass department, and you have to realize they aren't stereo, with different tracks left and right speakers, but that said, we listened to at least 3 different sets that friends had and these are the best overall in our opinion. They hooked up flawlessly. Love the remote. Only curiousity we have noticed is that the volume seems to be quite different for itunes vs internet radio, with one needing a much higher volume to be heard than the other for some reason.
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on June 21, 2012
I already purchased another set of these a year ago. My space increased in size so I wanted to add a few to the equation. I didn't research at all if it would all be compatible together (universal wireless signals) but I hoped for the best. Turned out correct which is the main reason I buy so much Sony gear. They really go the extra mile to ensure universal component compatibility. I now have 4 speakers all working through one receiver which makes for a wire-free and hassle free setup - and I will not hesitate when they decide to upgrade this style of interface in the distant future.
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