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on September 9, 2013
I bought this unit in March for $99.99 shipped so you can imagine my surprise when i see its listed for $159.99 now. It's an awesome unit at any price but i wouldn't buy it for more than $120, you shouldn't either IMHO. You might want to note that this is the exact same unit as Sony BDP-BX59 with the one difference being the accessory cable it comes with. S590 comes with a basic A/V cable, but the BX59 comes with a HDMI cable, yup that's the only difference. It plays every format i could come up with and it works great as a wireless media player. I don't care for 3D but that was a nice added feature for the price, comes with built in support for media servers like your PS3 or windows media, also supports netflix and all those wonderful services. You might want to note that this entire line is no longer sold by Sony, they moved to the S3100 and S5100 line, they claim to offer easy conversion of content to 3D and netflix 3D, but they do not have an optical connection like this models do, so buyers call on that one.
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on March 2, 2013
Sept 2013 Update. Unit is off. Press the Open Tray button on the remote. Nothing happens. Wait. In about two minutes it will turn on--you can see the Sony logo on your TV. The tray will open. You get up to put in the DVD. Before you take two steps the tray will close. Press the Open Tray button again. Nothing will happen. Be patient, (If you press Open Tray twice in a row it goes to Lock), wait a minute or two, then press it again. The tiny display on the unit will say LOCK--and there is only one solution. Unplug the power cord, wait 30 seconds. The problem seems to get worse and worse. I think there must be some kind of decision tree in the unit, once you are in hell mode--there's no way out. The instructions tell you how to turn on the Lock mode (holding the play button for 10 seconds) BUT THEY DON"T TELL YOU HOW TO TURN IT OFF (except for unplugging the unit and waiting 30 seconds).
Sometimes DVDs take 10 minutes to load. Sometimes I just give up. Amazon Prime works great because I don't have to open the tray. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of nonsense.

July 2013 Update.
The tray will not open. It's done this many times before. Pressing the open button cycles between the message "Home" and "Lock." When it says "Lock" usually I have to unplug it...... This is unacceptable. I did a search and this apparently is a common problem with no clear solutions that I could find.
15 minutes to get it to work... (unplugged it twice)
(Where is the 'iPod' Bluray player, no hassles, few buttons, reliability?)
Original review.
I like this player. It (eventually) does what it's supposed to do. It's (fairly) reliable.
All good, except... the remote control is still the same stupid remote control mess that's annoyed everyone (except the gearheads who designed it)
I've been using this player for a few months now--about every 4th or 5th time I push a button to fast forward, pause, accept the one choice offered on the screen I push the wrong button and something immediately happens that then takes two minutes and 4-5 button pushes to undo. Today I hit a button labeled 'SEN'. I don't know what it is supposed to do, but it does the same thing as the HOME button which does basically the same thing the RETURN button does.
Like most remotes this is dark and symmetrical. Picking it up, you have to look at it to see which way it is pointed.....
there are 39 buttons on the thing -- most of which are either never used or only used to enter passwords.
The workflow is also dumb. Turn it on, after it sorts itself out the first selection offered on screen says ERASE BD Data --which I'm guessing will erase all the tedious passwords entered for Sony, Netflix, Amazon.... When I select Netflix, I have to wait, but instead of Netflix I get a window saying Content is Ready with the option CLOSE, part of the same flow is the option CANCEL. Unless I'm paying attention it's easy to select the wrong one. (If I was paying attention I probably wouldn't be watching TV in the first place.)
If the DVD drawer is open, it won't do anything until you close the drawer, but it won't say to do this until you try to do select something. All these excess and unnecessary steps become really annoying after a couple of weeks.
In the end it does work--which I cannot say for my LG Dumb Phone.
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on January 11, 2013
My trusty Panasonic player seemed to be defective, so I ordered this as a replacement (turns out the Panasonic unit was actually OK - my receiver was not properly configured).

I ordered this player, only to find that it would not actually play anything that was round and shiny. No DVD. No Blu-Ray. Not even music CDs. Not even brand-new discs. Not even homemade discs. If it was round and shiny, the unit balked.

Fortunately, I ordered it though Amazon, who paid the return freight and gave me a generous five-week return window. I ordered the same unit as a replacement (figuring that the original product was not representative of Sony products), and I was rewarded with the same unit that plays round shiny disks flawlessly.

One thing that BLOWS ME AWAY about this player is its built-in Netflix app. I have seen some older reviews that criticized this app, but the current Netflix player is AMAZING. It is WAY better than the Panasonic player (even though I kept it's software up to date). The Panasonic app (SLOWLY) shows only your instant-watch queue. The Sony app shows this, as well as your viewing history, and suggested movies (in multiple genres), and you can search and watch within the app. It's just about as good as going to Netflix on your computer.

Also, the Panasonic Netflix app would FREQUENTLY pause to buffer content (even though I have a very fast internet connection). The Sony unit has only done this twice (in two months) - even though I have the same internet connection.

The Sony unit has USB input, and supports higher capacity and more formats than the Panasonic unit (for example, the Panasonic maxed out at 4 GB, and would read only AVI video format - I have not found the size limit of the Sony unit and it also supports MPG video).

The Sony unit also has A LOT more streaming video/music choices than the Panasonic unit. Most of these I have never heard of, and they are of no particular interest to me. I mention this only because these might be of interest to other readers.

The Sony unit "boots up" very quickly, and loads content options very quickly.

The included remote control is VERY small, and includes a dedicated "Netflix" button. A nice touch.

I am so pleased with this unit that I will not even deduct a star because of the faulty original delivery. Five stars.
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on April 28, 2014
Shipped on time and packaged well, what can I say, I love these Sony BDP-BX59's, I currently own 5 of them and although I didn't purchase all of them from Amazon (only because of pricing) I would recommend this product to anyone. I have a network set-up in my house all with Cat 6 cabling and running to all the bedrooms and sitting areas. This streaming media & Blu-Ray Player is a great addition and everyone enjoys watching movies, being on social media, watching DVDs and listing to music, looking at and sharing pictures wherever they want thanks to these units, its a great product and I would recommend it to anyone.
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on July 14, 2013
The 3 D and blue Ray work great on this Player. Great picture, crisp and clear, and I even watched movies that aren't blue ray and still clear playing. The only complain I have is I can't get the WI-FI to work on it. I tried everything to hook it up and make it work.
So I deal with it being only a 3D and blue ray player. thanks jo
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on October 28, 2017
Good product
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on July 26, 2013
Had a problem with the remote. It barely would work while sitting on the couch. Had to be right up on machine. The remote was replaced and it worked better. still have to get closer to the machine for it to work really well, but at least we can access Netflix now without the initial problem. Customer service was a little lacluster, but they did what they had to do to make it right. Looked in walmart later and found one similar, new, for the same price.
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on March 13, 2016
I have had this for years and it has worked flawlessly
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on March 3, 2015
Works great, I love it...DO NOT lose the remote. There is not a universal remote out there that works as ell as the original.
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on August 26, 2013
Excellent item, I got it for one hundred dollars of course. I was looking for a blu-ray with wifi, 3d capability, and apps and my god did I find it. It has excellent connection and apps definitely worth it. The only problem is how small the remote is and the inability to see the button commands when watching movies at night, but other than that it's great. I would definitely recommend this to a friend or family member.
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