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on January 20, 2013
This Blu-ray player has basically the same features as my more expensive Sony. the WiFi was an easier setup too. Fairly fast loading compared to other brands I have tried.
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on October 22, 2012
As long as you're not overly super-analytical, you can count on this review to help.

I bought this Blu-ray player because I wanted play movies from my computer to my tv. I was going to get one of those streaming boxes (like Roku) but for the price and features, I decided on this instead. I also needed something to play .mkv movie files and it doesn't look like a lot of devices play those. After super-extensive research, like the ridiculous obsessive kind where you read every review on amazon and watch every youtube demonstration, I found this baby to be the most bang for the buck. It is awesome!

The greatest this about this device is that it works exactly like I need it to without messing around. No wasted time trying to make things work. Everything just works from the beginning. Yay!

I have a mac, so to set up a network from my computer to the blu-ray player I installed Eyeconnect version 1.6 (the earlier version did not work). This program is easy to use, works correctly, and the blu-ray player immediately recognized it. Don't waste your time with other programs...they suck, just use this one.
I set up a "shared" folder on the computer, put a bunch of media into it and everything plays. You can even share your itunes folder.

I have a 10Mbps internet connection and use a Linksys G router (those awesome giant purple ones that are 10 years old and never die) and it is plenty fast to stream tv.

So now for the nitty gritty...
-It doesn't come with an hdmi cable, so get one of these if you want the picture to be super clear.
-You must fidget around with the resolution settings on your tv and bluray player. It didn't automatically realize that I wanted the highest resolution capable of my tv.
-For all of you complaining about the remote, just buy a freaking 5 dollar usb mini-keyboard and plug it in. Typing does suck a little if you do it on the remote but it's not a deal breaker.
-The internet browser is terrible, don't use it.

And why is this blu-ray player awesome and you should buy it?
-Plays any file I throw at it.
-Plays burned dvd's of any file format. ***You must close/complete the dvd when u burn it or it will not play***
-Has usb on front to plug in keyboard, jump drive, portable hard drive, etc.
-You can use your smartphone as a remote.
-You get youtube, hulu, netflix, and amazon streaming movie networks.

Buy this for your significant other and set it up. They will love you forever.
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on August 6, 2012
Bought this a couple weeks ago and so far we love it! We needed something for upstairs that we can watch netflix on and have a better HD movie experience. I did my shopping around and read reviews and thought this would be great. and it has been. it has so much to offer and the price was great also.
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on October 2, 2014
A great buy works well.
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on June 4, 2012
I bought this to replace a dead GE DVD player. This was an excellent choice, and a very good price for a very good product. Set up was easy and relatively quick. And it's got a ton of apps. Getting to You Tube, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix,'s so easy. I think we spent more time surfing online videos than actually watching any Blu-rays. And the device had no problems getting to the house wi-fi, and the house wi-fi had no problems recognizing the device.

The Blu-ray picture quality is spot on. Super crisp and vivid. I connected the player to my tv via hdmi cable, so can't comment on the quality if you connect using the standard video/audio cables, but if your tv accepts hdmi, I highly recommend spending the extra $ on an hdmi cable. The picture is worth it.

My only complaint, and it's a very small one, is the remote. And it's only when trying to set up websites and accounts with the apps on the device. To type, you must use the number pad on the remote, much like texting on phones without a keyboard. It's a little klunky. I haven't researched if a regular keyboard could be attached to the unit (via the usb port in the front), but if so, it would make that process miles better.

All in all, a good device, worth the money ($120), and I'd highly recommend.
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on May 19, 2012
This is an excellent internet streaming blu-ray player. It loads discs quickly and has played both my standard and blu-ray discs flawlessly. I'm most happy that it streams both Netflix and Amazon movies without a glitch. It maintains its internet/router connection well and is ready to use upon turning on the player. This is because it maintains its connection with the router even when the unit is turned off. I love my AppleTV for this reason too. Again, this makes it internet (streaming) ready and useable immediately. Other players may take up to two minutes to obtain IP/DNS settings.

This player also has many installed applications including Youtube, Crackle, Pandora, and many others as well as SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) to get content from other entertainment suppliers partnered with Sony. I checked these out and there are some interesting things to consider although I haven't yet subscribed.

The interface is very well organized and easy to navigate. It cycles through available icon choices quickly and also loads provider (e.g. Netflix) content pretty fast. Both Netflix and Amazon menus are easy to navigate and cycle content choices quickly. It does have a slight lag with internet content including its SEN application. There is also a Web Browser which looks and works just as a browser should work. In fact, it includes Java capabilities. I was impressed although it is a little slow. I really don't expect to be using this player for my web browsing anyway. Oh, and it includes DLNA capabilities to stream content right from your computer. This is a great feature making it easy to stream (all) your music, pictures or videos.

Overall, for about $100.00, this is an excellent choice for your DVD viewing, movie (VOD) streaming and much more. I am very happy with this player!
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on November 11, 2012
We finally upgraded to a Blu-ray player and the only choice for us was Sony. Love the wireless so we can online through our TV. Best purchase we made this year.
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on August 8, 2012
I wanted a cheap blu-ray player that also had wi-fi to connect Amazon Prime. I went with Sony believing it would be a great product and was hoping to have a similar online appearance with the Sony Playstation 3. It was close, but not enough.


-Easy to put together and setup.
-Wifi immediately gained access and setup was a breeze
-Was able to play Amazon Prime and it looked beautiful
-Bluray viewing looked nice after some customization

-Really cheap plastic construction. Hoping for more of a Playstation 3 feel.

-Even cheaper remote control. Felt like a late 80s remote control for a Sony tv I had back then. No backlight and difficult to determine what buttons did what.

-The online user interface was lacking. It was somewhat like the Playstation 3, but very clunky and response time was lacking. Additionally no way to customize.

-Bluray was really dissapointing. I've only had a Playstation 3 for my blu-ray viewing and it always loads fairly quick in my opinion. This took about 3 minutes before it got to the "loading" screen of any disc I put in. Essentially it would take about 5 minutes before getting to the main menu screen. I put in the last season of Entourage and the video and audio sputtered like I was seeing every 10th frame. I did some customization on the video and somehow got it fixed. The movie locked up during one viewing. Very upset about it since I really wanted another blu-ray player in the house.

In the end, I returned it because I just didn't think I got what I wanted. UI screens should not be clunky, it's 2012 no need for cheap remotes, and the blu-ray was a total fail.
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on December 29, 2012
I was looking for a Blu Ray player which would play both Blu Ray discs and regular DVDs well on a 1080p set. I checked the CR reviews, and found that this model (along with a number of others) were rated as rendering both formats well in HD. I didn't pay much attention to the WiFi capabilities when I purchased the device, but have now set the device up to access my Amazon Instant Video account, and it streams videos very well. (Amazon Prime is a very good video service for a very modest price). I did find that the player is very, very slow when rendering internet page content. For example, it seems to take forever to display the Amazon Instant Video home page (once you are actually streaming content, it works great). I have played around with the browser that is included (Opera), and it is very slow rendering pages also. By the way, Sony provides a free remote control app for both IOS (apple) and Android. You will definitely want to use this if planning to use any of the internet based services available on this player. Attempting to use the included remote to navigate & enter text would likely drive you insane. The Sony Media App (remote control) that you can install on most smart phones and tablets works very well, though. I did have one setup issue. When playing Blu Ray discs, the player was not sending the HD audio signal to my home theater system. Instead, it was sending a mixed down PCM signal (which didn't sound very good at all). A home theater receiver displays the type of audio signal being received on the front panel. I was getting PCM, when I should have been getting whatever was on the Blu Ray (such as Dolby TrueHD). I finally contacted Sony support through their chat support service. They instructed me to go to audio settings in the device's Setup menu, and turn BD mix OFF. That fixed the issue. If you have this player, I suggest making sure this setting is OFF (Setup->Audio->BD Mix->OFF. ) Suggestion to Sony - make this very clear in the manual! It will reduce product returns and support calls.
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on November 30, 2012
I initially made the purchase for this player because I wanted to be able to stream Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus- which the player does totally fine with. I then tried to play a regular DVD and it said that the disc could not be played/ was not suported. I tried a Blu-ray disc and it played fine. I tried several different DVD's, cleaned them, one was brand new, etc. and NONE of them played. Considering I have no intention of re-purchasing my entire DVD collection on Blu-ray this is a massive dissapointment.
I've been to the Sony Esupport website and tried all of the suggestions to no avail :-(
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