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on May 8, 2010
I read many customer reviews about this BD-Player before I spent the cash to get one myself. I have a habit of taking some reviews with a grain of salt and there's always a few that will have a bad experience. So far my experience has been great with this player. I'm not a video/audio guru, but I know what I like to see and I know what I like to hear. I have not been disappointed with the Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray Disc Player. The first two Blu-Rays that went into my player were "2012" and "Avatar." They were both tremendous quality experiences.

(As a footnote you should also know that my HDTV is also a Sony. It's a Sony Bravia KDL46EX500. Awesome features for the price I paid.)

I had one small drawback, a nuisance, but one worth mentioning for those making this player a consideration. When I started using my new player my home was hooked up with Wireless-G (2.4-GHz). I did have a few problems with streaming my Netflix, but only far and few between. It was like watching a video catching up on the internet. A few weeks later I decided to upgrade my system to Wireless-N (5-GHz) for the internet. This is something I did for my laptop, not for my BD player. After installing my new Netgear RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router (WNDR3700), I now found out I had the option in the Blu-Ray player to use Wireless-N! I had no idea before the new system was installed that the BD player was able to use Wireless-N. What a bonus! I set the Sony BD player to use the 5GHz network and no more stalls for streaming the video. None whatsoever! It is faster in all responses to using my Netflix.

Now please don't take this as all inclusive... that all players will have problems with Wireless-G 2.4GHz, because I'm not sure that's the case. I live in the "sticks" so to speak. I've had more than a few problems with my internet connections before (mostly squirrels) and this could have added to my experience. I just wanted to let you know that after putting in the Wireless-N 5GHz this unit works better than before. I'm definitely all Thumbs Up about my experience with this BD-player.

The only thing I can add is to reiterate what others have said about the features and quality of this fine player. It's great and worth every penny I paid for it! Can't wait for the online 3D upgrade to see how that's going to look...
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on January 5, 2011
I bought this BD player willing to pay a few extra dollars for all the great new features available today. I usually use a home theater PC in the living room but since I moved from my house into an apartment I dont have my home theater setup anymore. With DNLA, online streaming, and so many other features I really had high hopes for this player to be a great, compact replacement for my previous setup. What a total disappointment! The first biggest disappointment is not being able to play .avi files. This was such a surprise to me considering the Playstation 3 plays .avi files. Even still I figured I'd just play them over my DNLA connection. Wrong! Trying to use DNLA was a nightmare. Files didn't look good, and a lot of times the player would just not be able to see my PC I was using as my DNLA server. At one point, after checking all my server settings for the millionth time, I figured an update must have removed this feature for some reason so I gave up, but then it was suddenly back again a few days later. Such a pain.

Being a netflix subscriber I was looking forward to this feature as well. Again disappointment. It looks so terrible and plays so badly. Plus you need to pick everything from your pc then go out to the tv and find what you just licked in your instant que. Kind of awkward.

Finally being sick of not really being able to use this player as intended I put it in the bedroom where I don't really need a BD player, and purchased the LG BD-590. What a whole different world. I knew the Sony wasn't really great, but after getting the the BD-590 I finally realized just how bad the Sony really is. The LG player turned out to be exactly what I had always hoped the Sony would be and really felt ripped off by Sony. How can such a huge company with so many resources at its disposal put out such an inferior product? I truly wish I had never purchased this player and had just purchased the LG BD-590 to begin with.
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on August 26, 2010
I really don't know what a fair star rating should be for this. Should I base it on the difficulty I had in loading firmware or just on the general performance once things are all set up and installed?

My rating leans towards the way the player works after setup, but I can't give it a full five stars. The following comments focus on the networking difficulties and the customer support I received.

BUT SEE UPDATE3, below (23 December 2010).

Other reviewers have mentioned networking difficulties and I need to add that my experience shows that Sony has a problem here, at least in the ability to do firmware updates over the Internet. That simply DID NOT WORK for me. It failed at either the "4/9" or the "5/9" stage -- repeatedly. That means it got about half way through before failing, so I obviously have a working Internet connection. My router is pretty mainstream, D-Link DIR-655 Extreme N Gigabit Wireless Router, and has not given me problems with any other device, wired or wireless. For this player I am using a wired connection and NOT using wireless. Most of the other reviews mentioning networking problems state that the difficulty is with wireless, but I think it is more fundamental than that. SONY HAS A PROBLEM HERE!

The support rep did not seem to understand the above and insisted on taking me through a diagnostic path checking to see if I had an Internet connection (IP address, etc.). Eventually he gave up on me telling me that the problem was either my router's or my ISP's and he couldn't help me. He didn't tell me the firmware could be updated from disk until I asked about alternative upgrade methods. Even then, he offered to send me a disk (two weeks wait) without telling me the firmware could be downloaded from a Sony web site and burned to CD for installation. MY INTERACTION WITH SONY TELEPHONE SUPPORT WAS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!

I downloaded the firmware from Sony's web site, burned it to a CD and installed from there. That went well. Note that there was a minor complication in that my original firmware was so old it did not support upgrade to the latest. The upgrade had to be done in two steps. This is explained reasonably well on Sony's web site and went OK. I noticed that the second update (to the latest firmware) advertised that it "Improves router connectivity". So perhaps my NEXT firmware update will work over the Internet. Since I am now at the latest firmware level, I can't check that out. When I finally do get the disk from Sony, I wonder if it will have BOTH the firmware versions I needed or just the latest. I wouldn't bet either way on it!

UPDATE1: Sony gets bonus points for sending the update quickly -- three days, but loses them and more for not sending both required updates!

UPDATE2: A new firmware level became available, but the online update still failed. It did get further along in the process though. It failed at step 7 of 9 instead of step 5. A CD update worked.

UPDATE3: Another firmware version just became available. The online update worked fine so I presume the previous update solved whatever problem was blocking this in earlier firmware. Or perhaps things are somewhat intermittent and I got lucky. Something has improved though, since, as noted above, the update initially failed with quite a few repeated retries and this latest update worked first time.

The support rep should have known (or admitted) there was an acknowledged problem with connectivity and that there was a fix available from Sony. He should have offered a disk-based upgrade and mentioned the download possibility shortly after we got into discussing this. Even if that doesn't eventually solve the problem, there is no point in further debugging until that fix is applied.

OK, rant over!

TIP 1:
Remember, if you have a similar problem, go for the disk-based upgrade right away. It is very simple to do. If you don't feel comfortable burning a CD, the support web pages do tell you how to order disks from SONY.

TIP 2:
The firmware comes from the web page as a zip file. Do not burn that to the CD but instead unzip it and burn the resulting individual files. This is NOT explained in Sony's instructions -- or maybe I missed it.

TIP 3:
The support page makes you choose an operating system before you download but the entire process has nothing to do with the operating system you use to do the download. If the instructions held you by the hand through the process of doing the download and burning the CD maybe there would be some operating system differences to note, but they don't do that. Basically they say "download" and "burn" with no details -- not even telling you to unzip the file.

TIP 4:
This tip is completely unrelated to any of the above. The manual tells you the codes that can be entered into the remote for controlling different brands of TV (page 36) but I could NOT find any instructions saying HOW to enter the codes. Well, I figured it out. The very first thing I tried worked! What you do is PRESS AND HOLD the TV power button (the smaller green button) and type in the two digit code while holding the button down. This worked for my Panasonic TV.
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VINE VOICEon January 26, 2011
This is good player if your primary objective is to watch Blu Ray movies through HDMI connection on LCD/LED TVs. I have used it for about 3 months now and here is my review:

Blu Ray Playback: Very good and very fast loading. There are multiple options for audio & video settings to customize your playback and reduce noise in DVDs

Connections: HDMI output is sufficient to give best quality and works well with receiver/tv. There are analog & optical outputs as well. It has HDMI 1.4 which is the latest version to support 3D playback.

Settings: Very intuitive and easy to change audio/video/network settings.

However, if Blu Ray playback is the only thing on needs, then why buy this player. I can play them through my laptop and stream them wirelessly to TV through Cables Unlimited Wireless USB to HDMI and VGA Adapter with Audio or something similar. Sony sells Sony BDP-S570 3D Blu-ray Disc Player as a wireless network connected 3D Blu Ray player. Now let me review this aspect:

Network connectivity: Can be attained through a LAN connection or in-built Wi-Fi. I was able to connect it to the network without any issues.
Network Streaming: It has provided various online streaming options like YouTube, NetFlix, HuluPlus, Amazon VOD, and Sony's Qriocity. Other than this there are a lot of other names which are either less known and not much useful (Wired, Crackle, Musicplus etc). Wi-Fi connectivity on Hulu and YouTube was great, but not good on Netflix (even when connected through LAN).

**You get three months of free HuluPlus subscription with this player**

Server Sharing: Connecting to PC server to stream the media content from my computer to TV was one of my primary reason to buy this player. And it proved to be highly unreliable in doing that. Its probability of detecting my homegroup network on Windows 7 was about 50%. Once connected however, the folder navigation and playback was very good.

On Screen Typing: That proved to be a major pain. If you need to search some video on YouTube, you will need to use an on screen cellphone style interface and use the arrow keys of remote to navigate to alphabets. That is so ridiculous.

Media Remote App: Sony is advertising its iPhone application called Media Remote which lets you control your player from iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4). This app is free to download but good luck in getting it to work. It never recognized my player even though both devices were on same wireless network. If this app would have worked, it would have removed the pain of on screen typing, I guess.

Overall, I'd recommend it only if you want a good quality 3D BD player able to play online content and not if you want to add your home networking and personal content to stream.
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on December 26, 2010
This player is everything you could want and then some. I was going to buy a blue ray player for Xmas when I began my search. Then after reading I discovered that I could, for a few dollars more, get internet access to my Netflix account. Hey, why not, I thought. I bought this player after spending a couple of hour reading others' reviews and boy am I thankful to all that wrote them. This player is the tops IMHO! I have a PS3 and this is set up just like the PS3 and the wireless is just as strong. Let me say I am two floors up from my Netgear RangeMax and I have an 83% signal strength. I don't think I can beat that nor do I care to try. It works and Netflix is great. The player has an awesome picture and loads blue rays in a quick time. I will not repeat what others here have already said but it is without a doubt a remarkable piece of technoligy for the price. Buy it and you will be impressed - for sure!
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on November 29, 2010
This sony blu ray player is very good, it delivers as one expects for a blu-ray player. I have it hooked up to a sony sound bar theater system (3.1 I think), and it works seamlessly together as it should. the sound bar remote and the blu ray remote are identical except that the sound bar remote is longer with a few added features. the player is hooked up to a pamasonic plasma and the image quality is very good. the player is 3d ready but I have not had any content to test it out.

I have tried the internet streaming options and they are reasonable for a smaller tv. If you have high expectations this will be a disappointment. On a large plasma for example which has internet access the quality of picture is evidently worse via the player rather than the tv directly. in addition, the access to netflix is limited to the movies one has in one's queue. on the tv netflix access, i can access the online queue but also a limited sample of other movies based on my previous choices. this is handy if you are entertaning and others in the room do not want to view anything from your queue.
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on May 25, 2010
Just opened up my Sony BDP-S570(Samsung LN46A650 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD)about an hour ago...25 May 2010. Startup was very straight-forward to the point.First thing was download a firmware problems with update.Went through Ethernet rather than wi-fi because of problems taking the wireless route (with other players) firmware updates...not the place to have a problems! Will probably stay with Ethernet cable until Netflix has a fix for content download....they have been saying (since I can remember)to use ethernet-cable for best picture.Netflix has always said wi-fi was a try at your own risk deal.Back to the player.I am very pleased with the easy to fallow set-up menu. It is a little cluttered but it's no worse than my kitchen (LOL).Their is also a 1-2-3 installation guide for those who would rather not do a custom install. Either way you go, by the book or OTJT it's pretty straight forward.So just as expected...after extensive research and past HD-DVD & Blu-Ray experience. I will be adding more information too this thread as player and I get to know each other better.At this early point & time product is as advertised and would recommend...could be one of Sony's better offerings.Hope so....back to my new toy!

28 May 2010 Just revised my previous review but in a slightly more positive way. The picture quality is excellent as is sound. More adjustments than have time to go into right now. Even after 6 plus hours of tweaking and playing favorite blu-ray discs still have plenty more to check out and relay some truthful unbiased iformation to this forum.

"IMPORTANT UPDATE!9 June 2010: Downloaded Firmware Upgrade (version M04.R.588) "New DNLA & 3D Firmware" problems with download via ethernet connection.New blu-ray discs e.g. Avatar,Shutter Island loaded very fast...picture and sound above average IMO. According to "Sony eSupport" upgrading firmware to version M04.R.588 provides the following benefits: [...]

Improvements over firmware version M04.R.491:

*Adds support for 3D content
*Adds support for DLNA content
*Improves router connectivity
Benefits provided by previous upgrades and included in version M04.R.588:

*Improves compatibility to enhance interactivity with some BD-ROMs.
*Resolves an issue where video streamed over the Internet may be displayed at SD (Standard Definition) instead of HD (High Definition) even when using a high speed Internet connection (10 Mbps or more) and watching video that is provided in HD.
*Enhanced Gracenote Entertainment database browser features:
Adds new features such Related Information Browse and Contents Search to improve your Blu-ray Disc(tm) movie database.
*Enhanced photo slideshow:
Adds new visual effects and music to add to your photos when they are displayed on a TV.
*Improved Compatibility:
Adds compatibility with DTS Neo:6 to convert the audio into 5.1 or 6.1 channel format.
Will update review after having more time too check out new apps.So far all is good.

"IMPORTANT UPDATE!9 July 2010: Download of New Firmware (Version MO4.R.624) is available [...] Benefits and Improvement too come...

Update:07 June 2011: A year has passed and I have had no significant problems with this player. It operates as advertised and after several more timely updates, firmware with additional entertainment apps all is well. No problems playing a single one of my 140 plus blu-ray and many more standard dvd discs. In my opinion I think Sony was ahead of the curve with this player and would purchase again. Most of what Sony did whith this player will more than likely be included with most middle to high end Digital HD Televisions in the future...many televisions already have several of these features included. Take care all...

Change is Inevitable
Growth is Optional
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on June 16, 2010
I had been looking for a Blu ray DVD player for some time. It seemed that when I decided to get Blu ray, everyone raised their prices putting Blu ray out of my budget. Over Memorial Day week end the price was reduced $ 30.00 to $ 218.00 ( No tax or shipping ). I purchased this machine through Amazon but it was executed through One Call. The delivery was incredible, Fed Ex showed up at my door far ahead of when promised.
One of the main purposes for getting this machine or one like it was the built in WiFi. I had no experience with WiFi but wanted it to link up with another computer in the house but mainly to stream Netflix. Set up was a dream. Yes, I did have to go to my computer twice, once to register with Sony Style and once to activate Netflix streaming. Both of these were very easy to do. Setup was a breeze ( remember this is from a non-technical person ). First I updated my Firmware on the Blu ray player. When hooked up to WiFi & internet; this means selecting upgrade, and it does the rest. Wow, that was tough. Then I put in my test Blu ray disc that I purchased ( Avatar ), the video and audio were incredible ( great ).
Next I wanted to try streaming video from Netflix, so I went to my computer again, selected a movie I wanted to watch on Netflix, added it to my instant play list, went back to Blu ray player, selected Netflix and the movie I wanted and it played. Netflix streaming video is not nearly as clear as a Blu ray disc but still excellent, maybe 720p. What was disappointing was Netflix sound, basic shallow stereo. I spoke with Netflix and they told me they were working on Dolby sound and it should be up and running by the end of the year. Meanwhile, this machine plays all my DVD's , including the ones that I have made. I should note that the player loads quite fast as that seems to be a complaint with a number of Blu ray players.
One negative for me that I noticed, the player does not have a repeat feature. Sometimes, when I am watching a DVD I want to see a scene over a number of times in a row, such as a song. You have to rewind for lack of a better word. What else can I say, it's a Sony and Sony puts out a quality product.
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on April 8, 2010
My Panasonic DMP-BD10AK cannot play the Start Trek Original Series season 2 Blu-ray. Panasonic also has no plans for a firmware update to correct this. Since I will no longer be buying Panasonic products due to this continuing problem with their hardware (which also couldn't play Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - Extended Edition for years after the player was released, until a firmware update finally was released in 2008), I had to find a replacement.

I read some reviews of this brand new Sony BDP-S570 player, and took the plunge. Thank goodness I did, because this player is FAST! No more turning on my Panasonic piece-of-junk and then going to the fridge, bathroom, etc. before the disc would even eject! No more waiting four minutes for Blu-ray discs with heavy BD Java content to load. And now I've got wired or wireless Internet access for BD-Live content, Netflix, YouTube, free Sony content, etc. that is just fantastic.

My only gripe is that the player doesn't seem to consistently remember where I left off on a disc. For example, I was in the middle of (finally) watching one of the Start Trek TOS episodes when my wife reminded me we had dinner plans. So I turned off everything and went to dinner. Three hours later, I came home, turned on the system, and the player DID NOT pick up from where I left off. Rather, it started the entire disc up again from the logos, trailers, non-skippable worthless FBI warnings, etc.

And yet, just the other day, I turned off the South Park season 13 disc mid-way through an episode, and when I came back and turned everything on, it picked up right where I left off. The user manual (joke!) doesn't address this, and I can't find any additional documentation online.

If this feature is made consistent and controllable with a future firmware update, this player will be five instead of four stars.
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on February 13, 2013
My family and I have been extremely happy with this Blu-ray player! We tried a few other brands of DVD and Blu-Ray players but none have performed as well as the Sony systems. This one in particular has been very easy to operate and fast to load discs. The firmware updates have been painless and improved the performance even more. I haven’t used any of the third party applications (Netflix, Hulu+, etc.) but it is nice to know there are supported with this unit should I choose to sign up with them. I would buy this again if I ever had the need.
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