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on March 20, 2011
We have had excellent experiences with Sony video and audio products. Their devices cost a little more than their competitors but they are high quality, last a long time, and are easy to use. All of our electronics (except computers) are Sony. This blu-ray is no exception. Easy to setup, easy to use, some surprise features, quiet.

Well the problem is on demand video from netflix or amazon or any other service. It simply doesnt work... often. Its registered, and I verified it with Sony. Its connected to the internet with no problems and the browser works. Movies stream no problem on my PC. We have 6Mbs DSL so movies stream no problems on our PC. I even placed it in the DMZ to allow all ports to talk to it without restriction, no dice. Netflix has the unit registered and it is receiving data. It connected wired and wirelessly with neither working correctly with on demand video services.

We got 1 movie to work only. All the rest of the time it doesn't connect to the service or is only partially connected. The one time we were able to watch a movie it was flawless with no hiccups.

NOTE: If you want to watch blu-ray currently as of this posting you need 10mbs internet speed.

We are very very sad. We specifically bought this for Netflix and can't use it. This is why the unit gets 4 stars and not 5.

If anyone knows something we don't please let us know.


Well we found the problem. If you get an IP address for the unit from DHCP it will cause connection problems. Once we assigned the unit a static IP address (manual) with mask, default gateway, and both DNS (manual) the unit works flawlessly. DNS servers that worked: and


For best speed and connectivity set the DNS to Google's DNS servers ( and Don't use your DSL/Cable Modem Router as DNS.

---- 18 MONTHS LATER Aug/2012

With the new updates for the Sony device we now rarely have a problem with movies not loading, in fact I cant remember the last time it didnt load. Occasionally a movie/show does hiccup on Netflix and stop. You just hit the "menu" button and restart it. Its probably a packet loss over the internet. We have cable modem so I am not sure if the same effect happens on DSL. Sony is constantly adding new channels to our list. We actually got rid of cable, $70 a month for basic cable, in favor of just Netflix, VUDU, and Amazon. Between those 3 you can get just about anything. Still love the product and no I dont work for Sony ;) Your welcome to all in which my post has helped.

*Angy's husband, Al.... in house tech support*
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on December 25, 2011
Given that I own a Sony Bravia TV, home theater system and iPod dock I wanted to finish the whole shabang off with a Sony Bravia blu ray player. I wanted to ensure that my master Sony remote would operate every Bravia product I own and this is a compatible product. I want one remote that controls it all and the all-in-ones I've seen don't support the entire Bravia Sync system.

In no way, shape or form am I a technical person so I'm speaking from very non-technical points as I do this review.

Positive points:

1. This works beautifully with the Belkin wireless router (Belkin N600 Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router (Latest Generation)) to allow me to stream videos from my Amazon Prime membership with no skipping or freezing. Amazon Instant Videos and Netflix applications are built into the player as are a few other video options such as Hulu Plus. I only have the most basic cable plan that provides about 12 stations, so having these other options available to me increases my viewing possiblilities without the ridiculous price of cable TV. If you're a documentary kind of person like me you'll find a bazillion things on Amazon Instant Video with Prime Membership to keep you well entertained.
2. It's also got music applications such as Pandora built in. There's another one called Slacker, but I find Pandora to be ideal for my music needs.
3. As a blu ray player it has a nice sharp picture. Coupled with my Sony home theater system it's one heck of a theater experience.
4. Amazon plug - easily the best price I found by at least $20.

Negative points:

1. I'm not sure that I could have installed this without the assistance of my incredibly smart 18 year old nephew and by no means am I a dolt. Finding the appropriate codes to activate certain applications was rather frustrating even with his assistance. One thing I've learned over the past 2 years of being a Sony Bravia component owner is that Sony makes great products, but writes lousy manuals.
2. When loading up a blu ray it is fairly noisy to the point that I wondered if I loaded something incorrectly or perhaps there was a defect to it. It also seems to take a while to load vs. the Sony Bravia Upscaling DVD player this replaced.
3. The internet application on it is about as handy as a doorknob on a tree - it's teensy tiny to read and not easy to navigate around. I cannot see any reason that I'll ever use this function other than when I first got it to see how it worked. Use your computer or iPad type of product instead if you want to look something up - this application will just frustrate you.

I cannot comment on its ability as a 3D player since I don't own a 3D TV, not to mention that it would make me incredibly motion sick. I already wear glasses and don't want to wear other glasses on top of them either.

If you're going to use this wirelessly be absolutely sure that you already own a router than can support it such as the Belkin model I mentioned earlier. There's one level of router above the one I purchased to use along with this, but that level isn't necessary unless you're having multiple wireless users in your home according to tech sources much more knowledgable than I. I've simultaneously streamed videos to this player while using my laptop on wi-fi with no difficulties whatsoever.

And as a plug for Amazon, their Prime Membership Instant Video library is improving all that time and will very shortly rival Netflix - it's not quite there yet, but still has a variety of movies, TV programs and documentaries to choose from. I did the math - it would be about $110/yr (including tax) for Netflix instant video and I wouldn't be getting 2 day shipping like I do with my $79/yr Prime Membership (which doesn't require the minimum $25 for the free shipping - you can get a $4.95 product shipped at no additional cost so long as Amazon or one of their retailers participates in the program). I know I sound like an ad for Amazon, but it's definitely something to consider if you don't already have a Netflix membership and want to get the most bang for your buck.
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on December 18, 2011
So, I purchased this to save wear and tear on my PS3, after hearing from my brother that his heavy use of that caused the hard drive to detach. We make heavy use of streaming, primarily through Netflix, so I wanted a device that could do that as well as replace my old, dying DVD player. I have been extremely happy with the streaming capabilities of the PS3 and was expecting the same or similar quality from this Blu-ray player. I was extremely disappointed. The player continually lost the Wi-Fi signal broadcast only 10 feet away from the player, while all other Wi-Fi devices in the house continued to receive strong signals. At one point, while attempting to stream from Netflix, the player continually interrupted playback. We decided to see if the PS3 would drop the signal while streaming the same content. The PS3 streaming worked fine, even in Hi-Def playback.

Many reviewers have commented on this networking problem, but have also said that the device works great for DVD and BRD playback. I wish I could say that the device was good just for that, but unfortunately, I experienced problems with disc playback as well. While attempting to select an episode from a DVD menu, the player continually stopped playback of the disc and went back to the player's main menu! I tried to watch the episode several times with the same result. Later, I selected the same episode and it worked. My experience has told me that this type of behavior is an indication of things to come and I could expect the same more frequently as the device ages. This was the last straw for me and I decided to send it back. I am going to try the Panasonic DMPBDT210 instead as this player has received a large number of positive reviews from experts and users. I think I am going to avoid Sony products until I learn they have significantly improved the quality of their products!
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There are many awesome reviews on this Blu-ray player but I just wanted to chime in on a few things.

I purchased the Sony BDP-S580 because my Sony Playstation 3 was starting to have some problems with Blu-rays (not games and DVD's). I don't trust slot-based players and figured that I would rather buy a new Blu-ray player than continue using my PS3 for Blu-ray's.

So, for the price of $105 on Amazon, I went with this player primarily because I wanted a Sony and for that price range, they have been very good with their updates [I have had problems with Panasonic Blu-ray players] and also, this unit was Wi-Fi.

Right out of the box, was able to connect my HDMI cable to my Pioneer VSX-1021-K receiver and start watching Blu-rays immediately. The layout was similar to a PS3/PSP. Picture quality and lossless was great but the update did take a while and had to keep restarting it. The good news was that each time you restart, it starts off where you last left off on the download. But it took about 6-7 retries to update the Blu-ray player.

I was able to watch podcasts, YouTube and other services quite easily BUT when it came to media files...this is where this player became a bit of a pain.

I typically use my PS3, XB360 or iPad to view mkv/avi on my OpenSpace HD and while most videos worked and some didn't work, those that don't work...the Blu-ray player will just crash. Like the spinning beachball/wheel on a computer of waiting and waiting...this can go on forever and you have to unplug the unit. There is no getting out of it unless you restart the unit.

This is a pain because I have it connected to my APC H15 power conditioner and have to shut off all units connected to the power conditioner when this unit crashes.

So, while it does play videos on your drive, I just don't want to have to keep unplugging and replugging the device when it can't open one.

Otherwise, the BDP-S580 is a solid Blu-ray and DVD player. I love the menu system that is designed like the PS3/PSP menu, granted not as beautiful but still, it works!

But I was able to get this player working immediately right out of the box, video services worked perfectly, updates took several times to do and had a few crashes when trying to open up some videos from my openspace HD, but for its price and the video and audio quality of my Blu-rays using this unit...it was worth it.

Not a perfect multimedia Blu-ray player but for its pricepoint and what is offered and the fact it's wi-fi...not bad at all!
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on November 25, 2011
I did my research before I bought this. I did not get it on Amazon and was not the one I had intended to get. BUT it was on supersale and had what I needed. I was getting it mainly to stream from Netflix. I knew that since I have a wireless wifi router in the living room and this machine was for my bedroom I would need built in wifi to connect to the wireless in the living room. I just plugged it in and hooked an HDMI cord from my flat screen TV into the Blue Ray and the apps came up right away. It upgraded itself and then I chose Netflix and the series I was watching and it took about a minute or less to load and then it played, all went well. It is what I needed, wanted and it works just fine, easy to set up and to use. I can even use the forward and reverse on the remote control when on Netflix streaming. Pretty cool. I got a fab deal! I would recommend this, especially if you are streaming video from Netflix, The remote even has a Netflix button on it.
Previously I was using my laptop to stream Netflix streaming video by hooking up the HDMI cord from it to the TV. It was kind of a hassle to move a table to sit the laptop on into my bedroom every night and out in the morning. Now I don't have to.

August 2012: I liked this one so much I got a second one just like it and put it in my living room. Did I mention it also streams Amazon, Hulu Plus, You Tube and all the other streaming sites and you can even go to websites? I love my Sony Blue Ray Player! Still!
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on May 20, 2013
I bought this Blu-ray player about 18-24 mos. ago. At the time it was a toss-up between this and a Sony Playstation 3 Slim 160GB. As I already had a PS3, I went with this as it was (slightly) cheaper. Not a day goes by that I don't regret that decision.

First, some context: I have this set up in my kids' playroom to watch their DVDs, Blu-rays, and kids shows on Netflix. It is attached to a Sony TV via HDMI and to our home network via WiFi. I have seen some of the reviews on here discussing the networking problems, and have experienced similar issues, although I haven't tried some of the suggested fixes.

The Good: This player is feature packed and will play a good bit of whatever you throw at it. DVDs? Good. Blu-rays? Good. I have also set up some DNLA servers at my house and played videos through that. So far, so good. Also, it has built-in interfaces for Netflix, Amazon, and about 25 more online services. All pretty nice. I mainly use Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Streaming though. And the remote is nice, compact, and has the buttons you need. You can also control TV power and input (Sony TVs at least), so this is literally the only remote we use in my kids' playroom. It also has the nice features Sony puts in the box, auto-playing DVDs upon insertion, etc.

The Bad and the Ugly: The interface is slow--incredibly slow. The interface is similar in appearance to that on the Sony Playstation 3 Slim 160GB, but much slower. And the interface can literally bog down to the point my kids get frustrated and start crying because their cartoons won't play. Not only that, the firmware will lockup. I mean seriously lock up. It may freeze for a couple of seconds, a few minutes, or it may lock up entirely. I've even had it refuse to turn off after locking up. Couple of times it wouldn't start up. Generally unplugging and waiting a good bit of time will clear out whatever gremlins have taken it over.

It also comes with a feature that will allow it to control your TV's power via the HDMI cable (only certain TVs). The way this works is that if you pop in a DVD, the player will start playing the movie, turn the TV on, and turn the TV input to the Blu-ray player. Incredibly handy when you have visitors/babysitters/grandparents who can't/won't/don't learn how to use the player but still want to occasionally watch a movie (or turn one on for the kids). You tell them "Just press the eject button on the player, put the disc in, and press the same button to close it. That's it, it will take care of the rest." Another handy thing is if you turn the power to the TV off while you're watching the player, the player says "Oh, you must be leaving" and shuts its own power down. Handy, real handy. And for the first year or so that I owned it, it did just that. Then it started getting finicky about when it wanted to do this. Over the last several months it has decided that it doesn't like playing with my TV at all and has downright refused to function properly. [Caveat: this could be due entirely to my TV, which needs a firmware upgrade, but I have been too lazy to do].

Finally, let's talk about WiFi, can we talk about WiFi? Let's talk about the WiFi. Yes, it has WiFi. Yes, without too much trouble you may get it to work on your network. But woe to the person who wants to move that player too far from your router. The range of this thing is seriously depressing. I have it about 2 floors away from my router, which may sound too far for anything, but the way my house is built and set-up, it should be fine. In fact, I have a Nintendo Wii sitting next to this player. Wii: full strength on network. Laptop computer and Ipad I often use while the kids are watching movies: full strength on network. Blu-ray player: can't find the network, maybe. It frequently can't find the network, says the signal is weak or slow, and almost inevitably drops the network. Can't understand it. I haven't tried mucking with the settings, using a static IP, or using Google's DNS servers, etc, but if it can't detect the router, not sure how those settings will help. In fact, when it drops Netflix (which is pretty often) I normally just fire up the Wii and watch Netflix on that.

Bottom line: Yes, it will play your Blu-rays, DVDs, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Qriocity, Vudu, etc. Yes, it's cheaper than the PS3. No, you probably shouldn't buy if you can afford a PS3.
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on December 25, 2011
This is our first stand alone Blu-Ray. It was a snap to set up, but you have to have sign on to several different things for sharing and netflix so have a laptop or computer ready to go. It probably took about 15-20 minutes to get everything set up, so give yourself some quiet time to set it up. I had three young kids waiting on daddy to hurry up! Anyway it was easy to get onto my wireless connection and it worked great, connection speed is not great but we are pretty far away from the router (the closer the better). Netflix is kind of weird, but we used a Wii previously and it is the champ at playing Netflix, the sony does well but ffwding and rwding are kind of tough bcs you can't see what you are moving to it just gives a timer or counter indication, with the Wii you can actually see where you are, that is a draw back. Also when you are searching the keyboard funtion is old school, not at all like most input screens. All in all a great player and the price was great.
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on December 22, 2013
UPDATE: We've now had our Sony 3D Blu-ray Disc Player for just shy of three years. A couple of weeks ago, the WiFi just stopped working. I tried unplugging the player, as well as resetting the router and modem. The TV and other wireless devices still connect just fine, so it has to be the player. Around the same time, we started seeing some glitchiness in playback, especially when we are just starting a movie or show. Some of that could be because I rolled back to factory settings, a recommendation made on the Sony forums. It didn't work, and it may have eliminated updates, which of course, we can't do anymore because of the WiFi connectivity issue. We never move the player around; there's no reason for a part to suddenly go bad like that. I cannot recommend this player.

We have had our Sony 3D Blu-ray Disc Player for almost two years. Most of that time, we had it hooked up to a Sharp Aquos HDTV with regular video and audio cables, of the type that were used with VCRs and DVD players. The picture and sound through the TV were good; most of the problems with the audio I blame on the sound being badly mixed for the movies (certain sound effects or music blaring while actor voices were too low).

The start-up on this player is somewhat slow. Before buying it, I saw this on several reviews, and I didn't find it as annoying as my husband did. If you're impatient to start your movies quickly, don't buy this model.

Sometimes when we'd turn it on, it would flash WAIT for long periods, and after waiting several minutes we'd give up and do a hard shut-down using the on/off button on the player. Wait a moment and turn it on again and it would usually be find. This was very irritating.

A couple of weeks ago, we bought an LG 3D TV. We hooked up our playing using a long HDMI cable. We had intermittent problems with the sound and with the TV not being able to recognize and receive information from the player. We switched to a different HDMI port, and it worked fine for a couple of hours, then we began having problems again. We switched to a shorter HDMI cable, back to port 1 on the TV, and after several days, we are starting to see some different problems. Today, when we first turned it on, it didn't recognize the player. We turned it off and then on, and the player menu appeared on the screen, then the player restarted itself. That's a problem I have had a few times recently, but I cannot recall if it started before we got the new television. Then we got a red staticky screen, turned off the player, turned it on again, and it worked fine while we watched a few short streaming videos through Sony's "3D Experience." I started a Blu-ray, and the menu was just coming up when I had to leave the room for perhaps twenty minutes. When I came back, the red staticky screen was up again. I have never had this happen before.

I'm not clear if the red staticky screen is because of the HDMI cables or if it's a compatibility issue with the TV. The restarting issue can really only be with the player.

I bought Sony because I figured that's the company that invented Blu-ray, so they should know what they're doing with the technology, but I'm very disappointed that it's going bad literally two years after we bought it (ordered 12/26/11 and received a few days later).
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on November 4, 2011
I had been looking for a blu-ray and media player for a while and I had my eyes on this one because the specifications indicated that it played AVCHD files from an attached USB device, and that is precisely the format that I use for my home videos. Netflix was also included in the package, and I wanted an upgrade from my old Roku, which plays in 720 HD, but not in 1080.

So, this player looked perfect for what I was looking for, and moreover, it was very well priced. I was however a bit hesitant for a while due to the mixed reviews that I read in Amazon, mainly the issue with the low wifi reception, that could be a serious problem. Anyhow, I finally decided to give it a chance, thinking that I could always return it if it didn't fulfill my expectations (thanks to Amazon return policy).

I got it about three weeks ago and I have to admit that so far, I am extremely happy with it. Initial set up was very easy, it just took me about ten minutes. I immediately noticed possible issues with the wifi reception, since my router is basically 5 meter away from the player (no walls in between) and the player displayed randomly from 2 to 4 reception bars (out of 5), which seemed odd. Despite this possible "low reception issue", I have had no problems watching Netflix movies in HD, it looks like the reception is strong enough, even if it does not display 5 full bars. I have not experienced any signal dropping either, a common complaint that I had read in the Amazon reviews, but once again, maybe this is because my router is so close to the player (if yours is far away in another room, this might be a real issue).

Netflix HD movies look great, crispy and vivid. The Netflix key in the remote is also a nice touch, very convenient. The only criticism I could make is that the Sony Netflix interface is not as good as the one in Roku; art cover is displayed in tiny icons (even for my screen, which is 50''), so small that in some cases the title cannot be read. However, there is a positive side: since basically you get 15 titles in each screen, you can navigate through the queue list much faster than in Roku... You can also search by title or by genre, which is nice (although, the Roku personalized genre menus are much nicer). It includes also YouTube and Crackle, which are great complements, and many other less interesting video sites.

The DVD upscaling to HD is fantastic: great colors, image, everything! And the best part for me: I attached a 1Tb external hard drive with all my home movies to the USB port and it plays every format I have; not only AVCHD, but also MP4, MPEG, VOB, etc. It also plays my digital photos (jpg), although it is a bit slow in that (due to the file size).

In sum, I'm extremely happy with it, it is a great device and I'm keeping it. With a better Netflix interface, and some more powerful wifi reception, it could be perfect to deserve 5 stars, but I can't complain. It works great as it is and the price is very affordable.
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on February 10, 2012
WOW! The set up is simple! It tells you were to go online to sync ALL your streaming sites. Most common ones are already in the line up, so you just select them and enter a few codes! It's great, love the additional choices for streaming! Also, with our Roku boxes (which I love, they come in handy for away slumber parties, with my boys.. just send their Roku boxes with them and they have instant movies from all my accounts!)there was usually a little lagging, have not had any with this player streaming anything! I am not knocking the Roku, just saying this seems to pick up the WiFi much better! Bought one for my Sons one last week, liked it so much, I bought myself one! Awesomely simple as I said, no issues with hooking anything up, much nicer than having so many different devices hooked up. Has a very nice soft lighting also.
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