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on September 16, 2012
We purchased this TV to fit into an entertainment armoire that we bought many years ago. The case size makes it a perfect fit, and with its swiveling stand, I can position it optimally.

The most important thing to me in a TV is the picture - and that's where this model excels. It has amazing contrast for an LCD TV, although much of this is due to the better capabilities of the LED backlight. it's impressive compared to many other flat screen TVs I've seen, including the 37" Sharp Aquos it replaces - with much better range of viewing angles and far greater detail. The Bravia also does an amazing job with standard definition TV, which is another area where the Sharp fell flat. Although it looks a little fuzzy here and there, you just don't see the same kind of pixelation I noticed in other HDTVs. Finally, this TV comes out of the box with little need for fine tuning. It will ask you whether it's being setup in a home or retail environment and configure the picture accordingly. I spent hours setting up the Sharp with different calibration tools - I didn't find this to be necessary with the Bravia.

This TV comes equipped with a plethora of connectivity options, which is important to me since we have a variety of devices connected (Blu-Ray, VCR, Wii, WDTV Live, etc) and with its swiveling stand, it's easy to reach the ports. Although I would have preferred the basic controls on the top of the unit, like the Sharp, they are not terribly difficult to access along the back of the right side of the set.

The picture alone makes this TV worth the money. But I'm deducting two stars for the other half of the AV experience - the sound.

I realize that modern flat panel TVs, particularly the super-thin LED variety, don't have a whole lot of room for decent speakers. However, the speakers in this TV are just unacceptable. Volume is not the problem. These speakers simply can not come close to touching the range and depth of other TVs I've used, and particularly the Sharp that it replaced. They are just stunningly bad - and I am far from an "audiophile". The sound reminds me of a cheap clock radio. Yes, you can hear it and keep up with what is displayed on the screen, but it's almost monotone, lacks any kind of depth and if there's any kind of music in the background, forget about distinguishing voices. Even my wife, who is not particularly detail oriented when it comes to technology, could notice how tinny it was.

I'm not sure why this is the case as this TV does have a bit of a "bump out" for the speakers at the bottom/back of the unit. They just don't face the right way (forward) and are of poor quality. I guess Sony expects most buyers to opt for a home theater system. I have never felt the need to buy one before I purchased this TV. Now that I have, I'm glad I did - but it does stink to have to use a universal remote (Harmony 670), rather than the intuitive remote that came with my Verizon FIOS service. I plan to experiment with the Audio Return Channel and BRAVIA Sync features of the Sony HT-CT150 that I bought to compliment the TV, but haven't gotten around to getting long enough HDMI cables to accomplish this.

I'm not really going to get into the "smart" or "Internet connected" capabilities of this TV, as they are rendered mostly redundant by those built into my Sony Blu-Ray player. To be frank, I wouldn't judge a TV based on that criteria, since there's a variety of much better options available via tiny set-top boxes that can be had for less than $100 and are sure to be much more readily up-to-date in terms of the ever-changing services available on the Internet.

So in short, this is an excellent TV if you plan on using it with or buying an audio system for it. If you're not, be sure to experience it in person to decide whether you can live with the poor audio.
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on December 21, 2012
The physical TV itself is fine, everything it is touted to be. I am very happy with the picture quality, sound, inputs/outputs, etc.

Setting up Nexflix was easy.

However when trying to setup Amazon steaming, the connection never finished. Amazon kept showing that the TV was registered, however the TV kept saying it wasn't able to connect. After spending a half hour on the phone with an Amazon tech support person (who was fabulous), he figured out it was a problem with Sony.

I called Sony and after 90 minutes on the phone with a level 1 and then a level 2 person, it turns out I had to register the TV with Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) first. Well, the problem was none the applications on the menu that I went to were providing the code to register with SEN. Finally the level 2 person had my read through the list of all the apps to see which one yielded the code. He pointed me to this 'YuppTV', I clicked on it, lo and behold - it had the SEN activation code. Both of Sony's tech support people were helpful and friendly. The Amazon app worked automatically right away as soon as the registration with SEN was complete.

My problem now is with the menu design on this TV. If Sony would go through the trouble of providing all these great applications, they should put some more thought into making the registration with SEN easier. Since registering with SEN seems mandatory, why not have a special menu item just for that purpose, or have every app check registration and provide the code if the TV is not registered?
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on November 15, 2012
We owned an older model 32-Inch Sharp TV and although it still works, we decided to replace it with a HD Color TV. After much research, reviewing Consumer Reports, and taking my son's recommendation (he really likes his Sony Bravia) I decided to check out's reviews on the Bravia and after reading many reviews on all screen sizes, I clicked on BUY for the Sony Bravia 40EX640 40-Inch 1080p. It was packaged very well, all accessories and screws were accounted for and in good condition. We are using this TV strictly as a TV and to play our collection of movies in DVD and Blue Ray formats, so I cannot offer an opinion about the Internet and other options. What I can say is that it was easy to assemble, set up, and after a few adjustments...what a beautiful picture! I had printed out an info sheet from another web site on how to calibrate a Sony Bravia and mostly made my personal adjustments from those instructions that actually were not too extreme from the Sony Bravia default options.

Although the TV speaker sound passes as we have never had external audio enhancers, I did order the Sony Sound Bar for TV's 40-inches and higher. It will arrive today and I am looking forward to comparing the difference. My husband has a hearing problem so maybe he can quit using the TV Ears which will make him very happy.

We look forward to many years of entertainment from this TV and if there are any updates due to problems or otherwise, I will submit them at a later time.

Update June 2015: Five stars reduced to two stars.

This TV is almost three years old and now has a vertical blue line from top of the screen to the bottom. From other reviews I have read elsewhere, this is NOT GOOD-it is similar to a PC's "blue screen of death." Am I going to contact Sony? No because from other reviewers results, Sony solution would be for me to buy one of their refurbished TV's for about 600.00 or 700.00. However, I will never buy another Sony product again. Imagine being proud of manufacturing a TV that lasts less than 3 years!
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on April 23, 2013
Our old Mitsubishi 27" tube TV that I bought in 1990 FINALLY bit the dust. Never remembered those "state of the art" TV's weighing so much! So decided to put our 32" Sony LCD in the guest room and buy a new 40". Read reviews andpast history with Sony led me to this LED TV. Was somewhat apprehensive with the reviews about how horrible the audio on this TV was. Since it was going in our bedroom, we would not be hooking it up to an audio system, if the sound was really that horrible, would we even be able to hear or understand the audio. After looking at a number of different makes and models and prices, we still came back to the Sony. Typical Amazon purchase! Ordered on Thursday evening. Arrived Monday morning! Set it up on Saturday since we were too busy to start what we thought might be an extended process. Also, wanted to really have time to "listen" to the sound since if it was truly that "horrible" we planned to send it back! Easy setup! GREAT Picture! Fine sound! Is it the same sound that you would get connection the TV to a surround sound 5.1 external unit? Of course not! Is it fine to watch and listen to? Absolutely! I truly don't understand the significant negative reviews on sound quality. Maybe my ears don't hear like they did years ago. But I was almost expecting painful noise. What I got was a great picture and fine sound. I highly recommend this TV.
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on November 20, 2012
Purchased this TV because it was one of a few TVs which perfectly mount into my built-in, but it was the only TV with variable volume output to speaker system. This means the volume on the TV remote can control the volume of external speakers.
I am very pleased with the picture, features, and user interface for internet applications. I would recommend for most applications.
The only negative is the power-on startup is very slow (20-30 seconds).
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on April 8, 2013
I bought this TV to replace an aging Mitsubishi RPTV with issues. First I bought a Samsung, but that was defective, so I opted to spend a bit more for the Sony, and I am so glad I did!

Right away, the superior picture of the Sony is evident. The colors are incredibly sharp and the contrast is perfect. Connection was a breeze, with just one HDMI to the Sony 7.1 receiver I added below. This TV has Bravia Sync, which means it can control the receiver and Blu Ray player (both Sony) through the HDMI connection. Setting this up was simple too, since everything is Sony, but it can control other brand receivers too, you just have to set it up manually. One last step was to plug in the USB dongle for WiFi, and get it on the network. It has an auto-setup using the push button method, and it took care of itself.

The first thing I did was fire up a hockey game. Hockey is why I have TV in the first place, and this had to handle that job. The 120 Mhz processor was more than up to the task. The only motion jitter I ever see is occasionally when the puck is passed, and even then I have to be looking for it. Everything else is completely smooth.

After that, I started checking into the settings. I found the standard (not vivid) setting with the auto picture worked best for me. The audio is substandard from the speakers, but since Bravia Sync handles the audio through the surround sound system, I never hear the audio from the speakers.

I wasn't looking for a Smart TV, so that was a bit of a bonus here. Netflix has its own button on the remote, so that's a plus. It also has a basic Internet browser, as well as several Yahoo widgets. You can access Hulu Plus and a few other services, but it does lack some pretty standard services like Pandora and Slacker. Fortunately, all of these are on my BluRay player, so I just use them there. UPDATE - I found all of them, Pandora, Slacker, etc. They're hidden under the "Internet Video" section of the menu. Everything is there, just a little more buried than I expected.

If you're looking for a fairly large, but very thin TV with the best picture out there, this is your new TV!
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on April 11, 2013
I won't be installing this TV until tomorrow, so I'll update this review at that time, however I anticipate it will be like all of the Sony products I have purchased in the past, which will likely be superb. More on that later.

Now for the order process and fulfillment:

I ordered this TV on Tuesday afternoon and delivery was promised today by 8:00PM. As of last night, the package was still in either Texas or somewhere in the southwest at the fulfillment center. I figured there was no way it would get here today. I checked this morning, and it was already on a truck for local delivery. Five minutes later, the doorbell rang, the package was on my front porch and the FedEx driver was walking back to his truck. No signature was required. That really surprised me. In any case the package arrived earlier than I could have reasonably anticipated, and there was no shipping charge either. I order many things from Amazon, so Amazon Prime really pays off.

I was also able to change the Comcast appointment from Monday to tomorrow. I had originally scheduled for Monday because I didn't believe the delivery promise of today.

I also elected to purchase the four year extended warranty for $99.xx. I usually don't do this because I have rarely had any issues, but there is always the possibility, and the price of the warranty was very reasonable. In fact, the "in home service" provision really sealed the deal.

Yes! I am very happy. I'll let you know what transpires after it's up and running tomorrow.

*****Update 2013-0502
Well, the TV functions like every other Sony TV I have had -- flawlessly. The cable guy said I could get much better performance using an HDMI cable instead of the "spaghetti." I might consider that for the future, but I can't imagine the picture or the audio being any better than it is.

I have discovered one annoyance though. Since this is an Internet TV, meaning I can network it if I choose to do so (which I have not - yet,) there is a delay in booting up each time the device is powered up. It's not a delay like booting up a PC, but probably about 15-20 seconds --- certainly perceptible. There are also some status messages that appear during this process, but they disappear when it is complete. I called Sony Tech Support to see if there was any way to eliminate those messages, and the answer was "No." I was able to adjust the font size of the messages so they only obscured a minuscule portion of the screen.

Bottom line: I would buy it again.
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on June 2, 2013
I'm super happy!

We have solid maple cabinets built into our house and anything bigger just would not fit. So like the title says, I was super please to still find one of these that still had a good refresh rate and enough HDMI ports AND at least one composite for one older Sony DVD all-in-one DVD Home Theater (that still sounds just fine).

I'm a SONY man, but all the new "2013" models are just to big, and the lower end 40" models either have a much lower refresh rate and/or not enough HDMI ports.

After a lot of tweaking...this picture is unbelievable with NO panning artifacts and amazing deep blacks. Much better than I thought LCD's could pull off.
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on February 12, 2013
We've had nothing but positive experiences with this TV. Well, OK, the one negative is that everyone in the family wants to watch this TV because it's so much better than our old TVs. The picture is great. There is some screen glare, which we get around by pulling the curtains or turning off lights. What we really love is that Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are built in so we were able to watch movies and TV shows almost immediately. It's been great for catching up with Downton Abbey or watching House of Cards -- both are much better on the big screen, rather than on the computer screen.
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on January 14, 2013
Great picture - great sound (thought i might consider a small front speaker facing system though but not neccessary). Energy efficient 18 bucks for 12 months? Can't beat that.The internet connection works well. Not much of a learning curve. Has another USB port to handle your music, pics and video. Impressive! I got rid of cable so am only using an indoor HD antenna that works incrediblievely well for free and well as Netflix with Roku or Smartsony for 8 bucks a month. I don't really miss the cable for which I was spending well over 100 bucks a month. What a rip. I can see why people are "cutting the cord". Don't think it can't be dont without much inconvevience.
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