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Over the past decade I have purchased dozens of memory cards. My two favorite brands are Sandisk and Transcend since they always give consistent (though maybe unexceptional) performances. Recently I bought this Sony 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC R40 Memory Card (SR32UYA/TQMN) during a Gold Box deal, and it turns out to be my best microSDHC card.

I tested this Sony card using several benchmark programs, including CrystalDiskMark v3.01, Flash Memory Toolkit v2.0, and H2testw v1.4. See the pictures I uploaded to 'Customer Images' section for benchmark details. Here is a summary of my results:

- The Sony UHS-1 card delivered an amazing Sequential Write speed of 20.75MB/s. In comparison, the SanDisk Ultra UHS-1 microSDHC Card SDSDQUA-032G-U46A only delivered 12.6MB/s in the same test. So although both cards are marketed as 'class-10', the Sony card is 65% faster than the Sandisk one.

- The sequential Read speed was measured at 35MB/s, which is actually limited by the USB2.0 port I used. With a USB3.0 port I expect it to read much faster. (The card is advertised as '40MB/s') <-- [See update below]

- The Random Write speed of smaller files (1MB-15MB each) is equally impressive at around 20MB/s. In contrast, most other cards give much slower Random Write speed than Sequential Write speed. Random Write speed is especially important when the card is used in a digital camera, for example.

The Sony UHS1 card is faster than all my other microSDHC cards except for the Lexar microSDHC 300x UHS-I Card LSDMI32GBBNL300R. The two are actually neck-and-neck in performance, but the Lexar costs over twice as much. Currently both Sony and Sandisk UHS1 microSDHC cards are available at nearly identical prices, so the Sony card is definitely the best value.

[Side Notes]
- The capacity of this '32GB' card, as reported by my computer, is just 29.5GB. This is actually normal because computer people count one 'Gig' as "2 to the power 30", which is 7.3% larger than one billion. So 29.5GB come to about 31.7 billion bytes, which is rounded up to '32GB' by marketing people.
- The card comes formated in 'FAT32'. If you want to store video file greater than 4GB, you need to reformat it to 'exFET'.
- The actual microSDHC card is made in Taiwan, but on the SD-adapter it says "Made in China" which may be confusing.
- On the package there is an offer to download a free "Memory Card File Rescue" program from Sony web site. I don't see it as very useful since it allegedly does not work with non-Sony memory cards.

[Update on Dec 26, 2013]
I re-tested this Sony microSDHC card on an USB 3.0 port. The sequential Read speed jumped from 34.8MB/s to 47.3MB/s, which is better than the advertised '40MB/s'. The Sequential Write speed remains virtually uncharged at 20.6MB/s.
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on November 11, 2014
I bought a Sony MicroSD card in March from Amazon. When it went bad a few months later, I tried going through Sony's support. They don't have any support for their memory cards. I asked what was the point of a warranty and nobody could help me. Simply put, they don't have a department that deals with the memory cards. I spent an hour with their online support only to be told that they can't do anything and to call their support phone number. I spent another 3 hours on the phone getting transferred around and getting disconnected. Each and every time I would have to explain the situation again, go through the same troubleshooting script they have, and be told that they don't handle this type of problem and would transfer me (or try to transfer me and then I'd get disconnected) to someone else. Do yourself a favor, try to contact them about a failed memory card and spend the next few hours seeing how bad their support it, and then spend your money on a different brand.
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on December 8, 2014
My card stopped working after 10 months of use. I just got off the phone with Sony Warranty support, and they informed me that Sony does not have a warranty on memory cards. What? Shame on Sony for not standing behind their products.
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on June 18, 2015
Failed. f.a.i.l.e.d. corrupt. had to be reformatted.
I take very good care of my memory cards and technology for that matter. This I believe is the first time I've ever had a drive become corrupted. Luckily I was able to use a scanning program to gather the corrupted pictures off this card. I thing I was able to retrieve 600/620.. if it was a complete failure I would have awarded 1 star.

Now I'm not sure how often this happens to other people and I could also equate this up to the closing of the mercury retrograde, when most tech/communication problems happen. I just wish it wouldn't have happened after a photo shoot for someone's engagement pictures...
Maybe you do get what you pay for, micro sd wise..
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on May 21, 2014
I bought this micro sd to use inside my Windows 8 tablet (not RT). I had loaded only a few things on it, about 4GB, but other than that it was hardly used. 2 months later when I try to open my files I notice all the pictures are pixelated of cut off and the video files would not play. Turns out all the data on it has been corrupted. So I figured I would just format the card and start over. Except the card would not format either! I tried 3 different computer (PC & Mac) using a GUI and command line to format it but the card is a dud. It will not delete the corrupted files, or write anything new to the card.

At this point I figured I would just contact Sony like other reviewers have. And this is the experience I had...
Request a repair - Sony's system does not find the model number
Online Chat with Sony - Contacted 2 employees eventually they give me a support line number and tell me to call
Email Sony - All they do is tell me to call a phone number if I want a replacement
Call Sony- Called both of the customer support numbers they gave me and was on the phone for an hour. None of the employees would help me so they transferred me to the "correct department" 9 times, ultimately I got kicked off the line.
Emailed Sony again- Told Sony that I called their support number twice and still received no help for my issue. Their response.. call our voice support number to get a replacement. This was the same number I called the first time.

So after 2+ hours of trying to get a replacement for just a $20 card I gave up. Other reviewers seemed to have better luck so maybe it is a hit or miss. However, I am definitely not buying any Sony brand storage devices in the future. I would strongly advise you to not buy this product. Bad quality, bad customer service, and the speed of the card was 20MB/s read at best.
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I am using these cards in my Sony PJ340 camcorder. My only complaint is that it was necessary to buy these cards when I have so many "full-size" SDHC cards purchased for use in other cameras.

I bought two 32GB cards. That is $38 for 64GB of memory, a good value, especially since Sony makes good memory cards.

What I would not have known had I not been curious what it says on the back of the packaging is that you can download from Sony free recovery software that, they say, is designed especially to recover photo files on these cards that are accidentally erased. To obtain the software, you go to the indicated address and enter the requested code numbers, one on the front and the other on the back of the memory card.

Since I wanted the software in anticipation of a possible future problem, not because data had been erased, I did not fill out the questionnaire asking to describe the circumstances. However, this questionnaire is optional, so simply providing the codes was sufficient for me to get the software.

Hopefully I will never need to use it, but I feel somewhat confident that it will do the job since it was designed and published by the company from whose cards the files would have to be recovered.
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on December 4, 2014
I used to use all different brands and styles of SD cards and have been really happy with the Sony cards they are now my go to card for SD memory. I have 2-3 different ones one and have updated since purchasing this to a 64GB card and still satisfied with the quality and speeds the cards gives me.

I have not had any issues related to lag or corruption and none of my cards have failed yet.

I use them in my phone and 8" dell tablet and mainly use them for expansion storage and people are amazed when I tell them how much memory I have on my phone.

Then they see my music, movie and photo collection and they are impressed.

I do occasionally use it as a replacement card for my DSLR and it performs flawless as well.

Do you due diligence though and regularly backup and you should never have any issues from dead cards.

I haven't had to replace them, but I know when I do I will still go with this card.
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on January 29, 2014
I decided on this Sony 32gb Class 10 Micro SDHC after reading reviews and stats from many makers of sd cards. My need is for maxing my storage on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 I purchased last year. The tablet accepts an SDXC, but found out they probably would not be utilized to their maximum capacity and the extra cost was not worth it. My goal is to store and watch movies, having as many as possible on hand to fit my fickle moods and not have to reload too often. Though I've been using 16gb cards (have 2 or 3 of them), my laziness prompted me to try larger storage. Over the years I've tried to stay close to SanDisk, but occasionally have used other brands and come to expect a slower speed for transfers. The Sony stats convinced me to give it a try. Also, if the tablet would handle more than 32 gb, this review would be for the 64 or larger card. As it is, I choose a less-then highest quality setting when copying my DVD movies in order to hold more and this tablet has such good quality that higher levels are not necessary.

Anyway, back to the product. I slipped it into the tablet, connected it to my laptop which was also connected to my large capacity external hard drive (where I store the movies) and began transfer. Wow. Fast. No formatting needed! After viewing part of the first few and seeing the same quality as the original copies, I transferred a total of 9 movies and 5 Youtube videos in a very short period of time. I still have over 16gb left to add another 10 or more. The card reads having 29.49gb available at start. This all means it will be a while before I'll need to re-load with all the standby movies my little heart desires. And when I do, it won't take long. As for endurance, it is still new, but if it suddenly dies or something, I'll certainly update my opinion.

For now, I feel that I got a super deal through Amazon and Beach Camera, matching my needs with my wallet and leaving me a satisfied customer. The speed along with the present quality exceeded my expectations. Hope this helps your decision.
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on July 22, 2015
I bought three of these, one has since failed but I can't blame the product.

The one I put in my old phone developed a strange problem after about three months where it's readable, but writing/formatting won't work. The other two of them went in an android car stereo, and they still work great, summer heat and all.

In all fairness to Sony, that damn phone ate THREE cards in just over a year. One Sandisk, , one Transcend, and then one of these. The Sandisk just quit, the Transcend and Sony both stayed readable but became unwritable. I think the card was fine and that phone was just unusually hard on memory cards. It was a Samsung Galaxy device, and the web is full of complaints about them killing cards. I wouldn't hesitate to buy these cards again over it.

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on March 24, 2015
This worked just fine in my husband's phone for about 9 months. Now mine failed after 11 months. My phone won't boot up with it in. It won't read anything on the SD card. From the looks of other reviewers, it's useless to contact Sony - even though they have a warranty, I'm not confident they actually stand behind it for their SD cards. I had faith in the Sony brand, but I won't be wasting my money with them again. I'm really hoping I didn't just lose all the photos and videos of my son's first year of life trusting this brand.

I'll go buy SanDisk and I recommend others do the same. This will work until it won't anymore, and then you'll be sorry you tried to save the one dollar difference between the 2. It also appears SanDisk has a 10 year warranty on their products, instead of a 1 year warranty that means nothing.
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