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on June 21, 2013
After 2 weeks in Alaska, my admittedly amateur observations:

- Pics are noticeably darker than other cameras I have used. Pros say always take the pic 1 f-stop lower because it's easier to clean up than washed-out photos. But they are dark..

- Took many pics in Denali with big vista. Noticeable spots on the picture, at first I thought it was dirt on lenses but two separate lenses, completely cleaned, still spots. More with the telephoto than with the 18-55. However I did not bring the hoods, I assume they would have helped.. but these lenses do have refraction in them. No amount of Photoshop after the fact can really capture the deep blue marble that the sky was up there at that time.

- The batteries are a JOKE!!! Two of them, they couldn't let me through a whole day! About 100 pics and they start losing power.

Still I managed to get about 10 really good pics that have office salivating to go... when it works, the resolution is simply the best I've ever had.
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on August 23, 2012
My NEX-7 arrived about 6 weeks ago. I am an amateur fine arts photographer. Until my NEX-7 was delivered, I was a Canon enthusiast. My goal by ordering the NEX-7 was to use it as a complete replacement for my Canon t3i. After shooting with my Sony the first weekend in July, I quickly realized the days of me being a Canon guy were over. Nothing against Canon, but I needed more simplicity in my life and I am getting too old to carry all my Canon camera gear around with me on the long photo walks I take.

One of my favorite forms of photography is what is commonly referred to as "painting with light." I love to shoot way out still images of colorful moving lights, such as the lights on amusement rides one sees at night at a carnival or amusement park, as well as Christmas lights. This form of photography requires me to put the camera on full manual mode. I usually set the aperture to f/20 and I take various shots of whatever interests me while the shutter is set to 2 seconds, but usually longer. I do this with the camera on a tripod and the Sony 18-55mm kit lens I bought with my NEX-7. I also sometimes vary the focal length of the lens while the shutter is open. I am getting incredible results! I also shoot exclusively on raw mode. I recently had one such image professionally printed, matted, and framed. That photo is hanging in my office at work and it gets a lot of positive comments.

I also do a fair amount of travel, macro, and nature photography. I bought the Sony 55-210mm lens primarily for travel photography and it works well. I like that lens a lot, but I mostly use the kit lens. Several passersby have asked me about my camera when I was out shooting with it, including one of the sound engineers at the Philadelphia Folk Festival last Sunday who was very interested in my comments about it. We chatted for about 20 minutes about my NEX-7.

The NEX-7 is not perfect though, I have two minor problems with it. First, the selection of E-mount lenses is scant. I want to buy a good quality macro lens, but none of the lenses I have seen have been reviewed by enough consumers yet to make me feel comfortable about buying them. I also want to buy a long zoom lens, such as in the 300mm-500mm range, but none exists yet as far as I know. I am assuming the selection of E-mount lenses will expand as Sony sells more cameras that use that type of lens. In addition, when I save the NEX-7's raw image files on my Mac (with OS X 10.8.1), the icons in the Finder do not display what the corresponding image file is; all I see is a blank white icon for each raw image file. I hope Apple and Sony offer up a fix to that problem soon.

In conclusion, if I had it to do again, I would still buy the NEX-7. It really is designed as if photographers, not electronics engineers designed it.
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on November 5, 2012
I originally purchased a competing product (Olympus) and set of lenses. I kept them a week and was never really pleased with the quality of the results. It's a great "looking" camera but it fell short of my expectations for image quality. I had already looked at the Sony but couldn't get past the unconventional design and I didn't want an EVF (or so I thought). But I took a shot and bought the Sony NEX 7, 30mm Macro, 50 1.8, 18-55, etc. I took about a dozen test shots and then loaded them into the computer to see what I got. I was absolutely blown away with the IQ from this camera. I was intrigued from day 1.

It took time to learn the camera. The menu set up is extensive and took me some time to get familiar with. The camera has a lot of options. Some are useful and some are gimmicky, but the camera executes every bit as you would expect. I do play with several of the special modes. It's fun. And given that I use a 1D4 and 5D3 for my more serious work, this is a great camera to play with.

After I'd used the camera for a good week and was much more comfortable with what it could do, I packed up and sold my 7D. I was using the 7D as my carry camera. For all of those purposes the Sony slays it. The NEX 7 wont be a great sports camera, and it won't unseat my 5D3 in the studio. But for day to day use, travel, candids, easy carrying, etc. I'm absolutely blown away. Sony really has delivered an amazing package in the NEX 7. The IQ and flexibility is better than I had with the 7D. Moreover, it's super light, compact and easy to carry. Oh, and accessories/lenses are very reasonable. The 30mm Macro is simply amazing. It's on my camera more than 50% of the time.

If you buy the NEX 7, get the 30mm Macro. And give it 10-20 hours of use. It is very different from your P&S and it's very different from your SLR. But it is outstanding at what it does do.


Took a trip to Hawaii (Oahu and Big Island) in December and debated between taking the 5D Mark III with several lenses or going with the Sony. I kept thinking that I'd really want the bigger camera system but realized I really didn't want to haul all that gear all over both islands with me. So, I grabbed my smallest Lowe Pro and the NEX 7, 30 macro, 18-55 and pancake. I knew I would not have the reach I would with the bigger lenses from Canon but also knew that normal, wide and small zoom would probably cover my needs. The only time I wanted a bit more reach was at the Kilauea Caldera. Otherwise I was good with those three lenses. (I left the 50 1.8 at home). Having had a couple of weeks to review the pictures both form the NEX 7 and the RX 100 I am entirely pleased. There was NOTHING that I was lacking in terms of expectations and results. I could have had more flexibility with my Canon system BUT that would have meant hauling a lot more gear and a lot more weight. Instead I had a small shoulder bag with a couple of pounds of gear which was great for hiking over lava fields, climbing mountainsides, walking the beaches, hiking the rain forests, etc. and arriving at my destinations with fresh shoulders and legs. My big Think Tank pack and Canon gear would have worn me out.
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on November 7, 2012
Bought a new new-7 from amazon less than 2 weeks ago. Second time shooting a football match and the EVF failed - flashed an error saying it was disabled and allow it to cool (odd given it was not much above freezing) - over 24 hours later and still the same problem and no functional EVF which was a big reason for buying the camera.
Sent it back for a replacement since overall I was pleased with its performance except for the error which seems fairly rare judging by other internet commentary hence why I was willing to get another one.
Received the replacement today and it's a used/refurb one! This is just an absolute DISGRACE. I pay $1,000+ for a camera that fails in less than 2 weeks and Amazon think they can send a refurb to replace it - AMAZON YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!
Then had to go through Customer service because the returns center would not permit a refund! (as though I'd trust them to send another replacement!). I'd advise anyone else returning for a replacement to check the contents carefully - new ones come with various stickers and tags on and sealed packaging - if yours doesn't have this then send it back, you bought a new one so the replacement should be new.
Back to the camera. (which I would give 4 stars to outside of the EVF failure and Amazon's replacement policy.)
The sensor has superb resolution and the 55-210mm lens is an excellent accompaniment. The only thing I've found it to be less good at than my 5D MkII is for getting a rapid AF and the sharpness of images from those football matches. (In fairness the high ISO performance which many criticize it for, I found to be extremely good and the football game I was shooting in the evening under the lights produced images that were no worse than the 5D MkII did under similar conditions and in some cases better.)
In good light though the percentage of truly sharp action shots is less than I had with the 5D MkII but the 5D MkII is over twice the cost and the lens I was shooting with is about 5 times the cost of the 55-210mm so it's not really a fair comparison and taken in that context I think it performed extremely well. Of course it isn't designed to be a sports shooter with contrast detect AF but I think it does it better than many would expect with a little perseverance.
I tried the LA-EA2 adapter and an A-Mount 85mm f/2.8 lens with it to try and get the advantage of the phase detection AF but although the AF was faster, though still not as fast as regular DSLR AF, the lens itself just didn't have enough reach for a football game (and I didn't care for the bokeh either to be honest). Sadly Sony don't appear to produce a reasonably priced fast long telephoto lens so I have returned the LA-EA2 and the 85mm and will look into some of the alternate adapters for my canon lenses instead (although of course I'll be limited to either slow AF or MF with those adapters)
For macro and studio set shots I found the results to have more realistic color balance and a better overall image quality than the 5D MkII which is certainly saying something.
Haven't done much in the way of landscape work with it yet to really comment on that front but I expect it to be of similar quality. For a lightweight compact camera it produces truly amazing images, I only hope the EVF problem is not to be repeated.
16mm wide angle lens I purchased had an optical flaw (apparently quite common for this lens) so I can't comment much on it. But surprisingly the wide angle extender lens that fits onto the 16mm lens really didn't reduce the image quality noticeably in the tests I ran (within the limits of the optical flaw on the 16mm lens) so I'd recommend it given the price and the great degree of wide angle you get as a result - 16mm equivalent.
Overall it's a great performer and given its size and weight is fantastic to just carry around - I'm far more likely to take it with me than my DSLR and therefore am much more likely to get decent pictures where before I would have none or phone camera pictures.
Oh and be sure to read the manuals, the interface takes a little getting used to but is well worth the investment in time.
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on March 31, 2015
This is the camera that introduced me to using old manual focus lenses! With focus peaking and magnification, focusing is easy and accurate. The Tri-Nav is wonderful (I wish the a6000 had it). I bought this as a back-up for my a77, but found myself using this more and more due to the lighter weight and the option to adapt virtually any lens. I sold this and replaced it with the a6000. I still miss it. (The a6000 does have better auto focus and wi-fi capability, but lacks the build quality of the NEX-7).
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on February 24, 2013
UPDATE 7/20/2013

I bought a 50mm 1.8 prime and hoped to do some portraits with the camera but the non-standard hot-shoe was a pain (the adapter raised the wireless trigger so I couldn't fit camera in bag--little things like this drive me crazy). The bigger problem is focusing. For a vacation camera its one of the best, if not best, small camera to take around. For any sort of studio-like work, it is no match for a DSLR (any DSLR). The viewfinder has some lag, and even blacks out momentarily while writing files, or doing who knows what. Also, it's hard to work the controls while looking into the viewfinder (which is why I bought it to replace my 5N). Again, this is a marvelous camera. But think twice if you expect it to match the focus speed in DSLRs.

Video Limitations

o. The viewfinder is helpful for taking photos (I have old eyes), but using it in video mode, it may add your heavy breathing to the audio. Does for me. Without the viewfinder, I might as well use the 5N, which is smaller.
o. Once you're recording video, focus peaking (zoom) is disabled. That means if you set your focus, manually, to someone on the left, and then start recording, and then pan and focus to someone to the right, say closer, you can't go into focus peaking. You have to focus using the standard view. The viewfinder is not sharp enough to do this perfectly. In short, you can only use focus peaking once in video, before you start it.
o. For both photography and video, getting into focus peaking in manual mode is a pain. It only pops up when you change the focus with the lens. I often forget, then end up getting lost in menus (because I was trying to use them to move my flexible focus spot around).
o. You can't set focus by looking at feet marker on lens, or display. There are none; that is, nowhere will you read that your lens is focused on something 5ft away.
o. Screen does not flip out to do self-videos. (just in case you miss that in product description).
o. In auto-focus mode, the camera won't always refocus on you should you step in front of the camera. It expects you to half-press the shutter.
o. Whenever you half-press the shutter, to refocus (again, in video mode), it does it fairly quickly, but it goes in and out in a way that is not what you'd see from a professional video camera.
o. Like all CMOS camera, the rolling-shutter/jello effect, when you pan the camera, is very disconcerting.

All that said, the video quality is superb. Make sure you have a high-end PC to work with it though.
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on May 19, 2012
SONY's NEX-7 is a "DSLR" unlike any other DSLR: no mirror; electronic viewfinder as well as standard screen, and one that swivels in two directions. The NEX-7 can also deliver high definition video. Although the built-in mic is not ideal for professional recording, the ability to mount an external mic on the hotshot is a great advantage. The camera also has a built-in flash that can swivel for bounce flash. Interchangeable lenses with adapters that allow the use of many lenses - primes as well as zoom, adds to this camera's versatility. The NEX-7 can do so much that its vast number of options nearly becomes a hindrance. Because of this, there is a bit of a learning curve. This has prompted me to settle on the few controls I am most used to, and ignore the rest of the options until I have the time to explore and practice. It goes without saying that with a 24.3 MP sensor the images are outstanding - sharp and nearly noise free even in low light. The noise reduction option when shooting long exposures works quite well.

For a small, lightweight, DSLR that is not a real DSLR camera, and for a price much lower than most DSLRs, the SONY NEX-7 is well worth your attention. I would, and have, recommended this camera to friends. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
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on May 13, 2012
This camera is amazing, I have been a lifetime Canon shooter and this camera made me switch to sony. I'm blown away at the quality of the images and video, the smooth handling and the fact that its half the size of my hand. My two previous cameras were the 5d I and II so I have a firm understanding of image quality, tonal range and low light performance. It gets hot if shoot video too long but just like any other still first camera there are work around's if you want to shoot video for hours on end. The sony hotshoe is dumb, they should get rid of that, it makes it annoying for the zillions of people that want to attach a shotgun mic or led light without an adapter.

This little beast is a joy to shoot with, I see what all the hype was about. The build quality is wonderful, this thing is built like a tank and the shutter is insanely fast by far the fastest and most responsive shutter I've used.

All in all a fantastic piece of machinery, hats off to whoever designed this thing, I would like to buy you a burrito.
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on March 4, 2013
So pleased with this purchase, I have had a 35mm rebel film slr camera, a dslr and an ultra zoom camera and I have to say this is one amazing camera. The ease of being able to change setting so quickly is amazing. I fell in love with the nex 5 and decided I would be happier with the new nex 7, I am sure by next year when the 8 comes out I will think I need that too.. I have been taking pictures for years and decided to step it up and take portraits for a side job. I also recommend the 50mm 1.8 lens with the camera for the perfect portrait with that soft background! The iAuto is amazing it really does an awesome job. Being a woman with small hands the size of this camera is perfect but it leaves plenty of room for a man with larger hands. I also purchased another set of batteries for it "wasabi power", a remote and the screen protector. Everything else from my other set ups should fit nicely with this!
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on June 24, 2012
I'm putting emphases on ENTHUSIAST because this is what this camera is made for. this camera included top quality parts, in a small frame, even though for me its a little smaller than my liking but it is still very useable and i like to use it. the ergonomics are superb for anyone, pro or noob.

this is my first sony camera but i have always been a follower of sony, knowing that sony is a major supplier for nikon and making big bang censors like the 24mp for the d3x and the nikon d3200 and others i felt that getting this was a smart decision. but enough of that

This camera embodies features from much higher priced competitors, DSLR'S like the d300(S),d3, d7000, you name it you can pull out shots and video that will rival there outcomes. but the best thing is sony's lens set up, yes they dont have a lot of "STOCK" lenses but this NEX line has probably the most adapter styles for any of your previous lenses, no matter what camera you previously had this camera can probably use it, i have a couple of nikon lenses from my old set up. So i bought a cheap adapter and the lenses work perfectly.

there are a lot of good things to list about the camera but i just want to state the fact that this is a high quality enthusiast camera. It works, it has potential to last a long time and its future proofed if output resolution continues to increase on a mass level. people complain about the little things like to much pixel density and a low battery life but both things should be known before purchasing this camera. it as a small battery and a freaking 24meg censor. if you buy a second battery with it (as most pro photographers should do) then there shouldn't be a problem. i dont have any problems with this camera.

this camera ranks over all of its competitors( fuji x-1 , x100, olympus, nikon v1) they are all inferior to this in every way.

what i am most impressed with is the stereo sound quality. these are very good mics, i would rank them higher then the more expensive dlsr (pro) video cams(d3s, d300s, d7000, 5d) they will work for you if you dont have or dont want to buy external mics.

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