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on January 23, 2016
This is my second PS3...I love the system. I also ordered a mounting bracket and a 500GB hard-drive at the same time ($32 on Amazon). When they both arrived (and before I even used the PS3), I simply attached the hard-drive to the bracket (takes 5 minutes), inserted it into the PS3, and I instantly had a 500GB PS3 system. Really sweet deal. Personally, I wouldn’t pay a premium for a 250GB or 500GB system when you can do it yourself with ease. After you plug it into the system, turn the PS3 on and it properly formats the hard drive for you. If you have any reservations about doing this, there are tons of YouTube videos about this. It also does far more than gaming. The PS3 is an outstanding Blu-ray player. Also, watching Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube is easy. Now my son and I play games against each other on different TVs; really a lot of fun. One note is that you will probably want to get a PS3 remote control to go with it (and they’re not real cheap anymore). The game joystick that comes with the system will function as a remote control, but it’s a bit wonky for this purpose. Also, I understand that the PS3 uses a decent amount of electricity so you probably want to turn it off when not in use.
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on October 8, 2017
First off, if you found this review helpful in your decision-making, please click on the helpful button so this review may help others in their decision-making process.

WARNING!!! Description is very misleading!!! The system has an EMBEDDED 12GB FLASH drive!!! It DOES NOT have a hard drive installed, only the 500GB models have the REMOVEABLE hard drive. This required me to expedite another order from ebay for the mounting brackets. which thankfully came in before the ps3 did. BE FOREWARNED!!!
That aside, it does what I want it to, only AFTER upgrading the hard drive. I think Sony may have removed and/or added some of the ports on the rear side of the system, but I am not exactly sure which ports, so do your research on which model will suit your needs the most. It has a slide open feature on the top, which is where the discs get loaded into the system. Personally, I prefer this "top-load" method more than the previous "front-insert" method because I feel that less could go wrong internally (discs get stuck in the system, discs dont get "grabbed in" anymore, etc) and if the top slider breaks, i would just tape it shut to read the discs, which is an easier fix then getting a new ps3 disc reader or ps3 altogether.
I had my hard drive from my last ps3, which was still good, so I opted for this model, because I liked the fact that there was an embedded flash drive installed and this was the only model I could afford at the time. This flash drive DOES NOT get used when you install a removable hard drive, so I have something to fall back on in case my hard drive fails, however, the wiser purchase would be to spend the little extra money to have the model with the hard drive installed already, because it would save you additional purchases, and with the constant required sony system updates, 12 GB will NOT even be enough to install gran turismo 5 from a physical copy (that is just 1 game!!!) However, since sony updated their system software, all playstation systems can now read external hard drives like the xbox does (which allows you to skip the hard drive swapping process altogether), but this also will require additional purchases, so the choice would be up to the buyer...
review imagereview image
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on November 14, 2014
Great system at a bargain price! Works very well and has a nice new sliding cover for the disc holder. Has only 12 GB but I've managed to play 5 games so far without running out of memory. Of course I didn't finish all of the games or saved huge chunks on them, but other reviewers have said that you might not be able to play many games without purchasing and installing a saving device but I've played all those games without any lag or problems. So, this is a great buy at a great value. Of course for heavy, heavy gamers you just probably might have to get that saving device on the side or buy a PS3 with more gigs, but for what this is worth, it's great.
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on July 21, 2016
Amazing system for a great price! With the newer consoles coming in, the price point for this amazing console is just right for new gamers and hardcore gamers on a budget. The PS3 is sleek with a new designed body, and boy does it look good! The console hosts a bunch of amazing games and can stand the test of time with the newer gen consoles. With a great game line up, and amazing app support, the PS3 is the universal family entertainment system!
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on April 22, 2017
I was going to review this sooner and be harsher because I thought I clicked on a "Like New" and apparently looking back the one I ordered was "Very Good". Not the first time something I ordered on Amazon specifically for something stated in the quality and then it changed when I wanted to complain, but I guess until I remember to start taking screenshots oh well.

I was going to be harsher because I ordered a drive bay and this 12GB PS3, expecting to use an old drive with it and call that good. It showed up with a drive bay and drive already in it and without the original packaging I thought I had selected it for. If it were still listed as "Like New" and still listed as coming with that packaging I could point at that and be much more dissatisfied, but relative to the current listing it is fair enough.

Aside from the non-original packaging (listing at this time no longer suggests it would have come with that anyway) and it having a drive (less an issue and more an "I ordered something additional I did not need." sort of thing), the only real problem I had was a downright embarrassing Mini USB cable. I wound up using a different one I had lying around (I am the sort to have various cables lying around) because the one packaged was all weird-looking on the controller end and would not stay in. Thankfully those are less than a dollar apiece to replace, so not too concerned, but that combined with the inaccurate listing (the drive part, it was clearly listed as not having an HDD in it) and that I had to go fetch a file for a USB stick for it to start up enough to install the drive feels like enough to call it 4/5, although if we had a finer-grained rating system I would probably have done 4.5/5 instead.

So far it seems to work just fine, replacement cable is charging the controller so no issues there, it connects to the network over wire or wireless. Have not bothered testing the older TV connection because HDMI is working fine and that is all I cared about anyway, but games are running just as well as on my brother's PS3 and what few other "apps" I would be likely to use seem to work as well as they should on such an "old" system (that it is a PS3, not this specific model, I know this model is physically newer). I will probably /someday/ swap out the drive for a faster one, but this definitely meets all the critical points I care about right now.
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on April 10, 2017
This was my second PS3 after my first over-heated and died.
It's nice you can buy a new PS3, you get a good media hub, remote control, and most new games are $20 now. I couldn't justify upgrading to a PS4.
Minus a star for Sony cheaping out on a worthless 12GB HDD, I have the 500GB installed and is pretty much mandatory if you're going to play games.
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on March 9, 2017
Have had this for almost 4 months works beautifully and new like as promised! You do have to sign for this package it doesn't tell you that but you do!! Post office won't deliver otherwise, had to eventually pick it up myself. But beware it's 12 GB and that's only enough for like 2-3 games
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on August 22, 2013
Just got my 12GB slim and before firing it up I was going to put in my 500GB HDD. Please note the following:

* There is no physical 2.5" SATA drive installed.
* There is no HDD mounting bracket, that is a separate purchase of which the only one I could find available on Amazon is this:

TOMTOP Mounting Bracket System CECH 400x

So another $15 unless you can find the $10 Sony branded kit.

I guess the problem was me assuming it had a 12GB 2.5" SSD, where in actuality it is flash memory embedded on the board. I have the drive in there and rigged up so its not going anywhere, but it's just unfortunate this was not well documented. Maybe it was and I missed it.
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on January 7, 2015
Good system, and the price is right. It is worth noting that with only 12 GB of memory in the system, your downloaded apps and games will take up space very quickly, not to mention the occasional updates for those apps, games and the system. Fortunately, it is ridiculously easy to install a hard drive in the system, and you get to pick the capacity and price range according to your own projected uses for the system.
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on July 31, 2016
Good price. Be aware that this model doesn't have a hard drive (or the bracket to install the hard drive). Anyway, there's so many good PS3 games on the market, plus this thing plays DVDs and Blu-rays, of course. It's all I use to watch DVDs and Blu-rays. Gotta have the Bluetooth PS3 remote to enjoy fully.
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