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on December 19, 2011
For the price, this is a very nice little camera. Easy to set up and use and takes very good pictures.

A word of caution. The camera does not come with a memory card and it will not function without one. It takes two types of card: either a Memory Stick Pro Duo or an SDHC Memory Card. The old "Memory Stick" cards used in older Sony cameras will NOT fit in this camera. So either purchase a card from Amazon when you buy the camera or prepare for a trip to the store when the camera arrives (Target sells both types of cards).

I recommend purchasing a second battery. As previous reviewers have noted, the battery must be removed from the camera to be recharged - there is no provision for charging in the camera. Having a second battery available allows you to just pop it into the camera and you're ready to go. If you wish to purchase an additional battery, I can't see why you should purchase the Sony battery for $35.00 when you can purchase a generic brand, which works just fine, for about 5 bucks on Amazon (just do a search on Amazon for "NP-BN1"). Another reviewer commented that removing the battery reset the time and date on his camera, requiring the time and date be set up again. I didn't have this problem. Because I got distracted with something else, I left my camera on the table with no battery for several hours. When I put the fresh battery in, the correct time and date were still programmed.
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on December 20, 2011
You have to understand where we came from -- an aged, clunky 4MP Sony that had been dropped in the fine sand of a California beach, pooped on once by accident (a baby), fought over in a divorce, pushed down the stairs by a cat.

Compared to that old camera, the DSC-W560 is a gem. But in the bigger picture compared to modern digital cameras, it's average in picture quality but above average in value. It does HD video, has one touch no fuss photo modes, lots of neat features, and a compact profile. The LCD screen on the back is bright and easy to see. It can get amazingly close for macro pictures. Just an inch or two it seems. It can take seamless panorama pictures, automatically detect faces, smiles, and even blinking at the wrong time. It also has a lithium ion rechargeable battery.

For the money, it does a lot. The picture quality is average, neither great or bad, full HD video -- though the video is limited to 2GB chunks no matter how big your memory card is, and limited to appx 29 minutes in length. The battery will do several hundred pictures or about 70 minutes of video before quitting.


It has two extremely annoying attributes that really really irritate me. First, you have to remove the battery to charge the camera. It can't be charged internally, and it can't be charged via USB. And second, when you remove the battery to charge it, you have to reset the date, time, time zone, and a few other settings EVERY SINGLE TIME. Not all of them though. Even though the date is important to me, it retains all the quality settings, the sounds, and the miscellaneous settings.

I'm in shock that this is even an issue when our ancient digital camera managed this amazing date retention feature despite being 8 years old. The level of irritation by this will shock you. You read this review and think, "I can't believe this guy is so petty he'd whine about that." Look, get the camera and then tell me with a straight face that you really like resetting the date and like having to carry around a separate charger because it can't charge via USB.

Update after 6 months of use. Camera no longer loses date and time with battery removed. Apparently it has a self-healing feature. Bizarre. However, it depletes the battery even when off. I kept yelling at my wife about leaving the battery depleted after use, but I notice that it was draining even after we had it in storage. This is extremely annoying. It will deplete a fully charged battery in a matter of weeks. Because the batteries take many hours to charge, the camera is out of commission for a long time. We have begun removing the battery from the camera when stored.
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on December 29, 2011
This camera takes very clear shots! It's also very smart in the sense that it recognises the change in light so it automatically adjusts to suit the atmosphere e.g. taking shots at night. Also, the panoramic view is quite fun and easy to use! This camera is extremely user-friendly, neat and lightweight which makes carrying around a breeze. I bought the red one - the actual colour of the camera is a tiny bit darker than the one pictured but I actually think the colour is more attractive in person. I'm trying to find something about this camera that I do not like, but I'm coming up empty-handed. I will definitely recommend this camera to someone interested in getting a camera that is to the point without compromising quality of shots and video footage.
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on February 4, 2012
I love this camera. I bought it at a reasonably price and it has been working great for me. I love the panorama options. I took this to New York and I have been able to take nice panoramic photos on the top of the Empire State Buildings. Also, I love how the video on this camera focuses as you point to different things. My previous camera (Canon) did not allowed that. If I shot in macro, I cannot zoom out and focus it on further away images. The only complaint I have is that it takes a little bit too long for you to see the photos after taking it. I expect a quick transition from taking the photo to viewing it on your camera.

I got this camera in black and I love how sleek it looks. I am glad the compact size allows me to carry it in my small purse when I go out at night. Love!
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on October 11, 2011
Sony goes through highs and lows in their camera designs. I have owned W-series cameras for years now and if their W-50 series were excellent cameras, the W-100 series were not up to par, but they did a very good job with this W560. It's all in the firmware, the cameras themselves don't change much. The Bionz engine seems a good firmware design. The low-light capabilities are very good for a $100 camera. The only thing I find a bit disconcerting is the size of the camera...not that it's too big, but on the contrary that it's too small. There is a point where too small won't fit people's hands, and this one is borderline. It is hard to grab, it's so thin (I am a man). Other than that, I'd definitely buy another one with similar characteristics, even slightly thicker (higher zoom?).
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on March 5, 2013
Overall, good for the price. If you want better quality, then get ready to fork over more money. But if you are looking to save some, then buy this camera. It does everything most point and shoot cameras can, but it is pretty easy to use. Once you set the shooting mode to advanced auto, you don't have to do anything else, just point and shoot. The video is good quality, just make sure to use a tripod or monopod to stabilize the camera while filming. When zoomed out the image can shake a little and it will be fine, but when zoomed in that same amount of shaking will make you nauseous trying to watch the playback. Overall, worth the money, but could be better.
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on February 26, 2012
my girlfriend LOVES to take pictures and for a long time shes been wanting a new camera. so i spent HOURS and days researching cameras. reading review after review and ratings. and i bought this camera. and boy did it not disappoint. it has absolutely everything you need if you want great pictures. whether you just need a camera for the holidays or vacations, or you take 100 pictures every single day, this camera is awesome. it zooms, its quality on the camera looks great. if you have a huge group of people or just want a picture with a lot of trees and nature this has a feature where you move the camera over a huge and wide span of space and it turns it all into one picture, so it captures it all. basically, this camera is the bomb, i dont write reviews but i had to write this one. this camera is amazing
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on January 16, 2012
Loving to shop on Amazon, I started viewing all the digital cameras that were reasonably priced; this quest was for a camera intended to use at school/ field trips/ and special events with students. I was thrilled to find this little gem for under $100, but when it came, I learned that it has no memory card. Grrrr... that has to be ordered separately! Fortunately, I found one on sale (again through Amazon), and I'm happy with the ease of use, the size, and what seems like really good, focused photos. I haven't downloaded any yet, but because it came with a DVD tutorial, it should be easy to understand. So far, I'm very happy with my purchase(s).
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on October 21, 2011
Astounded by the capabilities of this camera. In AUTO mode takes great photos under all conditions
Just point and shoot. Used 4MB card with 620 shots Could not fill on a 10 day holiday
Amazed when I downloaded photographs with the detail in the photos and they quality in poor light conditions Sufficient pixels that I could zoom in and crop photo without losing detail
Very satisfied customer
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on April 28, 2012
I bought this camera as a replacement for the 16MP Carl Zeiss model that I'd managed to drop and kill within three months of buying it on Black Friday. Not only does this one take just as great of pics, it's so easy to use for both snapping pics and taking video. Just make sure and test out the numerous settings before using it to take pics at a special occasion...I had a bit of trouble at a dinner party with the "smile sensor" feature (my name for it). And if you're notorious for dropping cameras like me, invest in a lanyard so that it fits around your neck (it's small enough to hide in my jacket pocket when I'm not snapping pics).
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