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on July 30, 2013
The second camera broke last month. Sony would not warranty it because it was one month past warranty and also said they do not cover water intrusion.... on a WATERPROOF camera. The camera is supposed to be shock proof and water proof.... so here's what happened. I was in my kayak and the camera fell onto the hull of my kayak, causing the battery door to open. The battery door was latched SECURELY as usual. Into the water it goes and by the time I snatched it out the camera was dead. I switched to a Fuju waterproof camera which has a screw-lock battery door. Also, the touch screen was horrible to use on the Sony when wet so I am glad to not have to struggle with a touch screen anymore.

I ordered a Warehouse Deal (used) DSC-TX20 from Amazon prime and it was delivered o Friday. I used the camera Saturday afternoon in both a lake and a pool for about 4 hours. I again used the camera on Sunday of the same weekend in the lake. When I got home from the lake the lens was foggy. I opened up the battery compartment (which WAS locked securely) and sure enough there were droplets of water on the battery and memory card. Rather than take a chance and risking it again with a used camera I sent the Camera back to amazon and bought a NEW one from a third party seller (Tri State Camera). The next camera arrived on Wednesday. The camera was the SPANISH version with spanish stickers and a 240V power cord with the round prongs. I saved $15 bucks off the MSRP so I'll live with it... anyway, back to the camera... The DSC-TX20 performed well today on the lake as expected on the first day and I will report back my findings in a few weeks. I have uploaded a video of the unit in action under water. The movie quality is pretty good, as is the picture quality. Be sure to set the camera to MP4 instead of Sony's weird AVC file format otherwise your computer will choke on the video and the interlacing will be horrible (even with VideoLAN blending). The zoom is very good for only being 4x and the digital zoom looks pretty good too. The battery lasts long enough for a boat outing. If the camera holds up this time I would say it a worth the purchase.
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Top Contributor: Petson April 11, 2013
This camera was great for the first few days of my vacation. I took it snorkeling and boating, and it took really fabulous pictures. Overall, it was super easy and fun to use (the different settings and picture effects are really cool), and I was thrilled with my purchase... until the fifth day of my vacation, when I decided to give it a charge.

I don't know exactly what went wrong, but after charging the camera with the wall outlet, I thought I'd sealed everything up properly before taking it into the ocean again the next day. Unfortunately, it was dead in my hands when I opened the lens cover. It had been working minutes earlier on the path to the beach, so I know it's the water that did it in. When I opened it later to retrieve my SD card (which was fine, so all my pictures were retrievable), there was water in the camera. I think the problem is that I wasn't 100% meticulous in following the cleaning instructions. The instructions say to clean it within 60 minutes of underwater use, and I wasn't always that careful. There must have been some leftover debris or something, a couple grains of sand or salt that got in the gasket when I opened the cover and prevented a proper seal when I closed it again.

Fortunately, since it died within a few days of purchase and I got on the return process ASAP, Amazon provided me with a replacement. I haven't tested the new one underwater yet, so my review isn't as fully informed as it could be, but I can say that I am going to follow the cleaning instructions to the letter the next time I use it underwater. I don't regret the purchase at all. I'd say it's totally worth the price. I'd expect a rugged camera at this price point to be at least a little finicky in terms of its durability.
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on September 10, 2014
Excellent camera, I think it is an excellent cost benefit ratio.

The camera is fast, I can pull it out of my pocket, slide down the cover and shoot a picture in less the 5 secs.

The image quality is excellent for a point and shoot camera. It just work wonders in low light, even without flash (though you'd have to be VERY steady in that situation). There is a fast shooting mode for quick movements, like a pool somersault or a racing car, which works great. Panoramas are quickly processed. I have used it inside pools, in seawater, never had a problem about water proof feature.

The cons are:
1. They're supposed to be shock resistant. In the user guide, it says that its fall proof up to 5 feet heights. Mine fell of a bed and had a crack just by the screen. Big crack. I covered it with resin glue to keep it water proof.
2. The flash is slow to recharge. I takes 5-10s. If I wanted to take another picture just after a bad one, I might miss the moment.
3. The menu is a bit slow and not that organized, but I haven't explored the customizing feature that much.

I not only would buy another one, I even bought the next gen one, TX30.
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on January 26, 2013
This was Amazon's Deal of the Day a week before Christmas, and at the $149.99 price, I couldn't resist. The thing I like most is the small size. It's so light and thin that you can slip it in your front pocket and not even know it's there. Nice for those times when you don't want to lug around a big SLR camera. The photos are surprisingly good, with nice colors and sharp focus. I tried a few shots under water in the pool, and those look great too. Just make sure you change the menu settings to the "underwater" mode - that adjusts the color balance so your photos look more natural. The battery has pretty good power too. I shot around 200 images one day, about 1/3 with flash, and still had battery left at the end of the day. If I had one nit to pick, it would be that you have to be careful of your fingers when you are holding it, because of it's small size, Since the entire back of the camera is a touch screen, it's easy to accidentally get into the menu mode, or change settings, if you're not careful. Also, the lens is in the upper left corner, so you have to pay attention to where your finger is when shooting. Certainly not a deal-breaker, just something to be aware of. All-in-all a great little camera, and I'm very happy with my purchase.
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on September 20, 2013
Let me preface this by explaining this is a two part review, one side about the camera, and the other about sony's customer support.

The camera by itself I would only give 3 stars, because while it was amazing, and I loved using it, it did ultimately leak on the 4th day of our trip (right as I got into the water at stingray city, nonetheless! Heartbreaking!). I purchased this camera right before I traveled with a girlfriend to Grand Cayman, after much deliberation, research, and comparisons. The price, and amount of positive reviews won me over (I got the blue one for $179 and $5 s&h...even the people at sony support were impressed with that deal!).

Now, I am not "camera knowledgeable" by any means. I get caught up in all the capabilities cameras have over one another when I'm researching (nitpicking shutter speeds, and ISOs, and heaven forbid one camera have any percentage of megapixels over the other, haha) when honestly all I needed was a camera that took decent underwater pictures for snorkeling, and this one fulfilled that purpose perfectly. Even the friend I went with (who had the Panasonic Lumix TS3) was very impressed with some of the photos this little camera took. Only complaint functionality-wise I might've had was the battery tended to die long before I was ready to quit snorkeling. But then again, I wanted to snorkel all day long.

Yes, as other reviewers stated, you can't mess with settings while underwater (and it's near impossible to tread water and change settings...believe me, I tried), but in reality it's easy enough to set things up prior to a water excursion, just don't forget to do it. Yes, first world problems to the extreme, I know.

I followed others' instructions to a T after every snorkeling adventure: a 10 minute soak in fresh water, followed by a rinse. And everything was perfect...until that 4th day. Sadly, the whole reason Grand Cayman was chosen as our trip of choice was also the downfall of my beautiful little camera. Thankfully, we had the Panasonic for pictures, but that was it for Sony Cyber-shot TX20.

Which leads me into the Sony Support...

Because I'd bought my camera so close to the trip, it was gratefully still under it's 30-day warranty, and the Sony Support team was awesome. The first lady I talked to recommended purchasing an extended damage warranty (which I did, and was grateful for in the long run, as having that warranty number made things much easier). I will not say the whole process wasn't time consuming and a bit extended (there was a week where I got busy, and didn't return Sony's calls, and the broken camera got sent back to me, but Sony Support emailed me a free Fedex shipping label to send it back, even though it was my negligence!), but all the people I dealt with were awesome and very helpful. I understood the Sony universe did not revolve around me, and was happy to give the information they needed as many times as they needed it, and in return they were happy to help me.

My TX20 was damaged beyond repair, and because the TX20 was an outdated model, I received in the mail today, my brand new Sony Cybershot TX30. And still in the beautiful blue color, since I kindly asked the guy if I could get my replacement in the same blue I loved, which he assured me was no problem. It was a lot of phone time, but I really cannot speak enough praise of the Sony team for coming through for me. Five stars to them.

In closing, yes, my camera leaked, but I got the newer, pricier version for the cost of a warranty. It really was a cute, functional camera, and our trip was full of strange mishaps (including getting "stranded" on the island for 3 extra days), so the drowned camera wasn't the end of the world. I just highly recommend when purchasing this camera, get the extended warranty, just in case.

Now, all I need is another GC trip to write my TX30 review!
review imagereview imagereview image
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on September 19, 2013
I did a 5 feet drop test to concrete pavement and it survived. It has a small scratch from it. Of course it wasn't really a test, it was an accident. The camera for a few moment can't focus and as I turn it off and and reboot it, Everything was fine. I didn't have a chance to go underwater yet. I bought a waterproof pouch for extra protection but didn't get to use it.

The camera's photos looks great most of the time. I also liked the panoramic feature that you can do both vertical and horizontal. Couple of not so great qualities are short battery life, about 200 shots (more if you don't check out your photos), be sure you have at least a couple of spare batteries. Buy the batteries with a charger. I didn't and have to charge the battery through the camera and it gets annoying. Another complaint is the lack of control, you basically give up your exposure control to the camera and hoped that the camera do it right, and it does most of the time. But nothing is perfect and it does ruin some shots for me. But for a travel camera, it is easily pocket-able and it takes a regular SD card and being tough and waterproof you got a great travel companion.
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on December 7, 2013
Sony almost always produces reliable products. This is no exception. I had just put my previous one thru the washer in the pocket of my jeans. :(( So I was looking for something more water resistant and able to take minor falls. I also wanted something that was not the same old, boring matt black color.

I love: the bright color, the slide panel/ON, voice activated snap, and Zoom control. But it is the touch screen controls and automatic focussing/lighting sensors that definitely make this work for me! So far I haven't had to resort to the manual (8>O) to get quite good pictures most of the time.

I still am confusing the ON/OFF button with the picture snap one, and getting my fingers in the way of shots. :(( I also wish I'd paid more attention to the lesser zoom magnification this one has to my previous camera. As with my new "smart" phone, the need for much more frequent recharging is dismaying. However, since I am a casual photographer, I am overall very happy with this.
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on December 25, 2013
This lasted for ten days in Hawaii, and two days in Mexico before water got in and ruined it. We took GREAT care of it, soaked it everytime after being in salt water as recommended, and it still leaked. We took great care of this camera after reading the negative reviews about this leaking, however ours still leaked.

We got married in Mexico this summer, and this camera stopped working day two of our 14 day trip. It is one thing when a product doesn't work, but to have your brand new camera stop working at the beginning of your 14 day vacation, much less wedding and honeymoon vacation...well lets just say you have been warned about this camera, just read the other negative reviews...I took the risk and lost out big time.

Amazon was amazing about refunding our camera! I can't say enough good things about Amazon's customer service!
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on May 26, 2013
I bought the camera in February and haven't had a chance to test it in the water until it has been warmer. I recorded my sons sliding on a 5 foot inflatable water slide into a 5-6" wading pool at the end. It worked great for this and didn't seem to have any problems in the water. The video looks fantastic and I was really pleased.

Next weekend I took them swimming at their grandparents. The pictures looked great and I was able to take some really cool "flying" shots of them jumping in. We were in a normal sized pool for about 1 hour. I took the camera out and let it sit for a bit to dry off. When I opened the battery compartment a while later there was moisture inside. The camera still functioned and I was able to let it air dry. I was concerned and hoped it was a fluke.

One week later we went swimming again. Same amount of time in the pool and same results. When I opened the battery door there was some very obvious water inside. It has dried out now and the camera still works for now but I don't expect it to be a long term investment.

We are going to vacation in a week and will be visiting the hotel pool and theme water park in Florida. I hope the camera survives the trip but I won't be shocked if it doesn't. I'm expecting a few hours at a water park will probably kill it.

I am severely disappointed because we've owned several Sony cameras over the years. We have 2 older ones that still work and my wife has 2 different Alpha DSLR models that she loves and takes some amazing photos with. The quality of the images you'll get with the camera are great so it really sucks that they couldn't totally pull off waterproofing the camera.
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on February 10, 2014
I loved my camera it took amazing great pictures both on land and in the water. It also took very amazing videos. The reason why I gave it one star is because on the back side of the camera at the bottom of the touch screen by where your battery and SD card go there is nothing but a thin piece of plastic on that part of the frame. With my first camera this piece cracked when the camera was 14 months old so it was past the warranty date. I was so impressed with how the camera worked that I bought another one and after 10 months the frame broke on this one. I recently contacted SONY before the warranty was up and they told me to send it in for review for repair, which cost me $14.to ship UPS. They called me and told me that it was structural damage and they would not cover it, but they would send me a new model for $200.50. I told them that I felt that I wasn't in the wrong after the same thing happened to 2 different cameras and with me using the padded carrying case for it. They told me that they will not cover it. I don't want to use my camera underwater anymore because of the missing piece of the frame I feel it would ruin the camera. Very disappointed with Sony's lack of customer service. I thought they would stand behind their products better than that.
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