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on May 27, 2012
If you are a photo-purist, you will not like this camera. It does not take RAW images; there are no manual exposure controls (other than the ISO setting); and it lacks both a manual focus ring and the ability to switch-out $1,500 lenses. Add to this the fact that the camera applies a degree of in-camera processing to every shot taken and you pixel-peeping people will be outraged at the result when your images are blown-up to the football-field proportions that 18.2 megapixels affords. Maybe a D3 is the camera you need after all? Similarly, you geeky folks that wax lyrical of bells and whistles will be disappointed to learn that this camera does not do wi-fi, does not contain a GPS and, so far, I have not discovered any way to use it for sending text messages.

If, on the other hand, like me, you accept up-front that the WX150 purports to be nothing more than a darn good 'point and shoot' camera, you will not be disappointed. The stats are there for all to see and, in the two weeks I have owned and used this camera, I have been more than happy with the performance. What is not there to see so obviously on is that this camera feels sturdy and well-built, yet is small enough to fit into a cigarette packet. Battery life is excellent (250+ photos per charge, even with the $5.00 look-alike batteries); there is no (yes zero!) noticeable shutter-lag when not using the flash; and it is blazingly fast (getting from switch-on to 'ready' probably takes less than 2 seconds and when zooming/focusing it is almost instantaneous, rivaling DSLR's).

Having switched off the battery-saving 'eco' option (which, in the default mode, annoyingly shuts-down the camera after one minute if no settings are changed) I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the WX150 at this stage. I will be back to update this review if I am subsequently disappointed by some as-yet-undiscovered weakness.

July 25, 2012 - Update

Looking at all the other reviews here, it seems I was wise to wait (as I did) several months for this camera to become available in the USA. I have now been using the WX150 for a further eight weeks and its performance as a truly 'pocket-sized' point and shoot continues to be hugely impressive. It could never compete with a mid/high-end DSLR, but I defy any DSLR user to find a better 'pocket alternative' at present.

In addition to the 'core' camera features, I have recently been enjoying some new perspectives using the (pretty much 1-click) artistic settings. Initially, I thought I would have no use for these 'novelty' features, but the Watercolor and Line Drawing in-camera processing effects are producing some interesting and worthwhile shots. Neither did I anticipate using the video recording option, but I discovered that, (even at the lo-res MP4 setting), this camera takes high quality video indoors in ambient lighting conditions. The hi-res video consumes a lot of memory (of course), but the quality of both picture and audio are absolutely remarkable for a camera of this size ... now you'll have to buy a 55 inch TV from, just to see what I mean ;-)

I would advise buyers to also get an external battery charger and an additional battery. The USB charging connection can be very convenient, but so too is being able to swap-out a battery and carry on shooting while the original recharges. The Wasabi batteries are working just fine for me. Wasabi Power Battery and Charger Kit for Sony NP-BN1 and Cyber-shot DSC-T99, DSC-T110, DSC-TX5, DSC-TX7, DSC-TX9, DSC-TX10, DSC-TX20, DSC-TX55, DSC-TX66, DSC-TX100V, DSC-TX200V, DSC-W310, DSC-W320, DSC-W330, DSC-W350, DSC-W360, DSC-W380, DSC-W390, DSC-W...I would also strongly recommend installing a 16GB/32GB Class 10 SDHC, or better, memory card (to get the high-end performance from this camera, you cannot shackle it with a low-end memory card).

We can expect broken battery/utility doors, damaged connectors and the occasional 'lemon' failure on miniature cameras such as this - only time will tell us whether these and other reliability features are any better or worse for this camera than they are for its peers. So far, so good, it seems.

A photographer friend asked me the other day, "What would be the one thing you would like to improve on the WX150". He forced me to answer. After a few moments thought I replied that the one thing that I would personally like would be for the camera to provide a menu option to capture a RAW image in addition to the processed image. Don't get me wrong ... the image processor in this camera is astonishingly intelligent, but on the odd shot (less than one percent of the total) I would like to try my luck with some manual post-processing. This, despite what I said above - I guess there's still some geek in me after all :-)

Mostly though, I am just loving the convenience of my WX150. You can pull this little camera out and be clicking away confidently in a couple of seconds. It is a joy to use and the resulting photographs can be posted, printed (to at least 8x10), or displayed anywhere SOOC (straight out of the camera).

November 20, 2012 - Update

A couple of quick notes to add my latest experiences ... Some may find this useful.

On the negative side - despite keeping my WX150 protected at all times when not in use, a fleck of dust somehow became apparent on one of my lens elements, causing a slight shadow in the corner of photos taken at the mid-zoom range. On the positive side (and quite different to my lens problem experiences with Canon and Olympus in recent years) - Sony respected the warranty. The repair center cleaned and returned my camera within two weeks without charge. We all hope we do not have to return stuff under warranty, but when we do we expect to be treated like a valued customer, so this was a BIG plus for me.

Also, I've changed my mind about what I would wish for (If I could have Sony improve one thing on this camera). I would ask for a more scratch-resistant display screen. Because it stands slightly proud of the casing, protective adhesive covers are pretty much useless (they quickly peel at the corners), consequently the surface of my display is now covered with small scratches (from general use and from carrying a spare battery around). Although still fine in use, this degrades the appearance of the camera. I fail to understand why it should be so delicate - the 3 year-old screen on my Blackberry has received severe abuse (it's even been kicked, spinning across a concrete station platform), but it has barely a mark on it. Alright, the phone sucks, but the screen is robust. Come on Sony - you can do better - this weakness is causing me to question whether I might invest in a more expensive camera from Sony.
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on May 14, 2012
If you're still using a point and shoot camera that's more than a few years old and you're tired of pushing the button and holding it down waiting forever for the damn thing to take a picture then this is a great next camera for you.

Our old digital camera was fine for throwing in our pocket when we went on trips, but the shutter delay was so horrible that we'd miss fast paced moments or people would get tired of smiling as they hold a pose anxiously waiting for that flash. We had a few trips planned this summer and wanted an upgrade that would take clearer faster pictures generally for photo books and online viewing.

I did TONS of research online and got all tangled up in megapixels and optical zoom and features that I probably would never use anyway. I'm not advanced enough to move up to a SLR camera, but I wanted something that was a step up from the camera I have now. After getting dizzy from all the online reviews I finally just went to some big box stores and played around with the cameras on display. I used them like I would use them on a trip and I even brought along my wife to make sure that she was comfortable using it.

Based on the reviews I was all set to buy a Panasonic Lumix model, but there were too many dials and settings and it wasn't user friendly when actually holding and playing with the camera. I honestly hadn't even seen a review for this Sony WX150 camera, but it was so easy to use and was much smaller than some of the other "travel zoom" cameras. It has three basic modes that you could easily toggle with a button - camera, movie and panorama.

Camera is where you spend most of your time and on here 95% of the time we live it on "auto". There are several scenes you can select if you want to optimize something for a specific setting. For example, if you're shooting through glass in low light you can set it to that it doesn't flash. If you're moving around a lot you can set it for extreme anti-blur where it takes like 5 pictures super fast and then puts them all together for a crisp image. Most importantly it's easy to toggle between the settings and you don't have to scroll through countless menu/info screens to find things.

Panorama mode seems awesome when you read about it, but in practice it's been tough to get to actually work out well. The pictures always end up getting cut off pretty short. Maybe they'll look good on the computer when you blow them up, but on the camera screen it's a little disappointing.

I haven't used movie mode yet so I can't speak to that feature.

So this camera doesn't have GPS (which I think is just a battery drain) and it doesn't have wifi (another battery drain) but it has everything else you could probably want for the best of both worlds between point and shoot and travel zoom. Sure you can probably find more zoom or more megapixels, but if you play around with this camera I guarantee you'll appreciate how easy it is to use, how compact and lightweight it is, and how fast and clear it takes pictures.
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on June 12, 2012
If you're reading this review, chances are you're researching and shopping around for a camera. I did the same thing for over a year (no even kidding). I had my heart set on a Canon because every person at Best Buy pointed me in that direction. Here were my wants:
Long zoom
Light weight and small
Cool color
Easy to use - I wanted a point-and-shoot... I wanted to do exactly what it said in the title... point... and shoot. Not point, adjust, move, zoom, adjust, tweak, change color, move a few steps, and finally shoot. No thanks.

I seriously had my heart set on a Canon until I walked into National Camera Exchange in Edina and the sales guy showed me the Canons, said they were great cameras but wait... have you checked out this Sony? Again, I was stubborn but decided to check it out. The guy literally spent a half hour with me trying to sway me away from the Canon and towards the Sony. I'm SO glad he did. Sony has a 10 times zoom - the Canon only had a 5 or 8, its much lighter and smaller, so much easier to use, really quick - I can point... oh and look at that - I can shoot! And it turns out awesome! Have you used panoramic before? It sold me! I just got back from Hawaii (the reason I bought the camera) and it took AMAZING pictures of ocean, beaches, rocks, ohhhh amazing. The picture looked better than it did in real life!

I know the other reviews on here have given the camera a 5 star and I did too but coming from someone who: A. I'm cheap. Spending 250 bucks on anything is a lot to me. B: I used my iPod touch camera for a while... apparently my standards aren't that high. C. I'm stubborn and for a year thought I wanted a Canon. Turns out I didn't. D. I listened to the expert at the store - he wasn't a Sony rep, he wasn't on commission - he sold me the camera he thought fit me the best and gave me the best 'bang for my buck' as I told him I wanted. Well done, sir, well done.

You won't regret the camera =)
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on January 16, 2013
After my first digital in 2004, which was a Kodak, I have used 2 Canons, 1 Panasonic and now this... I was leary about going Sony after I bought a Lumix and was disappointed. But this is by far the best camera I have owned. I have a 32 Extreme Card which makes this lightning fast with 180+ minutes of highest quality HD video to capture. Here is what I liked:

- Clarity, it takes quick sharp photos because the lens is amazingly intelligent

- Low Light/Non Flash indoor pictures. I take more pictures indoors with no flash and the colors are richer and more accurate

- Video! Video! Video! While not a dedicated video cam, it is mine. Has a dedicated video button and allows you to capture HD camera pics without stopping your video. Now you dont have to decide HOW you want to capture.. DO BOTH!

- Video Clairty, True HD video with decent sound quality. Zoom is nice and slow and not as distracting as others Ive owned

- Panorama, not that new but you can take a WIDE shot in great quality. Awesome for scenic views or even indoors

- Size and ease of menus


- Even for a more natural flash, I still get typical washed out indoor photos

- Charger connects to camera not a battery dock. But for $15 you can buy one here on Amazon.

I now put Sony cameras at the top of my list, then Canon.. Wont buy another Panasonic or Kodak anytime soon.
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As you can guess, this is light years ahead of phone cameras. Nothing beats optics when it comes to picture quality. I do love the camera in my iPhone 7, but it cannot zoom and had far fewer settings. This camera is a great P&S that will fit into almost any pocket. I take it hiking all the time when I don't want to be bothered with my Sony Alpha gear. It's good enough for photo quality shots without the bulk. Don't kid yourself. No phone will ever match a decent camera.
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on September 19, 2012
First off, my background. I am a professional photographer and owned several dslr and point and shoot. Over the years, this is the best little camera I ever have hands down. If you are reading this article, chances are you are shopping around for a point and shoot. Look no further and get this. As a photogrpaher, I always have a little point and shoot in my pocket in case you come across something you like to photograph. With 10x zoom this has become my travel camera for casual long weekend trips. The defocus feature is amazing. I use it for portraits and even macros. The intel auto is really intelligent. To capture sky details, you can focus on sky first then re-compose and you will be suprise with the outcome. Other features are plus. The night shots are so, so but still good for its kind. The low light settings are great. In a club or indoor lighting it does a fair job although shutter speed decreases dramatically to compensate for it. Now you are done reading this...time to order this baby.
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on March 6, 2013
I really, really like this camera. Super fast turn on, WONDERFUL low light shooting. The digital zoom was ridiculously clear. But the battery door didn't sit flush with the camera and I felt like it was going to snag on something and break off. I contacted Sony, and they advised a return. I sent it back, but will be buying another with the hopes that this was just a manufacturing fluke. Will leave another feedback when the new one comes in. Great camera, but I can't have something in and out of my pocket that may break off at any time.

edit*** I wanted to edit this as I finally got a new WX150. I returned the original purchase and picked up another WX150 off site. The new one does not have the same battery door issue that the first one had. So this camera is looking like a good buy, as long as you know that the QA may not be superb on these and you may have to send it in for a replacement. But the images coming off at least inside the house in artificial lighting are spot on.

Getting into manual mode takes a few extra steps than with my previous P&S, but if you know you will be shooting manual instead of auto, then you can have the setup tailored beforehand.

Still can't believe how well the digital zoom comes out. Looks just as good as the optical zoom. Unheard of.
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on July 19, 2012
The following review is mainly intended for those who are looking for a high end Point and Shoot camera but not intended for DSLR folks.

First of all I have to thank all the people out there in Amazon for their reviews. I have read almost 500 reviews before buying this and I am completely satisfied after using this camera. I should tell you what dragged me to this product. I made up my mind to buy a camera from one of the top three camera Makers....Canon/Sony/Nikon. Lot of recent models from canon are suffering from lens error after some initial use (even after taking extreme care). Shutter lens will get stuck in the middle and says lens error. You have to shed money to get it repaired or buy a new one. There are dedicated web sites which shout "Lens error Canon" (you can try Googling this). When everyone was getting ready to take July 4th New York Fire Works event a person next to me surprisingly shouted "Lens Error?????".....You know what he has canon in his hands and poor fellow he ended up not taking a single shot of that event.

Well Nikon/Sony has not got such an error I guess (at least as per Google or earlier reviews). But P&S of Nikon defies the base definition of a P&S camera. You have to focus the object by half pressing the shutter button and then when lens adjusts you have to press the remaining half to get a meaningful photo. The whole process takes 3/4 secs and the object is GONE. Nikon is not Point and Shoot. It is Point Wait and Shoot. Even the picture clarity is far lesser than canon and sony.

When I was roaming in best buy to see some cameras the sales guy took me to Sony WX150. The moment I saw the LCD screen's crispness I took it into my hands. Shot few sample pics from this camera/Canon Elph camera (could not remember the exact model)/Nikon L810. The picture is ultra sharp in Sony. The Auto focus is extremely fast. Less than a sec. Turn on time is blazing fast. Full HD video is amazing. Sound is superb. 10x Zoom is sufficient. Sweep Panorama is good (It is fun). Low light performance is amazing. Shot lot of photos in low light and no flash. Pics came very well. There are so many settings in the camera that you will definitely fall in Love. It has a size equal to the size of my wallet and slips smoothly into the pocket.
Build quality is OK. Great wide angle lens. ABOVE ALL when you are shooting Full HD video you can take still pics also at the same time. WOW

The reason why I gave four stars is there are few cons also. I feel manual settings work better than auto. In auto mode photos came with a slight bluish tinge (which can be adjusted while auto correcting the images in computer). So if you are looking to use it in a manual mode, for changing light conditions you have to change the settings manually every time. It uses some in-camera processing after every shot. So in some settings the processing time is too high (3 secs). Zoom could have been better and price wise a little higher.
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VINE VOICEon August 30, 2014
This is an excellent, high quality, and very easy to use camera.

The menu on this camera is very easy to navigate and if you're buying this for someone, like I did, who is terrible at setting up the right stuff on a camera, then this IS the camera for you as it has an easy point and shoot mode that automatically sets itself up for high quality shots I'm very happy about.

The camera is also filled with all sorts of "picture effects" that give a twist to your pics, but honestly they come out blurry more often than note.

The panorama mode is very good! It stitches everything together very nicely, but the 3D mode is OK. The images come out 90% blurry if what you're shooting is moving even a tiny bit or your hand shakes. This means the 3D mode only works very well when everything is still and you're using a tripod.

The camcorder function is awesome! The video quality is just top notch and matches my big HD camcorder pound for pound. I also LOVE how you can take a pic while recording at the same time and the recording comes out as if nothing happened. This is a really awesome feature.

The battery lasts a long time and you can get a very nice high capacity card for not much.

Overall, as a general camera, and a camcorder, as a camera for easy, quick, and quality regular point and shoot, this is great deal and superb camera. But don't forget that the picture effects are so-so and the 3D is low quality.
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on December 5, 2012
I purchased the Sony WX150 to replace an old Canon which had limited zoom and never really took great pictures, especially in low light. I narrowed my options to this camera and the WX50, which is very similar but has a Carl Zeiss lens, smaller LCD screen, less zoom (5x) and less megapixels. I ended up choosing the WX150 primarily because of the 10x zoom and the larger LCD screen; these features fit my needs better and the special pricing was just right too!

Even though I've only had the camera for a short period, about 3 weeks, I've used it quite a bit and am very happy with my decision. Over Thanksgiving weekend I took several hundred pictures and about a dozen videos, 98% of the pictures and all of the videos were perfect. I kept the camera in Intelligent mode for the pictures and it performed exceptionally well through the entire weekend from mornings through night. Low light scenes came out amazing as did varied light scenes at the bowling alley, which are challenging for all compact cameras. I strongly believe this camera will meet the needs for the majority of consumers looking for a sub $200 compact camera. Given the price, features and performance this camera is a keeper!
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